Twin Flames Energy Forecast March 21st-27th: “Secret Selves”



Have You Noticed Your Soul At Work Lately? Transformation In Focus. Plus, Past Life Twin Flame Commitments Spark Up… Are You Ready For The Next Chapter?

Welcome into another brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Equinox Gateway, Aries Season open to a new beginning…

But long term processes call for you to go deeper. The Twin Flame connection is recalibrating. Maybe you’ve noticed already?

Discover more below!

Aries Season, Equinox Gateway 

We’re officially in Aries season – a new year, astrologically speaking, and the Spring Equinox “gateway” is still open until midweek.

Aries is the sign of new beginnings, initiative, action and enthusiasm.

Over this coming week we begin to emerge more and more from the “womb” of the unconscious, which we were in during Pisces season.

Leaving The Past

But this year is a little different and Aries season won’t fully “take off”, as Neptune and Jupiter stay conjunct in Pisces for weeks to come.

It means the “haze” won’t shift for over a month… But the zest of the Aries Sun will help make it more forward directed.

Plus, a sextile from the Sun to Pluto shows us that we are in a deep transformation:

If you feel like you are exhausted from what’s gone on over this last month and feel like leaving the past behind once and for all…

Go for it! Spread your wings!

Feminine Wounds

Releasing what WAS, will help you shift into what is new and better for you. You ARE being encouraged to move forward, to focus on what’s new and higher.

A “new self” is working to emerge. It is not a time for wallowing in emotions and the past, so be brave (Aries is the sign of courage).

However, Pallas and Chiron teaming up in Aries shows that old wounds are being triggered.

It deals with deeper hurt from were the Divine Feminine was disrespected, not listened to, or underestimated (in human life). 

If you feel concerned about the future or your Twin Flame connection, and like you’re not willing or able to open up or launch into a new chapter, look back. Because this is key.

Childhood Roots

It’s likely childhood related.

Who made you feel less than capable? Less than supported? Less than smart and valuable? Like you wouldn’t be “caught” if something happened?

These are issues you are likely experiencing either with yourself…

Or if you are the masculine counterpart it is a core underlying reason why your Twin may be reluctant to open up or go deeper.

For help, use the Inner Child Healing here.

“My absolute favourite session of Cassady’s is the inner child meditation. I don’t think I could have survived my relationship without this. It’s been a key part of my spiritual journey, and the change has been just profound in me.” – Emma, UK

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Unity Phasing Out Division

One of the challenges this week, is communication. It won’t be easy as Mercury meets Neptune and things get cloudy.

You may find it tricky to formulate your thoughts.

Try to focus on mindful tasks and creativity while this lasts. It is not an ideal time to do your taxes or other detail work, but a time for visioning into a higher reality.

And it’s all about love and unity:

Although they’ve moved further apart, Venus and Mars are still conjunct for the rest of this month, meaning that one-to-one relationships and the Twin Flame connection are still a major priority in cosmic terms.

There is a powerful focus on this now.

Activating unity, and phasing out any lingering opposition and division which has clouded up love. 

Soul Connection – Karma Active

Now Mars and Venus join Juno and Saturn. Juno is the asteroid of soul love and Saturn the ruler of commitment and karmic connections.

This indicates that eternal and past life promises between the Twin Souls are being “re-activated” in the present moment. Somehow, karma is stepping in.

Soul contracts are activating.

You are being asked to rest into your eternal connection of love, and to remember. To not get swayed into fear.

Hieros Gamos

Another potential, is that past and past life marriage contracts and commitments with OUTSIDERS are shown up to you if these have been in your systems.

So you can clear them and open to unity.

Because remember that the Twin Flames cannot truly enter into a full Union, the Hieros Gamos sacred marriage, if there are entanglements to outsiders.

The energetic soul merge and later phases of Union are ONLY instigated when the two counterparts are able to HOLD it in their systems.

Outsider attachments will keep this from happening.

For solutions, go here where we clear cords to exes and cleanse out any holdbacks to union

Your Twin Soul’s Messages

This can be an amazing time of commitment and deepening love if you are open and free from outside attachments and cords.

And, we are shown you will hear from your Twin’s SOUL level self strongly this week. They may be strict with you, if you have gotten drawn into the fear based reality of worry and stress.

Listen to them. And know, they’re saying, that unity comes from the INSIDE. It has to come from inside you first.

If you cannot find it within, you cannot HOLD it in your outer experience with them. And you knew this when you chose to come here together.

What is the answer? Be still so they can reach through. Go to them on the soul level. Work with them, as they are always trying to help you.

Seeds Of Future Good

With Mercury joining Jupiter as well as Neptune this week, we’re in a rare time for visioning new higher states and futures.

It’s a great time for enthusiasm and big ideas and visions… but not practicality. The solution? Aim high, dream big… But don’t necessarily act on it.

Make a note of what comes to you, so you can refine it and put it into action later.

This can be a feel-good transit, meaning that it’s a great time to simply enjoy life. (This can be healing and raise your vibration in itself!).

Changing Perspectives

You could also receive some news or new info that shifts your perspective or brings you an opportunity or “lucky strike”…

Including, spirit says, an IDEA that becomes a bounty to your life in future.

And this transit might make you see the world slightly differently – which can open to positive changes coming your way.

Plus, if you’ve had problems lately, this could be the ideal time to sort it out and agree to forgive and start over.

Diving Deep

Due to Pisces’ influence, use your INTUITION to know what to say or how, and to understand the right moment to do so.

Communication goes deeper than words, more than ever, spirit says.

If you have had a counterpart who has avoided you, part of this process will involve diving into what caused that reaction to begin with.

So it does not repeat, but you heal wounds and re-open the connection.

Twin Flame Runner Returns

And know that it’s possible for unity and love to happen even if you’ve had issues in the past.

Yes, I know you may feel skeptical if you’ve been hurt… But skepticism is unfortunately a block, so do your best to shift your perspective on what is possible, as it helps invite in positive shifts.

Every single week I hear from a Twin whose counterpart reached out during or almost as soon as they finished the Free Energy Cleanse Session – including runners who’d been out of touch for months, even years. 

I know if you’re new to energy work or have been disappointed in the past it can seem like an exaggeration but this is the kind of “miracle” that can happen when you release the blocks that have gotten between you.

Try it (free of cost) and experience the results.

Worst Case Scenario?

Worst case scenario you spend 10 minutes and get to relax, and you’ll FEEL better from releasing heaviness, worry and other negativity.

Best case scenario, you get the reconnection you’re looking for, as so many Twins have in the past (look at some of their stories here).

Again, the Energy Cleanse is completely free, so you have nothing to lose. (And if you have it already, make sure you use it regularly for best results)





Being clear and in a high vibration will help on the 22nd when Mars squares Uranus, as things can otherwise get challenging.

This transit can cause irritation and conflict… Short fuses, little things going “wrong”.

Delays, feeling like progress just isn’t happening, like blocks show up in your way just as you thought you were about to finalize something or get to your destination.

Finding Equilibrium

With Aries season as the backdrop, watch your temper. Remember the saying, “winning the battle but losing the war”.

Some battles are not worth fighting – especially right now.

You’re better off relaxing as best you can or focusing elsewhere, and taking some time to go within…

So you can allow your emotions and body to find calm and a healthy equilibrium.

Power Clashes

In energy terms, Mars square Uranus means, two powerful energies of action and change clashing head on.

So you CAN take advantage of this massive power, but it will likely not be a smooth ride. Going within and centering into calm will help a lot.

It means you can use this intensity to shift higher, and you won’t “bite” if someone tries to hook you into conflict, or challenges show up.

And that means you’ll avoid a LOT of wasted energy and effort.

Changing Our Approach

With this challenge, Uranus asks us to approach things differently. To change our angle in terms of relationships above all. Maybe to be less pushy. To step out of Ego (Aries/Mars rules the ego/masculine polarity).

He is asking us to enjoy the moment more, to flow and “magnetize” from our inner center and soul, instead of chasing for an outer goal.

In your Twin Flame connection, keep in mind that tempers can run hot. Do your best to stay measured and calm in your responses, and this will go better.

Ego Clashes Likely

Other people can be touchy as well, and it’s above all about “self vs other” issues – Ego.

You may think someone is interfering in your life, that others are getting in your way, that people don’t respect you, and more.

 It would be very easy to overreact under this transit, so it’s a good idea to think of the consequences before exploding.

Deep Into Fantasy

Feel into Uranus’ challenge. We’re asked to shift. For some, he asks us to be calm and more detached. For others, he might prod us to stand up for ourselves.

Some adjustments are likely asked of you right now. Do your best to be flexible.

The following day Mercury joins Neptune exact, making it hard to work out whether you’re coming or going – and where you’re coming or going to or from. 

Boundaries get blurry, and information and fantasy are at the center of it.

Using Intuition

Misunderstandings, illusions and warped perspectives are likely. Rumours and gossip are circulating, and highly unlikely to be accurate.

Spirit highlights, some theories you come across regarding spiritual subjects, may also be key to this.

Use your intuition. FEEL into information you come into contact with.

Grounding yourself is important. There are untruths around – and we’re shown they may be things you are telling YOURSELF, above all.

Twin Flame Telepathy

Also, spiritual connectedness is heightened between the Twins – such as telepathy, shared dreams, synchronicities and more… But interference is also at an all time high.

Yes, there IS an element of sabotage that often gets involved to block Twins, you are not wrong if you have felt that.

So it’s important for Twin Flames to understand HOW to approach telepathy and spiritual interactions, in order to avoid being derailed.

Learn more in this article, and get my trusted techniques for how to gain divine guidance and clear telepathy from your Twin here, including a “testing tool” to guarantee you are getting the truth. Class 2, 4 and 6.


Facts Or Fiction?

With Pluto’s involvement, we’re also being asked to remember:

How we speak about and treat others, comes back to us sooner or later.

It’s a signal sent out to the universe, which causes a boomerang of energy reflecting back to us. So if you’re not 100% on facts, play it safe now. Let things go.

Spirit says, this can also include your Twin Soul.

You may not have your facts straight.

Sleep on it. Don’t rush into action. It’s better to let the initial emotions pass, then you’ll have more clarity.

The Power Of Secrets

Mercury sextile Pluto on the 26th is all about the power of persuasion – and it can add to the “thirst for gossip/drama” as Pluto deals with sex, the unconscious and secrets.

It’s important to pay close attention to the FACTS of what is being said, and you may have to do a little digging to get clarity.

A word of advice though, make sure it’s WORTH your effort (and won’t just hurt you).

This transit means you could get dragged quickly into something that feels obsessively urgent or important, but looking back later you’ll realize it was a detour.


Shadow Involvement

Later this week, we have a potential challenge adding to this, as Lilith trines Venus and Mars. This shows that there’s a karmic shadow involvement.

Trines are positive, so it does mean there could be a RESOLUTION of some outsider attachment that has held your connection back in the past.

Check inside, because this situation will depend on your inner state and your Twin Flame connection.

Cutting Cords

Are there outsider connections still holding you back? Scan your body, and your Twin’s.

If you feel there is still stuff there, now is a good time to cut those cords because Saturn supports this work – he is the ruler of karma – and ensures they will not return.

We’re shown in fact, that the reason that some cords or outsiders have not been going away even if you think you’ve cut them before, is karma.

Karma clearing is needed for this to resolve for many Twin pairs. Because there is a deeper soul lesson asking to be learned.

Resolving Karma For Good

Pluto and Neptune’s involvement shows us, if you go looking for THIS kind of info (the karmic roots of current issues) it will be easier to find them than at any other time…

and it will be resolved for good.

For more info on karma and how it works, go here as there’s a free quiz to help you assess if there’s a karmic block getting between you and your Twin.

(Which is very common in prolonged situations of Separation and Running).


On the whole, this is a week of contradictions. You may feel hazy and uncertain of the future, and yet inspired… 

Or enthusiastic about launching your next chapter, but unclear where to start. In general we are still “in process” and there are major recalibrations happening. 

We’re receiving the “downloads” that will then become seeds of future growth – both collectively and individually.

And it can be confusing when we’re unsure exactly how to handle it. 

Trust that it’s for the highest good, and that the goal is always love. Your job is to open up, resolve any inner issues, and stay aligned.

If you could use some help along the way, I’m here for you.

Have a look here for my core program, or apply here for more direct work in an intimate group setting.

Cassady x


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