Preventing History From Repeating Itself – What Disappointments Are Clouding Your Visions Of The Future? Intense Trine In Water Pushes Twin Flames Closer…

Welcome into a brand new week full of potential blessings and learning experiences!

A Full Moon in powerful Sagittarius and a trine in water create strong currents of change for love and relationships…

How To Uplift Your Twin Flame Connection

But as usual, before we begin here’s a reminder:

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Why Twins Are Always “Together”

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Challenges – “Karmic Feminine”

So onto this week’s cosmic energy forecast:

We head off into this week with some major cosmic events that impact the Twin Flame connection.

First off, a conjunction between Lilith and Pluto in Capricorn show that there are unconscious issues between male and female coming up for resolution again.

Again, happening in this sign it has to do with feelings of responsibility, burdens and duties versus freedom.

The feminine Twin is likely to feel burdened with hard work while her counterpart has gotten the “easy end of the deal” in life and in the connection. We understandably sense some resentment and frustration on her part…

(For solutions and more info on what’s really going on in this kind of a situation, have a look at this article: “Twin Flame Conflict – Why Do I Have To Do All The Work?”)

twin flame conflict

Are You Honoring Yourself?

These underlying emotions can cause blocks in the connection, so it’s highly recommended to not only clear them (which you can do with this Free Energy Cleanse Audio, or have a look here for more comprehensive methods)… but to make sure you draw a line in the sand and begin looking out for yourself above all.

To show yourself love, to cherish and pander to yourself.

To establish healthy boundaries and to listen to your “gut instinct” about when you’re overextending yourself for others’ sake, versus when you’re being respectful and honoring yourself.

The Twin Flame Mirror can be complicated to deal with, but remember that if you’re feeling taxed and empty and like you’re rushing around trying to make things happen while your counterpart doesn’t make an effort…

This will only create more of the same.

And your inner frustration and sense of emptiness will be energetically pushing your Twin further away, not bring them closer.

(Watch a video on the Twin Flame Mirror here)


Addressing Twin Flame Imbalances

So this week, do your best to take some time for self-TLC.

It can be as simple as deciding not to worry for the day, to “go with the flow” in your connection.

It can be to forgive yourself and your counterpart so you can open up to a new chapter together… or it can be to take 5 small minutes to meditate and center yourself again.

You know best right now what you need.

For a deep cleanse of the programming that causes this kind of imbalance between the twins, and to uplift into a greater sense of harmony on both sides long term, have a look here:

In the Twin Flame Higher Dimensional Anchoring And Awakening Session we gently begin to rouse your Twin to full knowing by activating their own system’s deep seated light codes to begin opening them up from the inside out.

This was requested by me as so many Unawakened and Runner Twins have become so entrenched in 3D “Ego” energies and identity systems.

This session will gently push the energetic button to help them remember and step into their true self, and to recall and feel their deeper connection with you.

twin flame awakening

Free Will On The Twin Flame Path

As soon as I sat down to meditate one day, the transmission of this session began – and I knew instantly that it was an answer to prayers sent out.

The wonderful thing about this session is that their soul is doing the work all in alignment with Free Will – they’ve been waiting for you to help them with this.

We also cleanse both your systems of ancestral negativity around love, sexuality and relationships, and anchor you both into the highest dimension possible for you right now, deleting old karmic “issues” which then allows your souls to pave out a new collective timeline for the two of you to come together harmoniously…

Have a look at some of the amazing feedback I’ve had for this session already:

“After I did it, he messaged me! Someone actually bought it for me! BAM! Just like that – got the meditation, did it, and there he was.” – Indi, New York

“The best session I’ve ever ever experienced. I’m so happy and light. Thanks Cassady for this precious gift” – Catia (via instagram)

“Thank you Cassady! It was AMAZING and HUGE. Back home, on track in 9! And we spoke finally again!” – Daisy (via instagram)

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring completely blew me away. Not only did this seem to impact me on an enormous level, I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

“I want to thank you so much for the Higher Dimensional Anchoring! I felt like it was made just for me and the things I have been facing on my journey! It is so gorgeous and transformative!!!” – Mary, New York, USA

Click here to learn more and download.

What Disappointments Scarred Your Heart?

We also have two highly significant events on May 29th, coinciding.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius, highlighting the release and purge of old disappointments around dreams and wishes unfulfilled, plus Mercury entering “his” home sign Gemini.

These two coinciding signal that we’re dealing with endings in an earlier part of life, and a rebirth of a new phase in terms of thoughts, beliefs, communication and intellect/higher understanding.

Spirit suggests the following exercise to make the most of this time… To fully resolve past hurts, putting them behind you so they can no longer affect your future.

Thereby stepping into a higher state and uplifting your timelines for the future.

How To Avoid Struggles In The Future

So, begin by making a note of any major disappointments or dreams/wishes unfulfilled from the past. Including anything you’ve had with your Twin Flame.

Write it down on a piece of paper in short form (no deep details needed – you know yourself what happened).

Then, understand and accept that at the times that those things happened, you were for some reason in alignment with them. Not deliberately, and not from any “fault” of your own.

But the patterns and energies and previous experiences, perhaps also family patterning, you had inherited – brought you to that place. You were a match to it happening.

And that’s the beauty of it! See, that you’re in a different place now. You’ve been doing your inner work. You’ve been uplifting and purifying your energetic system (if you haven’t yet you can get started right now with this Free Download Pack)…

And therefore you have changed your alignment. This means the old disappointments are not an indication of what awaits you in the future!

The Past Can’t Repeat Itself If You Do This 1 Thing…

The human psyche tends to feel that what happened in the past will repeat itself – which is why we worry about disappointment…

So allow yourself to acknowledge and accept that *now* and in the future, you’re free from that stuff. You have uplifted the kinds of experiences and dynamics and states you attract.

You are in a different “place”. Allow this to sink in.

Now allow yourself to release fully all of the old stuff. Use the energy cleanse tool here and intend that the old disappointments are washed away from you.

Next time you think of the future, know that you have started over. That your path is more open. Know that you can aim higher, and be “realistically” inviting in your dreams now.

Because you’ve risen into a higher state.

You might not notice the full effects of this exercise straight away, but this is foundational work which positively impacts your whole path.

Emotional Door Open Between The Mirror Souls

Throughout this week we have a trine in the element of Water – combining Venus in Cancer, Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.

This is a powerful and positive cosmic current that opens up to emotion, inspiration and sensitive soul interactions between the Twin Flames.

Water is a healing element which deals with emotion. You might find it slightly uncomfortable right now, like things aren’t quite “solid” as regards the future, you’re not able to “control” or grasp the situation…

But beneath the surface we see a lot of encouragement from the higher dimensions, a lot of love …that’s almost as if it’s sinking into your bones when you’re not paying attention.

Subtle undercurrents of reminders that you’re loved, that you’re strong… that the Twin Flame connection of love really is eternal and true.

As Venus is still opposed with Saturn Retrograde we see that this is the higher dimensional presence working to counteract any damaging effects of your childhood experiences with love.

Smoothing over and subtly helping you in healing any wounds.

Why Divine Intervention So Rarely Happens

However, do keep in mind that this is a very subtle effect… and if you have deeper issues that are bothering you it’s highly recommended to take action on it yourself as your Free Will means there’s a limit to how directly spirit can work with your system.

This is why so many Twins are disappointed when they wait for the divine to step in and “magic” their connection better!

We’re co-creators, expected to work *with* guidance to uplift into harmony and Twin Flame Union.

Have a look here for my guided step by step method for the Twin Flame path.

A positive theme right now is being more open to receiving divine guidance and messages from your unconscious mind.

Pay attention to your dreams in this period – write down a few notes about what you remember as soon as you wake in the morning.

And have a look at this article for advice on how to interpret dreams on the Twin Flame path.


Who’s Trying To Reach You?

And we sense a subtle feeling of your Twin Flame’s higher self presence with you – be aware that to fully notice this and tap into that support you’ll need to go within and shut off the “outer noise” of the world and your analytical mind.

There is a possibility they’ll break through and reach you through symbols, signs, repeating number sequences and other “drastic measures”… but it will benefit you to spend some quiet time to open up to them.

(Read about that here – how to interpret numbers like 333, 444 and 888 for the Twin Flame path)


Challenges For Masculine Twin

Lastly this week we have two challenges. The first deals with tension between Mars in Aquarius and the sign’s ruler Uranus in Taurus.

This deals with challenges to how the Masculine Twin has seen “himself” – ego identity is being put to the test.

It seems that outsiders are questioning or doubting the usual facade “he” has grown accustomed to or has been cultivating, and the purpose of this is to make him reevaluate what really is true about himself…

To get him to go deeper and tap into the soul… To begin to open up a bit more. First, we see it happens through outer deflection, causing him to question himself.

This can cause irritation, but know that long term it’s the starting point to him going deeper and opening up to love and “a new way of life” are spirit’s words.

Don’t Take Pessimism At Face Value

Finally, this week, we have a tense situation Friday and Saturday as the Moon travels past Saturn Retrograde.

This tends to depression, pessimism, to “seeing” all the negative potential around you, to feel stymied and disheartened…

But what’s really happening is you’re “revisiting” the past – negative patterning is coming up.

And spirit shows us that the beauty of this is that the more you take advantage and clear the negativity as it’s expressing itself…

The easier these times get. The Moon frequently triggers challenging transits so the more we can cleanse and uplift our *personal* energy the less we’re affected by these challenges.

If we just try to “deal with it”, distract ourselves or hope for things to get better – the negativity will subside but still be lodged in our system and affecting our Twin dynamic, our life situation and our timelines…

Do your energy work little and often, and over time you’ll reap big benefits.

Have a look at this brief video for an explanation of how this works with Twin Flames.

twin flame video


What’s Your Twin Flame Really Feeling Deep Down?

This is set to be a week full of potential blessings but there are challenges too. One of the highlights will be the insights and wisdom available to you through dream journalling.

Although it might seem simple, the information you can receive from your guidance and higher faculties in the dream state can be transformative for your journey.

Often, the messages come in symbolic form – oranges can mean the sacral chakra, a dog can mean protection, a river can mean emotions, your childhood home can stand for early life issues…

When you begin to pay attention to your dreams, you can speed up and smooth your “lesson learning” and begin to receive profound messages from your Twin Flame’s own soul.

And if you need some help understanding, or are looking for clarity for your journey ahead – have a look here.

Because I’m unable to do sessions with all of the Twin Flames who contact me, I was guided to start a collaboration to help as many as possible.

Click here to read more and get a 10 minute reading with a highly gifted psychic for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

As always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“I downloaded and used the free download for 14 days and noticed a huge change in my mood and communication. So I purchased the Program and I use it daily for the meditations and to re-read and use as reference points. I have noticed huge changes in my approach, mood and understanding over the past 6 weeks! I am in a totally different place than I was 6 weeks ago and can never go back. Too many coincidences have happened to mention! But without program I know I wouldn’t be halfway to where I am now.”

– Clarity, Victoria, Australia

twin flame program

Want more? For an easy, smooth way to clear blocks, heal your energy and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

Alternatively you can try our Free Help Kit For Twin Flames here
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      I felt so calm: as I was always wondered if he could ever pick up on my songs/healing method(s)… Guess he does, makes me *blush*! ^_^

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