Powerful Scorpio Super-Moon Eclipse Pushes For Breakthroughs, Sudden Awakening… Plus, The Planet Of Love “Secretly” Guides Twin Flames (Back) Together… Are You Open?


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Major shifts and sudden, guided changes at hand…

Pluto Retrograde, Lunar Super-Moon Eclipse in Scorpio all build pressure to shake you up – to your highest good.

Plus, Sun and Mercury Retrograde “overlap”, and Venus works to unconsciously guide you to the “right” place at the “right” time in love…

Discover more below…

A Week For The History Books

Prepare for a week for the history books, both on the inner and outer level…

First, we start the week with Pluto turning retrograde on Monday May 1st.

Combining with the energies building toward the Scorpio Super-moon Eclipse on May 5th, it means your situation is likely tense on some level right now – to open up to your highest.

If things seem unstable or like they’re breaking apart in this period, try not to worry, as the universe truly is working to help you reach a higher state.

Past Choices

The universe shows us that in the past, we have missed or ignored guidance, or we have settled for less than our highest…

And now we are being pushed to correct course.

In essence, we may have made choices based in lower intentions of fear, worry, or settling for less…

Meant For More

And therefore our outer results, have not been what we wanted – and have not been what is true to us as a soul.

(I.e. you may have ended up in a job you feel drained by, or with a partner you are not truly in love with, and so on – and you are MEANT FOR MORE!)

In cosmic wisdom, these lower states, connections, situations and circumstances are being broken apart in some way…

So that we can cut away, and move on to what truly IS in the highest alignment.

Feel Like It’s Breaking Apart?

But first, you have to have ROOM for it!

You have to be clear and aligned and AVAILABLE to the higher results/states/situations/Twin Flame bond you wish to experience.

Therefore, this is an intense period as the universe works to OPEN you up by getting you to release all those lower aspects of life.

If youre struggling right now, go here to get my Free Energy Cleanse Session that will clear out heaviness from your chakras and aura, help you re-center into self love and infuse you with new high vibration light.


This eclipse also strongly deals with the Twin Flame connection, and opening the pair up to unity.

If either Twin has been tied up with an “outsider”, or in a lower cycle of running due to fear, the deeper causes of it will be brought up, so it can be purged and healed.

Thereby opening to unity.

Karmic Content…

This is especially key because with Pluto’s involvement, we see that the unconscious “darkness” purging is not necessarily of the present moment.

What you’re feeling or experiencing may not “make sense”, as it’s karmic/unconscious/past life related.

If theres trouble between you and your Twin, Id particularly recommend the guided Twin Flame Harmony Healing, which takes you through effortlessly cutting negative attachments, clearing blocks, cleansing the bond between you and your Twin, and more.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

We also go through uplifting your timelines and energies into the highest dimension possible for you at this time, and much more. (Full info here)

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When Pluto goes retrograde, it signals a time of going back over the past in terms of power issues and ego conflicts, so that anything lingering can be cleared out once and for all.

Pluto is a real powerhouse when it comes to exerting influence both on an inner emotional level, and in society.

As the planet of death, sex, rebirth and power, Pluto moving backwards” tends to bring up old conflicts around these subjects so that you can heal and move on once and for all.

Does It Remind You Of Something?

As the seat of power and sexuality, when Pluto stirs up the past, things can get explosive (not necessarily in a good way).

Keep an eye on your Twin Flame bond now, as any unconscious resentments can come to the surface and need to be dealt with. 

With both Pluto’s retrograde and the Eclipse in Scorpio, it will strongly be stirring up the past.

But you have to pay attention!

Twin Flame Healing

Earlier life issues with family/colleagues/friends/exes tend to turn up in a new guise so you get a chance to heal…

And often it crops up between you and your Twin Flame!

Because the Twin Flame connection is above all one of healing and transformation, transmuting past pain and teaching us forgiveness, self acceptance and unconditional love.

Freeing Your Bond Up To Love

So take a detached view and remain neutral whenever you can:

Ask yourself:
Is this situation familiar?”
“Where have I experienced something like this before?”

Now, you can clear it and free up your journey so you are truly available to love.

I help you with this in the Oneness Activation session, including releasing lower timelines and negative karma that tends to keep Twin Flames stuck in recurring cycles of struggle and opposition.


Collective Purge

This Eclipse will be bringing up a lot of collective negativity.

Be mindful of yourself and what you react to right now.

Shield yourself, connect to the light and do what you can to stay out of the way of the collective chaotic energies rising up to be released.

Ascension Symptoms?

You may even feel physical symptoms during this time, such as headaches, tiredness or other signs you are encountering energy toxicity.

From the higher perspective, it is meant to be a gift. But it can be overwhelming while it happens.

Therefore, it’s all about working WITH these powerful eclipse portals, instead of resisting!

 (I share more on this here.)


Runner Twins’ Ego “Cracking”

Coinciding with Mercury Retrograde crossing backwards over the Sun, this Eclipse is strongly focused on pushing us to up-level our self perception and identity.

In short, to break through the ego constructs and reveal our true soul selves.

Throughout this process, it’s bringing up any UN-conscious issues or blocks that have kept us from this.

And yes, if your Twin is a runner/unawakened, it will be happening with them too – it can be particularly triggering to those who are trying to ‘hide’ in ego and are afraid of opening up.

(More on how to deal with this here)

The Saboteur

With such an intense Lunar culmination, tying in Mercury Retrograde and the North Node, this Scorpio Eclipse is set to bring major and sudden shifts.

It will give us insight into our Shadow Selves by bringing up hidden negative aspects of our personalities – whats been getting in the way of harmony and unity for the Twin Flame pair.

The unconscious saboteur – the “lower” self.

Be aware of your dreams around this time, as you are likely to be given insights into what unconscious material has been causing trouble recently.

(Learn more about energetic shielding and clearing tools in the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.)

Soul Identity

As Sun and Mercury Retrograde cross paths close to the North Node with the Supermoon in opposition, it means soul path/identity is working to emerge…

And what’s been in the way of it – the false masks constructed ego – are being pushed to crack during this Eclipse.

Spirit’s input is, if your Twin Flame connection feels blocked or you feel disconnected from good this week, it’s because your system is purging.

The fastest way to open up again, is to clear your energy system.


Destiny Strikes!

Mercury Retrograde is showing up a theme of confronting us with past moments where we have made choices that were OUT of alignment – so we can release the lower cycle(s). 

Destiny is still at work.

Sudden endings, in particular, tend to happen during Eclipses.

There is a new beginning happening, but you won’t see the results until the dust settles next week.

When Mercury goes Direct, things will start to make more sense – especially next month when he is out of the shadow terrain from this time.

There’s Nothing “Wrong” With You

Remember that if things feel tense or troubled right now in your Twin Flame connection, it’s due to purging of toxic energy or old patterns.

In short, it’s due to toxins that aren’t true to your soul’s bond of unconditional love.

It’s not that there is something “wrong” with your relationship.

Endings, New Beginnings…

With this Scorpio Super-Moon Eclipse, spirit shows us that we are drawing a line in the sand with the past. As a collective.

That’s the cosmic purpose. There is a LOT of unconscious karmic content coming up to be released, in order to open to this.

Keep a cool head as best as you can, and stay in a high vibration.

(For help, go here)

Feeling Disconnected In Love?

During this stirred up time, we also have strong involvement from Venus.

The planet of love is currently supporting Jupiter, but in a challenge with Neptune.

This means you may feel that guidance is not seemingly helping you with your Twin Flame connection. 

Or you feel disconnected from divine support.

Guided To Love

Really, this is just a perception issue.

Venus IS “guiding you” – but you won’t be “told” about it. You are being manoeuvred around and guided to love in the physical.

But you are not necessarily *informed* about this.

It will work best if you simply follow what feels the happiest and lightest and most inspiring for you. Particularly, your true “bliss” and passions in life.

Aim your highest. Don’t settle for less than you truly want.

“Get Out Of Your Own Way”

Spirit tells us, a key theme to this Eclipse is to get us OUT OF OUR OWN WAY.

We’re being dazed, and rattled out of our habitual perspective and states… What we got used to, might seem to break apart.

So that we can open to something bigger: What we have been praying and longing for.

True purpose. True love. The bliss of Twin Flame union.

And for this to arrive, we are now being pushed to release the inner “darkness” and shadow aspects of self/karma, which we had kept so under wraps that we didn’t even realize we were still holding onto it.

By The End Of May…

It is set to be be a strange week, with a lot of deep shifts happening in ways you may not be able to describe with words – yet.

But by the end of May, you will begin to see why things had to happen the way they did.

And you will recognize more clearly how to move forward.

I know it can be an intense time, so if you would like more direct help with your Twin Flame journey, I would be honoured to guide you further – go here to find out more.

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

“This has been truly amazing, every time I use the energy cleanse tool my Twin Flame texts or calls me immediately afterwards. It’s really crazy! It’s amazing that I can do this type of thing and my Twin be so affected by it as well!”

– Teresa B., USA

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