A Week For “Twin Flame Miracles” – Expect The Unexpected! Embrace The Unknown, And Doors Will Open Where You Thought All Was Lost…! Are You Ready For This?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

High likelihood for surprise encounters and communication in the Twin Flame connection. (Including unexpected meetings!)

But were you “taught” to give up on love and your dreams? Healing goes deep, to unleash a new positive chapter in your Twin Flame bond.

Discover more below! 

Double Process

This is set to be an incredible week with potential for Twin Flame miracle meetings!

But there may be complications: First off, there is an atmosphere of deepening healing at the beginning of the week.

It can bring both ups and downs, as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter and Chiron in Aries, tying in Vesta asteroid of the hearth and home.

(It’s also heightened by Pluto’s once in 225 year entry into Aquarius, which is proving triggering for many Twins as we acclimatize to this new energy.)

Likelihood is, you’re experiencing positive shifts in your life lately, perhaps including lucky strikes, positive incoming info and progress…

Yet something is unsettled deep down, in the background.

The Wounded Healer

The reason is that Chiron, the wounded healer is so strongly involved. “He” brings up triggers around old wounds – especially from our home life in childhood.

This means you’re likely experiencing emotional “phantoms” of old wounding right now.

How do you know?

It could mean you simply have a subtle feeling of being sad or despondent, even if things are logically going well for you in the here and now.

Or it could be you’re oddly triggered by events that would usually not rattle you.

It could be some friend, family member, life itself or your Twin Flame are really “pushing your buttons”.

Building Confidence

In some way, Chiron is working to show you where there are still wounds, so you can heal them.

Above all, it deals with communication, ideas and positivity/learning.

So it could simply be that you’re finding it hard to stay in faith on your journey.

It could be that you’re suddenly feeling less confident than usual, or like you’re having a harder time getting along with people.

Whatever issues you’re experiencing in this period, know that it’s rooted in childhood – and it’s being shown up so you can heal it once and for all.

Getting “Out There”

It could also be that your Twin Flame is displaying old wounding on THEIR side of your connection – being defensive for no good reason, or easily triggered.

In short, childhood wounding is highly active right now, with the purpose of releasing those early life holdbacks and moving into a higher chapter.

Because Jupiter and Mercury in Aries are all about hope, aiming high, taking action, and “getting out there” in life…

Make sure you take action on the necessary healing that’s shown up, so they can lift you up the way they ‘wish’ to.

They are supporting you now to step up your journey into a higher state.

Embodying Unity

My strong recommendation this week is to go through the Oneness Code Activation session, where I take you through deep healing work for both Twins, to smoothly release past negativity and blocks, including karmic contracts…

And, you are guided to your counterpart’s higher self where they lead you through an amazing ceremony of unconditional love – giving you the steps forward for your 3D journey!

“WOW! This felt like the answer to my prayers! I’ve been noticing so many signs and it just feels like everything is aligning! This was so beautiful that it made me cry! Thank you so much for creating this!!!!” – Cheyanne Wood

“I have done the session 2 weekends in a row now and it has truly made a huge difference…me and my Twin are laughing together again…we had been arguing for so long…now I feel there is new fresh energy running through my body and I feel like I’m floating on air…it is so beautiful…thank you so much…” – Diane (via Disqus)

“I began to use the oneness activation every day. I began Saturday because I have felt so heavy for many weeks. Immediately I felt better. Then I ran into my tf by “accident”. He called and texted and came over later that day. I continued to listen and meditate with this practice and still he is reaching out at a much higher level which is ironic considering it had been months the last time we spoke. Thank you so much!” – Julie (via Disqus)

Go here to learn more and take the session now

Unexpected Twin Flame Encounters!

Later in the week, you’ll be glad you faced any issues and worked to clear them.

It will really pay off, when you’re open and aligned with the positivity wanting to reach you.

How? Midweek as Jupiter/Mercury pass Chiron, and Venus joins Uranus in Taurus, the energies are then able to bring the highest potential of these powerful transits.

Because at their best, this time can bring sudden positive communication and good news in terms of love and relationships!

(Especially for Twin Flames, as it ties in Juno, asteroid of soul love!)

“The Great Awakener”

It can bring positive and unexpected shifts in your love situation, and it can bring surprise communication – including from a runner or a Twin who has not been in touch recently.

This is the kind of transit that will even bring many Twins into contact for the first time, as Uranus is the “great awakener”!

And, it can create sudden unexpected meetings, such as running into your Twin while you’re simply out enjoying your life (especially while trying something new and fun)!

So how do you open to these potential miracles?

Do your best to stay in a high vibration, and keep your energy clear.

(This is an easy habit that can take as little as a few minutes a day – go here for my Free method).

How To Tap In

And above all, follow your intuition, as your soul knows the way!

Try not to get stressed about how it might happen, ideas of missing out, or whether you’re doing something “wrong”…

Instead, take a deep breath and catch yourself if you’re getting worried. Take a moment to go within and center yourself.

Follow your enthusiasm and any joyous guidance you receive, as the spirit of adventure and fun is what will carry you furthest this week.

(Even if it takes you outside your usual comfort zone!)

Masculine Twin Reaching Out

Also this week, Mars trines Mercury and Saturn.

This means it’s particularly likely that you will hear from the runner/Masculine Twin with declarations of commitment and desire to be together long term.

It’s especially likely to happen mid-late week, after the Moon activates Mars, which is now in Cancer.


Reaching Out

“Being touched by the Moon” is set to awaken emotions in them, which triggers the desire to reach out… But they may take a few days to build up the courage.

So late this week, it’s highly likely you’ll receive some deepening of commitment or expression of love from your counterpart!

Whether in the 3D physical, or via dreams/signs or other spiritual means.

Their soul wants you to know they have not given up, if you are not physically together. They are working to reach you.

Why You Can Never Lose It

Wednesday, the North Node goes retrograde and Uranus/Venus conjunction is exact.

This signals that we’re going to be dealing with some re-tracking of the soul path and going deeper in coming weeks.

For Twin Flames, it shows a reminder that the Twin Flame connection already IS love, and you have always HAD love and you cannot ever truly lose it!

Anchor into this, and you become magnetic to unity now and in the 3D physical.

(I know it can be easier said than done, so if you could use some help in fully EMBODYING this deep knowing of love and having complete faith in your union, go here and I’ll take you through it).

A Week For Surprises

Above all, be good to yourself this week and work to give yourself the kindness, understanding and love you may have missed in your early years.

The healing power of going within and releasing old wounds, will pay off in big ways later in the week.

Expect the UNEXPECTED in love now, spirit says.

In some way, you’re set to receive new info or connectedness that brings you positive shifts!

Especially, surprise messages around love.

Remember to be open, allow light to guide you – and enjoy!

(And if it’s your birthday week too, happy birthday, fellow Aries!)

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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