Multiple Restart In The House Of Love – Sudden Changes On The Horizon. Are You Ready To Open Up To Heart-Centered Living?

Welcome into one of the year’s most significant weeks in the cosmic energies!

We have two major events in Taurus, the home sign of Venus, which signals profound changes in the arena of love with effects for years to come.

We also have sign changes with Mars and Venus, representing the Masculine and Feminine – big changes are on the horizon for how the Twin Flames connect over the next few months.

Above all, spirit shows us that this week you have the opportunity to “start over” in love in a deeper way. To reach higher, to write a new story.

“Warning: May Cause Miracles!”

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Humanity’s Resistance To Love

So back to the energies at hand this week. Uranus entering the sign of Taurus, house of love, for the first time in 64 years is a major event in astrology and the cosmic energies.

And it signals profound changes on the way for love and relationships.

Above all, spirit shows us this will involve energies triggering “upgrades” of our heart and throat chakra programming – eroding and releasing anything stagnant from the past so we can open up to a higher state of being.

Highlighted is that humanity as a collective has been fighting emotion and “heart-centered” living out of fear…

And this is set to be pushed to resolution in the next 7 year period as Uranus makes his way through this sign.

The Truth About Unconditional Love

For individuals this next 7 years will include old relationships, habits of functioning with others, outdated love programming being pushed for us to release so we can rise into a higher state of being.

To live from our hearts. To dwell in a state of love in everything we do.

For Twin Flames, any blocks to *unconditional* love are in focus. Remember that ultimately, that’s what the journey is about.

Not just to love when someone is the way we want them to be, when they make us happy or are kind.

Unconditional love is about loving no matter what. To love the soul, and not to judge the person’s actions and behaviors as a human being.

I know this can be challenging if you’ve experienced hurts, but there is always a deeper wisdom waiting for you.

I’ve had so much feedback from Twin Flames that the following article is healing and helpful in this regard.

In fact, it’s one of the most liked articles on this site!

In the article, I open up about my own painful childhood, the karmic lineage of hurt and what people who are “hard” to be around taught me about the Twin Flame journey and the nature of unconditional love.

“The Real Reason Your Twin Flame Hurt You”

Expect The Unexpected In Love And Relationships

While Uranus makes “his” way through Taurus, keep in mind that this is something going on beneath the surface – often in sudden and unexpected ways.

Change might come in a way you feel unprepared for in this next period of your life – but it’s happening to your highest good.

In some way, the changes, endings and new beginnings coming will be helping you to be freer to live from a place of love – to center into your heart.

Ultimately, to return to your divinity.

Many Unawakened Twins will find this next few years challenging too, as old relationships, habits and life situations are set to change.

Including possible relocations and job changes (often unwanted changes) – but the purpose is to free us up to live our passion.

To live and be in a state of love, however that looks for you.

Likely Developments For The Next 7 Years – Are You A Starseed?

Maybe a new state in an old relationship will show up, maybe you’ll find a place of spiritual connection where you feel safe to open up around others for the first time, maybe your job situation will change and open you up to follow your dream…

And because Uranus is the ruler of technology it’s highly likely that love connections will blossom across varied age groups, “unorthodox” love (such as non-heterosexual relationships) might show up in your life, you might meet a partner online and through social media, or your creativity might be expressed or succeed online…

Another possibility is that your creative efforts will become particularly inspired (especially sudden bursts) over the next few years, or to get deeper insights into any “starseed” background you may have – as Aquarius/Uranus is an indicator of this also.

How To Get The Best Of This Period

There are many possibilities for these next 7 or so years. Above all, expect the unexpected in love and as regards your passions and dreams.

And do your best to work *with* these energies to clear any negativity and limiting programming coming up for resolution – it will make the journey much smoother and open up to the highest expression of experiences.

To help with this releasing of negativity and help your system integrate the new light codes coming in with more ease – I would highly recommend using energy clearing and management.

It doesn’t matter what’s come before or what we call it – when your energy shifts, your connection and your situation begin to shift too!

Learn how to uplift your Twin Flame connection with this step by step Vibrational Alignment Program I was guided to share with the Twin Flame collective.

A Gateway Into A New Chapter

Amplifying these “new beginning” energies in love even further, we have a New Moon in Taurus on May 15th – the same day Uranus enters this sign.

This signals a big restart window, a gateway into a new energy current.

Intention setting for the future is set to be highly fruitful on this day.

For best effects, don’t merely write out what you desire, but pay attention to any ego objections or unconscious fears you notice.

Because these are blocks that can put the brakes on for you if you leave them unchecked.

So right now make sure you sit down with this exercise if you get time: Write out three of your biggest goals for the rest of the year, whether it’s about love, career or lifestyle.

Go with what your heart desires most of all – don’t hold back!

The Next Step

Then, make note of the objections that come up from your ego mind and unconscious.

Things you might have been “indoctrinated with” from others in your upbringing such as “that’s just too unrealistic” … “you’ve never experienced that before so why would anything change now” … or just general yucky feelings of fear of disappointment and hurt.

Let your feelings and objections come out onto paper. Write them down, allow these parts of your psyche to be “heard”.

It’s better they come out into light than sit in the shadows and create trouble for you behind the scenes.

Now, next, use the energy cleanse tool from the Free Kit to clear away this energy. All the negativity that’s surfaced, let it be washed away.

Feel those old thoughts and feelings be swept away from you and disintegrated by the universe.

Stepping Into Your Divinity

The truth is you are an infinite being. Your only limits are those you believe.

There are so many examples in history of people born into the same kinds of backgrounds and with the same resources, who end up in completely different places.

Some people are able to step into their inner strength and make their dreams happen – often against all odds!

Now, in the next step, write out why your goals could and will happen.

Write things like “I am an infinite being and I’ll find a way” … or “I am always guided to my highest good” … or “I am shaping my energy to make it happen – enlisting and attracting all the resources, insights, information, energy and connections necessary”…

Then think about how you’ll feel once your goals have been reached. Get into the feeling of being reunited with your Twin Flame, as if you were experiencing it right now. This is powerful.

You are now stepping into a whole new state of being, matching you to new and higher experiences.

Dwelling in your divine power as a co-creator of “heaven on earth”.


The new Twin Flame Affirmation Audios I was guided to create will also be powerful in this process, as they help you re-program your deeper unconscious beliefs – uplifting out of the limitations most people live with.

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Manifesting Is Meant To Be Easy?

If you’ve been finding manifestation hard on your journey and feel like no matter what you do, your wishes and desires don’t come to pass – have a look here.

This is such a common problem, and there are simple solutions to it.

The truth is that if your chakras and reality field are genetically “wired” to not be able to receive high vibrations – you will be unconsciously deflecting the very things you’re asking and praying for.

We go through opening you up to finally receiving, in the Higher Heart Transformation session for Twin Flames.


Which Older Female Presence Is Opposing Love For You?

Just as we head off into our new chapter in love, we hit a snag on May 16th as the “shadow aspect of the feminine” Lilith Retrograde opposes the Venus at the tail end of Gemini.

Spirit shows us this as older forces positioning themselves against love.

Especially females who have had a hard time in love, creating opposition against those who are open-hearted and hopeful for happy relationships and a harmonious future.

We see an older female, pushing their “baggage” onto you.

Spirit shows us it’s not just something likely to be happening now – even through social media, television or magazines – but it’s representing something that happened in the past…

Ask yourself, who might have told you that love and living happily ever after wasn’t realistic? Who gave you negative beliefs about men?

Staying Strong In Your Power

The positive thing here is, Venus in Gemini is supported by the asteroid Pallas, representing Athena the Greek goddess of strategy, warfare and intellect. It’s clear that you’ve wised up.

You know the truth now. You know that beliefs are not “black and white”. You know not to take in what this person is saying.

In particular, spirit highlights, that once the Twin Flames have experienced the bliss of unconditional love as their hearts connect – no one can “fool” them.

Once you’ve felt that connection of your soul with its mirror self… You know what love really is.

The negative stories and human fear-mongering doesn’t sink in the same way anymore. “Stay in your power”, is their message.

You know when something isn’t right. Your feelings will tell you the truth. Love is real. Don’t allow anyone else to drag you into their hurt and negative experiences or beliefs.

And if you feel this already happened in the past, that you could use some help to release old perceptions and negativity – have a look at this Complete Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames.


Masculine Twin Reaching Out

This really is a week full of shifts in the cosmic energies!

May 16th Mars also enters a new sign – stepping into Aquarius.

Over this next month, there are several likely developments regarding the Masculine Twin – we see some happening upon information through the internet, which is guidance seeking their attention.

Articles, insights that are designed to begin to “awaken” or guide them to love.

Other indications spirit shows us is subtly noticing telepathy from their counterpart, such as song snippets, words and dreams (read more about Twin Flame telepathy here).

And of course, there’s the indication of Twins connecting through social media and the internet. Spirit shows us some people meeting their Twin for the first time this way –  even through dating websites.

Their humorous comment when I ask how this can be, is – do we think guidance teams wouldn’t take advantage of this aspect of modern technology?

In other words, it’s often an effective way they have of getting Twins to meet for the first time…

Runner Twins Reconsidering…

We see the Masculine Twin dealing with trying to make sense of feeling experiences he’s been having in recent times. Especially when it comes to longing for something more in life, something deeper – love.

Some “runner” Twins are likely to reconsider in this period and take action on reaching out to their counterpart. Spirit shows us, even where you thought it would never happen…

A way to help with this is, make sure you set the intention to forgive your Twin Flame as a soul. Release any hostility you’ve held towards them.

Send them the message telepathically (use the meditation here to do so) that you forgive them and wish the best for them.

This will help them feel safe to reach out to you. Otherwise any tension could cause them to hold back out of fear.

And if you want to uplift your timelines, help your Twin Flame awaken faster – in full alignment with their free will – have a look here.

I was guided by spirit to create this session, as so many Unawakened Twins have become entrenched in 3D ego energies. Click here to read more and download.

twin flame awakening

Returning To The “Womb”

Finally this week, Venus enters Cancer, changing the themes in love and for the feminine Twin.

In this transit we’re going back to tidy up the past and the inner unconscious world of emotions relating to love.

Especially regards the very first instinctive experiences you had with love – as an infant.

Venus in Cancer deals with revisiting and pushing for healing of any wounds in the mother child bond, and with early relationship programming (with mother/father and caretakers).

Possibilities over this next month are reverting to primal patterns of interacting with others – “child syndrome”, clinginess, nostalgia, unconsciously wanting to go back to the safety of not having responsibilities, sheltered in the womb and mother’s sphere of influence…

This can be a tricky time, especially if there are unresolved issues from your childhood – or if you’ve been finding life difficult lately escapism and wanting to just “give up” the way a child would, is likely.

Fear Of The Human World

If trouble shows up this month, look to your inner child. That’s what it’s all about.

I was guided to create a special Inner Child Healing for Twin Flames which takes you through this step by step. Click here to discover more.

There is so much going on this week, so make sure you take some time to cleanse your chakras and aura and uplift with new light in the Free Energy Cleanse here.

This really can be a new and beautiful beginning for us all – the start of a new 7 year phase for love and relationships. Stay in your power and set your intentions high!

I believe in you! There is so much love for you!

And as always I’m sending you blessings for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


“Dear Cassady, I can’t put into words how grateful I am to you. Each week your writing clarifies, uplifts and inspires me to continue, and the meditations and vibrational alignment program have made all the difference. I can feel the changes in me and see the changes between my twin and I. I am learning about unconditional love and becoming more in touch with my soul everyday. Thank you for all your energy and effort in helping me. I would be so lost without it. Sending you love and light, “

Rachel, Sydney, Australia


twin flame program


Did you know that most Twin Flames’ struggles are rooted in negative karma and energy blocks? To find out more about how to shift your Twin connection into harmony, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here, and read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with these methods.

Alternatively you can try the Free Help Kit!

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  1. My soul has lead me to your website. I resonate with everything that has been said. The issue I’m facing right now is that my twin flame and I are both male. He is in the closet, and I’m really just lost. I would love to talk with you more. Have you met homosexual twinflames, and what do you suggest we do?

    1. I have not met any other consciously aware twin other than myself and counterpart leave alone a homosexual pair. I have one thing for you though, from Illumined Guru that led to lots of ahaa moments.
      My twin and I have been on this 3 heading to 4 years now, among which we realized our attraction definitely had lots of sexual energy which has been repressed all along. Even now, having entered this stage where we keep getting closer and closer – honestly feels like falling in love all over again- we’re still no where close to physical union. We’re however, slowly I must say, learning how to work as a team… Like creating partnership. I get impatient on the actual physical and sexual union but it hit me yesterday that’s what we’re here to do. Be partners, the team work cuts across everything including the relationship but you have to learn to be a team since mission is what it’s all about. So, he’s not out of the closet, what would you do about it? Not just with him but anyone else in this situation? Help him out, help anyone else in that situation out. But how do you actually do that? How about you work on that until he’s willing to do it himself. Help someone else out, anyone else who is ready to try. That energy, of not judging but helping out, will do wonders. Seriously, shift of perspectives ?

  2. Had to come back and reread the forecast for this week just to double check. And of course it’s completely accurate! My Twin flame and I had a surprise reunion AND we conceived! This is opening a whole new chapter in our life together.. whether we keep the baby or not. I feel that the universe is pushing us into the next phase of our best selves.. thank you for always being so comforting with your words Cassady, the resonance is ALWAYS there!! Much love to you and to all the other TF’s on their journey ????

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