New 12 Year Cycle Starts Jupiter’s Return. Power Infuses The House Of Luck. Heightened Telepathy and Soul Connections Between Twins – Masculine Twin Active Behind The Scenes…

We’re in for an eventful week, with several major events coloring the atmosphere!

This is one of the year’s biggest weeks in cosmic terms – Jupiter returns “home” for the beginning of a new 12 year cycle!

Plus, we have a powerful New Moon in Scorpio and a major shift in collective soul development and “lesson learning” for humanity…

And did you know that Unawakened and Runner Twins are active helping their counterparts on the soul level?

Discover more below.

Stepping Into A Higher Twin Flame Timeline


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Where Is Humanity Headed? Twin Flame Mission

Some of the highlights of the year occur this week, as Jupiter moves “home” for the first time in over a decade and the north node of soul development are in focus.

But before that, we have another important transit:

On “his” way backwards into Aries, Uranus runs into a square with the true node. This represents that there are issues with human collective soul development.

Something from the past is being challenged. Something is being broken apart so a higher state can flow forth.

And as Aries is involved, we see it’s got to do with ego and conflict paradigms based in separation mentality. It’s likely you’re noticing “phantoms” of this in your surroundings or with your Twin in this period.

Spirit shows us how the zodiac represents the soul’s development – Aries is the self, where we learn about who we are, our capabilities and our supposed origins. Self as separate from the whole…

Where Does “Ego” Come From?

Ego and conflict stem from a deeper misperception of ourselves as separate – a lesson Twin Flames are key to healing and uplifting for humanity.

When we are born into physical being, we perceive others as “separate”, we see the differences between ourselves and others, not the similarities.

This is how human culture has tended to perceive the world. The so-called “clash system” in Western countries.

And the problem with this is that it causes power abuse, violence, unfair treatment, lack of empathy… Many Twins experience expressions of this programming with their unawakened counterpart.

Deep down, it’s based in lack of recognizing ourselves as part of a oneness. Forgetting that whether we are women or men, old or young, whether we have this or that skin color or ethnicity… We are all HUMAN.

And we are all souls. We originated from that oneness of being, which the Twin Flames are here to help the world return to.

As one soul that chose to divide into living in two bodies, meeting itself divided to reunite in unconditional love in that mirror of human existence… We are instrumental right now.

Read more about how this works here – “What are Twin Flames really, and Why Are We Here?”



Twin Flame Lessons – Have You Learned?

You might be seeing these themes in the news right now, or it might be showing up in your connection with your Twin. And it’s for a purpose.

Because it’s meant to teach us a crucial lesson on the path of our souls’ development. That we are one already. That there is a oneness of consciousness that already exists.

As the node moves backwards into Cancer we see there’s a deeper healing process needed.

We have felt rejected from this oneness – when entering into human life, most experience a harsh new reality starkly different from the unconditional love we dwelled in as souls.

In mother’s womb (Cancer) we were still protected against the world, unconditionally loved by being nourished implicitly through her system on some level – regardless of her emotions, her body held us safe.

But the experience of separation that happens at birth, is a physical example of what happens when we make the journey from spirit into human life.

Where Separation Programming Comes From

We become “cut off” from the greater unity by dwelling in a body.

This separation is in most cases never healed. Most human beings go through life never feeling connected to, cherished by and part of the greater whole.

These are issues we’re set to be dealing with over the next period – collectively and individually.

Spirit shows us, it can be experiences that happened at such an early stage of life that it’s unconscious – stored in the body above all. Instinctual. A feeling of rejection, they show us.

Twin Flame Soul Contracts – Lessons Of Unity…

Many Twin Flames re-encounter this wound of separation in their divine connection, as their soul tries to purge and release it to open up to union.

So, have you felt rejected by life, by the universe, on some level?
By your Twin Flame? (This is often how it plays out)…

If so, you’re actually in the midst of carrying out a soul contract to learn the lesson that all of humanity is dealing with…

To go within and click into the space where you are ALWAYS at one, ALWAYS loved, ALWAYS connected.

(Learn more about Twin Flame lessons here)

And for a deeper method, for removing the “lesson learning” and hardships from your journey by upleveling “inside out” – have a look at my new coaching and energy healing program here.

The truth is, regardless of what’s happened between you in your life, as a soul your Twin always loves you!

Read a message for you from your Twin Flame’s soul here




Venus Returning Home To Love

As Venus Retrograde just returned to her home sign Libra, we also see this point echoed.

The deeper programming around love being reworked.  Our very earliest experiences with love and relationships – the parent-infant bond.

These innermost unconscious impressions become “templates” for life and can greatly complicate adult relationships.

If you’d like some assistance with this, have a look at the Higher Heart Transformation Session where we go into upgrading the heart chakra programming you and your Twin carry, removing old hurts and baggage, and re-opening the bond between you.


Sexuality, Emotion And Power Issues

The New Moon in Scorpio hits on November 7th and we’re shown this sets a new cycle, closing the door in some way on the issues that came up with Venus’ Retrograde through Scorpio this last month.

There’s a chapter being closed in terms of sexuality, emotion and power issues.
Something is “put to bed” for good and we’re given a fresh start, are spirit’s words.

As this New Moon happens with support from Neptune R and Pluto, Scorpio’s own ruler – there’s heightened telepathy and ESP between Twin Flames. (Read more about this here)

Pay attention to your dreams, you’re set to have positive experiences and joyful messages from your counterpart or your guidance, is the indication!

(To make sure you’re open to receiving the higher dimensional insights trying to reach you, click here)

Jupiter’s Return – Wishes Fulfilled

There’s a lot of encouragement for you – good things ahead, as shown up to you from your higher consciousness.

With Jupiter returning “home” there’s a sense of bubbling excitement and positivity subtly rising… To encourage you to lift into your highest potential. (To make sure you and your Twin get the most of this heightened time, have a look here)

“If you want it, you can have it,” is spirit’s message!

Jupiter returning to Sagittarius means “wishes fulfilled”.

But what you have to figure out, is where have you been blocking your wish? What’s stuck in your system preventing you from aligning with receiving it?

(Have a look here for more on how this works in: “5 Hidden Reasons Why Your Prayers Aren’t Being Answered”)
twin flame prayer

Aiming High – Inviting In Miracles

Spirit suggests the following exercise:

Write out your desires for the next period of life.

OK? Notice any objections that come up – stuff like, “Urgh! this is unrealistic”, “I’m just setting myself up for failure”, even tears… Those are your blocks!

Now clear them, and your path is open to receive! (Click here for a full session where we go through clearing blocks to Twin Flame reunion and receiving your “wishes come true”)

One niggling element this week is Mars joined by Lilith Retrograde at the tail end of Aquarius. It tends to indicate conflict and blame issues between masculine and feminine, based in historical karma of the sexes.

Supporting Venus retrograde, we see that the two counterparts are involved in healing karmic wounds around the common feeling of not being able to fully come together…

This is work done to help the human collective heal ancient karmic divides.

And spirit reminds us again, that any healing work, any inner shadow work or clearing that one Twin Flame does, greatly benefits their counterpart too!

You really are working as a team – and the unawakened Twin is always active behind the scenes whether or not you realize it.

Is Your Twin Flame Pre-Paving Your Path?

You might notice your Masculine or unawakened Twin “helping” you somehow behind the scenes in this period.

Waking up from dreaming about them with a feeling of increased lightness and calm is a common indication of this!

You might also experience your Twin’s consciousness “joining you” in or near your body as they work behind the scenes to support you on your shared journey to completion in love.

Read more about how this “behind the scenes” work by the unawakened twin happens, in this article…

twin flame conflict

Inspiration, Dreams, Revelations!

As Jupiter steps into “his” home sign Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years this week, we have the biggest event of the year! This is a current for high vibrational energies, for positivity, for optimism, for reaching up into “heaven on earth”…

And Jupiter’s return happens in a supportive trine to the node…

There’s a beautiful sense that in the midst of purging the old wounds of separation – which spirit shows us are programmed in our cellular memory because it’s been such a pervasive reality for human beings since the dawn of time…

That we’re being subtly guided up into the higher registers at the same time.

A gentle hand reminding us of the oneness, the love we come from and that is there for us.

Like a mild loving embrace, this subtle sense of guidance is set to be shown up in profound ways over the coming year.

Inspiration is key. Dreams. Ideas for things that will benefit humanity. Revelations.

You’ll thank yourself later if you start keeping a journal of your insights and experiences and dreams. You’ll open up to direct guidance from your higher faculties.

Harmony Within Reach! Moving Home?

As Jupiter moves into Sagittarius, relationships also become about learning, many begin to travel, moving home.

We see many lightworkers triggered to action to share with others what they have learned in recent years – books being published, websites started, feeling called to study metaphysics or other methods of self improvement and illumination.

This is Jupiter’s home sign, so his effect is heightened over this coming year – it means that whatever transits Jupiter makes to other planets will be heightened.

These are notable times where positivity and happiness are more easily within reach – harmony and taking a higher perspective are the natural flow.

Whenever Jupiter challenges Venus this year, expect to deal with issues around freedom versus commitment.

Jupiter and Sagittarius are all about the freedom of love, to break open boundaries, eradicate clinging and attachment.

This can therefore be a challenging year for love for many. We are learning that we cannot ever force someone to love us back.

What we can do, is help them work through their issues, send love, help them release fears and other blocks so they feel safe to open up without “running”, and allow them to come when they are ready.

Watch more about how this relates to Twin Flame Running here.


Shaken Up Lately? The Dust Will Begin To Settle…

This week is set to feel confusing to many.

There’s an old chapter closing in our lives and new cycles beginning, and it can feel like being a card in the middle of a deck shuffling…

By New Year, you’re set to have more of a sense of direction as the dust settles.

Spirit’s input is, pat yourself on the shoulder, this has been an intense year for all – especially Twin Flames! They show us, so much has been achieved.

We’re shown the foundations for a new house being started.

2019 is set to be a year in which many dreams that have been on the cusp of fruition finally begin to “show up” tangibly.

Make sure you do your part in receiving and aligning.

The more high vibrational your own personal energy, the easier and smoother your journey tends to be – both with your Twin and manifesting other joys into your life. Jessica N’s testimonial at the end of this article is a perfect example of how it works…!

Check where you’re at in terms of your energy vibration here – are you really open and able to receive what you’re hoping for?

What Will Be The Best Risk You Ever Took?

This is the beginning of a brand new chapter. Above all, Jupiter encourages you to lift your eyes to the horizon and dream big dreams!

Maybe that means taking a risk. But in this coming period, taking that risk could be the best thing you’ve ever done!

What risk do you feel inspired to take right now? Share below! Let the starlight optimism of Jupiter’s powerful energy current carry you onward and upward!

I believe in you! And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“I started with your free toolkit and immediately felt results so much that I had to get the Vibrational Alignment Program and wow! I’ve been doing it consistently and I love the energy clearings and exercises. I feel lighter and my twin and I are so much closer. Every day gets better and better. And since my vibration has become higher and higher, I’m attracting in wonderful opportunities and amazing abundance as well. I’m so grateful for your work, Cassady. Thank you!” “

– Jessica N. California, USA


twin flame program

Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit !

Or if you want to go deeper, resolve karmic debt and get to the bottom of Running and Separation struggles for good – have a look at my complete Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames!

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  1. Yesterday just cleared out for me that in my case in our relationship I was the runner at first, now just finished the chaser act as well, so I tried both none of them is funny. But I feel like to take the risk means in my case to make steps towards my twin now in physical. I feel like is my turn to wake him up, as he did with me first:) what are your thoughts about that? Thanks for support:

  2. I just posted about this yesterday to ask what it was so it’s ironic that you mentioned exactly this phenomenon in your article today!

    Just a couple days ago, I had this weird feeling of my twin suddenly being right there physically with me even though he is currently several states away. And one time I had a vision of him walking up to me and smiling as he was so happy to see me again. It felt like a premonition of something to come soon.

    I definitely believe that lately his consciousness has been joining me physically more and more frequently. Sometimes the feeling of him is incredibly strong as I temporarily feel like he is physically right there next to me and its not just the spiritual connection.

  3. This was another really good one. It resonates exactly with me. My TF is Sag, so Jupiter moving into a new cycle is huge. I’m Aries, so the Aries alignment with Uranus also. Bigger yet, the “new house” analogy. I keep having intuition that he and his 12 yr. old daughter may move here from out west next year or by 2020 so he can finish raising his daughter and be a present father in her teenage years. He will need support though. When I met him, finally last month, the only tears I saw were feeling like he didn’t have much connection to his kids. Men need that emotional connection too, not just mothers. We shall see.

  4. Thank you so much for communicating this so positively. I am really trying to stay focused on what is inside me rather than on “real-world results,” but it is hard not to keep peeking out there to see if anything has changed yet :-). I know that sounds silly…I picture an image of me having my hands over my eyes so that I may use my other senses, but then I part my fingers for a sneak peek. All that peek seems to do is send me backwards, so I am trying to stay committed to eyes closed! Your words today help!

  5. The system of separation and duality is the older NATURAL process that Mother Nature herself implemented upon the growing consciousness of humanity. From separation to oneness, in time, is how Source experiences itself – in a sentient, feeling consciousness. This used to happen to specific “enlighten-able” individuals. Now it is happening to an ever growing collective consciousness. This is the Twin (Soul) phenomenon – of which we were thrown with no regard to what emotions we will feel. “When the Soul becomes truly embodied, the person will feel every emotion.. In the end, it all comes down to feelings.. and passion for Life is the net result of Soul embodiment…” – Archangel Gabriel. This is great news and I feel a powerful neutrality and increased energy and passion for Life itself. Thank you Cassady for sharing the resonance of your Oneness. I have come to be quite nourished by these posts ??? ?

  6. This past week I had a dream about my twin… coming out of his workplace- seeing me walking toward me- and smiling. After seeing him regularly for almost a year again (10 year connection) and an intense summer.. things cooled dramatically about the time Venus went into her shadow period.

    The dream felt so good- since our meeting- there have been many prophetic dreams. I am not giving up- believing with all my heart- that we will meet again in physical bliss soon ???

  7. I sure wish this journey was simple. I can’t believe I signed myself up for the most complex and bizzare thing ever.
    I’m 85% sure this guy is my twin flame. Somedays I’m 100% sure, then I want to tell myself I’m crazy & it’s all in my head. How can someone be so in love with a total stranger?
    I stumbed across twin flames a few years ago when I was searching shared dreams/if 2 people can have the same dream. I had this super intense dream one night. It was a premonition of my dad’s death. It was a dream within a dream. & everything was communicated telepathically. Totally creepy and abnormal. I remember 20 something tvs going off on white nose/static & I was trying to fix them in this cluttered house I was trapped in.. I wokeup thinking nothing of it though. Later, found out my childhood crush dreamed the same dream! It’s like we traveled to this other dimension together. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it… Both of us are aware of this intense connection. We just havent talked about it. I feel him in my heart. Literally. I just wish he would tell me how he feels… ?

  8. I just had a thought that this was a question I could ask you Cassidy. All my life I have had a reoccurring dream, or as I have called it a night terror. It was never really scary, but it was always a dark man in my room, wearing a dark cloak and a hat. He sometimes sat on my bed. I would twitch and make noises in my sleep to try and wake myself up because I was scared. Until more recently, after meeting my twin flame a year ago, I had the same dream a couple months ago, and suddenly the man was disrobed, and had no hat on, just black pants and a belt. Like he had finally shown more of himself to me and I wasn’t scared of this dream. I pondered about it for weeks what this could mean, after all these years of this dream, and this man being somewhat hidden to me who he was. Then concluded it was just an odd phenomenon. But I can’t help but wonder why after all these years he suddenly revealed more of himself to me? Does it mean anything? Does it relate to my twin flame? Can you enlighten at all about what this might mean?

  9. Luck definitely returns! Once again, spot-on and thank you, Cassady! I’ve practiced meditation and yoga for years, so picking up your tools over time was like growing into a second skin with ease. Along with Awakening, it has raised my vibration and made it easy when I met my twin a little more than half a year ago at work. As we all know, 3D things come up to be resolved as soon as you’re both like “I really like you, let’s date”. So, we haven’t talked in some time. We are not physically together, but his higher self has always been my closest friend and guide, so he offers love in every opportunity and challenge, and he shares his perspective with me. Though I’ve had trouble sorting things out in this journey of self-love, today it sort of clicked—and I’m sure it was his soul finally connecting with mine, because I let him in. I travel for work. I’m staying in the hotel room 222, and on the way back after reading a short story my heart nudged me toward, I was overwhelmed with relieved, happy tears! Sure, we are loved and blessed, but still lonely. Certainly, we can bridge the chasm and bring happiness to each other, as in “dating”. But that notion is not enough. The difference is—we can share the love we inspire in each other, together. I am often afraid and in pain. But I ask him—help me so that fear and pain do not rule me. Love me through it. And not by chance, that’s what we mean when we say to each other in our dreams, “Stay.” The twin flame journey is truly one of finding strength in vulnerability. I can’t even say, “I can’t wait till we’re together,” because my love is his love, so he’s sitting right next to me in spirit as I type this. The risk I feel inspired to take is to just roll around in this bounty for a while. Thanks again, Cassady, and cheers to everyone! <3

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