Twin Flame Energy Forecast March 6th–12th: “Dual Selves”



Virgo Full Moon And Saturn’s Entry To Pisces Put Pressure On Twin Flame Union Process. Are You Ready To Release The Secret Inner Saboteur, And Open To Magic?


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

We have a major impact week ahead, with a powerful Full Moon in Virgo, and Saturn entering Pisces for the first time in 26 years – setting the stage for a brand new era in spirituality and the physical world…

For Twin Flames, it’s the beginning of a completely new chapter in the physical!

Plus, Jupiter joins Chiron to bring healing of the past, through now moment blessings – including in your divine love connection.

Are you ready? 

Tension Brewing

You may already be feeling the tension brewing for the Full Moon in Virgo on March 7th.

Coupled with the last week’s activations of Chiron the wounded healer, we are strongly dealing with old issues around self worth.

It’s likely you are pushed to recognize and confront any old “phantoms” of hurt.

To acknowledge shadows and fear based in where you were told or shown you did not somehow deserve love no matter what.

Love Withheld?

You may have noticed a subtle underlying feeling that love is being withheld from you…

Or noticing internal monologue around self criticism or judgment, you may have been extra hard on yourself…

This is all part of it.

It may seem like a nuisance to us, but the cosmic wisdom is to shine light on these old, subtle, underlying emotions and beliefs and assumptions…

Because as long as these toxins and falsehoods are in our system, we are deflecting love. (Take my free test here to see where you’re at with this)

Opening To Divine Union

In the Twin Flame connection, this work is crucial.

And right now, you are being given the opportunity to release old hurts, to heal so you can be open to more love – ultimately, Divine Twin Flame Union.

Because when you can be fully accepting and loving of yourself in all your “perfection” and “imperfection”, and to be forgiving of yourself…

You embody the inner wholeness that opens to outer union.

Being A Match To Love

This is always part of the Twin Flame Union process.

We are always asked to embody union within ourselves, not merely “on the outside” with our counterpart. It is all connected.

So this week, try to see, that even though things may feel tense or on edge right now… It is a gift waiting to be unlocked – a key to your union.

To fully make the most of this cosmic gateway, I strongly recommend going through the oneness code process, where I help you embody the key Twin Flame templates of unity within.



Mars, Spring Equinox

Doing this now will pay off in big ways, as over the coming weeks, you will reap the benefits when Mars leaves his retrograde shadow and the Spring Equinox occurs – opening higher.

Whenever we have a Full Moon in Virgo, we have the theme of releasing negative judgments and old hurts around criticism and feeling “not good enough”.

Therefore it tends to strongly bring up inner child wounding, so we can notice it and release it for good. 

Feeling Disillusioned Lately?

This particular Full moon in Virgo opposes Mercury and Neptune, as well as the Sun, and squares Mars.

This shows us that the deepest wounding looking to be resolved and healed right now, deals with innocence lost.

This is the crux of why so many Twin Flames struggle to come together or experience the true love they really share on the soul realms.

Because they stopped believing in “more” deep down.


Getting Down To Earth?

It is based in the early life experiences where they were told their dreams were out of reach, that good things don’t happen or that “life isn’t like the fairy tales”…

In short, where we were shut down for having HOPE!

Where we were pushed out of our innocence. 

So we are shown that the shutting down of “magic” on this deeper level, has kept us in a state of disharmony in the Twin Flame connection.

Suspicion, Cynicism

Therefore, as spirit says, getting out of suspicion, judgment, cynicism, negative expectation and criticism is one of the fastest ways we can bring about union!

And these disbelief based toxins, are what we are being asked to clear and release for good right now.

How? I take you through it here, all you need to do is listen along and you experience the deep healing.

Born With Love

Spirit wishes to remind us that no one is BORN with judgments, it is something we are taught. It is pushed onto us.

So releasing it opens up to our divine inner light once more. It reveals to us the places where we ARE already united, already in love, already in our power.

Jupiter conjunct Chiron is also working to help you with this, to BELIEVE again.

So if you’re feeling down and heavy right now, it’s showing you that the toxins are in your system – the fastest way to rise higher and unite is to clear these toxins with energy healing.

(For FREE help, go here)

Shadow Self

In a cosmic process of helping you rise higher, your inner critic/perfectionist is being ousted now.

The “false shadow self” that was pushed onto you in the form of negativity, disbelief in good… Or in the form of fear and limitation. 

Where Are You Deflecting The Love You Say You Want?

This Full Moon energy is pushing for you to release belief blocks:

Because, as spirit shows us, as long as you have 3D judgments” in place, youre blocking love and your Twin from reaching you.

Can you see, that thoughts/beliefs like:

Thats unrealistic”

Its never happened before so why would it happen now”

Guys just arent like that”

Girls always have to deal with XYZ”

“Twin Flames always struggle”

The world just isnt XYZ”

and most CRUCIAL of all Its impossible…”

They all are opposites to what you really WANT!

Rebuffing Your Wishes?

These beliefs mean youre ASKING the universe to bring you something, but you are also rebuffing it!

Youve heard me say it before – its like being tuned into Metal FM and expecting to hear R&B… or classical music.

It doesnt work! Youve got to get off that channel of skepticism and doubt.

Stop listening to the old 3D reality and belief systems. Thats when your new and higher reality can open up. Thats when love can finally reach you.

Karmic Relationships

The Virgo Full Moon tends to bring up childhood wounding where we felt “not good enough”.

The reason it is brought back, is that it has formed unconscious attachment templates that negatively affect the Twin Flame connection.

Twin Flame relationships trigger ALL wounds to come up for clearing, so that the Twins can reunite in Unconditional Love. 

If theres a demanding/critical parent or figure in your background somewhere, any TF issues youre going through right now are really related to that in some way.

Love Vibrations

This week, you may need to remind yourself that you truly deserve love, you deserve to be unconditionally accepted and treasured for exactly who you are.

And you know what?

That love is out there and inside you already – start shifting your vibration so you come into range with it.

If were on a low frequency, were out of tune with Love. Its there, but we cant feel it. Shift your energy to OPEN up to it once more.

26 Years – Saturn Enters Pisces

The other major impact that plays into the full moon energies this whole week and beyond, is Saturn’s entry into Pisces.

It has been 26 years since he visited this sign, and Saturn deals with responsibility, contraction, karma and time.

Pisces is the sign of unconditional love, empathy, fantasy and spirituality. So this transit indicates that we are set to experience a refinement of these themes over the next two years.

“The Twin Flame Union Project”

Ultimately, spirit shows us, a culmination phase in the “bringing heaven to earth” union project the Twin Flame collective have been working on for over a decade.

(In particular, since Neptune entered Pisces in 2011 and the “awakening project” began)

Over the coming two years, we are going to be pushed into releasing illusions – so we can open to true, divine wisdom and spiritual unity.

Tough Lessons

We will also be assisted in anchoring in and grounding divine love into the physical.

Saturn’s effect is not always pleasant – he brings us face to face with the results of our past actions.

He also pushes us to embrace our truth, through cutting away what is not serving us.

But by the end of his transit through Pisces, IF we work with his tremendous power and “strong will”, we will be in a much more solid place in our divine love connection.

twin flame union

Taking Responsibility

Saturn’s ability to bring our dream made manifest physically, is HIGHLY significant. But he will also shake you up to take responsibility for making it happen.

And if there are toxins, attachments, fantasies or blocks in the way, he WILL bring them up so you get a chance to clear them and move forward.

Over the next two years, much will change for the Twin Flame connection. But your role in how it happens, is still powerful.

Shifting The Twin Flame Connection

This week, divine healing is looking to show up for you.

You can truly begin to transform the dynamic between you and your Twin. No matter what’s happened before.

When someone begins to work on and uplift their energy and their core beliefs the whole dynamic between them and their Twin Flame shifts profoundly.

I’ve seen things change for the better for so many, and I really want to see you enjoy the love and unity you really desire and deserve.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3 

Cassady x


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