Otherworldly Pisces Gateway Combines With Powerful Aries Courage – Seeking To Boost Us Forward Into A New World. Plus, Is Love Not With You Yet? Discover Why

Welcome into another brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Jupiter and Neptune meet, opening to higher worlds and unconditional to become manifest in the physical.

But have things not been working out in love lately for you? If so, there’s a reason.

Discover more below!

Mars/Venus’ Union

You may know that since February, Mars and Venus have been travelling together in a rare “union journey” through the zodiac – and it continues through this week.

This is a classic indicator of lovers reuniting, meeting the “love of your life” and more…

So if you’ve been wondering, “Why am I not with my Twin yet? Why is this not happening for me?” I have some answers.

It’s always because we’re not in alignment – because there are blocks.

Why Good Doesn’t Come To Pass

In short, the universe can’t force things on us.

So when we wish to manifest something and the planets are “working” to make it happen, and it still doesn’t come to pass…

It always means one thing, we have blocks that are keeping it from happening. So our job as co-creators is to address those blocks and resolve our side of this.

(If you could use some help with this, especially if you’ve been trying and feel like you might be “missing” something, go here)

Aries Season

So now you’re aware of that, let’s move on: This week we’re still in Aries season, a time of potential progress and a fresh “breath of air”…

But challenges involve impatience, aggression and conflict.

So be mindful of seeing others’ points of view right now – this doesn’t come naturally with the Aries energies.

Some diplomacy can help you get the most out of the high impact power at hand these coming weeks.

Twin Flame Soul Connections

We also have an immense amount of energy focused in Aquarius, as Mars and Venus join Juno and Saturn here, like last week. This deals with continuing focus on SOUL love and commitment for the long run.

Juno is the asteroid ruler of soul relationships, Saturn the ruler of karma, commitment and past lives.

Therefore we have a strong focus on the “eternal” nature of the Twin Flame connection now.

Don’t be surprised if you hear from their SOUL with romantic gestures, expressions of commitment and more. This is what they WANT, they tell us, on the soul level.

What They Want For You

They WANT to be together. And if their human self is oblivious and acting on 3D ego patterns, know that it is a great source of frustration to their soul also.

Remember that the “divine plan” is that Twin Flames unite. The true nature of the connection, is love and unity.

So if something is getting in the way, it’s always to do with outside content, such as programming, blocks and attachments either counterpart has taken on in life.

(For help to fix this, go here)

Heightened Soul Love Stellium

Monday the Moon joins this powerful Soul Love Stellium. It can bring surprisingly tender emotions.

Any person who is NOT with their Soul’s true counterpart, will likely FEEL intensely bad about this. A deep longing.

The soul IS working to make it happen, for those who have incarnated together in this lifetime.

(And for some whose counterpart is working to reach through from the “other side” – don’t be surprised if they suddenly show up in some way you hadn’t thought possible!)

Karma, Long Term Focus

Karma is involved. The long term. Responsibility.

The physical world. Uniting physically may not be instant, but it can happen.

And we’re shown there are things happening behind the scenes that you may not be aware of.

(Are you with an unawakened Twin?

To help speed up this process so your counterpart can willingly release any ego blocks they have held onto, and that have been blocking things, have a look at this article.)


Rare Gateway Of Unconditional Love

Wednesday March 30th Jupiter, Neptune and Moon all conjunct in Pisces.

An exceptional, heightened window of transcendence – if you’re open.

PAY ATTENTION. Intuition, insights, inspiration are key. Tapping into divine wisdom and shifts beyond what seems “real”. Often via emotions and intuition – not the logical mind.

However, it CAN go the opposite way, as mentioned over the last month.

Because Pisces energies can drag us down, above all by us absorbing outside emotions and burdens.

So if you have become congested and or dragged down by collective emotions and hopelessness, make sure you deal with it. This will open you up to the higher states of unconditional love available at this time.

The Two Rulers Of Emotions

Jupiter expands and amplifies what he comes into contact with.

So when he joins the Moon and Neptune, it’s possible you’ll pick up on other people’s/collective energy and emotions and mistake them for your own.

(The Moon and Neptune are the TWO rulers of emotions, both personal and collective/unconscious).

Therefore, it’s important that you stay focused in YOUR truth – as you already KNOW it.

If you already KNOW your life purpose involves animals and healing, hold focus that this is still the case. Ground into those existing TRUTHS in your being, as it will stabilize you now.

Careful Making Major Changes

Because there will be much incoming in terms of ideas, impulses, emotions… But it won’t all be useful if you’re picking up on outside material.

Influence is key.

Gather what comes in terms of inspiration and ideas. Receive.

But do not make major choices and commitments regarding change right now. Your perspective is not quite clear.

For example, you don’t want to suddenly choose to move to South America or start a restaurant if it’s never occurred to you before…

Because although it MAY be genuinely guided, it could just be something that showed up and you’re feeling extra enthusiastic about right now …

But there may be more to the story – or it may truly not be YOUR story.

Illusions, Fantasy

In other words, take in the inspiration. Receive. But don’t act yet, if there are major life changes involved that you have not ALREADY considered.

AND don’t take things at face value, as Neptune rules illusions and fantasy.

People you meet at this time, in particular spiritual gurus or advisors, are likely not as they seem.

(Pisces and its ruler Neptune deal with spirituality and gurus).

**Rescue YOURSELF, says spirit**.

Use your intuition to discern who really has your highest interests at heart. (And for more tips on how to do that, have a look at this article)

Powerful Inspiration

Use this time to go higher into your OWN potential into your own higher self and soul purpose. That is the guided activity, in general terms.

And if you’re not receiving any insights or inspiration, but feel heavy and strange, it means you need to clear congestion to actually be open to the higher influx of light.

Go here and I’ll help you at no cost with the Twin Flame Energy Cleanse Session.

In general, do not seek away from your center, as there’s a temptation to victimhood and wanting to give up our power when Neptune is involved.

Remember you are a powerful soul.

This transit also indicates you may be picking up on what seems like spiritual insights or divine messages, that are actually ego noise or negativity. (Here is how that works, and how to cut through it)


Also, as Neptune and Pisces rule drugs and addiction – be very careful with intoxicants right now. Especially mind altering drugs.

If you use them, the effect is magnified and what you experience can be distorted in a negative sense, or it can destabilize you.

Know that you are capable of relaxing, enjoying life and connecting with the divine with ZERO intoxicants. That’s your nature as a soul of light. We ALL have that gift.

If you think otherwise, it means there’s a distortion.

Needing Rescue?

Similarly, if you think someone ELSE has to fix you or rescue you, you have gotten something wrong. You are a divine soul.

You HAVE everything it takes and more. So, at this time you are asked to release any limiting beliefs around yourself and your own capability.

Shift your perspective. Go within, and ALLOW higher states and inspirations to reach you. 

What will help you right now, as there is SO much focus on the spiritual centers of perception – especially the crown and third eye – is to cleanse these of congestion and outside content.


Social Media/TV Effects On The Third Eye

Our perception is activated strongly now, but if we’re full of content from the internet, TV, and other people, that’s the filter we will perceive through.

So when you cleanse your third eye and your higher chakras, you will receive true guidance and interactions from your Twin’s soul that will actually help you.

The truth can come through, instead of distortions.

I help you with this here. Plus, go here for more on the chakra system.

Pisces and Neptune rule the crown chakra and the third eye (brow chakra). These two centers are highly active and recalibrating now, which can cause purging and instability.

Massive New Beginning – Wounds Healed

Thursday/Friday we have another powerful impact as the Sun, Mercury, Pallas, Chiron and the Moon ALL join together for the New Moon in Aries.

This is a HUGE and rare event event.

It signals a major new beginning – especially as Aries is the sign of new beginnings and initiative.

It shows us that some past unhealed wound, where we likely felt rejected for who we were, is being put into the past. It is being healed somehow, if we accept and are ready to move forward.

We are being asked to release it for good.

Especially a flawed way of seeing ourselves, which has kept us from fully going for our dreams due to a fear of rejection.

Relationships IN Focus

There is a chance you might be feeling those old wounds triggered again this week LEADING UP to the New Moon…

However, if you intend you are willing to let go of the past and you are open to seeing things differently, that will make all the difference.

As these four meet Venus in a semi-square, causing a challenge, we see it’s likely these wounds have to do with relationships and romance.

How Hurt Gets Spread Around

Perhaps you’ve felt “not good enough” in the past and it’s made you hold back, or made you fear opening up.

Now, the universe is pushing you to release it. To start over.

You’re being asked to realize that this past hurt was based in a misunderstanding. Because the people who rejected you were operating from fear and not loving THEMSELVES.

This is how hurt is passed between people.

When operating from fear and feeling unloved, people lash out and pass on the wound to others.

“Hurt people, hurt people”. Be aware of this now and use the current of powerful new beginnings to move into a higher future.

Fresh Perspectives

As the Moon joins Uranus on Sunday 4th April, this will likely be easier than usual. You’ll be able to see things with a fresh perspective.

You may feel impatient and somewhat irritable, though.

However, if you can focus on something constructive, such as making progress or thinking of new ways to move toward your goals or bring more positivity into your life…

You’ll find that inspiration flows and you can get far and make improvements happen surprisingly quickly.

twin flame spirit guides

Beyond The Comfort Zone

With a semi-square between the North Node and Venus, we see that what you are most comfortable with is NOT likely where you are guided.

You are being asked to move into NEW terrain in this coming period.

It may feel tricky to start with, but the rewards will come if you can focus on the FUTURE and where you are being guided to go… and be willing to release your old comfort zone.

Your Soul Pushing You

Your soul is pushing you, and that can feel uncomfortable.

It’s because you are here for big things. And often, they lie beyond what you’ve grown accustomed to and how you’ve gotten used to seeing yourself.

This week, the Aries energies and several powerful cosmic transits help give you courage and vision to go far.

Reach high, be brave, and be willing to think differently. Those are the key ingredients.

More to come next week, as Mars/Venus’ union journey keeps progressing!

Until then, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x


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