Heightened Time For Unexpected Twin Flame Reunions In The Physical – “Destiny” Gets Involved. Plus, Major Cycle Restart In Love, Full Moon Pushing For Resolution Of Me Vs Us Themes From The Past…


This is set to be the most exciting week of the year so far! A key time for Twin Flames.

There is so much exciting news for you today so make sure you read through. This is a major week for love in the cosmic energies!


Mercury Retrograde – Letting Go Of Control

We start the week with Venus conjunct Uranus – sudden bolts of communication regarding love, sudden chance meetings – higher likelihood of this than at other times.

This transit is active all week.

Another aspect to this is impatience with love…

All the Aries energies coupled with the communication complications from Mercury Retrograde, is creating a sense of slow-boiling irritation.

Aries wants everything “yesterday” and there’s a lot of simmering forces going on right now as things are seemingly put on hold.

We’re shown that the “secret” to getting through this time in a positive way, is to “let go” of trying to control things – ESPECIALLY as regards love.

Going with the flow of things is more fruitful. Let the flow carry you forth. Accept that right now, there’s a deeper wisdom to things than what you might realize mentally.

If you let go of control, your deeper wisdom and the cosmic current can carry you further.

Love Shows Up Unexpected

With Venus conjunct Uranus, love can find you “suddenly” this week! Invitations and communication out of the blue are likely…

Make an effort to be out and about this week, don’t hole yourself up in front of the computer but make an effort to socialize now. This will bring results of some kind.

Something positive is set to show up from your efforts…

Go where you FEEL like going. Follow your heart. What are you in the “mood” for? This is the compass. The key.

Twin Flames In Soul Merge Process

With an exact conjunction between Neptune and Vesta, the asteroid traditionally connected with marriage and partnership – we see that there are quite a few Twin Flame pairs who are joining together in union on a higher plane.

Read more about Twin Flame Union here.

Most likely this is happening without the Twins fully realizing it on a physical world level of consciousness.

Are you dreaming about or seeing repeating symbols of marriage, weddings, white swans, or ribbons or electrical wires being bound together? Or other symbols you can see relate to this?

That’s what’s going on. And if you go within to meet with your Twin Flame on the soul planes, it’s highly likely you’ll be shown something to that effect.

To connect with your Twin’s soul and find out what’s going on – use the Free Meditation here.


Masculine Twin “Planning” Reunion…

We see a Trine between Mars in Capricorn to Uranus/Venus in Aries – the insight is, the Feminine Twin goes somewhere only to discover her counterpart was there “waiting”.

This is the image we see. As if his soul has been “planning” a Reunion.

This symbol may translate to varying physical world relationships… it’s not an exact “promise” but the energies this week contains so many indications of physical world reunions that I’m going to come right out and say it!

Many Twin Flame pairs are likely to experience positive physical world reunions this week!

And I think this is the first time I’ve actually written this in a forecast – the energies are clearly pointing in that direction

The Truth About The Divine Masculine


As a side note, I see a lot of Twin Flames refer to Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as if this is the earthly personality aspect – as if DM and DF means male and female.

This is not accurate – the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are the higher dimensional unity consciousness archetypes, the higher energies most often associated with our higher selves.

So just because a Twin Flame is a man doesn’t make him a “DM”, and not all female Twins are “DFs”!

In fact very few people alive on earth function from these higher dimensional states, so they’re very misleading terms for human Twins alive on earth right now.

To discover more about what Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine *really* mean, click here and here.

divine masculine twin soul


Full Moon In Sign Of Relationships

On March 31st we have two major astrological events supporting reunions, but with some challenges potentially rising up.

As Venus moves into Taurus, her home sign, we also have a Full Moon in Libra – opposite the Sun and Mercury retrograde in Aries. It’s rare to have so many significant events coincide astrologically.

This is a key time for Twin Flames, no doubt about it!

We’re dealing with several major events in the cosmic energies:

1) Cycle restart in love – the biggest one of the year. This signal “love comes home to itself, love returns to where it belongs”

2) Culmination of an emotional period as regards relationships and partnership/unity

3) Challenge between “me” vs “us” – the Twin Flames as a unit, opposed or criticized by other people/the collective…

Mirror Souls Uniting

In addition on this day, we have Mars in a tight conjunction with Saturn, trine Venus/Uranus.

Again it spells out – physical world reunions or “connections” likely between Twin Flames and lovers!

For some, it will mean meeting their soul mate or Twin Flame or life partner for the first time. In general it’s a key time for love.

Because Mars and Venus are both in earth signs (physicality) “joined” by a trine, supported by the planet of physical manifestation and the planet of sudden change, there’s really not many other ways to interpret this.

I interpret as I go along so as I’m writing this forecast, more and more signs are showing up supporting what I already wrote.

So let me say it again – many Twin Flame pairs are likely to experience positive physical world reunions this week!

Many are set to meet life-long love partners for the first time this week. In the cosmic energies this is an incredible peak time for new beginnings in love.

For those whose counterpart might be involved with someone else (if that’s the case for you, please read this), there’s still a high likelihood of “behind the scenes soul merges” and encountering each other in person or by the “stroke of destiny” somehow…

How To Make The Most Of This “Peak Reunion” Time

For best results, try not to judge this information. Try to stay neutral. Merely, make yourself “available” to the potential for reunion in a positive sense.

When we get attached, we tend to put on the brakes. Skepticism will do the same.

I was almost tempted not to write this fabulous news (!) so the collective would have a higher chance to experience these things and not potentially block the option from fear or skepticism…

But now you know – you know that this is a week where going out, being social and being physically “available to destiny” is set to be a key.

This week is not a time for sofa time at home. No pressure intended, but if you feel the call of something exciting – go for it.

Remember it’s not supposed to feel like a panic about missing out – this can just get you into disappointment.

Best results come when we can be relaxed, and go – I’ll go out to enjoy life, and if something happens I’ll be thrilled but if it doesn’t I’ll be happy anyway…

It might sound very pedantic but when we get very excited and … borderline desperate… it’s a powerful block to receiving.

If you need to relax this week, download the Free Guided Meditations here.

Powerful Window Of Cosmic Opportunity

Spirit shows us that for Twin Flames who desire reuniting in harmony and who want to maximize the potential for a lasting Reunion, the following will help you make the most of this window of “cosmic opportunity”…

Use the Higher Dimensional Awakening Session to cleanse away ego resistance and trigger the unity codes for you and your Twin Flame, as this helps you be aware of the guidance attempting to draw you together…

Plus it helps remove any congestion that’s kept you or them from feeling safe to open up.

Have a look here.

twin flame awakening

I’ve had so much positive feedback for this session:

“After I did it, he messaged me! BAM! Just like that – got the meditation, did it, and there he was.” – Indi, New York

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring completely blew me away. I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

“I want to thank you so much for the Higher Dimensional Anchoring! I felt like it was made just for me and the things I have been facing on my journey! I know my guides are always communicating to me, and hearing your voice transmitting their words of encouragement and teaching moved me in a way that I haven’t in so long!” – Mary, New York, USA

Click here to discover more and download the session

Are You Able To Align With Love?

One *huge* caveat to this week’s energies and incredible potential for love is that… Reunion and “miracles” are unfortunately not guaranteed.

Because your own personal energy has such a big part to play in your experiences. You have to be a match. 

Those whose personal vibration is low, who are “working on lessons” as souls, who are stuck in karmic patterns… Are less likely to experience the pinnacle of this week’s potential.

Because those things bring you out of alignment with the positivity that’s available this week.

You might remember I’ve talked about this before, how there’s a scale of energies ranging from low to high, where love is a high vibrational energy and people get blocked by low energies (see a visual that explains it here).

Most people aren’t truly able to align with love, because they’re too full of “3D” separation programming, fear and desperation… This is why so many Twins experience struggle.

Spirit and I created a channeled quiz that will help you pinpoint your personal vibration, to see if you’re really open to and aligned with love and reunion. Click here to take the quiz.

The only way to make sure we’re always on the wavelength of love, inviting in and experiencing and feeling love – is to clear negativity and lift our own personal vibration.

Someone who naturally vibrates at the frequency of love will *always* be aligned with the kind of positivity that’s outlined this week – love, harmony, togetherness. Not just this week, but in life in general.

What Is Your “Feeling Thermometer” Saying?

So how do you know if you’re in a high vibration or not?

First, how do you feel on a regular basis? Our emotions are a “thermometer” to energy.

If you *feel* sad, frustrated, upset, angry, resentful, jealous, depressed regularly… It’s a clear indication that your energy is out of range with love.

The great thing is, in the new energy shift on earth – the planet’s own ascension – we are more and more able to take charge of our own energy vibration, remove the negativity that’s weighed us down, and to rise up into love.

You can watch a brief video here that takes you through it.


In fact, it’s one of the main reasons most Twin Flames came here – to “go undercover” in human society and awaken to love, then remove the shackles of the old separation and fear programming so common with humans – and finally to reunite from a state of complete unconditional love.

After working with energy modalities for years and hearing the amazing responses from Twins who have taken my program, I have experienced this kind of work to be transformational.

To discover more about my methods, click here.

(Testimonials here)

Vetting Your Communication

I know this kind of information I’ve shared with you today can be a lot to deal with so the instinct is often to share it with others, to tell them about your excitement, to discuss how things might transpire…

The problem with this, as spirit has told us before, is that others’ skepticism and even jealousy can put a dampener on your vibration and mess with your positive alignment.

So if you feel like you need to talk to someone – be mindful about who you talk to.

Other Twin Flames might seem excited on the surface, but their skepticism, belief that “the Twin Flame journey is meant to be a struggle”, or sadness that *their* Twin might not be open to them, or even envy towards your excitement …

This stuff can put such a dampener on your ability to get the most out of this time.

I’ve been there, unfortunately… When I first started giving advice to other Twins, my own connection took a nosedive and I had to learn not to get too involved with the collective’s energies.

Unfortunately there are a lot of Twins whose energies are chaotic and full of negativity still, and you don’t want to get tangled up with their karmic lessons and heaviness.

How about journaling about your excitement and feelings instead? Or creating something inspired by it?


Inspiration For A Week Of Love

I’m not really a Christian (I was raised Atheist), but there is a beautiful passage in the Bible dealing with the victory of love.

I’m sure you’ll appreciate it this week, so let’s end this forecast here and you go out into the world to find your destiny in love.

If you want to look it up, it’s from the apostle Paul’s letters to the Corinthians.

No matter what faith or worldview you belong to, I’m sure you’ll find it inspiring:

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away…

And now these three remain: Faith, Hope, and Love.

But the greatest of these is Love.”

1 Corinthians 13, verses 4-8, and 13

I wish you a magical week full of love! Let “realism” take a break this week and allow the universe to show you a higher “version” of reality!

Remember to stay open to receiving and allowing in your ideal, your “dream come true” – if you need some help with this, go here <3

Cassady x

“This is just magical and I’m moved to tears…This huge block between us just dissolved in a snap and we are now closer than ever before! It’s like a miracle just happened before my very eyes. All this came from your work, your vibrational alignment program, and the techniques you share. She and I are doing the work, of course, but it would be so much more difficult and long without you. The only way is UP…So thank you, thank you, thank you..with positivity and abundance in all ways.”

– Laurent C., Paris, France

twin flame program

Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes right now!

Or if you want to go deeper, resolve karmic debt and get to the bottom of Running and Separation struggles for good – have a look at my complete Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames!

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  1. Thank you Cassidy 🙂
    I was wondering, are many twin flames born as biological twins (having twin brothers or sisters)? I am one!

    1. That is so interesting! I have wondered that myself because the guy whom I believe to be my Twin Soul is also a twin! 🙂

  2. Kind of a fun question/pondering: I wonder if this is happening because so many of us are doing the healing work on our souls or if so many of us are doing the healing work on our souls because of the Divine Energy 🙂

    Either way, I’m grateful for both. The more we do the individual work, the more we benefit the entire community so to all of you doing so, I thank you and love you 🙂

    All the best-


  3. As always Cassady, Thank-you! It means so much to me that you’re here on this journey with me, (us, the collective). In the Christian sects this is holy week. I’m no longer practicing in the church per say but your post is helping me to carry what is true and sacred into this week and I appreciate that so much.

  4. Happened with me as predicted! I actually read this and as I was reading it I looked and a further code was given – 2222…that and 222 have been SO prominent these past few months leading up to meeting my twin flame so it was like a double sign to me. Very profound. Thanks for helping me because it wasnt easy in the beginning!

  5. I’ve been getting a lot of promptings from guidance this week to face up to whatever obstacle(s) I needed to in order to bring my man love back into my life after 3 1/2 years. One new obstacle that showed up was the fact that my boundaries had not been very strong, which makes a lot of sense considering the overly-controlling women in my father’s life. So, I did some energy work on strengthening my own will and today when I went to the store I could stand beside a man at the checkout without feeling the usual extreme uneasiness…yay, one more step for moi 🙂

  6. Hi Cassady, I had this huge pressure in my head for awhile now and when I tried out your energy clearing and twin flame connection meditations… it went away instantly, especially after the TF connection meditation. Could this mean my TF is ACTUALLY preparing me for reunion or at least “helping” me clear out doubts and the like before we get to meet? I’ve been seeing a LOT of repeated numbers like 1111, 111, 555, 333, 444, and 222 lately and feeling like there’s something huge coming into my life. I have noticed a lot of schyncronities between me and other people too. It’s so weird since these signs haven’t been very obvious until now.

    Anyways, thanks for everything you do to help out the TF community Cassady. I am grateful for your articles since they frequently resemble my current life situation and gives me more motivation to focus on myself and the connection. Thanks again.

  7. I’ve been searching for the interpretation of two dreams and a repeating vision that I can’t stop thinking about.

    In the first dream, I go to the bank with one of my sisters. My sister points to my bank account and I see on the display that it says 3000.

    In the second dream, I either enter an apartment or I’m sitting on the couch while 3 children are playing on the floor with their toys. 2 gorgeous boys and 1 beautiful baby girl. A man, a stranger, comes in the apartment and I pick up the girl, and plays with my hair. We both smile and I feel joy but at the same time I feel somewhat afraid.

    In my awaken state, I keep having these visions about a handsome man, a stranger, who has a beautiful daughter who later becomes my step-daughter when I marry this man. These visions gives me great joy.

    The only thing I can know for a fact is that the numbers in my bank account, the three children and my visions are connected but I don’t know how.
    Can you help me interpret them?

  8. My twin is on his way to me tomorrow morning! This is so tremendous! It’s like we’ve always known each other! This is it! Tears of joy are spilling over as I am actually receiving this blessing that I’ve been waiting for all of my life!

  9. I love what you said about journaling, because I do! It could be a book! Fascinating also to see the trend of souls merging on the higher plane, because my guy and I do it a great deal, at 5K mile distance physically, yet he is my room mate, and I experience a physical sensation of his soul entering the crown of my head. He is soo spiritual!

  10. Wow! I’m still reeling at finding this site months ago! After being convinced that by my abuser that he was my TF, the info about the false flame was so on point! After finally escaping, I was contacted by who I now recognize to be my true TF, and now I’m headed to join him very soon!

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