Powerful Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Brings Cosmic Shakeup, Secret Regrets And “Enemies” Revealed. Where Were You Blocked From Your Love’s Destiny? The Universe Gets Involved…

Highlights this week include:

Mercury continues Retrograde, bringing reevaluation, exes and past situations back for resolution – including possible Twin Flame reunions!

Plus, Venus meets Chiron for healing in love… And, powerful Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio challenges you to show up for YOURSELF, no matter what’s happened before.

Discover more below!

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Major Shifts Trying To Reach You

So now onto the week’s energies. As you may have noticed, there is major intensity around right now.

The Powerful Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse hits Sunday evening/Monday morning into 16th May, depending on where in the world you are.

This is one of the year’s most powerful cosmic events. It’s all about endings, especially regarding emotions and attachments in terms of partnership and love.

Dramatic Endings

Don’t be scared if something seems to break apart, because the universal wisdom says it is specifically happening so that something BETTER can show up for you.

This can include a dramatic ending of a chapter in your Twin Flame connection, or the breakdown of a way of interacting or a mode or approach you’ve had in the connection.

The universe is trying to tell you something. A new and HIGHER approach or dynamic needs to come in.

And in order for there to be ROOM for this, you have to be shaken up and release the old. (For help, go here).

Showing Up What Blocks TF Unity

You cannot receive unity, for example, if your connection is full of conflict…

Therefore, conflict may be triggered to blow up so you RECOGNIZE it, and end up hopefully releasing it.

However, as we have free will choice, we can opt to hang onto the past distortions. For best results, understand that your choices carry effects far into your future.

The Power Of Intentions

Use this time to “up-level”, and you change your whole “Twin Flame destiny”.

How? Be mindful of your choices, your intentions.

And release on a deep energetic level any lower cycles and past wounds that have kept distance, opposition and toxins around.

The 3D Grid? 

Spirit tells us this Eclipse and this period in general, is a massive push for the collective release the energy templates of separation consciousness (also known as the “3D grid”)

 This is why all the LACK of love/unity/harmony will tend to surface now. It is happening so that oneness can show up.

For help with this process, go here.


“I have been doing this session every week since you made it and now the karmic relationship my twin was in is over and I know it is because of this …I can’t thank you enough Cassady…lots of love…x” – Diane

“I love your resources, and this one is incredible. It tangibly creates change! Please keep them coming.”  – Evette B

“I began to use oneness activation code every day. I had felt so heavy for many weeks. Immediately I felt better. Then I ran into my tf by “accident”. He called and texted and came over later that day. I continued with this practice and still he is reaching out at a much higher level which is ironic considering it had been months the last time we spoke. Thank you so much!” – Julie

Click here to read more and take the session

Entering Unity

The reason deep inner work is recommended, is that is that it’s not usually enough to just THINK or intend our way to embodying unity or aligning with reunion.

Because the energetic coding and templating of DIVISION goes so deep in our human systems.

We’re dealing with ancestry, collective karma and DNA structures that have held separation consciousness in place.

That’s why direct quantum energy work is so immensely powerful for the Twin Flame connection.

Regret In Focus

This Blood Moon Eclipse happens opposite the Sun conjunct North Node Retrograde AND opposite Mercury Retrograde.

This tells us we’re dealing with REGRET in a big way, regarding soul path and for the Twin connection.

Especially where you may have let YOURSELF down, due to negative influence from others around you… or what you BELIEVED possible.

Venus conjunct Chiron says, ultimately the reason things haven’t been ideal is because you were wounded in love or connections with other people.

If waves of emotion come up at this time, it’s the past. Clear it, so you can heal for good.

Being A Bystander

The Eclipse also trines Mars conjunct Neptune, which means we’re being called on to take ACTION on guidance. We can’t just sit on the sidelines, is the indication.

It’s really coming to a dramatic head right now.

We are our own savior, is the message in this. We cannot avoid being a part of our own life.

7 Years Of Twin Flame Observations…

The divine ALWAYS supports and guides on our Twin Flame journey!

But if you ignore their action steps and are waiting for things to magically resolve themselves while you just watch as a bystander…

You will unfortunately not experience the shifts you are wanting.

(Not to be negative, but I’ve run this website for 7 years and have seen what happens to Twins who sit back and wait to be rescued… vs those who embrace their power of action).

Did You Miss Guidance?

With this powerful Eclipse in Scorpio, Mercury moving deeper into retrograde and Jupiter just entering Aries, we are still in a period of major change.

As the North Node turns retrograde in conjunction with the Sun says, we’re told: The changes you’re being asked to make are not new.

The guidance which you are being asked to follow and the answers to your prayers/desires, HAVE already been delivered for the most part.

You have known about these guided actions for some time. You just likely haven’t ACTED on them…

What Were You Talked Out Of?

The Eclipse brings this up. You may realize you have been your own “enemy”.

Or rather: You were talked out of your light and solutions.

You were talked out of believing in and being open to love and your desires. If you look back, this is originally rooted in childhood.

That’s why things have stalled. That’s why the alignment has been off.

Instead of being sad or feeling regret, try to be pragmatic. When you adjust the inner issue, the outer flow is restored.

 Twin Flames share only love as souls, so that will be your reality in the physical and beyond… WHEN you remove the blocks in the way!


You may not feel like it, though! The Sun and North Node square Saturn, says you may be reluctant to taking RESPONSIBILITY.

You want change to be delivered without any effort…

And you are tempted to blame others for anything you have NOT received, in terms of dreams come true and prayers answered.

Neptune and Jupiter getting involved shows, responsibility isn’t a bad thing if you work WITH guidance!

(Learn how to receive RELIABLE guidance here, and who your Twin Flame team really is – class 2, 4 and 6).

twin flame

Making It “Easy”!

Spirit says: You didn’t come here to be a passenger in life.

Your guidance and Twin’s higher self are always there looking to support you. But you have to open to it: action and creation is MEANT to be a blessing!

Being an active co-creator of your journey will be EASY and FUN…

If you just listen to intuition and your “team” who are always there working to guide you! Don’t feel like action or responsibility are bad things.

In fact, they are part of blossoming into your soul purpose and your next Twin Flame union chapter!

Secrets, Sex, Power

Things may feel chaotic and challenging this week, but remember that the eclipse is “trying” to help you bring positive change to your relationships.

As Scorpio is the ruler of sex, power (including abuse), secrets and the unconscious, the Eclipse will likely bring up issues around this.

Either regarding yourself or someone close to you.

Something you’re AWARE of but you – or they – don’t want to admit. The good thing is, if something is revealed you can now DEAL with it.

Those Who Try To Hide Secrets…

Not everyone wants to face up to the truth however, so you may end up clashing with those who’d rather hide and ignore things.

Due to Saturn’s influence, controlling your reactivity and taking a pragmatic approach will help you.

Take a higher perspective. Focus on long term goals, rather than current “issues” – you’ll see how to solve things.

And know that what falls apart now, is opening to make ROOM for what serves you better.

Solar Plexus Recalibrating

Because of Mars/Neptune joining together May 16th-21st, your energy levels may be low and your confidence may be knocked.

You might have to struggle for motivation to do things, no matter how pressing the issues are.

Taking things one step at a time will help, if things feel overwhelming.

Love, Dreams, Intimacy…

This conjunction brings a hazy, dreamy energy to our action, sexuality and solar plexus chakra, so sleep and dreams are double strongly affected.

A risk factor is, you may be tempted into unwise choices…

If something seems like an easy fix that will let you leave everything to someone else, or encourages you to give up your power, be careful.

These are shadows of Neptune/Mars.

The HIGHER potential is, listen to and allow guidance to help you – especially your Twin’s higher self.

(Go here for a guided, reliable tool that will help you find out what they’re trying to tell you)

Twin Flame Magnetism

When the Sun trines Pluto later in the week, your motivation increases.

You’ll have more willpower and direction.

Magnetism and soul power is strengthened – especially when it comes to making your “ideal destiny” come true.

Seeking your own truth is key. Centering into your authentic self. That’s the path forward.

Are You Radiating Your Soul Song?

For Twins this is something many miss, and that can block reunion.

Because if you’re not being true to yourself, you’re not radiating the core frequency you share – your Twin Flame “soul song”.

This means you are not magnetic to them, the way you’re meant to be.

So Pluto may encourage you to cut ties to what doesn’t serve your unique truth. If so, it will help you move toward your unity and ideal. Listen to your intuition.

Shifting Plans?

With Mercury Retrograde connecting with Jupiter the same day, any enthusiastic plans you have been working on may need a second look.

In reality you might not have all the right facts at hand. You may have misunderstood something. Don’t get locked in too deep. Stay flexible right now.

And be willing to rethink past assumptions, or refine old plans. It will save you time and effort in the long run.

Busy, Busy, Busy…

Between the 19th and 22nd, life “speeds up” as Mercury Retrograde moves backwards past the Sun. Rethinking your identity is in focus.

On an immediate level, you may notice yourself feeling stressed over “nothing”.

People may seem chaotic or not paying attention, and social interactions take on a strange unconscious tone:

You may hear yourself and others speaking without being fully present or grounded… Or your thoughts may “run away with you”.

Hold it right there. The more your mind runs the show, the more tangled up you can get in problems. So make sure YOU are in charge of your thoughts, not the other way around.

Twin Flame Mindfulness

This is crucial as a Twin Flame, because when we’re tangled up in thoughts and stress, our energy is “offline” to love and our Twin Flame connection.

For help, even if you’re new to mindfulness, or feel like meditation and inner work is “impossible” or boring – don’t worry.

I’ve got your back. It CAN be enjoyable, and you can get major positive results quickly. Go here.

What are the benefits to “Twin Flame Mindfulness”?

Hearing from your Twin telepathically more frequently
Feeling more guided and in touch with intuition
Having life flow with more ease
FEELING and being open to love
Being more magnetic to them in the 3D physical and beyond…
and much more

Exes Returning?

As Mercury moves backwards into Taurus on May 22nd, this will help immensely. Because it brings the focus of the retrograde more to love and relationships…

Being grounded and centered will help you call in your Twin.

It could contribute to bringing a Runner back, to resolve what caused the issue in the first place… Or it could bring back a non Twin ex, so you can heal an issue that will then open things up with your Twin.

If someone from the past reappears in your life, there’s a very good reason for it. Have a look at this article for why.

“Otherworldly” Romance

This weekend when Mars/Neptune sextile Pluto, sexuality can get exceptionally “supernatural” between the Twin Flames.

 You will likely notice their higher self’s passion in very vivid ways…

Astral experiences are likely, or experiences of your counterpart’s unconscious self delivering you messages.

If you’re together in a physical relationship, this can be INTENSE in the most otherworldly, magical way.

Spiritual Intimacy

Spirit shows us, seeing each other swap bodies during sex… Chakra activations… Immense spiritual enlightenment happening during climax…

Suddenly seeing their memories or breaking open into different states of being during intimacy…

(Let me know in the comments how this ends up being for you!)

(And for more info on Twin Flame sex and how to activate the connection even if you’re not physically together, go here – class 6 is all about Twin Flame sex).


Love Activates Deeper For The Runner Twin

Spiritual love is brought to the fore under this influence. People long for deeper connection – including Twin Flame runners.

The heart connection is heightened, and in short, no one will be happy with a purely physical relationship during this influence.

If that’s their situation it will likely be dissatisfying and unexciting.

Maybe they’re not fully aware of how to explain it, but a spiritual connection are what they long for.

Shifting Realities…

In short, this week is focused on rattling us out of the old limited reality and situations we’ve been stuck in… And opening to a new beginning.

Take a deep breath and know that what is going on is working to answer your prayers for love, harmony, unity – in short “your dreams come true”.

And to do this, you are being rattled to release and break out of separation templates. To open to unity consciousness.

Can you feel it?

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x


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