twin flame romanceNew Beginnings in Love as Head and Heart Align in the sign of the Twins. Plus, 5D Anchoring Incoming, Double DNA and the nature of the Chimeric Soul…


June started with a bang as the New Moon in Gemini coupled up with the Sun and Venus to offer us a complete restart in the realms of Love, Identity and Emotions.

Each New Moon constitutes an energetic gateway that’s conducive to sending out new intentions to the universe for reaping. Sowing seeds for the next 28 day period. At the start of this week, keep an eye on your thoughts so you don’t inadvertently sow “weeds” instead of “flowers”.

Moving Out Of Automated Struggles

We’re in the midst of severe “retrograde weather” right now with Saturn, Pluto, Mars and the North Node moving backward through old territory.

We’re being called on to resolve old wounds and break old karmic cycles so we can move out of automatic negativity (loops of victimhood, loops of running, loops of separation, loops of disappointment and so on).

Mars retrograde is still moving through Scorpio – sign of sex, power, death, resurrection – triggering a strong purge of the shadow aspects of the Masculine polarity (a particular focus on power abuse, sexual aggression and violence), and to resolve any negative patterns that have been holding back humanity’s soul development.

Why It Feels Like The Universe Is Holding You Back Right Now

This means the collective energy fields are full of “static” from this right now. There’s an air of restriction, of being held back, of conflict and clashes flaring up.

Energy management and raising your vibration is the number one way to deal with this, as it lifts you up out of range from the negativity and static. Spirit recently channeled a complete harmony clearing for the Twin Flame pair, especially to address issues many have been experiencing in this intense “upgrade” of the Masculine polarity.

The clearing goes through a deep chakra cleanse for both Twins, as well as shielding, cord cutting, downloading new light codes as well as unifying and uplifting your timelines and energy fields – so that your continued journey may unfold with as much ease and harmony as possible. Have a look here.

Twin Flames’ Role in Earth’s Ascension

This spring has been an intensive time of purging old stagnation and negativity. This is especially felt by Twin Flames, who are conduits of light and often end up becoming sponges for other people’s stress, worries and heaviness.

Twin Flames are high vibrational souls who incarnate on earth in order to flood in light and new high vibrational energies onto the earth planes. This is an amazing way to help the planet’s vibration rise and to funnel out a lot of old pain and suffering energies from earth.

The amazing thing is that the Twin Flame Mission is to love. When you’re sharing and feeling love – even if you’re 20,000 miles apart – you’re performing your Mission.

A problem for many Twins is that their physical body is of a low earth density, while their spirit is high vibrational. This can cause disruptions, the typical rollercoaster of emotions and periods of physical lethargy and heaviness interspersed with bursts of high moods and vitality.

Ascension is a process that pushes for the limiting and heavy old energies from the genetic background and early life to be released, purged, cleared, so that you may live in joy and love as an infinite soul in a human body, not as a limited human body with a soul.

The Chimeric Body and Soul – Double DNA Twin Flames

Spirit recently showed me that many Twin Flames who are further into ascension are currently living with two sets of identities, two sets of energetic “DNA” – the old dense earth genetics, and your own spiritual higher vibration genetics.

I was guided to look this up and it’s a recognized medical condition in humans. If you want to read more, here’s some info on the physiological aspects of Chimerism.

As you raise your energy vibration, your high vibrational spirit “DNA” is unlocked more and more. As this happens, the old density of the human “DNA” is deactivated.

This ongoing process is meant to help your physical body take in more and more light and be capable of running the high vibration programs of unconditional love, harmony, joy, peace, for which there are few pre-existing human patterns…

Eventually the aim is for you to be raised up into a complete new energetic body structure which is aligned with all higher energies.

Consider that if you’re facing a lot of conflict, clashes, struggles for supremacy, problems with others, it is likely that you’re in the process of releasing and moving out of old family genetics – the old human 3D programs of separation, ego, polarity.

How To Move Out of Struggle And Negativity For Good

When we’re releasing what doesn’t serve us, it comes up to the surface. Then, it’s up to us to “let it go”. The problem for many is that they “buy into it” and accept it as real to the now moment, and thereby keep it around. As long as we identify with negativity, we keep it around.

I’ve found that energy clearing is the fastest and easiest way to shift out of that kind of material for good, even for those who find it tricky to disassociate.

Energy clearing really erases the negativity there and then. No deep meditation needed. You can read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with energy clearing here.

The New Earth/5D

We are still in process, both we Twin Flames, Lightworkers and Earth itself. Old negativity is being purged, new light codes are periodically infused to replace the shadows that have left.

The goal? Uplifting both us and the planet’s vibrational frequency into a “New Earth” (5D) of unity consciousness, love and cooperation – leaving behind the “Old Earth” (3D) of separation, conflict and ego more and more.

I was recently shown exactly how this works, and as there is a big 5D anchoring gateway/influxes of new light coming up on the summer solstice, I’ll be writing an article about what 5D really is and how it impacts Twin Flames.

Purging old negativity can be heavy and tiring, however, and for many Twins the old baggage triggers conflict and even bouts of ongoing running – to accelerate your Ascension and eradicate repeated cycles of heaviness, struggle and separation, have a look at my Energy Clearing Sessions, Healings and the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

Head And Heart Align

Venus has been trailing behind the Sun all year so far, following a few steps after wherever it’s gone. We’ve been leading mainly with our minds and our “rationality” so far into 2016 but things are about to change. Now, these two planets are joined together.

Firstly this indicates a strong sense of well being in terms of feelings and thought right now. Previously we’ve felt pulled in two directions, but now the Heart has caught up with the Head.

You’re much more likely to feel and think in the same realms, and as this goes for subconscious emotions too – expect to feel less frazzled as what’s been going on beneath the surface is no longer fighting so vehemently against what’s going on over the surface.

Challenges From Outsiders

However, we have some significant challenging aspects coming up for the Sun and Venus as a “team”. The head and heart are facing challenges together.

First comes an opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius early this week signalling a confrontation with responsibility and the “old world” – you may be called on to defend yourself in terms of Love.

Other people such as friends, family and especially “Authority Archetypes” are likely to position themselves against you and your dreams and hopes and beliefs for Love. Remember that your journey is yours to travel, not everyone understands. 

We’re also being nudged to take another look at the beliefs we hold about love, as these become patterns of manifestation.

Careful not to buy into myths like the Romeo and Juliet story – great romance doesn’t have to mean great problems and great obstacles.

Human culture tends to glorify romance that involves pain, death and struggles and suffering – Wuthering Heights, Tristan and Isolde, and so on. Be mindful that you’re not expecting trouble (because this attracts it).

What do you truly believe about love? Many have subconscious perceptions that true love equals impossible love, and that those who are true loves are always sabotaged from coming together. The problem with these beliefs is that you are sending out signals to the universe to mirror this back in your reality. If you desire to come together with your Twin in harmony, those beliefs will be big blocks to that happening.

We go through clearing belief based blocks for Twin Flames, plus updating karma, clearing our chakras and more, in my first Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames.

How To Deal With Sabotage And Opposition

Many Twins have asked me for advice on how to handle outsiders’ negativity and attempts at involvement, even sabotage, on their Twin Flame Journey – some even feeling that outsiders are trying to break them up. I address these issues in the article Dealing With Others’ Negativity/Sabotage on the Twin Journey.

Being mindful of how we interact energetically with others is a big help right now – entanglements, attachments, and others’ influence can all be helped with energy clearing tools.

The truth is that it’s in your power to stop these people if they become a negative influence. Find out how here.

Beware Critics and Naysayers

Midweek we have a square to the Sun/Venus from Jupiter in Virgo, another challenge from the critically minded, or from our own inner doubts and skeptical attitudes.

Spirit asks us to heed this message: Keep in mind that sometimes the journey is moving forward behind the scenes, more than you think. Have faith, keep taking positive action (including meditating, clearing energy and journaling), and again ground yourself in the knowledge that you are on an important journey.

This will help you come June 7th as a square to the True Node comes around. This particular configuration indicates feeling pressured by the world as a collective – humanity.

You may feel disheartened by the world and how things are going around you and with your Twin Journey on the physical planes. Most intensely, you may feel like an outsider, shut off from everything on an existential level.

Remember that this serves a purpose. If you were in the midst of the “flock” and in others’ energies all the time you would not be open to the Twin Flame connection, and you might be so caught up in others’ priorities that you wouldn’t follow your own inner calling.

The Blessings of Solitude

We’re reminded of the blessings of solitude, of being unique. And we’re being asked to allow ourselves the gift of self acceptance and self love no matter what.

In a society filled with constant reminders of what we’re lacking or how imperfect we supposedly are this can be a challenge, but remember that the Twin journey is about inner Alchemy as well as Union between the Divine Counterparts.

In some cases, Twins’ souls push for alone time so that this inner alchemy can take place.

Separation can sometimes be a step taken by the Twins’ souls to give you time to heal yourself because you need to raise your vibration to come together harmoniously. Again, energy management will help you do this quicker.

Once you heal your inner wounds, joining together the broken pieces of your own heart and psyche, your energy frequency rises and your path is smoothed.

When your heart is whole and healed, it will be continuously sending out the homing signal to your Twin Flame from a place of completion and unconditional love.

Your soul will be radiating an energetic clarion call to your Twin, and there will be no repelling. You will be magnetic to them, and to all the circumstances and assistance that will bring you together.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


Want more? Your personal energy vibration is what keeps you in alignment with either struggle and separation, or with love and harmony. For a step-by-step actionable roadmap to Twin Flame Union, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit

PS: Please have a look at our comment guidelines before commenting. At spirit’s suggestion we run a tight ship, for everyone’s highest good – words are energy, and every website and forum you visit constitutes a collective pool of energy that you “dip into” when you’re on there. This is why visiting some sites leaves you feeling drained or even nauseous. It’s really important to me that this blog is a pure source of actionable, positive information and help so you feel good here, and are inspired and assisted on your journey. Thanks for understanding! <3

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  1. Thank you for this article….. It gives me such peace of mind, a compass to help navigate the journey to reunion! I felt very restless yesterday & couldn’t settle. All I wanted to do was go for a walk and take a picture of a tree – but I couldn’t. Then later in the evening my TF put a picture of his favourite tree on social media. He’d been for a walk and done it for me! So I guess we are aligning in heart & mind. LOL!
    Light and love….

    1. Lovely! What a beautiful example of the connectedness of Twin Flames <3 This is a great sign for you! xoxo Cassady

      PS: Your guides hint – what do trees stand for? Grounding, nature, the physical reality… Life… Physically, things are moving in the direction you desire

      1. Thank you so much for your reply Cassady – it means a lot! Yes, I’ve been told before that I need to spend more time with trees to ground me….. I love trees so it’s no hardship! Thank you for telling me it’s all heading in the right direction… feeling super positive! Love and light to you xxx

  2. Hi there Melissa,

    Thanks for this very important question!

    Spirit is applauding you for questioning your experience, and digging deeper.

    Yes, energy and our life paths are malleable, so the honest truth is that our “future” and our “truth” can change from moment to moment. If you decide to shift your energy, you can shift your future. For sure. From all my work with doing psychic intuitive readings, and my extensive conversations with spirit, it is not advised or truthful to give concrete feedback in terms of what “will happen”. Because you yourself have free will. You can change it, and often in Ascension, your energy is fluctuating from period to period.

    An insight for you: if the psychic has read this for you it could be that your soul is taking the opportunity to show up for you that you have some blocks to clear in order to move out of the negative pattern of attracting the cycle of feeling betrayed by your twin. That you currently have blocks that create that, but you can move out of it now you’re aware.

    Does that make sense to you? Sometimes (it’s happened to me before) our soul will take the opportunity with psychics to deliberately have something negative shown up so we will actually be shocked and disturbed into taking action on it and clear it for good. Energy clearings will help you shift out of it.

    My advice would always be to empower yourself to get your own guidance and not rely on psychics/tarot cards/angel readings – because outsiders not usually clear channels of information, and negative energy can influence the results of readings. Whatever a psychic tells you has come through their “filter” of reality. If they’re a clear channel, no problem, but if they themselves are congested the message will be less “accurate”. I would suggest clearing your energy and familiarising yourself with your guidance and intuition, as this will help you so much more.

    I used to go to psychics all the time (and getting disappointed, rattled, frightened from the often weird and distorted messages…) Spirit kept encouraging me to go within and learn to use my own abilities instead. To start with I felt lost, but now I’m not only able to get insights for myself but to help other Twins with it too…!

    Please try my free kit, as the cleanse audio will help you shift your energy.

    And have a look at these two articles about Psychics/Telling the Future and Twin Flames:

    Q&A: Twin Flames and Psychics – “Why Am I Getting Such Conflicting Messages?”

    Q&A: 3 Things You Need to Know about the Future of Your Twin Flame Relationship:

    Sending you love and light! <3

    xoxo Cassady

  3. thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and insights. It is profoundly comforting and I feel so much less crazy after reading your blog.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. .. what an extraordinarely wonderful experience! The world is full of miracles and possibilities & the more I learn, the more I want to learn! Yes, we are all a little crazy (in love) but all the best people are 😉 Light and love xx

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