twin-flame-2Going Deep Into Change – Mars Retrograde, Intense Stellium And A “Mini Mercury Retrograde” All Push For The Next Level Of Evolution, Of Self And The Twin Flame Connection…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Mars Retrograde continues – recalibration of the Masculine, sex, action, the solar plexus chakra and astral connections. Disruptions in your Twin Flame bond? This is the key reason.

Plus, powerful stellium at the cusp of Scorpio/Sagittarius brings transformation around identity and love. Staying true to your essence is key – especially in your love connection…

More below!

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You Might Have Noticed This Already…

So now onto this week’s energies:

We’re hot off the heels of an intense period, with major impact Eclipses and the recent 11:11 gateway. But there’s still more before the atmosphere lightens next week…

As well as Mars Retrograde colouring this week and several months ahead, Jupiter just moved retrograde *back* into Pisces.

This signals that we’re dealing with the past on multiple levels right now.

Past Cycles Repeating – For A Reason

You could have noticed past cycles repeating in “phantom versions”, in particular childhood patterns of feeling unsupported or not encouraged.

Back then, it would have been by people around you, but as a Twin Flame in the here and now it could translate into feeling unloved or as if things don’t work out for you…

Even, as if the universe/your Twin’s higher self/other people don’t help you or show up for you.

The Truth About Who You Are

So why is this being triggered?

In order for you to recognise it and release the pattern.

Because the spiritual truth is that you are infinitely capable, supported and loved always. It’s just a matter of whether you are open to allowing it in.

(For my help with releasing these lower cycles once and for all, go here)

Opening To The Energy Of Luck And Flow

The problem with the old blocks and patterns is that you could have been deflecting the love and support you longed for – without fully realising it.

Now is the time to make a note of what’s been going on, the underlying repeating FEELING themes… And to clear them so your path opens wide.

When Jupiter goes direct next week, you’ll be able to tap into and RECEIVE the support and unconditional love that’s really wanting to reach you.

Plus, your path will start to flow forward with more “luck” and ease – which is what Jupiter “wants” for you!

Mars Retrograde “Ascension Symptoms”

Mars will be retrograde for considerably longer, into January 2023, and moving through shadow terrain until late March 2023…

So his work on reforming the Masculine collective and our action/sexuality template is going on all through winter. 

When Mars is Retrograde it means the solar plexus and any 3D separation/opposition patterning are stirred up, to recalibrate into a higher state.

Twin Flame Astral Bond Disrupted?

It also means the astral realms are stirred up.

So if you have been having strange dreams or disruptions in your Twin Flame “remote” bond (telepathy and sexuality) – this is definitely a key cause.

(It could also mean you have felt queasy, as the solar plexus affects our stomach).


Gemini Indecisiveness?

Moving backwards through Gemini, sign of the Twins, this Mars retrograde is also working to reform any indecision and overthinking.

Why? Because the soul is never in doubt. 

Yes, we can see different perspectives, but sometimes there is no guided reason to hesitate or waver on our path.

If you’re noticing overthinking and hesitation lately, this is also likely Mars retrograde related, so make sure you clear the pattern being shown up.

What Does Mars Retrograde Mean For Twin Flames?

Mars retrograde also means for Twin Flames, that the Masculine counterpart is being pushed to release any “toxic cultural paradigms”.

Such as the Masculine being “naturally promiscuous” or not committed, says spirit. 

With a trine to Saturn, “he” is being guided to follow his soul commitment and his heart, and “not mistakenly believe that conquests are part of what makes a man successful”.

This means the Masculine Twin could be feeling low or confused in recent times, as the programming that’s been expressed as “ego self” is being stirred up to recalibrate into a higher state.-

Inner Turmoil For The Masculine

It means they might feel deflated, in turmoil, as the universe works to guide them out of any toxic templates and into the soul’s truth.

While this is happening, clearing your pair templates on your end is powerful, as it more easily helps them rise into that higher state and release the toxins.



(Have a look here for help, and see what powerful wins other Twins have experienced with this work).

In addition, staying in touch with your counterpart’s higher self is helpful, as they know exactly what’s going on and will show you the guided steps.

Mercury/Sun/Venus Stellium In Scorpio: Evolution Of Self

Another key event this week is that Mercury, the Sun and Venus are still travelling close together in a stellium at the tail end of Scorpio.

(Moving into Sagittarius at the end of the week/beginning of next).

This means we have deep intensity around identity and self expression. You’re questioning the past or your identity, and working to build or evolve your authentic expression.

You are going DEEP into your inner world, and reframing and redeveloping your identity both as an individual and a romantic partner.

Strange Perspectives…

Paradoxically, you might have quite busy social engagements as this happens.

You may feel like an observer of yourself, or have unusual dreams or thoughts show up.

It may also feel in conversations and daily life as if you are running on “autopilot” in how you act/see yourself and communicate.

Unconscious patterns are likely “running the show” in some way.

This could be good or bad, depending on you and your system. Do your best to pay attention.

Spotlighting Old Limits To Break Free

Spirit describes this as a golden opportunity to spot old limits and where you’re in short “cursing” yourself and your connection without realising it…

For example, pay attention to if you’re describing yourself in positive terms, or if you’re talking yourself down…

And are you speaking about the future with hope and self empowered attitude, or do you speak about problems or hopelessness?

If you catch yourself expressing negativity, opt out and delete it in the moment to align higher.

This will help you open to so much more good down the line, and root out stubborn blocks.

“The Mini Mercury Retrograde” People Don’t Recognise

Whenever Mercury is close to the Sun, it’s like a “mini Mercury retrograde”, as our perspective tends to be clouded – in short, the effects we get during the actual retrograde tend to show up now too.

This is why the above exercise is so powerful right now, as the unconscious is more expressive than usual.

Our filters of control are not as strong. The secret inner self is revealing itself (and in others).

Tempted To Change Course? Don’t!

As Mercury/Sun/Venus oppose Uranus retrograde and square Saturn, we see that you’re being discouraged from changing too much right now even if you feel tempted.

Sticking with what you have already invested your effort in and care about, is what is guided.

Saturn “says”, don’t give up too soon. You are closer than you think.

Sure, do make a note of any desire for change that comes to you, but know that astrologically this is not a guided time for major changes. Especially major changes in direction.

Keep it in mind, mull it over, explore further – and if you still feel like making these changes come January, go for it.

The Bridge Between The Twin Flame Counterparts

Saturn is also connecting with Mars retrograde this week, which means he is “becoming the bridge” between the Masculine and Feminine.

In other words, consistency and long term commitment is what will bring you together in unity and joy.

Don’t give up, and don’t stop trying!

Staying Consistent

It WILL work, if you stay consistent and focused. That’s the divine truth and the cosmic message for you right now.

Saturn is also the ruler of time and karma, so it’s likely that you’re being challenged around these themes right now.

You could feel impatient (especially as Mars is retrograde), or you could be over-estimating how long things might take when they’re in fact very close to coming to fruition.

Karmic Connections “Sabotaging”?

It could also be that you are being shown deeper underlying entanglements that have kept you and your Twin “preoccupied” in outsider connections…

Even unconsciously from past lives.

So are you or your Twin entangled with outsider connections or karmic blocks?
Explore this and resolve those attachments and cords now, as it can unlock your path – literally overnight.

Positivity Returning

When Mercury and Venus move into Sagittarius mid-week you’ll start to feel more motivated and positive.

At the beginning of next week the Sun joins them, and we’ll be officially out of Scorpio season.

It’s been deep, dark and heavy for most Twin Flames, and so these coming weeks of Sagittarius energies will likely be a welcome and lighter change of mood.


Don’t Take The Past As A Rule For The Future!

Even when journeying into Sagittarius, this trio still trine Jupiter and Neptune retrograde.

Their message is that even if things haven’t worked out in the past, that’s no indication of the future.

You may struggle to “see” and perceive the good ahead right now, but do your best to trust and keep going.

That’s their message.

Why Things Happened How They Did

The past was a result of the energies and alignment you carried THEN.

But now you have shifted from the inside, it means you are attracting better experiences in your life as well.

Perhaps it’s taking a little longer than you want, but it IS happening.

Twin Flame Communication Re-Opening?

When Mercury and Venus join exact in Sagittarius, communication in love opens up and becomes more playful and enthusiastic.

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly hear from your Twin Flame at the end of this week into next, if they have seemed out of reach.

In fact, spirit shows us, they might have some good news to share with you!

And on the soul level, they are working determinedly to reach you.

Make no mistake about it. (For help to receive their messages reliably and consistently, have a look here)

A Week Of Deep Realisations

This is set to be a week where we might feel we are in the tunnel with no way out, only to experience light breaking at the end and showing how close we were the whole time.

Don’t assume things won’t work out, this week above all.

The cosmic message is, go within. Restore your own self love, your perception of power and faith in positive outcomes from the inside out…

And that’s the magic that will carry you to amazing places. 

Your Twin Flame is always just a heartbeat away.

Can you open to allowing this to become your experience on every level?

That’s what it’s all about.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3 

Cassady x

“My Twin Flame is a Runner and something amazing happened today… I’ve done the clearing two days in a row so far, and guess who called me this morning after doing the meditation and energy cleanse? Yup, you guessed it… he called on his own without prompting from me! I am so darn happy, it’s a miracle!”

– Kristine D, Mass., USA

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