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New Moon Brings an Upturn for Love, While the Masculine “goes Down into the Underworld” to learn lessons of Self, Power and Death … The Aim? Opening the Doors to Unconditional Love and Union between the Twins.


We enter into June with plenty of Gemini energy around – the flow has picked up considerable speed since last month’s Taurean focus and the Grand Trine in Earth. This is set to be a busy month fueled by increasing communication, thinking and learning.


New Beginnings in Love

This weekend, June 5th, we actually have a New Moon in Gemini, close to the Sun and Venus which have “teamed up” together in the sign of the twins. This indicates another emotional and communication related restart, a new cycle that impacts love strongly.

With this comes a sense of a veil being removed from the perceptions of the feminine – being shown her true radiant self in the light of day, not the skewed self perceptions tainted by emotion and ego. (Ego isn’t just inflated self importance and perceived glory, ego is also the inner victim mentality, the martyrdom patterns… It goes both ways).

This can be a tough time for coming face to face with old self perceptions of negativity, “not enough” … if you feel like you’re suddenly seeing all flaws and no good right now, remember that this is the past coming up for resolution. This especially goes for female Twins and those with an emphasis on the feminine energy polarity.


Moving Out of “Not Good Enough”

Spirit taught me a method for moving out of “not enough” syndrome and opening up to more flow and love: Any time you look in the mirror or think of yourself, focus on your inner radiance as a soul. Look past your physical being to the soul of light that you are.

If you’ve got a pattern of always being on the lookout for “flaws”, make sure you redirect your attention to something you’re happy with until your mood shifts. Sticking with this for 30 days will help you shift out of negative self perceptions, which of course only become an ever-evolving negative spiral if left unchecked.

With the New Moon/Sun/Venus conjunction in Gemini, we’re experiencing a reset in realms of communicating and thinking about ourselves and about love and relationships. It’s time to let go of any old, negative self talk about ourselves. For Twin Flames this is essential.

What’s Your “Twin Flame Story”?

As long as we speak, think and write about our connection and our Twin Flame from the negative polarity, that’s what we reinforce. This week, write down and talk about and think about all the amazing things about your Twin Flame and your connection.

If your first thought is that there’s nothing good about your Twin Flame or your connection, then you know you have some work to do. Ask your soul to help light up positive memories for you and make sure you focus on them.

With this New Moon I’m being shown that we’re leaving behind a lot of heaviness, the Gemini energies helping us up into the registers, being a cerebrally oriented energy.

It’s as if the mind is now helping to lift us out of the mire of emotions, giving us a respite from the recent intensity of the Sagittarius Full Moon conjunct Mars retrograde.

The indication is, we’re set to be feeling better about love, excited and uplifted once we release the old negativity – there is a new sense of optimism. I’m shown a feeling of fresh air after being stuck in a stuffy room – being able to think clearly and looking back over recent months now, realizing what a haze we were stuck in…

If you want some help in releasing old negativity and stepping into a more harmonious Twin Flame connection, have a look here.

The Deeper Meaning of Male Evolution

In the ongoing “upgrade” of the Masculine polarity with the Mars Retrograde (until 29th June), Mars has now made his way “backwards” into Scorpio, signalling that the purge of the Masculine collective fields is moving deeper.

The Male is now firmly pushed to deal with old issues around sexuality, power and the unconscious. This is a big project for the greater good, but set to bring up unconscious drama and fears.

We’re asked rhetorically by spirit: Where does the historic male drive for dominance originate? Why so much violence and conflict? The answer is: A core fear of annihilation, the paradigms of survival in the face of danger.

So how can the Masculine archetype now be elevated into the higher vibrations? The answer is that everything that causes this negative worldview and desire for control has occurred as a means of defense against ultimate death.

All of these negatives must be faced and resolved. In order for the Masculine polarity to be open to love, these innermost fears must be resolved. Otherwise he will always be pushing love away, being fearful of letting it in.

The secret, the solution, lies within.

Eradicating the Basis of Conflict and Power Abuse

Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, is the King of the Underworld. He is Hades, the god of Death.

On Mars’ journey backwards through Scorpio, the masculine is taken on a mythological journey through the subconscious where he must face his own fear of mortality and realize in his innermost heart that he has nothing to fear.

Man has nothing to fear because he is immortal already. The soul never dies. Earth has never been dangerous. His actions, fears, aggression were all based in misperceptions. He had nothing to defend himself from. It was all an illusion.

He need not fear his feminine counterpart or compromising his ability to defend himself or escape, because the danger he has been feeling is not real. It never was.

Once the Masculine has faced this crux of perspectives and opens to understanding, “he” will be free to open up.

(This also applies to females with a strong focus on the masculine polarity, as is often the case with Indigos, Lightworkers and Aries natives).

Down Into The Underworld For Love

When the Masculine has faced this truth in himself – that there is no real danger, that there is no authority besides himself – he will be free to align with his eternal soul aspect in Union of the Soul.

Once he has faced this truth, the Masculine will be free to embrace his true power. Not the physical power of dominance based in fear. But eternal spiritual power based in love.

Then, he will be emancipated and enlightened, and the Twin Flames can come together without blocks. Then, Twin Flame Union can happen from a true place of harmony. Because the masculine will be freed from the fear that kept him closed up.

This drama unfolds as the backdrop to our lives as June unfolds, until Mars is finally freed by Hades and allowed to be on his way up to the “world of the living” again.

Once up in the World of Day and Light, he will see the world clearer than ever before, and finally be open to Love in its true sense. And in the world of the living, his love – the Feminine – will be waiting.

Until then, the behind the scenes drama of upgrading and cleansing the Masculine polarity continues…

If you want to learn more about how to help both yourself and your Twin by uplifting and clearing your energies of negativity – ensuring a smooth journey back to union, have a look at my new channeled Complete Harmony Clearing for the Twin Flame Pair.


Challenges between Realism and Intuition

On June 1st we have a Square between the Gemini sun and Neptune in Pisces, followed by a Square between Venus and Neptune two days later.

These challenging aspects indicate that we’re being confronted now with the potential tension between our highest wishes and dreams, versus our thinking mind, rationality and logic.

Be careful now to not automatically buy into “realistic” thinking and try to figure out your Twin Flame journey with your mind only. The Twin Flames’ connection transcends the earth plane and what we’re able to conceptualize based in human science (for now).

Keep this in mind if thoughts pop up that make you doubt ever coming together, or thoughts that you might be making it up, or exaggerating, or crazy…

The truth is you came here in order to come together in Love – it’s not impossible, and you both carry within a soul blueprint of how you can join together in Union once again.

To reconnect with your soul’s inner knowing and learn more about tuning into your intuition and manage your energy vibration to attract more harmony in your connection, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program here.

Reaching Beyond Human Knowledge to reach Twin Union

The New Moon in Gemini on June 5th signals a restart in the realm of thinking and communication, entering into an “upgrade”.

Logic and preexisting knowledge is not always “right”, is the message from the recent Neptune squares we’ve been experiencing. Sometimes there is insight to be gained from releasing human perceptions of what’s “real” or “correct” and allow our minds to move up a level – this is Neptune’s wisdom.

There is more to life than what you can see, touch and hear with your human physical senses. (This is in fact something science has proven decades ago – if you’re interested in proof just  have a look at the color spectrum or the spectrum of electromagnetic waveforms).

When you let go of preconceptions and connect to your intuition, you expand your insights dramatically.

This is especially a gift that will help you on your Twin Flame journey. Your soul is always waiting for you to tune in and listen. Let go of preconceptions, shift out of stagnant congested energy, and you’ll be open to really hear the truths that have been waiting for you.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x



Want more? For an easy, fun way to manage your mindset, elevate your vibration and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

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  1. Thank you so much, Cassady. This post has given me so much hope.

    “Once up in the World of Day and Light, he will see the world clearer than ever before, and finally be open to Love in its true sense. And in the world of the living, his love – the Feminine – will be waiting.” is so beautiful, and struck my heart very deeply.

    I have been reminding myself, daily, that I need to not let my human shell control how my soul wishes to rise and perceive itself, especially when it comes to the physical standards many of us impose on ourselves.

    I believe I have been telepathically communicating with my twin much more over the last week, but in the physical realm, I have not actively tried to interfere; although the longing is there, I can feel that he needs more time– but I also feel that the time for me to reach out, once again, is coming soon.

    I do have a question or two, though– with the awakening process, does one automatically seem to know that they are a twin flame, or is it just a pull towards their beloved? And are we allowed to tell them who and what we are? Lately, I have been questioning what I’d do if he were to ask me about our connection; this has happened before (years ago), but I did not know about twin flames, then, so I wasn’t ever able to truly fathom the connection. I wouldn’t want to bust out with a “I’m your twin flame!!!” type of response, but at the same time, I can’t seem to think how I’d break down that barrier.

    Thank you for everything! I feel so blessed to have found your blog, the night after I reconnected with my twin, after years of being in the dark. The universe walked me to your window, and I can’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t come across your work. Sending you lots of love, light, and blessings. Thank you so much.

    1. After 5 years of knowing about twin flames, I felt inspired to message my twin ( during a casual conversation) , ‘ Do look up the term ‘Twin Flame’ on google search. Of course, feel free to disbelieve every word you read’. You can do something similar to let your twin know about your connection.
      I wrote the second part because I know my twin’s overlogical mind that is ever ready to disbelieve anything from beyond.

        1. Thanks Cassady! It is an amazing article. Completely resonates with me. In fact I did not mention ‘Twin Flames’ to my twin for 5 years just because it did not feel like the right time. After 5 years I mentioned it because it came from the place of knowing….it just felt right! I love your writings….they hit the nail on the head, amazing!
          I have understood and experienced that before the Twin enters your life, you have someone with similar energy enter your life and evoke extremely strong feelings to prepare you for the crazily high energy and lows you will be experiencing in the 2nd step of your twin flame relationship. Is It True?
          Also I love the Plato, The Symposium quote. Awesome!

      1. Same here! I sent my Twin a semi long letter a couple weeks ago explainin that I thought we were Twin Flames but didn’t expect her to do anything about it because I know how big the concept is, how easily she feels pressured, and how she, too, relies mostly on logical, fact driven things alone. And she did receive it well. I could tell it got her thinking! I wold say follow your heart and intuition. If it’s the right time to tell your Twin, you’ll know. I decided to send mine after having an epiphany one day realizing that my Twin and I had all of these disagreements ad weren’t seeing eye to eye because she didn’t have all of the information about Twin Flames like I did and wasn’t veiwing what we had from that perspective because she didn’t know it existed. Hope this helps. Just my humble opinion lol.

    2. Hi, Anyte,

      I’m so glad you found the blog! And thank you for your kind words, I’m so happy my writing resonates with you!

      Honestly, how drawn the twins are to each other mostly depends on how much “baggage” is clouding up their soul-led guidance, how identified they are with their earthly ego (name, education, work, upbringing etc) versus how soul identified they are. The soul is always drawn to its true counterpart, but when someone’s energy is very congested and the mind is full of busy thoughts, it’s not easy for it to reach through.

      All twins’ higher selves work to dismantle the baggage and help the soul shine through somehow, this is why many experience a period of disillusionment and “the dark night of the soul”before they “awaken” – it’s a way to disconnect them from their old perceptions so they’ll be open to the “soul light” shining through.

      Regarding your question about letting your twin know about your connection – I channeled this article from spirit last autumn to deal with exactly that. 5 Ways to Raise the Subject of Twin Flames with your Unawakened Twin (Without Scaring Them Away)

      Sending you love and light <3 x Cassady

      1. Thank you, Cassady!!! The answers I’ve been searching for were all there. I have much to think about, and more clearing to get through! Thank you, thank you!

  2. Thank you Cassady. I really resonate with what you are saying about the masculine archetypes. As the divine feminine, I had to make some pretty strong paradoxal choices lead by Spirit. Now it is starting to make sense, because it is causing the deeper healing to take place for the masculine, and hopefully allowing old patterns to fall way, so new beginnings with the divine masculine can arise. I trust that my twin will take the steps they need to for their own growth. I already intuitively feel Union with my Twin on the soul level. Nothing can stop Union. Thank you for the vibrational alignment tool and the harmony healing tool. I’ve been listening to them daily. 🙂

  3. This is interesting. I grew tired of the whole twin flame thing for a while – apologies for the negativity – and felt stuck in a void. Then the most clear dream featuring my twin jolted me back into a positive mind frame. In the dream a post it note with a very clear I LOVE YOU!!! Written repeatedly and shoved in my face from the person who I think is my twin. Just as I had almost given up. Then I suddenly awoke as a pillow fell on my head – I think this was meant to occur as I may not have remembered the dream if I had kept sleeping. It was like the stoic masculinity of my supposed twin had been dismantled for a little while and stripped bare in my dream! Thank you for the article.

    1. Hi Indigo Soul! I’m so happy for you that this happened – yes, often our guides and our higher selves will use dreams as a way to show us the truth behind something, you were for sure meant to experience this side of your twin soul, so you can know that the earth aspect is only a part of the situation. This is a great indicator of the strength of your connection. Your guides want you to know that things are shifting, and they’re commending you for working on keeping a positive mindset. They want you to know it really does work! xx <3

  4. awwee yeah! i smiled at the “eathquake” title. u do an amazing job summarizing titling, and even the pictures resonate so well! its rare for those things in particular, you BAWSE XD!

      1. Your Welcome! I feel ur twin flame and u are all like omg so like which pic do we pick for this article!” Giving such importance to it…. im very visual and can get a feel for the article just by the pic. Amazing! Your really intune than most.. esp. Pointing out the non romantic same sex twin pairs like me, i just wanted u to know it means a lot !

  5. Cassady I’ve been going through a lot with my twin flame ever since I met him 3 years ago. The constant ups and downs lead me into confusion a lot. We have a child together and he is married and was always trying to leave his marriage but the lady that he was married to happens to be into black magic. So she has been the reasons for the terrible downs due to her (evil) magic. These break up spells with this man is literally driving me up the wall because then he shows up acting like nothing happened. Please help. What do I do in a situation like this?

    1. Hi Tay,

      I would recommend using the free clearing tool i offer, to begin shifting out of the energy that’s been creating this. You can do this for your twin soul too, just intend that any negativity is cleared for him too. And remember to hold high and positive intentions for the situation, this helps shift out of difficulty. Your guides are rooting for you! <3 xoxo

  6. People say that God hurts us to make us grow. But I always feel that it’s our own toxic energetic patterns and negative karma that causes our suffering. Which is true Cassady and does energy clearing stop all these horrid lessons and tests we seem to go through?

    1. I completely agree, Angelosophy!

      We create our own “lessons”. Sometimes deliberately pre-life as spirit because we wanted to understand something or resolve something, or sometimes because we’ve had difficult experiences in life that get “stuck” in our system and keeps calling in more of the same.

      The truth is that the lessons show up because our energy is calling it in. If you have an energetic wound of negativity, it is sending out a signal that matches you to more of the same.

      Clearing energy removes these signals from your field, so you’re not calling in these things anymore. The “lesson” will be gone.

      Shifting our mindset and beliefs is a big help in this too. I believe from my own experience and am told by spirit that a combination of clearing energy/karma and shifting beliefs, is the fastest way to resolve these things.

      I deliberately made an easy to follow clearing to deal with this – updating the akashic records. This helps to move out of any repeated hardships. You can read more about it here:

      A big thing they want us to know is: if we stop expecting life to bring hard lessons, we stop inviting it in. Believing that god or the universe is putting us through struggles and wants to make it hard for us, only draws that in…

      Thanks for the interesting question!

      Sending you love and light <3 xx

  7. I tried walking away from this whole thing for a week and going back to old life. So many things went wrong and so much felt off. I caved and realized I needed to go with flow and as soon as I turned back to twin the signs and songs and flow flooded me. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s made pretty clear the direction my soul and universe wants me to go. I get these feelings early so maybe the doubt crept in and I already did the second guessing. Nice to see that’s in this post and a good reminder for us all to keep in mind. It sure will be nice when I hear from twin. I know it’s coming. And I can’t think of it in any other way, clearly!!

    1. Yes, Amber! Hold onto the feeling of knowing that it will happen, because it calls it in, draws it in like a magnet!

      A suggestion for you: write down all your doubts and fears about your connection on a piece of paper, then write positive statements to “answer” your doubts and fears and resolve them. Burn the negatives, keep the positives! xoxo Cassady

  8. I just wanted to say thank you Cassady for this amazing blog and community. It is easy to feel alone and misunderstood by others who are not experiencing the twin flame journey, even if they do their best to be supportive. Your articles always remind me that I am not alone, and that I am not crazy! Thank you for always being a light when I need it. Lots of love and light to you all! xoxo

  9. Your energy updates and integration techniques have helped tremendously and continue to do so on such an intimate level. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for your time, care and continued effort. The love you share daily is such a beautiful divine gift to receive. Thank you for picking me up when I have fallen down and gently guiding our collective back to The Supreme Oneness with all. You are loved by all of creation dear sweet benevolent soul. And because of compassionate, amazing people like you, I can now receive my own words with the same sincerity. This has opened my heart enough to bravely reclaim my own energetic gifts so that I too may share them with the world. Ha, while writing this last statement my heart clenched up, but I know this fear is not real. Your courage and openness to give and receive has inspired my own. Thank you deeply. ((( <3 )))

  10. The song, ‘Open Arms’ by Journey, just keeps popping into my head. Most times, I am not even aware of it … This would be good vibes, I think.

  11. Oh wow so glad you shared! Post its seem to be very popular in the higher dimensions ha. I have yet to meet my twin in waking life – sometimes I think I am accessing various timelines in my dream state. Maybe it’s a sign of things to come like your synchronised dream. Thanks for sharing it with me!

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