The Wisdom Of Slowness – Grounding Into Your Own Mastery. What Breakthroughs Are Within Reach Without You Realizing It? Plus, Unexpected Communication Incoming…

This week is set to hold profound positivity – and above all it’s set to be coming from within. From what is already in you, being activated… Your own light shining bright.

But before we get started on the forecast, I have a message:

“Is This A Trick?”

Many readers of this blog have for some reason not taken advantage of the Free materials I offer – and some of you actually email me to ask “Is it really free?”

Yes, let me assure you that this Free Help Kit for Twin Flames is indeed Free. It’s not a trick. You don’t have to give your credit card details or anything like that. It really is given at completely no cost.

It’s a resource I was guided to share with the Twin Flame collective, as so many have struggles based in energy blocks and congestion absorbed from outsiders.

After my Twin Flame and I reached Union I was guided to share this to help other Twins reunite too!

Another thing to know – when you sign up, there’s no spam. I don’t email with advertising offers or anything like that.

Aside from the initial welcome emails, you’ll *only be contacted when there is a new article up on the blog* – which happens Mondays and Fridays.


So now that you’re clear on what’s involved, here is the link to the Free Energy Cleanse Tool and Guided Meditations For Twin Flames!

The resources in the Free Kit are specifically designed to uplift your system and harmonize your Twin Flame connection over time. To really notice the positive results, use it daily for two weeks. 

If you’re not sure whether you can believe that it’s really possible that your connection can improve like that…  Have a look at the feedback from other Twin Flames who have used the Free Kit.

And because it’s free, what have you got to lose? 

What Secret Stuff Is Holding You Back Without You Realizing It?

So onto the energies at hand for the week:

We set off with a continuing challenge with Lilith and Pluto in Capricorn.

And we’re shown that this has to do with showing up and releasing *unconscious* material that’s been holding us back.

Spirit shows us especially Feminine Twins (biological females are highlighted) unconsciously carrying and operating on ancestral programming that’s been severely limiting.

The old belief systems around what it meant to be a woman or a girl. From generations, often centuries ago…

Again, this material is *unconscious* and has been in you from birth, so you might find it hard to see this right now – but they have an example.

What Do You Believe About Yourself?

Say you’re carrying the systemic programming that women are not as “strong” as men…

This will be subtly causing a feeling and habits of downplaying your capabilities…

Distancing you from your higher power…

Making you less likely to set strong intentions and go for your dreams – because deep down you believe yourself to be incapable…

Because of this programming.

That’s just one example. They have another.

Say you carry the familial programming of women must guard their sexuality… That men are only after “one thing”…

Then this will cause an energetic repulsion between you and your male Twin Flame. Even though you mentally desire to reunite in love.

Have a look here for a Free Twin Flame Chakra “Reading” which will help you understand more about how this works – and pinpoint what might be causing “issues” for you and your Twin.

twin flame chakras

Subtle Sabotage For Twin Flames

Can you see how this works?

We might not realize it in everyday life, but in subtle ways this kind of outdated 3D programming can sabotage our desires for love and Reunion more than we think!

This is why clearing outdated ancestral programming is a key part of the Twin Flame journey…

And using energy clearing tools to do it is so much more effective and smooth than “waiting” or “living through” your soul’s attempts at pushing you to take action.

We go through clearing negative ancestral programming for both you and your counterpart (with their free will) in the channeled Higher Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening Session.

twin flame awakening

I’ve had so much amazing feedback for this session. Have a look at a few here:

“After I did it, he messaged me! Someone actually bought it for me! BAM! Just like that – got the meditation, did it, and there he was.” – Indi, New York

“Thank you Cassady! It was AMAZING and HUGE.  We spoke finally again!” – Daisy (via instagram)

“The best session I’ve ever ever experienced. I’m so happy and light. Thanks Cassady for this precious gift” – Catia (via instagram)

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring completely blew me away. Not only did this seem to impact me on an enormous level, I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

And click here to read more and download.

Uplifting Twin Flame Timelines

If you can use this time to your benefit, you’ll be opening your path to a smoother and more timely reunion…

But with the Sun still in opposition to Jupiter retrograde we see that you might still have past issues around feeling like the Universe or life, or other people don’t support you, or that you’re not “blessed” or lucky…

In simple terms, feeling that disappointment awaits you on some level.

Know that if you’re sensing this, then your perspective is off right now! It’s the past you’re feeling.

The human brain is built to calculate the future based on our past experiences (to avoid danger), but it’s really not accurate.

Your future really can be much brighter than your past! And please don’t allow anyone (including yourself) to fool you otherwise.

What Amazing Things Are Coming Your Way?

Think about this – happily married couples were once strangers to each other, Oprah Winfrey was once a regular person who struggled in life (more than most), Brad Pitt was once a novice at acting…

Everything great comes from somewhere! And most often, the person it happens to cannot foresee it in advance.

Have faith that you’re capable of making your life a joy. With your Twin Flame and as an individual.

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have what it takes!

And to get to that point, you might find the following session on Manifestation helpful. We also go through clearing out old disappointments so you can align with and attract a higher vision.


Are You Rushing? Slow Wisdom Puts The Breaks On

Late this week we have a big change in communication. On May 13th Mercury enters Taurus – which signals a new phase starting.

Spirit shows us, for the next month there are themes of grounding into your own inner wisdom. Trusting in self. Trusting in life – universal balance.

As Mercury passes Uranus on “his” way into Taurus it’s a clear signal that a new and higher approach and perspective is needed.

Highlighted when Mercury and Uranus interact are unexpected communication, especially via social media and other “technology”, and sudden inspiration, flashes of insight of a higher nature.

Something that completely changes the way you’ve looked at things.

Another theme is Twin Flame telepathy is highlighted. Read more about that here.


The Truth About “Divine Decrees” For Twins

This is an excellent time to clear out belief based blocks that are causing problems for your Twin Flame connection and in life in general.

Because the Twin Flame community is full of information that unfortunately serves to create more fear and blocks to unity and to love…

How many times have you read that every Twin “must” go through such and such a stage before they’re “allowed by divine decree” to experience love?

How many times have you read that Running and suffering are expected parts of the connection?

That this is a “beautiful” journey full of hardships and tests that you must endure?

Taurus is the home sign of Venus, the planet of love – and Taurus wisdom is that *harmony* in love is the truth.

Love is *by nature harmonious*.

When there are flare ups of struggle, conflict, hardship… That’s NEVER an expression of love.

Less “Spiritual Fluff Talk”

The negative information in Twin Flame circles are expressions of the human ego can cause huge snags to your happiness and push you into manifesting dread and problems.

(True divine spiritual guidance is always positive, helpful, loving, supported… have you noticed?) 

That’s why we go through clearing all the most common negative belief based blocks in the Full Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames.

We also update and clear karma, and go through clear cut methods for uplifting your Twin connection in a real life way – no “spiritual fluff talk” that just serves to disempower and confuse.

I give you hands-on methods that make a practical difference. Have a look here.


“Perfect For One Another”

You might remember me writing about this previously – that the Twin Flames are “perfect” for one another as our true selves.

The problem for many is that we’ve absorbed so much negativity and bought into so many false and limiting beliefs about who we are, that this true self has become obscured and skewed…

And when the Twins meet and our souls trigger recognition, all that false stuff begins to be rattled loose so we can see it for what it is and let it go for good.

So right now, allow the lies about you to float away with the river of time, way into the past. And don’t go collecting it back.

Now, you can be in that resonance of the “soul song” you share. Now, you are magnetic to your Twin. This is Taurus wisdom.

To be slow like nature is slow, to be in harmony with self and everything that exists.

To be in stillness… And realize that you are already whole.

And you already have “the secret” – but you have to disassociate from the outer static to align with it.

Shifting Perspectives – Going Deeper Into Love

Another theme at the end of this week is, we see the Feminine Twin Flame having realizations around the deeper motivations of her counterpart.

She understands the hurt he may have been through… She experiences or sees things from his perspective and understands *why* he’s acted the way he has.

And we feel a sense of tension melting away as the two become more open to each other through this understanding.

Forgiveness opens up to love on a whole new level.

Unconditional love is after all, to have forgiveness in every moment. Both for ourselves and our counterpart.

To see who your Twin Flame is beyond any actions, beyond names and identities.

This is when we return to our original state of love. When we remember the truth.

(Read more about this here: “Twin Flames – The Journey Back To Love”)


Are You Ready For Your Own Greatness?

This is set to be a challenging week, but not if you’re able to go deeper.

If you can take some time to go within, meditate, journal, connect with your soul’s truth – you’ll find rich nourishment.

We see that on a deeper level the Twin Flames are very open to each other right now – beyond the physical.

And when you can engage with your counterpart on this level and spend time with them there, it powerfully affects your “real world” connection. Try the Free Guided Meditation here to do so.

Above all, this is a week in which you’re asked to disregard the outer “noise” of the world (and other Twin Flames) and ground into your own answers.

To connect in with the knowing that you can and always will have, be and do everything you desire. You already have all the answers.

But are you ready to open up to that?

I’m rooting for you. And as always I’m sending you blessings of love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


“Dear Cassady, I can’t put into words how grateful I am to you. Each week your writing clarifies, uplifts and inspires me to continue, and the meditations and vibrational alignment tools have made all the difference. I can feel the changes in me and see the changes between my twin and I. I am learning about unconditional love and becoming more in touch with my soul everyday. Thank you for all your energy and effort in helping me. I would be so lost without it. ?Sending you love and light, “

Rachel, Sydney, Australia


twin flame program


Did you know that most Twin Flames’ struggles are rooted in negative karma and energy blocks? To find out more about how to shift your Twin connection into harmony, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here, and read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with these methods.

Alternatively you can try our Free Transformation Kit!

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  1. I’m the outwardly female twin and I feel like *I’m* the one after only one thing!!! lol. I only wish he were. Seriously, though, I got SO MUCH negative programming about how nice girls don’t do that or feel that, thanks to a super repressive Christian upbringing. I’ve been frustrated to the point of tears for way too long, and I’m sure not getting any younger. Been struggling with whether to go out and get my increasingly urgent needs met elsewhere, because isn’t that what everyone says we’re supposed to do – whatever makes us happy and brings us joy? But will anyone else fill the bill???

    1. Hey, it’s not about what they’re not doing but what you’re doing. Really, we live life from other’s perspectives we never really know what to do when it’s about our perspective. Think of this as a chance to do you … not trying to find others to feel you’re good but taking the time to feel yourself as you are. If you’re chasing after anything, then you’re simply chasing still… Just like if he’s running from the experience he’s simply running from life and himself all together. Fed up with that, then lose the whole dynamic of trying to get away from or to whatever and find contentment in this NOW with you as you are. UNION is a gift of self wholeness that you give to your own self… So it’s not about who or what’s not there, what they’re doing or not doing but what YOU ARE DOING and choosing to ALIGN with all the TIME.

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