Issues Around Power, Secrets, Sex And Intimacy Are Brought To Light In The Twin Flame Connection. And, The Universe “Demands” That The Masculine Twin Balances Past Karma To Open To Love…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include: 

Gemini season starts, and Jupiter conjuncts the North Node, creating progress and forward momentum around soul path and “destiny”.

But a powerful T-Square involving Mars and Pluto Retrograde causes major disruptions between the Twins…

Discover more below! 

A Week Of Contradictions

You’ve probably already noticed that we’re headed into murky waters in the Twin Flame connection…

It’s set to be an intense week, with some confusing themes of light and dark co-existing and bringing conflicting developments. 

It can leave you feeling torn and unsure where to move forward from here, but if you clear the heavy energy you may be noticing you truly CAN open to a higher state of harmony and flow.

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Gemini Season!

What makes this week so strange, is that positivity is happening ALONG with the challenges.

Gemini season just started, bringing new momentum, busy-ness, an effervescent and sociable atmosphere… 

It also brings themes of duality and “two-in-one” focus to the Twin Flame connection.

You may notice strange similarities cropping up between you and your counterpart, or as if you’re noticing THEIR thoughts in your mind…

Positive Support For “Destiny”

We also have a major encouragement and potentially FORCEFUL positivity from the Universe in favor of our soul path fulfilled.

Jupiter conjunct North Node is a once-in-12-year transit that spotlights our soul purpose and “destiny” for this lifetime – and support for it!

It tends to bring unexpected elements of “luck”, opportunities and positive forward momentum, even when we had thought to give up.

“Not So Fast!”

However, the Jupiter/North Node positivity ties in several other challenges with Mars and Pluto Retrograde, so it’s unfortunately not quite that simple.

We’re dealing with a push-pull situation.

Where we are on one hand being encouraged to reach into our highest (our true soul path) – AND also held back from it…

Karmic Sexual Wounds

Why? Because unresolved karmic issues need our attention, before moving forward.

It deals with UN-conscious issues, and primal fears/wounding around sexuality, survival, power abuse and fear of being “destroyed”.

Pluto Retrograde is in particular STRONGLY pushing for a purging and resolution of power abuse and sexual “mistreatment” by the Masculine archetype.

Masculine Twin’s “Baggage” And Secrets

This means the collective Masculine fields (biological) are being stirred up.

Even if it is not personally “their” stuff.

If they are biologically male, they have soul contracts with the Masculine collective energy fields that make them a “channel” for this past karma by their gender.

(If someone is non-binary in identification, even biology, they still have contracts with the collective biological fields – potentially both.)

Sexual “Secrets” Revealed

Pluto Retrograde deals with revealing dark secrets that have been hidden, and purging toxins.

This means it’s set to be a challenging week for the Twin Flame connection.

It means you may be picking up on low vibrational karmic baggage from your counterpart, without them even realizing it.

Outsider Attachments/Sex

Karmic contracts, attachments and wounding are coming up for resolution.

It’s highly recommended to go in and clear and resolve this now, so you can move forward in a state of harmony.

Feeling the residue or energy of your counterpart being intimate with someone else is one of the most unpleasant things on the Twin Flame journey…

This is unfortunately the kind of purging that is happening right now, in order to purify the Twin Flame bond

(So we CAN move into that soul purpose of Unity, which Jupiter is trying to guide us to).

What I Was Asked To Channel…

This triggering based in “outsider” intimacy is so common for Twins that I was guided to channel a session *specifically* to deal with it.

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Resolving Masculine/Feminine Karma

I have had such amazing feedback on this session, so if you haven’t experienced it yet, this is the perfect time – as it deals with the major challenges going on this week…

(And if you do have it already, it’s a great time to go through it again)

Or, go deeper into resolving masculine/feminine karmic conflict patterns, >>which I take you through in the Oneness Code Activation here.

Major Collective Shifts

In brief, there are DEEP shifts and changes happening right now.

It’s not necessarily easy to see clearly, but we are learning a LOT on a deeper level.

We have underlying challenges around ego will vs soul will going on throughout. 

As the saying goes, you may not be getting what you WANT right now (Ego) but you are getting what you NEED (learning, from a soul perspective).


Mars in the T-square, shows us that the Masculine Twin is being pushed to EVOLVE. But there is a lot of resistance around it.

With Mars in Leo, they are likely irritable and feel like they shouldn’t NEED to change or work for anything.

Really, deep down, they are angry with THEMSELVES.

And, they may be feeling resistant and afraid of what their soul is pushing for. (>>Working with them on the unconscious level will be immensely helpful – go here for more on that)

Not “Their” Stuff?

Throughout this week and next, Mars with Pluto Retrograde in opposition, will be bringing a strong purge of sex/power abuse based karma.

The Sacral chakra and solar plexus are triggered to purge, in particular.

Mistreatment of others, past power abuse are coming up to be resolved for the Masculine.

Strange Dreams?

A lot of the LOWER aspects of sexuality, are being brought to the surface.

You will likely notice this in the form of “strange” dreams. Keep a cool head, and don’t immediately react to what comes up.

If you get angry or upset, it will unfortunately only keep the negativity around. 

Spirit shows us, treat it as old baggage that’s coming up to be released.

Historical Drama/Trauma Cycles

Let it go, clear it, get rid of it so you can move beyond – into the harmony and love you are rightly longing for.

Because THAT is what you’re here for – not to repeat the old historical cycles of negativity!

(>>For help with this, use the Oneness Code Activation, where I take you through clearing these soul contracts cording you into the collective fields of drama and trauma, so you can move beyond.

We also download the union templates, recalibrate your timelines to harmony and accelerate your reunion, and so much more)



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Love NOT Flowing?

We also have a square between Venus and Chiron the wounded healer…

It’s another message that love may not be flowing or in harmony because there are INNER wounds that still need healing.

So, are you in complete inner wholeness? Complete acceptance of self?

Or are you looking to be “rescued” or seeking your Twin out of fear, longing or “need”?-

The Distorted Twin Flame Mirror

If it’s the latter, unfortunately those energies are NOT aligned with love.

The fear-based approach, whether or not you are aware of it, will unfortunately push your counterpart and love further away.

So now is a time to take a look at your own relationship with YOURSELF.

This will powerfully resolve any distortions or negativity in your Twin Flame connection.


Unpleasant Surprises In Love?

We also have Venus sextile Uranus this week, which tends to bring surprises in love. (Not always pleasant ones)

In this scenario, Venus sextile Uranus is there to help us shift out of the old patterns that may have kept us in a lower state.

Therefore, it is “trying” to bring good – and it’s all about you staying open and being willing to shift your perspective higher.

What Are You Manifesting On “Autopilot”?

Finally this week, we have a square between the Sun and Saturn.

This is another challenge, adding to the general pressure – but as always, it is really meant as a divine gift to help us grow.

It show that we likely feel opposed, almost “sabotaged” by circumstance. Things do NOT feel easy right now.

Your Power

However, it is a lesson in grounding into your power and adjusting your MENTAL perspective.

Saturn in challenge “says”, you have to take responsibility for your own creative role in your life and experiences.

If you get into blame and complaining patterns, you will only keep attracting the same issues on “autopilot”.-

Karma… Again

Saturn is not a pleasant force to encounter, and he can bring up karmic issues (as the “lord of karma”).

In other words, this is yet again another sign for a week of heavy karmic processing.

The positive side, is that once we DO truly deal with karma, it is gone for good.

(If you could use some help with this process – so you can up-level once and for all – >>go here and I’d love to help you in the 12 Month Twin Flame Gold Coaching, which is my most advanced training and energy work for Twin Flames.)

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A Week Full Of “Tests” – To Help You

As you can see, this is not set to be an easy week.

However, we can definitely say it’s a much needed one.

You see, in Pluto, Chiron and Saturn’s wisdom, we can only heal something once we know it is there!

And so now, we are being shown some of the deeply “hidden” causes of why the Twin Flame connection may not have been flowing harmoniously.

Some of the deeper “poison” that has been sitting in your systems and fields, causing problems – ultimtely, deflecting union.

Shifts, Breakthroughs

This is a week that can bring positive shifts, including surprising breakthroughs.

However, you yourself are being asked to stay aware and deal with what comes up, in order for it to happen.

My personal tip?

Pay attention to your *dreams*, make a note of what old memories or “flashes” people and situations show up in your mind… Because those are key to what you need to resolve.

Then, go in and clear it all – without hesitation.

That’s your ticket to the higher states. And ultimately, what you have been praying and longing for. 

>>If you’d like my help with this whole process, you can find out more here.

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x-

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