Feeling Challenged? Stuck? The Universe Pushes For Us To Go Deeper, To Reach Our Desire Made Manifest… Unconscious Karma At Work In The Twin Flame Bond.


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

A week with major transits pushing for us to release “playing small” and fear, so we can reach higher.

Feeling lost and abandoned in your Twin Flame bond? There’s a reason. Karma and primal fear is purging – but the rewards are meant to be HUGE!

Discover more below! 


Intensity Ahead…

Fair warning, this is set to be another intense week… but the rewards are also significant.

With a Full Moon in Sagittarius and the continued T-Square involving Mars and Pluto, there’s likely tension in your life and Twin Flame connection.

Try not to worry. There are solutions and a “divine blessing” in this.

The major lesson this week is that universe is challenging us to stop “settling for less” out of fear, AND really get clear on what it will take to live our highest!

Keep reading, and we’ll get there together.

Good AND Bad?

Jupiter is conjunct the North Node still, like last week signalling that our soul purpose and ideal path is being “lit up” and encouraged…

But the T square with Pluto Retrograde and Mars, shows that it’s not flowing smoothly.

In fact, we likely feel opposed and even sabotaged by circumstance or other people.

This T-square will become less strong over coming weeks, but as always it is MEANT as a “cosmic gift” and wake-up call.

Being shown these negatives and challenges, we are meant to take action on shifting them.

Above all, getting inner clarity on our TRUE highest goals, and aligning with this from within…
And eradicating the toxins and blocks in the way.

Masculine Triggering

One thing that’s happening right now is, the Masculine is undergoing deep “detoxing”.

Does it feel like the Masculine in your life is acting extra CRAZY? It’s their unconscious fear and toxins.

With Pluto retrograde in opposition with Mars, tying in Jupiter conjunct North Node as well, it shows us that unconscious EGO fears are a major block to our highest soul path.

Mis-Identification of Self

And it’s being strongly triggered in the Masculine right now to help them awaken to their higher consciousness.

Primal fear is rooted in the mis-identification with the physical body as self (“ego”).

If someone is not aware of themselves as a SOUL, they are deep down afraid of destruction. Survival can make them seem unhinged and irrational, when they are acting from that fear.

Really, Pluto is “trying” to help them see and RELEASE those lower un-conscious patterns so they can live happier, more fulfilled lives of love, true purpose and joy… But they may be deeply resistant.

Read this article on dealing with the Unawakened Twin for help.

Karma At Work

Pluto Retrograde also shows us is that karma is highly active. If you are having issues with your Twin Flame or finding it nigh impossible to move forward, it’s because of KARMA.

It’s deeply unconscious and anchored in on a different level than “regular” energy, because it deals with soul level lessons and trauma.

You’ll notice when you have cleared karma properly, because it will feel strangely light and free, where things felt tight and heavy and “impossible” to deal with. For help with karma clearing, go here.

Try not to worry, because it CAN be cleared and healed. It’s just exceptionally unpleasant when it’s there and active in your field and connection.

Mercury Retrograde Shadow Ends

Throughout the week, we move closer to an exact conjunction between Mercury and Uranus. It means that new insights, new inspiration are coming in. There’s a change set to happen if you’re open to receiving the “download”.

Stay on the lookout for information and new perspectives.

Also this week, Mercury exits his retrograde shadow, which signals you have been given more clarity or next steps around what WAS confusing in April/early May. Uranus can bring irritations and instability, but also major inspiration and spiritual “downloads”.

Receiving Guidance

Therefore, it’s highly advised to spend some time journalling and meditating this week.

It will help you more tangibly RECEIVE the guidance and solutions for moving forward into your ideal.

(If you find meditation tricky, begin by using my FREE guided alpha level session – I take you step by step through the deep mind shift, so you can ease into the meditation experience and enjoy your own sessions more with time.)

But Their HIGHER Self…

We do have a supportive and potentially amazing transit this week, which will help you tap into support from your Twin’s HIGHER self. Venus trine Neptune, helps open the soul connection, and enables them to reach you more with their unconditional love and guidance.

Many Twins will experience dream encounters and astral adventures together now.

Pay attention to their guidance, visions, messages, songs and emotions sent from them.

And above all, ALLOW them to reach you. Set the intention right now that you are open to them, even if their “lower self” has hurt you in the past.

Learn more about opening your telepathy, opening to satisfying dream connections and more of their guidance here – class 2, 4 and 6.


(More testimonials here)

Sagittarius Full Moon

Friday, we have a POWERFUL Full Moon in Sagittarius.

Spirit describes this as a culmination of recent months’ challenges.

A LOT is coming up to be released now. Emotions we didn’t ADMIT to ourselves, are their words.

Therefore, be extra, EXTRA gentle and mild with yourself this week – as the energies will be building into Friday/Saturday when the Full Moon hits.

Fear Talking?

Sagittarius energies are all about optimism, reaching high and trusting that your dreams will come true… That the Universe has your back, that youll land with your feet first.

    This Sagittarius Full Moon is set to bring up any old disappointments and fears of being “let down” and hurt when hoping and aiming high.

So if you feel like holding back and just going away and hiding right now, it’s not surprising.

Opening to MORE

That’s fear talking, and it’s NORMAL to feel that way if you’ve had pain in the past.

However, if you want to move into a higher state, and experience more love, joy and ultimately unity and bliss…

You have to release those fears and the old baggage. So this week, the universe is pushing you to do that.

Self Protection – But A Gift

You could say, the Universe KNOWS we’re not very eager to deal with these secret deeper fears and inner conflicts… (Where we want to stop ourselves, due to self protection).

So in this period, it’s figuratively pushing us to rip off the band-aid and getting it over with once and for all.

Will it be a happy experience? Not in the build-up and in the purge…

But the positive end result is MAJOR. And if you can take an active hand in cleansing out the old toxins and fear, it will be so much smoother and faster.

And you’ll be sure the old heaviness leaves for GOOD.

(For my help with this, go here. I promise you will feel so much lighter and more guided, once you’ve cleared the toxins.)

What Your Twin Flame Wants

The thing is, in energy terms, we create what we expect. That’s how energy works, it mirrors back our inner beliefs.

So open to the deeper belief that the Universe will help you and support you, and that your Twin Flame WANTS harmony and love as much as you do…
And reality will begin to show up that way.

Now, having said that, I know it’s often NOT easy to do this in practical terms.

What Do You BELIEVE?

If you find it tricky to be optimistic and to have faith that good things are coming, it means you have patterns of distrust, disbelief, karmic experiences of being let down, particularly by the universe/source/god.

The great thing is it CAN be cleared. I had to go through clearing a lot of this myself on my journey but its so worth it.

Have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for more on karma clearing and eradicating deep energy blocks.


Spirit says “Yes, things really can be that good” (as your hopes and dreams) – so open up to it!

Those fears of being hurt, and past disappointments are just an old version of life based on a lower template. 

When you clear that old “baggage” and lift higher, your dreams and hopes BECOME possible!

Issues Around Sex, Secrets, Karma, Power…

An added challenge begins to increase as Venus moves into opposition with Pluto Retrograde toward the end of the week.

It shows us that you likely are facing power battles or issues around “seemingly impossible” situations in your Twin Flame bond now.

Sexual issues, secrets and karma are all factors at work. Remember that this is yet again meant as a “detox” from the Universe, to HELP you move into your harmony and bliss as a pair…

Will it be easy? It CAN be, if you anchor into the knowing that your true nature is love.

You both came from love, and you are HERE for love.

Light In “Hiding”

Anything else is a human perspective, an ILLUSION, because this physical world is where we usually don’t see how interconnected everything is…

That truly, we are all souls of light – pure consciousness.

So “zoom out” for a minute. See yourselves here on Earth, from far above.

Zoom out to the stars and the planets.

(Take a look at this image of the galaxy – there are MANY, ours is just ONE! See how small the “you are here” inside the yellow circle is?)


We didn’t come here to live out the old historical human conflict/drama/trauma patterns.

We Twin Souls (and other lightworkers) came here to evolve PAST them. To bring love.

So if things feel hopeless, or your love union feels out of reach this week…

… Know that it’s because you are being asked to RELEASE those very emotions, patterns and beliefs.

Because then, it BECOMES possible. Love can show up!

Seeing Clearly

Remember, you are here for a reason. And you’re more capable than you know.

This is set to be a week where you are challenged, to see everywhere you have been settling for less, or stopping yourself before you even fully OPEN to your dream.

Pay attention. Be willing to release and clear the toxins.

And if you could use more help with your ascension and union process, go here.

I would be thrilled to guide you further.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x


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