Dear Twin Flames 11:11 community and readers,

For nearly a decade, it has been my honour to provide you with the Twin Flame energy forecast every week – diving deep into the cosmic flow, and helping to navigate the twists and turns of the spiritual Twin Flame journey.

Together we have created a thriving community of twin flames, so many people have healed, harmonized and lifted into more love and unity.

When I started this blog in 2014, I could not have IMAGINED how big we would grow, and how many people’s lives would be touched in positive ways!


2014, The Beginning

So far, the energy forecast has been a no cost resource.

And my passion has always been for inspiring you – to help you lift into unity and love both within yourself and in your Twin Flame connection.

The world has changed quite a lot since the beginning of this website and my work in 2014, Unfortunately, due to increasing operational costs and the dynamics of the relatively small Twin Flame community, I have had to introduce a minimal fee for these forecasts. Since the onset of the pandemic, Facebook’s advertising landscape has become increasingly crowded, leading to higher costs. Facebook requires even more paid promotion for any post to reach our existing followers. As a result, the costs to promote each forecast have risen significantly. Though this free model was sustainable for years, current circumstances have made it untenable. I understand concerns about affordability and want to assure you all that numerous free resources will remain available, including advanced articles and free guided Twin Flame Energy Healing and 4-part Help Kit. My goal is to strike a balance between offering free, valuable content and ensuring the continued operation of Twin Flames 11:11 and its forecasts for everyone seeking guidance now and in the future. 

Therefore, to continue to provide you with the quality content you love, I now have to make the forecast accessible on subscription only. Your understanding is deeply appreciated

(You can still freely access the other Twin Flame articles on the site, even if you choose to forego the weekly cosmic updates, however)


This means that from now on, there will be a required donation an initial $1 for a 10 day trial then $4.97  thereafter)

>>To become a subscriber so you can continue to access the weekly forecast, go here

Your subscription will directly support the ongoing running of the website – which has increased greatly in cost over the years – and ensure the continuation of the valuable services and resources delivered by Twin Flames 11:11.

A Special Thank You

To show my appreciation for the community, I have also created a brand new resource which you get as a bonus when you sign up, to say thanks!

With your contribution, Twin Flames 11:11 can continue to deliver high quality, transformative content to help you make your Twin Flame journey the best it can be.

Thanks for your understanding and unwavering support.

As always, I’m sending you so much love and light <3 

Cassady x


PS: Please remember that I have offered years of free articles and resources, and you can still access 90% of this. 

This change is a matter of the website being able to continue to run effectively and share spiritual guidance and healing with so many users now and in the future,

On a “real world” level, be aware that the costs of running a website this size and servicing over 100,000 users every month is much higher than you probably think.

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