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Owning up to negative Karma in the Twin Flame relationship – what have you been sending out? Reaping results, good or bad. Plus – why sensitivity is a gift and a strength, not a weakness.


Another big week as the Lunar Eclipse in Libra (Full Moon eclipse) hits on March 23rd – yet another culmination of the clearing work we’ve been doing within the Twin Flame pairs over recent months.

Libra is the sign of the scales, harmony, the Twin Flame pair aligned back to their original shared Soul Song (core energy frequency), and this eclipse is like “hitting the reset button”.

It can feel like things build uncomfortably to a head now for several days before, but after the actual Eclipse things settle down again from a new and more pleasant foundation. 

This Lunar Eclipse is set to give us insight into our Shadow Selves by bringing up hidden negative aspects of our personalities – what’s been getting in the way of harmony and unity for the Twin Flame pair. The unconscious saboteur in us.

We go through the most common subconscious sabotage for the Twin Flame journey in the latest clearing session on preparing for Union, where we also invite in new high vibrational templates to assist in the reunion process.

Messengers From the Shadow Side


This Lunar Eclipse is set to bring up subconscious negativity and heaviness we might not even have known were present. Old things we thought we were way past, had released and forgiven, begin to stir again. This is because there were deeper layers. Different aspects of lessons to learn.

Whenever shadow aspects are brought up for healing on my journey, I’m shown symbols of a black horse or a black panther in dreams or repeatedly in the physical through images, to indicate – keep an eye out now.

You might find that this has been happening for you too, only you’ve been too busy to really take notice. These symbols are meant to bring the message:

You are now being asked to heal an unconscious wound and integrate yet another aspect of your subconscious, healing ever more and unifying more with your own self and with your Twin.

The Twin journey is about alchemy of light and dark, male and female – but within each individual as well as within the pair. Are you aligned and whole and harmonious within yourself?

Be aware of your dreams around this time, as you are likely to be given insights into what unconscious material has been causing trouble recently. Be on the lookout for signs from the non-physical, seeking to guide you to release and heal now at this Lunar Eclipse. 

Using energy clearing tools is the fastest, smoothest way to clear negativity. You don’t have to sit for hours in meditation or using ancient rituals like bathing in moonlight to clear your energy slowly and bit by bit the way people hundreds of years ago did.

You are an infinite soul and the methods we can use in the new energy shift on the planet, are fast and incredibly powerful. Try my free downloads for a taster here.

Aries To The Rescue

In the midst of this intense emotional heaviness with the Lunar Eclipse, help actually comes from the opposite side of the energy spectrum – a planetary shift into Aries. Power of action. The sun to pull us out of the lunar shadows and emotional intensity.

And with this, a new cycle begins. The Sun and Mercury are now both in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac – effervescent, optimistic, action oriented. Symbolically, the energies of the zodiac begin with Aries, return of the sun in the northern hemisphere after long winter. A rebirth of the senses, of excitement and the outward directed active polarity.

Like with nature, much has been happening behind the scenes over the winter months for this new cycle to begin. Like seeds growing under the surface of the soil without being visible during the dark months, manifestation and creation and shifts have been occurring on the energetic and emotional planes which are now getting ready to emerge in the visible, in the physical.

This is highly emphasized if your personal Sun or Ascendant is in Aries or you have many planets in the first house of your personal chart. This week feels like waking up, finally coming out of hibernation.

Fed Up With “Missions” And “Lessons”?

Sun/Mercury in Aries stand supported by Mars and opposite the North Node now, indicating a feeling of impatience and irritation with the collective – the idea of having a “mission” or a spiritual path where you’re predestined to live a certain way to help other people, might make your skin crawl now. That’s not necessarily a bad thing…

Spirit reminds us that words like “mission” and “lesson” are human words based in our societal structures from hundreds of years ago, and that this can limit the meaning transmitted. 

What we’re really here to experience, is our own infinite potential expressed through physical bodies. Joy, happiness, creativity, love, learning, growing. And for Twin Flames – coming together in Unconditional Love.

Your bliss is your “path”. What fulfills you and excites you, is what you came here for. You’re SO allowed to think of yourself first. You know yourself better than anyone else, and no one is going to force you to carry out a “mission” that goes against what you yourself desire. That wouldn’t serve neither you nor the rest of the world. 

It’s completely OK to focus on yourself now, to do what YOU want, to be a bit “selfish”. In fact, these energies are supporting you in that. And if you’re not quite clear on where your “bliss” lies, take some time now to explore.

Love Is Pressured – Twins’ Responsibility to Each Other


Another highly significant energy event this week occurs on March 25th as Venus in Pisces oppositions Jupiter in Virgo AND squares Saturn, which is turning retrograde on this same day.

Saturn retrograde is all about responsibility and clearing up any negative karma we’ve been creating, so if you’ve been sending out a lot of negativity, this could be unpleasant (you can make it easier by using karma clearing tools to rectify any negativity, however). On the contrary, if you’ve been sending out positivity, you will now reap pleasant rewards. This can go either way.

This particular Retrograde strongly impacts energies in Love, as Venus is involved, and regards responsibility within the Twin Flame pair.

As we are two aspects of the same consciousness – each action, thought and feeling from one Twin impacts the other. That is the Karma of Twin Flames. We are never alone.

Jupiter in Virgo indicates that this tense configuration will in particular be bringing us face to face with the results of hypercritical and unloving attitudes or comments made in the past. There is no room for perfectionism or criticism in Unconditional Love.

Saturn will be moving backwards for a few months to come, so be mindful now that any challenges and limitations you experience are related to karma – exploring your karmic Akashic records will yield powerful results now.

Some of my own biggest breakthroughs on this journey came when I found out about, and cleared, karmic negativity that had blocked my connection with my Twin – you can read more about that here.

Grounding Into Earth


March 25th-27th Venus sextiles Pluto in Capricorn – a detox of Love. The message here is that some of your emotional and energetic sensitivity may be working against you because it’s congested with the energies of fear. This is especially reinforced for those who are female or have an emphasis on the feminine energy polarity.

We all carry subconscious emotions and wounds that prevent us from feeling safe to fully open up to love.

Pluto is now helping us bring these up for release so we can move on to openness, joy, love and the higher vibrations. This can be an unpleasant time, but if you can use energy tools to assist this process, you can reap benefits without the heaviness.

Many lightworkers and Twin Flames carry wounds of feeling like we don’t belong on Earth, and in order to be fully present in the Now Moment and Ground into Earth and keep our energy flow running steadily, we have to clear any issues around not belonging.

The antidote now is to  go out in nature and focus on being physically present. Beware computers and social media, as they just make you ungrounded even more and have you tapping into chaotic collective energies.

Embracing Emotions as a Strength


An intense time for the Feminine late this week and into the next as Venus in Pisces conjuncts Chiron, symbolizing a need for healing in the Feminine polarity, in particular wounds regarding emotions.

We’re reminded by spirit that our functioning is strongly impacted by the belief systems of our society. Many Lightworkers and Twins are here to rectify negativity from this.

In our modern society and the Patriarchal western cultures, emotions are seen as a weakness and we are taught to control and repress our feelings. What most of us are told growing up, is that logic is king while emotions are something to be ashamed of. 

Many Twin Flames and other Lightworkers are highly sensitive to energy (empaths), which expresses itself in emotional imbalances and ups and downs. The truth is that our emotions are like a thermometer or a compass that is meant to guide us – our emotions show us which energies we are encountering and reacting to.

The ability to feel emotions are a gift and a strength, seen from a metaphysical perspective, and repressing them is actually damaging to the body and psyche. 

This Venus/Chiron conjunction is meant to bring out and heal these old wounds so we can finally fully embrace our emotions as the strength and the guiding light they are meant to be.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3 

Cassady x

Want more? For powerful methods to elevate your vibration, end separation and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit.


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  1. Hi Cassady.
    I feel this pressure in my body, i feel weak without energy. Headaches come and go no need to take medicine. I also feel some pressure on my thirdeye. Is this all related to emotions? I feel happy and positive all the time i know something good will happen.
    This is just unconfortable.
    Thank you.

      1. Me too!! Glad I’m not alone… I’ve been using healing stones which gives relief temporary and then it returns…

  2. Two nights ago I had the most consistent, stable, and loving dream with my twin flame. I can’t honestly even say it was just a dream, because it wasn’t. It was a real experience in some way. I had to dress up like some other guy to be with her, and we were talking, and then I saved her from something, and I was on top of her. I told her who I really was. “Oohhhhh…..” she softly spoke, like an epiphany and a remembering at the same time. She later texted me that she loved me and wanted to be with me. I stood there in stupendous bliss taking it in. “She loves me..” We were then in a house with all of the doors unlocked, and a breeze was coming through, and I felt like I was on a plane, for some reason.

    This was on the night of the 20th, right in the gap you spoke of last week where we’d likely have twin flame experiences in our dream. Do you remember having those kinds of dreams, and when you reunited with your twin, looked back and said, yes, those were real?

  3. I have been using the clearing tools in past but since eclipse, I realize how significantly important it is to maintain and keep the clearing going daily. It’s not been such an easy ride since the eclipse for myself and little one. So I am making this a daily event! I am wondering, time wise, not ready to leap from marriage yet for a few specific reasons. Just wondering if I’m not living in my truth and letting this go, am I impacted more so by karma and energies for not letting go? I just wonder with clearing and things if maybe it’s not as effective if I’m not removing one of the bigger issues first? Thank you so much.

  4. Hi Cassady, do you think you can have a past life memory with your twin and not recognize the person as your twin? I had a past life regression a couple of years ago to find the answer to what has kept me from achieving my dreams? I went to a life where I was married to the man I loved and he adored me. We were rich, stylish people who had it all. I asked him to do or get something for me. I don’t know what it was, but it caused him to be tortured and killed. I had no business asking him for it. It was more a request from the ego. I lived the rest of my life devastated and became penniless and homeless, dragging my right leg behind me. I did not recognize my husband in that life as my twin. At the time of this past life regression he and I were in the process of a one year separation and I shut down to where I stopped believing he was my twin due to so much pain and conflict between us. I have no question he is my twin, so I’m wondering if maybe the husband was someone else and that’s why I don’t recognize him. But I feel that life caused so much pain and guilt in me that I went on to have horrific future lives as a slave and this life has been extremely difficult. I have a nightmare health condition I haven’t been able to resolve that doctors can’t explain and leaves me with offensive symptoms. I feel like in this life I do things to sabotage mine and my twin’s connection like maybe due to my need to protect him from me.

    Thank you for your insight <3

    1. Hi Mari,

      It’s very possible – tap into the feeling of the person. This is how to recognise the true twin. Ask your heart to tell you the truth – then visualise yourself with your chests meeting this person’s, and see how your heart reacts to theirs.

      My twin’s past life self showed up in a dream of mine years before i knew about twins, and the one thing that stood out was the intense pull of our hearts. I didn’t recognise his face until he showed up as another past life self a few years later. But his energy stood out so clearly.

      Regarding karma, yes, karma creates possibly the biggest and deepest blocks on this journey – it gets deeply embedded in the energy field. Have you ever wondered why people stay in abusive relationships or have phobias about innocent things like lap dogs, or get stuck in the exact same life patterns their parents had? It’s karma.

      I have had so much help with karma clearings and learning about past life experiences – I would not be exaggerating if I said that my whole life and relationships have changed for the better as a result of clearing karma.

      So my advice would be, don’t think about it or wonder about it too much because that will just keep you in the loop of that energy – start actively clearing the karma, go to the akashic records. Your guide is just waiting to show you the truth and the core of this issue so you can move out of it once and for all.

      There’s a full “recipe” for how to do this in the Vibrational Alignment Program, or you can get an audio meditation that takes you through it here:

      Sending you love and light <3 x


  5. I have to say after the intense eclipse and experiences that took place, I’m clearing like a machine now! I know the clearing is very important and would do it here and there. Now, I take this very seriously. It is so palpable what takes place when emotions come up and the shifts that occur. So, this is every single day for me now, like brushing teeth!

    I do wonder though, even with clearing and feeling so guided will it not be as effective if I have not stepped into my truth yet by leaving marriage? Are there some things where is action is overdue and the universe gets stronger with that message if I’m not living that alignment yet? I have had a “talk” my with body and universe, in trying to buy time and hold for some balance till ready but I’m just not so sure it’s buying it. Can you shed any light on this? Thank you so much.??

    1. Hi Amber,

      I’m so glad you’re experiencing the powerful shifts of energy clearing! You’re totally right, once we begin to do it habitually – like showering daily or brushing teeth – it goes from being this traumatic emergency thing we do, to just being easy maintenance. The big cosmic pushes like eclipses become so much less heavy as well.

      The brushing teeth analogy is great and spirit loves it as a symbol for energy work – they’re extending it to: clearing and managing your energy every day is like brushing your teeth every day to stay healthy, instead of leaving plaque and bacteria and cavities to gather up for years and having to go to the dentist for dramatic work to fix it.

      They indicate, regarding your last question, that it’s smoother and easier on everyone to make a break once you’ve cleared energy that has kept you in alignment with a particular relationship/place/situation. You’re doing this right now.

      They say the transition will be smoother that way and you’ll be attracting the highest good for all. They indicate you’re getting there very nicely and you’ll feel it when it’s “time” – a sense of neutrality about it, even excitement about moving on.

      The eclipse seems to be bringing a big shift for you in this regard, especially because you’ve been praying and asking for it!

      Sending you love and light for your journey, Amber! <3 xx


      1. Thank you Cassidy!! Nice to know there will be a feeling of “time” to move forward. That’s quite the relief to know the clearings will help bring about the best for all involved. ??

  6. Ever since the energies from solar eclipse, me and my twin have been thrown out of balance and had a lot of negative energy come up between us and things that needed to come out of the shadows and into the light of truth to be cleared once and for all, the time frame between the solar/new moon eclipse, equinox, and lunar/full moon eclipse have been very emotional and very painful. Things before all of that were balanced and ideal, and just bursting at the seams with loving energy. My twin had done something that had hurt me, which he hid for awhile until it had been brought to light, in turn triggering my own negativity. But it also triggered very low vibration unloving energies in me as well, which made me resentful, scared, moody, unloving, and even mean to my twin. Its been a teeter-totter between feeling forgiving and loving with my twin to feeling resentful and hateful towards him. Causing a few fights here and there. Its been a rollercoaster ride through hell alright. And its got me confused and looking for answers, since the result has left me feeling split me between my head and my heart and stuck at a fork in the road with two paths to choose. I’m guessing my extremely low vibes are going to be repaid by the karma from Saturn’s retrograde. I will attempt to look into energy clearing tools, I have never tried it. Hopefully the storm over me and my twin will pass ans we find peace and knowledge from this learning experience…

  7. Hi Cassady,

    I am in a relationship with my twinflame & we will be getting married in August this year. However, because of all the shifts of energy happening, we are not able to find the happiness we got when we discovered that we are twinflames, in August last year. Please help me to get an insight of how to bring back the happiness and love between my twinflame & I. I really want the best relationship with him. Thank you.

  8. Dear Cassady

    I would really like to share with you about my twin flame relationship. I encountered my twin flame at a very unusual time two weeks after his engagement to someone else. The magnetic attraction between us was hard to control and we both are madly in love with each other. I must say we have had our share of ups and downs and have successfully passed the twin flame stages. His marriage is fixed on my birthday that is this July 2016. He fears the consequences and problems in his family that may arise so doesn’t have the courage to tell his family about me. Also, he doesn’t feel for his fiancée much.

    I am certain my marriage with him is the ultimate thing and I also get very negative vibes from his fiancée. I see all number synchronities and have been seeing a number of 1111, 222, 333, 444, 555,777, 999. Yesterday I saw a number of 999 and 777. I used all meditation and clearing tools to erase all negative blocks too.

    Now the worrisome part is that last night I had a dream that his marriage day is near and I am sittingin my house feeling very low and sad. He is sad too but is still getting married. And I heard loudly in my ears to have faith. To keep faith in my heart. Also I saw that something was coaxing me to stop his marriage. I woke up in sweat this morning. I must also mention that yesterday I was very negative and was subconsciously was thinking all negative things about my relationship.

    Kindly enlighten me about my dream. I am really worried.


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