Mercury Retrograde: Who Is The Shadow Inside You, Working Against Love And Unity? Major Changes In Destiny Working To Reach Through – But First, You Must Take Action On Guidance…

Welcome into another brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Eclipse window still open, Mercury goes Retrograde, and Venus meets Chiron the “Wounded Healer”…

The universe is working to get you “back on track” in love! But you must listen to your intuition and true guidance – because voices from the past seek to lure you into darkness and away from your dreams…

Discover more below!

Period Of Heightened Change

We’re in a period of much change lately. In general, things are shifting and it may feel uncomfortable.

The Eclipse portal is still open until next week’s Full Moon, which tends to bring instability as the Universe seeks to shake you up.

Why? So that you will let go of what has outworn its purpose in your life and functioning, habits and situations… And thereby have ROOM for your divine highest good to show up.

(To make the most of this divine energy portal, use the Free Twin Flame Energy Cleanse here)


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Answered Prayers

If you’ve been asking for help, for prayers to be answers, for intentions and manifestations to come to fruition…

Spirit says:
Can you see that things are falling APART in some way now, in order to make room for that “dream come true”?

Several of the planets join in with this focus on change and shakeups. And it’s not just about regular life situations…

Soul Path In Focus

We are dealing with SOUL purpose and SOUL plan, as the Sun conjuncts North Node, close to Uranus.

So this is one of the most unstable periods we have had in a long time – for a REASON.

Big changes in life path/soul purpose are happening right now, working to get you “back on track”. With what? Ultimately, your “heaven on earth”.

Personally AND with your Twin Flame situation.

Will You Embrace Change Or “Run Away”?

Yes, there is big positive potential. However it can be dramatic and challenging to handle right now.

Many will choose to ‘run away’ from this change and try to stay in “safety” rather than step up into the next higher chapter. (For help with this, go here)

You may be pushed to face endings in situations that you have grown comfortable in, or rattled to shift your OWN approach and perspective.

The Importance Of True Guidance

It’s important that you listen to the feelings and intuition that’s guiding you right now, because you won’t be forced.

Make a note of what you’re unhappy with or what is WRONG right now, because this speaks loudly about what is “asking” to be changed.

Whose Karma Kept You In A Loop?

Karma clearing is highlighted, says spirit, to resolve any negativity that has been recurring.

Because we’re reminded that many Twins struggle because of familial programming, ancestral karma and collective human negativity… Not because of who THEY are.

Because the soul nature of the Twin Flame connection is LOVE.

For help with this, and to make the powerful shifts wanting to reach you as smooth and easy as possible, go here.

In the Oneness Code Activation, I help you cut outworn cords, end soul contracts with toxic outsiders and exes for you and your Twin, heal ancestral karma that may have caused separation, and more.


“I have been doing this every week since you made it and now the karmic relationship my Twin was in is over and I know it is because of this …I can’t thank you enough Cassady…lots of love…x” – Diane

“I began to use oneness activation code every day. I began Saturday because I have felt so heavy for many weeks. Immediately I felt better. Then I ran into my tf by “accident”. He called and texted and came over later that day. I continued with this practice and still he is reaching out at a much higher level which is ironic considering it had been months the last time we spoke!!” – Julie

“When I did the oneness activation code for the first time, that very day, two hours later, my twin flame was able for the first time to take a lead in communicating, and that was a huge day for both of us. I’m so thankful” – David V.

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Masculine Twin’s Higher Self Involved

Throughout the week, the Sun conjunct North Node receive support from Neptune and Mars.

This shows you ARE being helped.

You are being given guidance on how to reach your soul’s pinnacle, “heaven on earth”, and it’s important that you LISTEN and take ACTION on it.

It also shows us that the higher self of the Masculine Twin is getting involved more closely. Guiding you (back) together or deeper into love.

Feel into it, because you’ll notice them with you, working to specifically show you the steps to take.

What You Came Here For

Because as they tell us: You came here for this! Together! As a pair. As a TEAM.

So don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s out of reach. It’s not. They know the way – but you have to listen.

One of the major issues in this situation, is shown by Ceres conjunct Lilith at the beginning of Cancer.

It tells us that the reason you may have “gotten off track” as a pair, is toxic females or toxic female karma or culture.

Did You Know About This?

It shows females in a toxic state (hatred, envy, resentment or other negativity) have talked you out of taking action on your dreams in the past.

In short, people who made you believe there was no POINT trying to manifest your dream.

Make sure you deal with this now! You may realize this has been a “shadow self” subtly influencing you…

Because that “little voice” can do big damage if it’s there in your deeper mind…

Whispering things like “true love doesn’t really exist”, that “life is full of pain”, that “men are only after one thing”, “the male twin always runs” or other negative self-defeating prophecies that ONLY bring hurt and division between Twin Flames.


Ignoring Shadow Voices – Good Idea?

Major help arrives in this when Jupiter enters Aries on May 10th, for the first time in 12 years! This brings a boost of new energy, enthusiasm and willpower.

You’re likely to tell any negativity to take a hike! Where you may have allowed it to fester and hold you back in the past.

You’ll have no patience for negativity, and will more likely take action REGARDLESS and make big positive shifts happen – even if there are challenges, or other people don’t agree.

And that lack of patience and diplomacy can be your BEST asset right now!

Because you DO deserve amazing things, but it’s important that you act on that and stay in deservingness. This energy will help you make it happen – to reach for the sky.

Jupiter Enters Aries

When Jupiter enters Aries, things step up a gear. We get an added intensity to make things happen. Push for change reaches a higher level.

Until October the emphasis is on making BIG things happen – and having and big things happen to you. 

And with Jupiter in Aries, it’s about MAJOR positive changes that can shift your whole life’s direction into a higher sphere.

The Key Is To Aim High

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, the sign of the archer shooting his arrows to the sky.

So when he enters Aries, these two powerful fire energies combine into a conflagration of potential and bring you major positive boosts for action and change.

But over these next 6 months it’s important that you, like the archer, are aware of WHERE you are aiming.

Because YOUR focus and intentions will dictate what comes out of this. Including in your Twin Flame connection.

Remember: “Where focus goes, energy flows.”

Believing In Yourself

If you want change, you likely need to get out there and make it happen. This energy is NOT about sitting on the sidelines.

The universe will seem to rally behind you and support you, as you yourself take action. 

With Aries/Jupiter combining, self centeredness is both your blessing and a challenge. In yourself and others.

Keep in mind, you may need to consider other people’s points of view, and add a little diplomacy for best results. (Especially with your Twin, as pushing tends to cause deflection. Instead, step into your power to ATTRACT!)

Mercury Retrograde 

There’s plenty of enthusiasm around for the taking. Just try to ensure that it’s pointed in the right direction. The trick is to hold the bigger picture in mind.

The second major cosmic event this week is that Mercury turns Retrograde on the 10th. 

For the coming three weeks, misunderstandings and communication problems will be more common.

Exes, Twin Flame Returning?

This combination is highly flirtatious when it happens in Mercury’s own home sign Gemini, and some people will be more concerned about being popular than honourable.

And it could also bring back an ex or past love situations for resolution…

Can it “return” your Twin to you? It can, but most often it will be to resolve an outworn pattern or to get you to reconsider some aspect of the connection.

The Power Of Intuition

You will need to use your intuition, and not solely rely on your mind in this period.

You will likely encounter situations that seem “impossible” to figure out – or are not what they seem…

And unless you are using your intuition, they will take up a lot of unnecessary time and energy as your soul waits for you to open to the deeper truth. 

Gossip, other people’s disruptive opinions and irrational fears, are key.

Keep your distance from people who focus on conflict and drama, as they will only bring you down and negatively affect your connection. 



On the plus side, it’s an ideal time for apologies and rehashing things.

It could be your Twin misunderstood you or you misread a situation in the past.

If you pay attention, you’ll realize you’re being shown the spiritual truth of why things were the way they were between you – AND how to move forward.

And remember that it’s common to reverse decisions once the retrograde period is over, so patience will be your “secret weapon”

Taking Responsibility

As the Sun squares Saturn on May 13th-17th, obstacles will likely show up, seeming to block your progress and desires.

It might feel like a hassle to deal with, but NOT doing so could be worse. It’s got to do with being pragmatic and practical. 

And you may NOT feel like doing so right now.

Saturn rules time, karma and past life relationships, so you’re also being shown that any delays or blocks in your Twin Flame connection are due to this.

Hold Your Horses!

Due to Saturn’s involvement, the hassles caused by Mercury Retrograde could SEEM a bigger deal than they actually are. (To teach you something).

What Mercury Retrograde and Saturn are really trying to say is: Resolve the past, and the future will open wide to what you desire.

Clear karma, cut outworn cords, and you won’t keep experiencing repeating cycles of the same KINDS of issues over and over. (I teach you how to do this here)

When you do this, your path and your Twin Flame connection will open again.

Desire To Escape

With Neptune’s involvement, you may feel like running away from life’s hassles and responsibilities.

But Saturn calls for you to stay focused. Because if you rush away from your OWN inner “stuff”, it can’t be resolved.

This energy current can be draining, but you can deepen your strength immensely by going within. And you can LEARN a lot on a life path level.

Showing YOURSELF love by resolving the deeper causes of why your outer life may not have been ideal in recent times… Including with your Twin… Will have major positive impact.

But you have to CHOOSE, and honor yourself.

Healing In Love

As mentioned, you may feel tempted to “run away” into escape. Especially with Lilith “trying” to tell you love doesn’t exist or that things never work out between the Twin Flames…

But if you stay with it, there are immense rewards.

We also have Venus conjunct Chiron at this time, which has a MAJOR impact on love and the Twin Flame connection.

It deals with bringing love related wounds to the surface so they can be healed.

Twin Flame Union Progresses?

For Twin Flames this is huge, and means that you can make MAJOR progress on your union journey at this time.

You may discover the deeper reasons why your counterpart hasn’t been able to open up…

Or you may recognize a pattern from your childhood that has been recurring as a negative reflection in the Twin Flame Mirror. This means, Inner child work is profound for the Twin Flame connection right now.

Past Hurts Recurring On A Loop

Venus conjunct Chiron also shows us that the reason you may be holding BACK from following your soul’s guidance and thereby reuniting…

is because you felt rejected in the past. Not good enough or you were told you were not capable…

This has been blocking things, whether or not you realize it.

So check inside. Is there a space where you feel worried about moving forward with your Twin Flame? Is there a part of you that is afraid of being hurt (again)?

It’s asking for your attention. Because it cannot heal if you run from it.

And if it does not heal, it will keep playing out in your connection on a “loop”.

Divine Support

In good news, whatever you are dealing with, you ARE being supported. By the divine, above all. By your own soul. By your Twin’s higher self.

And spirit shows us, the darkness has been lying to you.

Love really is ahead, and your Twin truly wants to be together. But you have to OPEN to that in your heart.

You have to listen to love, not let the shadows of fear pull you further apart.

Super Full Blood Moon Eclipse Next Week

Next week we have a major full moon eclipse highlighting these themes, and you may feel the intensity building into the weekend.

Take a deep breath, use your tools to lift higher, and remember that this is for a reason.

You ARE being answered.

This is all a part of getting you to your “heaven on earth”.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x


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