Are You Ready To Fight For Love? The Light Of Fire Pushes Twin Flames Toward “Heaven On Earth” – The Tough Way. If You Knew Who You Really Were, You’d Never Even Consider Giving Up…

Art: Oksana Gornakova

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From “We” To “Me”

After swimming in the waters of unconditional love – and unconscious fears – these last few weeks, we’re now changing pace dramatically. From the mildness of Pisces, two of our key planets are headed into Aries.

This is one of the most dramatic contrasts in the zodiac energies – if Pisces is the higher octave of love, the ocean of unity where all souls are interconnected, Aries is all “me”.

Not necessarily in a bad way. Aries wisdom is about being strongly centered in our power and going for our dreams. Not being discouraged.

Spirit shows us that for sensitive people (“empaths”) Aries energy is a highly important vibration to incorporate and learn to work with in this lifetime.

Because it’s about centering into our own gifts and identity.

Remember we have to do all our work in this life, and have all our experiences with the physical body as a focal point. That’s what human life is all about.

Silencing Fear To Reach Love

Aries energy helps us step into that space of being focused in the here and now, of honing in on *our* truth, *our* desires… Because with 7.5 billion people on earth, there is a lot of pressure energetically – especially for those who are sensitive to others.

With Venus and Mercury now in Aries, the message is – don’t listen to anything or anyone who tells you your dream of love is out of reach.

Don’t even listen to your own fears.

You are powerful, and don’t you forget it! If you want love, go reach for it! If you’ve been wishing for a brighter situation – get started!

You have everything it takes!

And to make this easier so you don’t have to constantly push against your fears – clear them using energy methods.

When you neutralize the frequency of fear, you de-activate it from your system.

It’s like a knot that finally gets untied. When you’ve cleared fear, you’ll feel so relaxed – able to lift up with ease into your highest potential and into the harmony of unconditional love.

Have a look here for a session where we go through clearing out fear from both you and your Twin’s systems, in alignment with free will. I’ve had so much amazing feedback for this session…

twin flame awakening

Opening To Physical Twin Flame Reunions

We’re shown that when Saturn moved back into his “home sign” Capricorn for the first time in over 12 years last December, we stepped into a new phase for manifestation in the physical world.

Which means a new opening for Physical Twin Flame Reunions. Now that Venus and Mercury have moved into Aries, there’s a fire being lit inside us to actually go make it happen!

Because as Aries’ knows, no one will make your dream come true but you!

Everything you’ve achieved, is due to you. You are a warrior of light (Aries is the sign of the warrior, ruled by Mars) – you didn’t come here to be defeated.

You came here to be a victor through love. Not to hurt others, but to have the push, the willpower, the stamina to get to your “heaven on earth”.

And now, the energies are strongly reminding us of this… And if you’re ready to take action on making your dream of love happen, have a look here.

Reigniting The Twin Flame Fire

If you’ve been feeling lethargic and lackluster in recent times, tending towards hopelessness or pessimism – get to grips with it now.

Aries energies will support you in doing so. Above all, you’re supported to *take action*. To “fight” for love.

With a square to Mars in Sagittarius, we see a sense of healthy almost enjoyable competition or feistiness between the Twin Flames – there’s a sense of not being deterred by differences or the past.

Now, any contrast is adding to the excitement.

Libido is set to increase in this period, and you feel more “alive” in the connection.

A New Beginning For The Feminine Twin

With Venus just moving past Chiron the wounded healer – still in Pisces – there’s a sense that the Feminine Twin has finally reached the end of her tether as regards old hurts.

It’s like she literally is deciding that it’s not worth it anymore.

To step into a new state where any old hurts, injustice, negativity isn’t a problem – because she is deciding to disassociate from it.

She is realizing that it’s a choice.

It’s a choice seemingly made out of irritation and impatience, and she might not realize just how big the positive implications are.

But the spiritual truth is this – negativity and old hurts can only stick to us if we keep associating and identifying with them.

Sometimes the most powerful thing we can do is to decide that we’re “done” with something once and for all. Often, this comes through forgiveness.

But as we see now, it might come from a state of “I’ve had it”.

Jupiter Retrograde – Integration

As Jupiter begins his 5 month long retrograde on March 8th, we see it’s time to go back over and integrate deeper the recent changes that have been happening in life and in the Twin Flame connection.

Look back a few months, to before the holidays. You’ll see a lot has shifted.

And it’s especially the physical life changes that have been going on, that we’re being asked to go over and deal with on an inner level. Integration.

Over the next few months, you’ll notice that it’s more about getting comfortable and settled with what’s been changing, and refining situations.

Then, as Jupiter begins to move direct again come July 10th, we move into another phase of new expansion.

Stabilizing The Inner Environment

When Jupiter is retrograde in Scorpio, we’re being asked to go within and get more familiar with our inner power – because this is where all our outer manifestations stem from.

If your inner environment is unstable, chaotic and you’re not centered in your own truth and strong in your awareness… your outer experiences will be tainted by this.

You’ll have outer chaos, instability…

So in this next 5 month period, do your best to not only “go within” but to strengthen your firmness in what intentions and signals you’re sending out to the universe.

Especially as regards your Twin Flame connection. Write down what you desire, visualize it… And manifest it (go here to find out how)

Why The Universe Isn’t “Listening” To You

Did you know that the Universe doesn’t really “hear our prayers”? It’s not about what we SAY we want. It’s about the *energy vibration* we’re unconsciously emitting.

We’re always silently attracting back what matches our predominant state.

If we’re full of fear but mentally “asking” the Universe to bring us love, the fear will be the dominant attraction point. Not love.

This is why prayers are so often answered with our biggest blocks and fears being shown up. It’s our system trying to say: “To get love, remove this stuff that’s kept it from you”.

It’s crucial on this journey to stay on top of your dominant attraction point – because this is what REALLY determines the experiences you align with. Including with your Twin Flame.

Ultimately, what determines whether your Twin Soul connection is harmonious or fraught with problems is your energy vibration – your dominant attraction point. The actual hows and whats of your journey actually make very little difference.

Are You Happy With Your Situation?

So how do you know if you need to work on and lift your dominant attraction point? Look at your physical reality situation right now.

Are you happy with your current situation? Are you and your Twin Flame happily in love? If not – it’s time for an adjustment.

Unless we make an actual energetic change on the frequency level, we just keep attracting the same kinds of experiences, dynamics and circumstances.

Whatever is going on in your life right now, is a direct result of your earlier alignment – your dominant feelings/thoughts/intentions…

Your dominant attraction point is THE #1 thing that determines whether you are able to draw out love from your Twin Flame connection, or whether it keeps rupturing into Running/Separation and struggle…


Attracting Love On “Automatic”

So, how do you permanently uplift your dominant attraction point? For best results, you need a two-fold approach.

First, you need to energetically clear what’s been weighing you down – the frustration and heavy emotional content, the past life karma, the childhood programming that’s kept you locked to a state of “my dreams don’t come true”, the ancestral grids that have kept you in the 3D separation reality…

This makes such a huge difference. Because you are as a soul made of light. Your natural state is to rise up, the problem is all the “baggage” you’ve been given in your human life (Watch a short video here on how it works).

The second step to permanently uplifting your dominant attraction point to a place where you’re drawing in love, abundance, unity, happiness on AUTOMATIC

is to incorporate new healthy mental, emotional and energetic programming that have you habitually in a state of positivity.

I teach you how to do both these things in the Vibrational Alignment Program step by step methods for powerful energy and karma clearings, plus new healthy habits that help you stay up over time.

If you’re interested in discovering more – go here.

twin flame program

Or, if you’re new to energy work and want to learn a bit more first…

Have a look at my 90 Minute Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames where I explain exactly how this works and why energy awareness is an absolutely essential part of the Twin Flame journey.


The Real Reason Why Things Don’t Change

If you’re tired of the ups and downs, if you’re exhausted from getting your hopes up and being let down over and over on this journey… It’s time to take action and make a change for yourself.

Go here to read about the experiences other Twin Flames have had with these methods (my inbox is so full of testimonials I’ve not even had the chance to put them all up on the page).

There are hundreds and hundreds of Twin Flames who have written to share how much better they feel after beginning to work on their energy.

And how much their Twin connection has changed for the better. Read more here.

Things might feel heavy and hopeless right now – but that’s because of the negative energy in your system!

When your energy system is clear and light, you feel effervescent with life.

If you’re still not sure what to do – have a look at this Free Chakra Reading for Twin Flames. I guarantee it will “prove” to you what’s been going on beneath the surface.


Stop Buying Into The New Age Myths About Twin Hardship…

Don’t get fooled into thinking that the Twin Flame connection is destined for pain or that your life is set to be hard and disappointing… You never have to settle!

(Read more about the most common New Age Myths About Twin Flames Here – And Why They Can Be So Damaging)

With this week’s beginning shift into Aries’ powerful territory – remember that you’re a warrior of light!

You have the power to change things around, to reach up into a state of living that you may never have dared to wish for. This is why you and your Twin Flame came here!

And it all begins with you.

A year from now, you’ll have wished you started today.

I believe in you! And until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey<3

Cassady x

Learn the methods that got my Twin and I to Union within 18 months of our first encounter – in the step by step Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

twin flame program

“Dear Cassady, I can’t put into words how grateful I am to you. Each week your writing clarifies, uplifts and inspires me to continue, and the meditations and vibrational alignment tools have made all the difference. I can feel the changes in me and see the changes between my Twin and I. I am learning about unconditional love and becoming more in touch with my soul everyday. Thank you for all your energy and effort in helping me. I would be so lost without it. ?Sending you love and light, “

Rachel, Sydney, Australia

Alternatively you can try our Free Help Kit for Twin Flames!  Which contains energy clearing tools from my full program.

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  1. I’m now in the process of shifting into a higher state, but at the cost of my twin flame relationship. He has ran.

  2. I love your informative articles because they are so in sync with the prompting I seem to need at the time of reading them…..Thank you and may the light you shine be received by all who are seeking it!X

  3. Thank you for your postings which help me tremendously especially Energy Cleansing. Am having peace of mind consistently for the past few months with occasional “hiccups”. Am writing to just share my recent experiences. 2 weeks ago just before your article on “Transformation”, found a red dragonfly dead in front of the car porch. Whilst picking it up to look at it, another dragonfly (green in color) flew in front of me. This was odd and instantly the message of transformation was in my mind. The following days your article on transformation came out.

    My thought over the weekend was Heaven on Earth and even had a profile picture in my facebook and whatapps few weeks back. At the same time was having thoughts to continue my journey on my own based on your article to dream big. This resonate so much with this week article. As i embark this “Dream”, i no longer long for my TF even though she is in my mind daily. I can feel my Twin Soul and her Higher Self with me everyday with their guidance and Unconditional Love.

    At the same time am practicing Unconditional Love on myself and my soulmate (believe to be my false TF) and to others embodying God’s Love in the form of Kindness, Compassion, Understanding and Forgiveness.

    Thank you Cassady, Love and Light and Gratitude to You Always.

  4. This is amazing, as per usual! Thank you! I’ve dreamed of my TF five nights in a row now and it is great to feel so connected and rooted again.

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