Twin Flame Double-Speak – Mercury Retrograde Puts Love To The Test. Plus, Aries Season Begins – Tapping Into Your Warrior Instinct…

Welcome into a week full of blessings, lessons, challenges and opportunities. Mercury Retrograde puts love to the test this week, and the Feminine Twin is pushed to redefine her power – for a reason.

Long-term it’s to help us, but things can get intense this week. More details below…

No, I’m Not Trying To “Trick” You!

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Mercury Retrograde Challenges Love

The first big headline this week regards Mercury going Retrograde. This happens on March 22nd – and this period is set to severely push many relationships.

But if you can stay conscious and aware, you’ll be able to use this time to reach up into a higher state of harmony.

The reason this Retrograde is such a key transit for love is that Mercury turns retrograde while conjunct Venus.

This has several important messages, and we also see a square to Pluto and a trine to the Moon at the same time.

What we’re seeing with this Mercury retrograde is that we will in this next few weeks period be dealing with dissonance and holdbacks in love and communication…

Do You Ever Say One Thing And Feel Another?

And they have everything to do with *how we have a tendency to say one thing and really feel and mean something different*.

We’re shown there’s a gap between what we really feel deep down and what we tend to communicate mentally and to others. And it’s creating problems for us.

If you’re familiar with manifestation and the Law of Attraction, you know saying one thing and meaning another is a recipe for disaster.

Because as I mentioned last week the Universe picks up on your ‘signal’. It doesn’t “listen” to what you SAY you want, it picks up on your frequency which is to a large extent determined by your deeper underlying feelings…

Your unconscious fears, the stuff you shoved in a box and hid away so you wouldn’t have to deal with it, the yucky stuff you hoped you wouldn’t ever have to think about again. Hurt, insecurity, past disappointments, the “what if”s…

All of this stuff is there under the surface affecting the signal you’re sending out to the universe. And that means it’s affecting your Twin connection too.

To get clear on manifesting and uplevel your Twin Flame connection once and for all, have a look at this session.

The Reason Why People’s Wishes Don’t Come True

Have you noticed how many “spiritual” people never seem to actually materialize their desires in the physical, no matter how much crystal healing, reiki or meditation they do?

This is because they haven’t dealt with the underlying blocks to *receiving*.

Because in order to manifest into our physical reality we have to be able to receive, to have a clear Root Chakra, as this is where our spirit connects with the physical. This is the portal to bringing forth manifestation into the physical.

So how do you know if your Root Chakra is blocked or balanced?

Symptoms of a blocked Root Chakra or limiting programming here are: Experiences and cycles of lack, scarcity, never having enough (money, time, love…), not feeling safe in the world, fear of being hurt, fear of violence and attack…

Someone whose Root Chakra is balanced: is usually comfortable in their body, living an abundant life where they always seem to have “enough”, where good things show up and they feel at ease in physical living and among other people…

To learn more about chakras and how this works, including getting a “Free Chakra Reading” have a look at this article…

Complete harmony Healing Tool

And in order to help you show up your desires in the “real world”, we go through clearing out limiting ancestral “reality grids” which have kept you blocked from being able to receive and manifest the high vibrations of unconditional love and abundance.

Click here for that.

Why The Twin Flame Mirror Can Be So Crazy

This is also a huge period for Twin Flames. Because The Twin Flame Mirror works in a similar way: It’s not about what we think or intend with our minds.

It’s picking up on all the unspoken things between us.

With Twin Flames there are multiple lines of communication always at work – feelings transmitted back and forth, energy, thoughts (even telepathic communication – click to read more about that)…

Being “one soul in two bodies” it’s so important for a harmonious Twin Flame journey to become aware of this unspoken communication going on between you at all times.

Your Twin Flame could be a Runner, telling you with their words that they don’t want to be together anymore…

But if you “listen” with your feelings and energy you’ll sense what they’re actually saying is:

“Help me, I’m scared! I want love but I’ve been hurt before and I don’t know how to deal with it – I’m so scared that things will end badly…”

And you, you could be telling your Twin “it’s OK, I love you no matter what” – but deep down your feelings are saying to them:

“I’ve had it with this rollercoaster and I feel like I deserve better – why aren’t you *doing* something?”

Unspoken Communication Between Twin Flames

Being aware of the unspoken communication between you can be a real eye-opener.

This week, it’s downright crucial!

So how do you do it? Take some time to relax your mind, meditate, stop the busy thoughts. Get off the internet for a while. Sit in silence… Allow your non-verbal senses to tune in.

Don’t go hunting for it. Merely, open the door… Your system is always “on” that way, it’s just that thoughts and frantic mental activity overshadow it at most times.

So done regularly, meditation and going within to allow your intuition to rise, can revolutionize your Twin Flame connection.

Because you will always be knowing the truth about what’s going on between you.

To learn more about Twin Flame telepathy and other non-physical forms of communication, including how to open your telepathy even if you’ve never experienced it before – have a look here (class 2).

Sign Of The Twins

With the Moon also in Gemini at the time when the Retrograde begins, it’s a classic and perfect symbol. Two lines of communication going at once – always a dichotomy. A double communication, a double experience of life.

And now, we’re being pushed to resolve these things to reach a state of harmony within and without.

These next few weeks do make sure you’re conscious and aware when you speak and communicate. Careful not to act on automatic, as this will tend to create complications.

Spirit shows us that journalling is an excellent method for getting clarity on what’s going on deep down, to align your mind and feelings for better results in the future.

Write down what you dream at night – what you can remember of it, note down any experiences during meditations, and any recurring feelings and symbols that show up…

And, a wonderful session for this time is the Higher Heart Transformation session where we use a specially formulated meditation to circumvent the ego and delve into your deeper mind. Click here to discover what’s really going on in your unconscious mind.

Aries Season Begins – Zodiac New Year!

Right now we also have a few more significant transits coloring the cosmic atmosphere. Aries Season officially begins on March 21st, the beginning of the astrological New Year!

As the first sign in the Zodiac, when Aries time comes around we begin a whole new yearly cycle for manifestation and our souls’ developments. But this year, Aries season and the re-start are complicated by Mercury Retrograde.

This can pose challenges – Aries energy is like the chariot racing forth with burning enthusiasm. This energy hates holdbacks and delays. But the cosmic message is, it’s to our highest good right now.

And here’s why: There are unhealed inner wounds we need to deal with (we see this because our astrological New Year begins with the Sun conjunct Chiron at the tail-end of Pisces).

This signals a strong theme of inner healing for these next 12 months.

Not just for the individual but for the human collective. There are inner issues we need to resolve once and for all.

In order to reach a new and more harmonious state of living as a collective, we have to heal the inner wounds that caused the disruptions and conflict patterns in the first place.

The primal human fears which are based in identifying with the mortal body instead of with our souls (read more here in “Hack Your Brain’s 3D Blocks To Reach Twin Flame Harmony”).

twin flame connection

Have You Been Playing Small For Love?

We also have another Lilith conjunct Saturn transit at the start of the week, which moves over to Pluto at the weekend.

This is set to be heavy – The Feminine Twin is dealing with resolving issues and challenges first relating to other people, karma and restrictions.

…Then about the unconscious and power. A lot of challenges this week and in the coming period are about the Female/Feminine being pushed to rediscover her inner power.

Many girls are taught from childhood that they get love when they’re small, mild and “weak”, and that people punish them by withdrawing love when they act strong or assertive.

Just look at language for a clear indication of how this works.

An assertive, ambitious Female is often called a “bitch”. But there are no negative names we call ambitious, assertive men…

People tend to call little girls “pretty” and compliment them on their appearance or how kind they are to others… Whereas with little boys people comment on how assertive they are, how “strong” or how brave…

Feminine Rediscovering “Her” True Power

Right now, the cosmic energies pushing the Feminine/Female to let go of unconscious habits of playing down her own strength, power and ability… Especially this underlying material from childhood.

(To how this affects you, check in with your inner child here)

Because Twin Flame unity and the bliss of unconditional love lives up in both parties being their most powerful and free selves. Twin Flame unity is in the point of harmony and equality as divine beings.

Spirit asks this rhetorical question: If people show love for a girl when she’s being less than her true powerful self, what does that say about their love? It’s not real.

Real love recognizes the individual in both strength and weakness, beyond actions, motivations and human perceptions…

So do you need some inspiration to re-ignite your true power? To get back in touch with your soul’s fire and your deeper identity? If so, have a look here.

This Free Customized Numerology Reading (Video) will reveal to you the strengths, gifts and soul’s focus you brought into this lifetime.

I’ve had this Free reading done myself and it’s uncanny how accurate it is. Great inspiration for tapping into your soul’s truth and power for the onward journey!

Are You Aware Of Your Own Divinity?

All in all, this week is set to be transformative on multiple levels.

With Aries’ fire and stamina as wind in her sails, the Feminine Twin is supported to cut through the falsehoods of limitation pushed onto her by the world, and reemerge in the true light of her divinity.

Aligned and open to true love within herself and with her Mirror Soul.

But it requires some effort – to leave behind the voices of the world, go within and gain clarity, and to reconnect with your own truth.

I believe in you! Remember you’re here for a reason.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x



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twin flame program

“I’ve been using the Vibrational Alignment Program for almost a week now. I’ve noticed a huge shift in my energy. Before I was on the emotional roller coaster we feel with our twins. And I was a mess. I could feel his energy and all of the highs/lows he was experiencing as a runner. Once I started this program, I noticed on day 1 a huge difference. I was no longer crying on the phone to my friend. I was laughing and couldn’t contain my happiness. I’ve also had dreams about my twin each night, and have felt him going back and forth in his spirit on if he should call me. This program is great!! Thank you Cassady. “

– Karina, San Francisco, USA

Or, sign up for the Free Twin Flame Help Kit here, which contains samples of the full program!

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  1. This is great! I will definitely use the Higher Heart session tonight.

    I wanted to ask a question about the rose technique! Does it matter what colour it is? I’ve been so curious to know if I should focus on a particular colour or not.

    Thank you, Cassady! <3

    1. Hi Anyte,

      Really, it doesn’t matter which color you choose – it’s as effective regardless. So use whatever you like. I like to use a color that makes me feel happy : )

      Sending you love and light <3 x Cassady

  2. Thank you! I always know I’m on the right path, Cassady, when I find that my thoughts/feelings are affirmed at a later time either in your posts, or through seeing/hearing something on my path – similar to Law of Attraction. I had just thought yesterday that I have been busy and unable to really devote time to reflecting on my connection and myself (both spiritually and in terms of errands!) but that it was completely okay because I am allowed to focus on my career and this is also helping me grow in a different way. Then you posted in the forecast about assertive females, claiming true power, etc.!

    Last night I dreamed I received a handwritten letter from my TF in which he states multiple times that he misses me. I feel this to be a shift because prior to this, any dreams in which we communicated were via text or in person but never a letter, and he never expressed his emotions so freely (even in real life) – I was just able to pick up on them or feel them in the dream/life. I later ask a cousin for blessings in the dream on occasion of receiving the letter. I am hopeful that the letter means his awareness of our connection is strengthening and he is soon able to act on it. By the way, today marks 2 years to the day when we first spoke to each other (via text)! It feels like multiple lifetimes since that day.

  3. This is so spot on and accurate to what I’m currently dealing with. A little scared for this Mercury Retrograde. It’s going to be a tough one. I’m about to break up with a karmic partner that has been nothing but good to me, but it is time for me to make time for myself. I’ve used this relationship as a crutch and a distraction from the loss of my twin flame (in the physical) a little over a year ago and have been putting off grieving that loss. But it’s time for my twin and I to reconnect in the 5D. It’s time to clear all distractions and start working on my higher self. <3 So thankful for you and this site Cassady. It has brought so much clarity to my life over the last 2 years.

    1. Thank you for your comment Ashley! I’m so glad the site has been helpful for you. Think of the Mercury Retrograde as a call to go within! It can really be a positive thing.

      Sending you love and light for your continued journey <3 x Cassady

  4. I was just wondering, I’ve been separated from my twin, or at least who I feel is my twin, for 6 months. He just won’t talk to me. A couple weeks ago I tried reaching out with a message, and started a game online with him. He read the message a couple days later, then after about 5 days he started making moves on the game.
    He stopped talking to me because I was in a really bad way mentally and emotionally, and it was effecting our friendship badly (long distance so it was super complicated, and although he liked me at the start, he pushed it to friendship)
    Over the past 6 months I’ve been working on myself and I feel I’ve come a long way. I just don’t know whether I should try reaching out again or if this is even a good time to do it.
    I love him, unconditionally, and I feel so ready, but at the same time the more he rejects me the more it pushes me down, which would prevent union in the long run anyway. I’m at a loss as to what to do anymore. Not because I’m angry or fed up, I just don’t want to cause any more damage.

  5. I love this article! Thank you for sharing it. I can see how this resonates with me so much. From when I was born, I was raised to be weak and vulnerable. That might explain why I was taken advantage of, abused and manipulated from then on. I always believed that being put in a “cage” was for my protection and because they wanted to protect me, meant they loved me. Now, I see how important it is to find the inner strength and power that I have been suppressing.

  6. I didn’t read this entry until now, and my how uncanny the accuracy is. And, I even had a tarot card reading of my immediate future done recently and I got the same message! Nothing short of miraculous. I may have got in over my head although and told my twin off a little mid-week, which seem to only have pushed him further into running. Even though I wasn’t getting any prior signs of communication from him to begin with. Although I could tell that my number wasn’t blocked before, now it seems to be so. Got a sign today, not a great one, he dropped my belongings off with a friend that lives near him and I seen actual text conversation by him via my friend. But now, I’m just trying to find my own personal footing in life and cut my cords of attachment to it all really. Feminine healing is what’s in store here.
    ? Bless, and thank you for your keen insight always.

  7. Thank you! I agree with your recommended sessions, he’s got a family dynamic (rooted in his childhood, obviously) that is a huge block in my opinion. I will get to it.

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