You Vs You. Fear Vs Love. Shadows Vs Light. Who Will “Win”? That Depends On How You Wield Your Power. You Were Given The Key Already, Now Are You Ready To Use It?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Pisces intensity continues, asking you to release past holdbacks and allow yourself to rise into unconditional love.

Nothing is as it seems on the surface. The Universe is working to guide you beyond. But are you listening?

We are in the middle of a “karmic test”.

Discover more below!

A Week Of Deep Inner Shifts

This is set to be a deep and still quite confusing week – but it’s for a purpose.

We are in metamorphosis. There is a lot going on, on the “inside”.

As you have seen there is intense clashing happening collectively on the planet, and it relates to what many Twins are experiencing.

Past division, conflict programming and opposition is “flaring up” in a process of purification to move into a higher state of unity and love.

Spirit tells us that what is happening on a planetary level, is a karmic “test”. And we have faced it before.

A Time Of “Choice”

The problem is, if we keep acting on division emotionally, mentally, energetically and even physically, it stays around.

So perspective is CRUCIAL this week and beyond, as we move through this process of shifting out of polarity and into unity. Stay in higher awareness.

Choose a higher state, as repeating old patterns will only bring more negativity.

(Using the Free Energy cleanse session for Twin Flames here will help you shift into more harmony, even if the situation has been challenging.)

Confusion, Transcendence

With Jupiter moving closer to Neptune, which is currently joined by the Sun, we’re in an intense period.

You may feel confused or like you suddenly don’t have the clarity you used to have… Who you are, where you’re going, what you want…

Even, what is “real” and what is not. It can be disorienting and destabilizing.

Higher States Calling

But it’s for a reason. This period of intensity is working to open us to a higher state, by shifting and dissolving any rigid identity structures and situations we’ve had in the past.

You may experience your life feeling “up in the air” or relationships and work situations shifting uncomfortably.

Or feeling so stuck that you just KNOW something has to change.

Try not to worry because it is “trying” to get you to your next higher chapter. Listen.

Spirit says, your TRUE soul path, your Twin Flame ascension path is activating. So what is out of alignment with it, is rattled to break loose.


“Shadows Speaking”

As these planets in Pisces sextile Pluto, we see that above all what’s making things uncomfortable is that UN-conscious parts of you and others are coming up to the surface.

You may notice unexpected resistance or fear rearing their heads.

If so, know that it’s being shown to you – so you can release it and move into your highest.

Spirit’s comment is, if you have asked for a certain goal to be met or help with something, the Universe is answering you now by showing you those blocks – so you can HAVE your desire shown up tangibly.

For help to make this process a lot smoother, go here.

Want To Just Escape The Whole Thing?

A “danger” at this time, is to simply want to escape.

To flee into avoidance, addictions (including tv, gossip, drama or other “go to crutches”) in order to escape the challenges around. This is one of Pisces’ shadow traits.

It’s important that you instead funnel the powerful potential into its higher expressions:

Into meditation, journalling, inspired creativity, art, charity, contribution and other positive things. This will open you to HUGE breakthroughs you may not have thought possible.

(If you are able to, I invite you to join me in donating to organizations like and Save The Children, who are on the ground working to help people who are fleeing from war right now). 

Up Is Down, Down Is Up…

Trying to “escape” challenges into numbing, and running away from solving your own issues will unfortunately only cause more blockages.

With this intense Pisces energy, building throughout the week as Jupiter nears Neptune, we do have a rare potential for transcendence and unconditional love.

And it goes through the heart.

But as mentioned in previous weeks, Pisces is perhaps the most challenging sign and energy – as it bridges such deep lows and immense highs.

This means your OWN personal “baggage” greatly affects what you experience at this time. (Watch a short video here on how that works)

Is Everyone Out To Get You?

Pisces energies can also trigger hyper-sensitivity, victimhood, delusions and warped perspectives.

For best results, be mindful. Go within. In order to know if something is intuition you have to know yourself, and be still.

Learn more about how to open to your true guidance here in this article.

Including how to avoid ego interference… and other typical issues that can disrupt your connection with your guidance, intuition and your Twin Flame’s higher self.

twin flame telepathy

Sudden Changes – Not Guided

Also this week, Mars and Venus as a couple, meet a challenge from Uranus.

Currently travelling through Taurus, home of love and creativity/manifestation, since 2018. This challenge is about consistency.

There will likely be disruptions, sudden events that cause instability. And with the “Pisces fog” around as well this week, it can cause change that is NOT guided.

So be mindful. Don’t change your mind at the drop of a hat, due to anything that occurs or seems to happen right now.

Stay Consistent With Your Earlier Goals

Stay on track. Focus on your existing goals. “Changing horses mid-stream” is NOT guided right now, for the most part.

Stay consistent with what you ALREADY know is your soul path and your deeper desires. This also means, you might be tempted to give up. Don’t!

Give yourself time, at the very least. Wait a few weeks and see if you still feel the same way.

Put a note in your calendar. Because things are likely NOT the way they seem right now. (For help, go here)

Twin Flame “Recalibrations” In Focus

As Venus and Mars travel together, relationships are STILL in focus in a major way.

We are in a process of recalibrating and re-formulating relationships, says spirit.

It’s a good time to look into what you truly want from a relationship, to gain clarity.

Their input is, you may realize you’ve had other people’s beliefs involved in your process. Doing a “check-in” in this period is as they say, highly guided.

twin flame soul purpose

Uniqueness Is Key

With Mars and Venus currently in Aquarius, friendship is an important element of all our interactions. Acceptance, and self acceptance is in focus.

Allowing others and yourself to be unique and appreciating people’s differences.

On the 17th Mercury sextiles Uranus, bringing an air of new insights and ideas. Thinking differently about things is guided.

Rethinking Your “Deal-Breakers”

Spirit echoes, that re-formulating what you want from a relationship is again highly guided.

You may realize you THOUGHT unconsciously that marriage was a big “non negotiable” goal…

But as you journal on it and go deeper, you realize that what you TRULY want is loyalty and to know you can trust your partner.

Taking a second look now is highly guided. Go through it, what are the things you TRULY want and need from your relationship?

“Self-Audit” For Love

Let me get you started, with what we all long for:

– To be able to trust your partner and know they are there for you

– To feel that they appreciate and love you

– To feel that they want the connection as much as you do

– To feel that you are a TEAM together in life

Often, looking at things from a different perspective can shift our whole alignment. And that means, we open to love.

(For more help with healthy habits and shifting into a higher expression of your Twin Flame journey, apply for the group coaching here)

Message From Your TF’s Higher Self 

Their higher self is showing us, you’ll find they HAVE been working to bring you those things as a soul – even if they have not been able to be present as a human being.

They in fact show us you have been deflecting them out of fear.

Which is understandable, they say.

But you can’t get further that way. It blocks the journey from progressing.

So they suggest you clear that fear. If you use the free tools here it will help you with that AND you get a session to go and receive guidance from them on the soul planes so they can reach you further.

Calling, Open Minds

With Mercury supported by Uranus, we see that new information and ideas show up that help you move forward this week.

But you are asked to be open to new perspectives. This only works if you approach it with an open mind.

If you stay open minded and let things happen, it’s likely that opportunities present themselves with little or no effort on your part. 

Dreams NOT Come True?

The Full Moon in Virgo on the 18th can be a challenge. It tends to light up all our perceived shortcomings and how we have NOT reached our goals or dreams.

It can be an energy of *torturing ourselves*.
Self love as a conscious effort, is CRUCIAL now.

Pisces and Virgo both carry potential shadows of victimhood and martyrdom (sacrificing so much you don’t get anything in return and just grow resentful and depleted).

So it’s important that you know this is a heightened risk this week.

Contrast That Is Distorted

Exaggerated for effect so you can recognize it at work:

You may end up feeling that you are the “holy martyr” and your Twin is exploiting you mercilessly, or that you are the “sacred divine feminine goddess” while your counterpart is a dirty animal…

Or variations around this theme. Again, this is exaggerated so you can see the general theme.

If this comes up, be aware they are distortions. (You are “one soul” – they are you and you are them, in spiritual terms!)

What Causes Struggle For So Many TFs

Things are not as they seem. Be mindful you release any programming and karmic wounds around “you vs me”, “man vs woman” and other human historical shadows.

Because they are what CREATE those negative experiences. They are the “recipe” the “blueprint” that projects into those outer themes in life.

As your true selves, you and your Twin Flame are souls of love. You are completely equal, completely loving, completely pure.

So release the outer human karma, and harmonious love can show up again – including in the 3D physical. Have a look here for help.

Feminine Wounds

Added to this, Chiron conjuncts Pallas in Aries. This indicates that part of what has caused problems in the past, is wounding around the feminine Twin’s higher faculties.

Pallas is the divine higher feminine, the goddess Athena in Greek mythology. Chiron is the “wounded healer”.

If you pay attention, you may realize deeper wounds from the past around intellect and capability are triggered for the feminine.

Whether that’s you or your counterpart.

Childhood Causes Of Current Ruptures…

Spirit shows us, childhood experiences are key. Being told or shown you were dumb or not capable in some way.

You may not have realized it but this has caused some current life blocks in your Twin Flame connection and your path.

Because on some deep level there has been doubt around capability.

(Inner Child work is highly recommended for this reason, as underlying emotional perceptions from childhood can have a major impact on the Twin Flame connection in the here and now)


Out With The Old, In With The New…

When the Sun sextiles Pluto on the 19th it can show up deeper issues and factors that need to change in order for your dream to become reality.

This doesn’t need to be a huge and dramatic change.

It may simply involve shifting parts of your life around to make more room, or to accept and forgive YOURSELF on a deeper level. 

Transformation is in focus, as mentioned earlier.

Releasing The Shadows

This whole week is in some overarching way asking you to release past limitations, shadows and “lower aspects of self” so your highest can emerge.

That means you may feel inner turmoil, uncertainty – and as if there are almost literally different parts of you battling for prominence.

So be aware. Staying grounded is important.

And know that the shadows will not bring you to love. (Read more here)

Feeling Stuck?

Venus and Mars in a square to Uranus also signals that you may have gotten stuck in old negative habits… rather than opening to the new shifts that would bring your desires to fruition.

You may be pushed to be a bit more daring, to open up more than you’ve been comfortable with in the past…

To be prepared to take a chance. Or you may realize that once you let go of control, you feel like life becomes so much better.

Astrological New Year!

On March 20th, the Sun enters Aries for the first day of spring. This is the “astrological new year” and it’s likely to feel like sunny weather, even if in reality it’s raining outside.

This is a time of new beginnings, of overcoming all that holds us back.

It may feel as if you’ve been given an extra dose of courage and an urge to make life better.

And what you’re guided to use that courage for, is love.

A Week That Is A Cosmic “Test”

This week is in deeper terms a test we all agreed to go through in this lifetime.

It is about polarity. To choose between the lower self, the fear, the “darkness” and the reality of suffering… Versus the higher self, love, and our highest potential.

The path goes where you CHOOSE. You pave it with your alignment and intention.

We are in intense times as a planet, and we Twin Flames agreed to come here to anchor in love. (Because we had already mastered unity).

Twin Flame Triggers

Use your choice and alignment wisely. Right now, more than ever, the last week of this astrological year you strongly affect the coming 12 months.

Do your best to be here and now. Focus on your heart.

Don’t let disruptions trick you into aligning with lack and conflict.

Many Twins are experiencing triggering designed to bring them off track now. Resistance from the inner and “outer” shadows.

Guard your world closely this week, because it will have long term repercussions. Remember, love is where you come from.

If you could use some help, I’m here for you.

Have a look here for my core program, or apply here for more direct work in an intimate group setting.

Cassady x


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