Neptune Powered Spring Equinox And Aries New Moon, Break Open A New Era of Oneness. Plus, Pluto Enters Aquarius For A Once In 225 Year Shift Dormant Twin Flame Codes Awakening… Are You Ready?


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Spring equinox gateway activates, and ties in Aries New Moon and Neptune, creating a highly rare influx of immense light

A new cosmic beginning is at hand!

Karmic timelines ending, era of oneness flows in… But are you feeling strange – and tired? There’s a divine reason, and it’s to help your union journey.

Discover more below!

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Epic Equinox Energies

And now, onto the week’s forecast:

We are now in the immensely powerful equinox gateway.

And, this year’s energies are illuminated by rare conjunctions that bring historically important messages for Twin Flames!

Joining Neptune and Mercury at the very cusp between Pisces and Aries, plus coinciding with a New Moon in Aries, this is a truly pivotal new beginning in cosmic terms.

Above all, it signals a powerful new beginning of the Ascension into unity consciousness – a new chapter for the human collective.

Karmic Timelines Ending?

It’s truly an amazing time, and you may feel the shifts happening…

HOWEVER, it also brings deep purging of old density such as wounding, karmic negativity and other “baggage” that can cause difficulties.

Because whenever we have this much powerful light flooding in, it triggers everything that is NOT light, to purge.

That means, for Twin Flames, that it’s highly likely you’re feeling out of sorts and heavy, or triggered and noticing old issues flaring up.

It’s because your system is being triggered to bring it to the surface.

Survival Programming

The best thing to do is clear that old heavy baggage, so your system and Twin Flame connection is able to make the shift that is available now.

What does that mean? Ultimately, we’re being asked to clear everything based in opposition and separation consciousness.

Once you release and clear the old wounding, survival programming and opposition, your systems can shift into a higher state of unity.

And importantly, you are able to allow old karmic timelines and cycles of separation and negativity to dissolve.

So you can move forward into the “unity chapter” of your journey, as spirit calls it.

twin flame union

Pluto – Once In A Lifetime Shift

With the New Moon in Aries hitting during Equinox gateway, and Mercury/Neptune tied in (and Pluto moving into Aquarius for the first time in 246 years!)…

We are dealing with a HISTORICALLY powerful new beginning this week.

As always, we have free will choice, which means we CAN hold onto the past cycles of negative karma, anger, conflict, judgment and so on – if we choose…

But the openings are there. The cosmic support is there for those who are willing to leave the negativity of the past behind once and for all.

(Because that is what opens to the new beginning of love and harmony)

Soul Love “Destiny” Activations!

As Venus also conjuncts the North Node and Juno this week, it is a key time for “shifts of destiny” and activator points in terms of soul love.

Juno rules soul love connections, the North Node deals with soul path and “destiny”.

So when Venus joins them at the time of the Equinox there are deep soul activations happening.

Above all, you are being stirred on the UN-conscious level to REMEMBER.

Core Twin Flame Lessons 

To remember what you and your counterpart planned, what the core lessons were you wanted to learn, what you decided must be learned or achieved before the final reunion, and so on.

So now, do your best to feel into your inner soul’s wisdom – your intuition. Allow your soul to bring you the insights, the remembrance.

Because this is key.

The activations may not register consciously, in your thinking mind.

But deep down, you already KNOW the significance of what is happening right now.

Info On Forward Union Steps

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And, to go deeper and tap into more of your soul’s guidance…

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“Era Shift Of Magnitude”

Spirit shows us that this is an era shift of MAGNITUDE, that we will then see the outer results of more and more over time.

Especially in collective, planetary terms.

There is SO MUCH transformation happening now!

Feeling Tired?

In fact, you may be feeling tired as your body works on integrating and calibrating to the immensely high vibrational energy coming in, and running the dormant coding that is rising.

It means you may need extra rest. Especially if you’re purging toxins such as feeling heavy, hopeless, irritable or other negativity.

If you feel frustrated that it takes time, remember it’s not just our energetic systems being upgraded.

Our physical bodies are slowly being purged of heavy ancestral survival programming and fear and separation based emotions, and infused with light.

So we can be a true match with LOVE and UNITY.

Not Overwhelming The Body…

Spirit explains that this must be done carefully so as not to overwhelm the physical body.

This is why when we ask to “clear it all” or affirm “I release all karma/blocks” etc, it doesn’t work how we mentally think it will.

(For help with the release, use the Golden Light Infusion Session here, which is specially created for gateway times like this, to release karmic timelines and anchor in unity).


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How Do You Affect Your Counterpart?

And in this upgrade and ascension process, you have a powerful role to play.

You see, the more you yourself cleanse out the old heaviness and density, the more easily you can run the new higher programming of unity, harmony and love.

And when you do, you also bring this to your Twin Flame, as two beings who are always on a shared frequency and who share an energy field.

(Any energy work you do, affects them positively – just have a look here for the stunning examples of how this can create overnight changes for the better!)

Inner Vs Outer Results

Many Twins have been in separation, but now these new energies provide support for the connection to come together – because the whole human collective is shifting higher.

We’re reminded, the inner alignment has to come first.

The outer experiences match our inner state, so the fastest way to achieve an outer result is to shift our OWN energy.

More on that here.

Pluto Enters Aquarius Until 2044

As Pluto moves into Aquarius on March 23rd until 2044, we are truly done with an ERA of karmic healing and collective lesson learning.

We have over the last decades gone through painstaking detoxing and rebirth in the realm of physical creation, manifestation and cleansing out karmic grids on a planetary level.

It has been TOUGH for most of us in spiritual awakening and on the Twin Flame journey.

Focus On Sex, Power, Wealth…

Now comes a new chapter, focused on a detox process, death/rebirth and reclaiming power within visioning, mind, groups/organizations and individuality.

It will also bring Plutonian themes to Aquarius’ domains.

Pluto is the ruler of the underworld, death/rebirth, sex, power, wealth and inheritance and the “dark”.

He is the natural ruler of the sacral chakra and Scorpio.

Aquarius’ domains are organizations, friendships, groups, the internet, technology and the unorthodox.

This sign also rules the third eye, visioning, awakening and starseeds.

Multiple Changes Coming

Therefore we are set to experience many changes in these areas! The word spirit uses, is “many revolutions”.

For Twin Flames, it will deal a lot with reclaiming power over our spiritual faculties.

Moving out of an era where Twins looked to others, and now embracing inner truth and the soul power of our own spiritual connection via the third eye.

It also indicates that the awakening journey goes deeper, and becomes much more intense in terms of unconsciously remembering previous existences and unearthing soul gifts we may have been unaware of.

Sexual “Rules” Dismantling

With regards to love, relationships and sexuality, we are set to experience a dismantling of the traditional “rules” even more.

Twin Flames may experience more of the astral love connection before any physical connection.

We may also be pushed to accept more untraditional forms of relationships or rethink our focus.

As a lesson in SOUL love vs physical body focused togetherness. (More on Twin Flame sex here, in class 6 and 11)

Do You Believe?

With Pluto entering Aquarius we are also set to be reminded and shown that we have the power to vision our ideal situation to life.

Pluto will now push us more than before to detox from those ideas and cultural patterns that has robbed us of our power to manifest our Twin Flame union.

Lastly this week, Mars moves into Cancer.

Cancer is the sign of the moon, the “mother” and the Feminine, so when Mars journeys here we experience a softening of the Masculine.

Vulnerability can be triggering, however, so treading carefully is key. More on this in next week’s forecast.

A Week For Bridging Higher

This is set to be a week that feels intense and likely pressured on the inner level…

But the shifts we make this period will carry powerful outer results into harmony and increased love over the coming YEARS, especially if we actively work to release the past now. 

We can powerfully up-level now, and it’s all focused on love and the Twin Flame soul connection. 

The thing is, you already know. Your soul has always known where the path goes and how to make your union happen!

All you TRULY need, is to open, align and tune in!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3 

Cassady x

“I’ve been following Cassady for almost a year now and I have to say the information she provides is simply life altering! I have been blessed to be guided to this during some very challenging and deep soul work that my partner and I have been moving through towards. Thank you Cassady!” – Jeanine, California, USA

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