Powerful New Moon Cycle Begins: Why You Might Have Felt Abandoned By The Light – The Deeper Reasons For Masculine Twins’ Acting Out In Recent Years And Why It Had To Be That Way…


November goes out with a bang as the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 29th coincides with a number of other high energy impacts: Venus in Capricorn sextiles Chiron in Pisces – denoting a challenge between practical concerns and the future versus emotion and demands to feel safe.

We have a lot of energy in Sagittarius right now, with Saturn, Moon, Sun and Mercury in this sign of philosophy, freedom and higher expression.

Depending on your inner belief systems, expect either doubt and fear about the future or a subtle sense of hope, a feeling of inner strength that possibly comes from having let go of some outworn habits, relationships and perspectives in recent weeks.

Your belief systems are being strongly highlighted right now. Because our beliefs are what drive our actions, our feelings and ultimately our life’s path.

If you’re struggling on your Twin Flame path right now, ask yourself how your beliefs relate to it. And where did those come from? The truth is negative beliefs aren’t simply a choice we make, they can be engrained in us from birth or taken on from others.

And the fastest way I’ve discovered to uplift into positivity is to clear the energy behind the heaviness. To clear out the most common Twin Flame belief blocks that attract Running, Separation and drama, use either of the energy sessions for Twin Flames here. Because the truth is, we’re here to love, not to struggle. But if you believe struggle is a given that’s what you’ll attract.

Potential shadow sides in this period of strong Sagittarius energies are lack of emotional empathy, bluntness of communication and a lack of realism and practicality – wanting to stake out on your own at the expense of others.


Powerful New Moon Cycle

We’re entering into a new phase now. We’ve matured greatly since earlier in the year, a sort of “graduation” is happening. Make sure you set your focus for the coming 28 day period – what goals and aims would you like to reach?

During the time of the New Moon it’s very effective to write down a list, to direct your energy and unconscious faculties. Research has actually proven this scientifically in a 1970s-80s experiment conducted at Harvard Business School.

Simply start: “I am now inviting in this or better, for the highest good of everyone involved…” then write down all your goals and aims.

Consider it a wish list if you will, but it’s a very powerful intent to send out to the universe – you’re sending out signals that will then stir the universe to respond.

Most people have mixed luck with manifestation and intentions, however, because of the “human baggage” we’ve had ingrained in us since birth – limiting beliefs and energetic blockages. In fact, when most human beings set big goals and pray for something, the first thing that happens is that our blocks are shown up.

This is why so many people feel almost sabotaged by the universe, but really, it’s actually trying to help you by removing what’s been keeping your goals out of reach.

To discover what the biggest source of manifestation sabotage is (hint, it’s not that people don’t want love or happiness enough!) go here.

You can learn even more about simple ways to harness your innate powers of manifestation to shift your Twin Flame connection into a state of lasting harmony and love. Go here for a new transformation journey spirit channeled with me for this.


Twin Flame Drama, Ruptures

Venus also squares Uranus in Aries right now, indicating a clash between commitment for the Twin Flame pair versus freedom for the individual. Plus, as Mars interacts with Pluto, this indicating a rattling of the male Ego structures.

There’s potential for big ruptures between the Twin Flame pair now. We’re being pushed to realize that this isn’t just a romantic “dream” – it’s a real life collaboration in Love. And some aren’t ready or able for it.

That’s OK, is the message, but be aware of it. Spirit wants to send out a message to those Twin Flames who are still “playing the blame game” – it’s you you’re blaming.

You are one being in two bodies. Your perspective needs to change before the outer reality will begin to shift into more harmony. The more you cast blame, the more you cement the difficulties you’ve been experiencing. You must try to look from a different perspective. Stop the judgments.

Go within and allow your soul to show you the place where you become your Twin and they become you. Where your bond is all love. Stay in *this* feeling, and let go of blame and judgments. Now, you’re allowing the situation to shift. Now you are opening up to harmony more. When you are in blame, you’re on the exact opposite side of the scale to harmony. The two cannot exist together. It is an impossibility.

Lifting your energy vibration is the one thing that will help you be able to come together in the physical with your Twin, no matter what’s happened before. To read more about how to manifest Real Life Twin Flame Reunion, and to know whether you’re close to Reuniting with your Twin Soul – go here.

And if you’re struggling right now, please don’t give up – I’ve seen things change dramatically for the better for so many!

No matter what’s happened before or how hard things feel for you right now, know that there are solutions and answers, and things really can change for you!

If you haven’t already, please go ahead and download my Free Twin Flame Help Kit and get started with the energy cleanse kit, as this will cleanse your chakras and uplift your energy almost immediately. You will feel a shift for the better, and it helps to open up your Twin Flame connection to harmony again.


One Soul In Two Bodies – Why You’re Being Triggered

Both Twins are being shaken to let go of any egocentrism right now, and to remember that Unconditional Love means complete freedom and complete commitment at once. One soul in two bodies. Unity, not polarity.

This is old news for some, but the truth is many Twins are stubbornly clinging to perceptions of right and wrong.

Again, spirit is urging us to move past this polarity perspective. Only you can make your Heaven on Earth, is the message. No one can push it onto you. 

To help shift you and your Twin Soul’s systems into a higher vibration collectively and to unify and uplift your shared timelines to usher in Reunion and move out of old cycles of conflict, try the guided Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames here.

We clear out triggers of Running and Separation, so that you won’t be reacting to each other’s personal negative history anymore.

Essential if your Twin Flame has been involved with others or there’s painful history – as Twin Flames are energetically connected you’ll otherwise be feeling this history palpably.

If you’re intuitive you might even see unpleasant flashes of their past experiences. Clearing the cords between you will remove this.


Embracing Optimism and Miracles

This is a highly potent Sagittarius New Moon, bearing the message of a new cycle starting – as mentioned before, you’re being asked to – and given the chance to – learn the lesson of optimism.

From an energy perspective, optimism isn’t foolish.

It’s a self fulfilling prophecy that works in your favor if you believe and trust it fully enough. It’s something you can learn to use to your advantage. Always looking for things to be grateful for becomes a new neural pathway of positivity, and you’ll lift your vibration too.

Again, write down your intentions, and don’t be shy now. Sagittarius boosts you to aim high – the only limit is your imagination. And if you’ve been stuck in doubt, disbelief and skepticism – this is the perfect time to eschew those blocks for good so you can not only hope for happiness and love but actually be capable of receiving it energetically.

Many Twin Flames feel abandoned by the Universe and their Twin Flame, when actually it’s their energy field that’s wired to block out positivity – having patterned a limiting reality and relationships through family and friends who have had negative experiences.

Discover here in this article why your prayers may have gone unmet, and how to fix it so you can finally have the miracles, the love, the happiness, the satisfaction you really deserve…


December Starts On A High Note

We start the last month of the year on a pleasant high note as Mars in Aquarius trines Jupiter in Libra – a boost for the teams of Twin Flame pairs and their guides now. The Masculine’s earlier release process has lead to positive progress. There is a sense of directions changing.

The Masculine (and this also denotes Masculine energies within the Female, not just biological males) may have seemed to veer off course for a while over recent years.

But we’re now shown it was actually a symptom of imbalance energetically – your Masculine Twin was reacting to triggering by their own soul working to shift them out of ego. This imbalance has now been addressed for many Twin pairs who’ve done their inner work.

(Because, remember any work you do positively impacts your Twin and the whole dynamic between you because you share a collective energy field as “one soul in two bodies”).

The Masculine energies are now more in alignment with the higher good of the pair, and all are working for the same aim.

It feels like the Twin pair are standing more united than in previous months – ready to move out into a physical real world reunion from a place of unity and harmony.

You can read A Message From The Divine Masculine here


Reduction Of Twin Flame Running

On tuning in, I see a 10-20% reduction of Running cycles for some Twin pairs who have worked on their energy and their core beliefs.

Some wounds go even deeper, however – spiritual energy work can often be like archaeology – but progress has been made and spirit shows us that the shifts are making their way into the physical reality as we write this.

When you connect with your Twin on the Soul planes and clear your energy, your work gradually translates into repercussions for the physical “real life” situation and your Twin Flame dynamic.

These results are becoming more and more noticeable in coming months. 2017 is set to be a watershed year for a whole wave of “conscious, awakened Twin Flames” where reality finally begins to catch up with your inner work.

You will see concrete “proof” of progress at some point. Indications and signs that things have changed…

Keep going, is the message – progress has been made. How to know you’ve “made it”? When the arguments and the sadness seems strange to you, foreign and like an illusion.

When you feel like you’re living in “Heaven on Earth”. That’s the ultimate goal of Ascension. Why we came here. The Truth of the Twin Flame Mission.


Boost For Progress

A few days later on December 3rd Mars sextiles Saturn, indicating a positive boost for progress, not just for the short term but in the long run – responsibility and thinking of consequences seem to have been learned.

It seems that the Masculine has learned a thing or two about karmic responsibility and the Saturnine energies now seem to be supporting his forward, more balanced movement.


Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes right now!

And if you want to take your journey to the next level, go here to discover the methods that got my Twin Flame and I to Union within 18 months of our first encounter.

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  1. its kinda funny but the title part December 4th “freedom rising” reminded me of when i picked up my twin from the airport for her holiday visit to america since she moved 🙂 it was the first time i fully felt the strong burst of the connection after 2 years of knowing her in school and 2 more apart ! “freedom rising” for sure !

  2. Wow Cassidy, this resonates with me so completely! This is exactly where my twin and I are now. We’re ready for union, in some form, to take place. I have done so much inner work and energetic work; I know we’ve merged in the soul planes. I’m just waiting for it to happen in the physical. I’ve already met my twin and know who she is. I’m the yang twin (I don’t care for the term masculine because I am a woman), so all the work that I’ve done to purge and heal has and is paying off! I love your articles Cassidy, and look forward to reading them twice a week. Thanks Love for all you do <3

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I’m so glad you’re feeling this <3 Awesome work! x

      I agree about the masculine/feminine, I use the terms purely to convey meaning with more ease to a bigger audience but in reality we're all both feminine and masculine to varying extents. Sending you love and light <3 x Cassady

  3. WOW this all resonates with me.. It seems like you write down stuff that already has happened to me. I was doing a guided cord cutting with Arch Angel Michael and My twin flame popped up in my mind seeing him doing things when he was alive drinking and such and of course my ego fears come in and thinking I have to let go of him. But it was not that it was his life he had and after I have done this already you posted on Facebook the blog you wrote about forgiveness and read the Forgiveness exercise and that’s where I saw 5:55 the time you posted it where I live. I also had the fear of abandonment with him as well because of all this negativity I have had that been releasing and thought he was walking away because of it.

    1. Hi AngelRose, My twin and I have dealt with a lot of the same issues and it does get better, it really does – until you’re all in bliss and you realize that the outer situation your Twin has shared with others was merely a “mirage” when love was real all along.

      The beautiful thing is that the bond grows stronger when you forgive each other, and love despite any negativity. To love each other no matter what. I’m so glad you’re exploring and experiencing this. <3 x Cassady

  4. Cassady, thanking you first and foremost. Your work has had such a positive impact. I’m truly grateful for the knowledge and insight you share. I do have a question. My twin and I have had a switch so to speak in the past year. Without fully understanding what we had been doing I for years have been the runner. It wasn’t until I woke up that he then in turned and has now been running. Fully knowing In my heart he will return I’ve stayed waiting and will continue to do so however another person has entered my life in the interim and for reasons I do not yet understand I’ve felt compelled to allow this. I want more than ever for my twin to return and I often wonder if entertaining this new relationship with someone else is somehow further blocking my reunion with my twin. Any insight you have on this situation would be most helpful to me. Thanking you again for the love and wisdom you share with all of us.

    1. Hi Summer, the simple answer is you know already. Your soul is letting you know each step of the way through your dreams and feelings and hunches. So what “feels” right to you right now?

      Clear your energy first (and regularly) to get the strongest read on this. This is your divine compass, always, your intuitive insights. Your soul loves you and wants what’s best for you, so ask it. Is this in alignment? What will this lead to? Then see what feelings you get x

      Sending you love and light <3 Cassady

  5. It’s all about the energy of the “voice” – does it feel like you or does it feel like something different from your regular “inner dialogue”. That’s key. Practice really helps.

    I’ve outlined a lot of different tools and methods in the Vibrational Alignment Program to really show the fullness of how to understand and use your intuition and be able to differentiate between genuine and “false” guidance, plus open up the telepathic channels fully. Have a look at twinflames1111.com/program

    Sending you love and light <3 x Cassady

  6. Your journey is always yours to travel, you are entitled to feel upset if that’s real to you – but what spirit means is, shifting perspectives shifts realities. Unconditional love means to love no matter what.

    The biggest thing I can recommend for a challenging situation is energy clearing, because it changes what your reality field is “creating” into your reality, including shifting your twin flame’s energy and behavior over time.

    Sending you love and light <3 x

  7. ‘”Keep going’ is the message. Progress has been made.”

    I love this because I keep seeing 444 and 555 (I used to always see 333 but not so much now.)

    My twin and I had a good week last week, and I constantly saw 222. I’ve been talking screenshots on my phone. Often 2 sets of numbers will show up simultaneously like 55 and 22.

  8. So much gratitude and appreciation for you Cassady and the time, dedication and energy you put into this blog. I don’t know if you can possibly be aware of the lives and sanity you save because of your writings. This experience can be pure madness and heartache. An emotional rollercoaster doesn’t even begin to express it.
    After trying to be so patient and giving this to much consideration, my “struggle” with the balancing act of the masculine/feminine energies is complex. My TF is female and does not want a same sex relationship. I get this and am ok with this. But they want to keep this strictly in the twilght zone when we live in the same city, so they can date who they want and basically live a double standard. I will not share them with another and do not feel this is fair. You say that even if they turn their love and affection to others, they are basically loving their twin, but it is a double standard and we are having to share them as well as potentially “feel” them with someone else. Not many talk about this. But if your twin is female and is intimate with a male, I may have been unconsentingly penetrated by her partner. I can’t say this has happened for sure, because there is so much distortion, because it is energy exchange. The uncertainty in their silence adds to the pain. No one is really talking much about this… and I can understand why. I want to know how does one live with this? If she chooses to be with a male, I feel I should no longer exist in this plain of existence… I don’t know how to work this out and survive it. I have been working religiously with your energy clearing and praying and working with my guides. What am I missing??

  9. Hi Cassady,
    Just wanted to let you know that I have been using your cleansing tool kit on a more regular basis now and something different happened today. While listening to the cleansing portion of the different color waters flowing through me, my visual in my mind had both me and my twin flame holding hands in the water. Usually it is just me in my visual thoughts. This has never happened before. I am at so much peace and I hope he feels that too. Thanks for all of your positive insight! It really helps ease the process.

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