Are You Being Your “Best Self” Lately? Electric Change Incoming – The Universe Has A Plan For Twin Flames, But Ego Puts Up A Fight…Time For A New Beginning?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights include:

Mercury direct shows up clarity on recent weeks’ uncertainty… Passion runs high – but beware ego, as fire flares up in the chart.

Plus Mars and Venus return “home” and gain shifts from powerhouses Jupiter and Uranus to go higher: Major new chapter beginning for the Twin Flame counterparts.

Are you ready?

Discover more below!

Mercury Direct – Shadow Terrain

We’re finally out of Mercury Retrograde, and things are going to get less confusing over this coming week.

We’re not completely done yet with the themes from the last 1.5 months, however, as Mercury now moves through the territory he was retrograde in.

If you have been unsure about something, or things have been unstable or problematic on your journey lately, think back.

Guided Choices

What themes have been highlighted since April for you?

You’ll realize there have been recurring themes – you have had the same impression/feeling/insight/guidance multiple times.

If it’s about something you’ve been confused about, you’ll notice that the answer(s) or guided actions/steps have actually been shown up several times.

(To learn how to fully tap into your intuition and receive RELIABLE guidance and help on your journey, have a look here, and I’ll teach you)

Feeling Into Love

Now over the coming weeks, things untangle more and more – including in love. And now is a good time to ACT on and implement what has transpired.

Spirit shows us, the issue for many has been doubts around whether love with their Twin Flame could really happen and last in the 3D physical.

Now, you will FEEL the truth of the situation more. That yes, it is possible!

(But you have to use the right approach). 

Masculine/Feminine New Chapter

Last week Mars and Venus both “returned home” to their own signs. Mars to Aries, Venus to Taurus.

This shows we have had a new cycle beginning for the counterparts, and therefore in love.

Make sure you treat it as such, and don’t drag old problems with you into the now moment and future.

(Easier said than done? Get Free help with deeply releasing and cleansing out old negativity, and raising your vibration to call in harmony in the connection)

Ego Issues?

Now, these two planets, representing the Masculine and Feminine, enter into major interactions with powerful planets.

First, we have Mars in Aries conjunct Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion and higher understanding – ruler of Sagittarius.

With Mars and Jupiter in Aries, we have powerful fire and passion at our disposal.

It tends to expand the classic “Masculine” traits of courage, action, willpower and setting big goals to pursue fearlessly.

However, it can also bring overblown confidence, impatience and other “shadows”.

Trouble With Runners/Unawakened Twin

If you have a “runner” or “unawakened” Twin counterpart, it’s important that you handle this time wisely.

Because one major thing that can cause ruptures right now, is pushiness. Even, if they THINK you are being pushy in some way.

Sexuality and passion can be a powerful pathway of togetherness, but you have to deal with them the “right” way.

In many ways, the best approach is the opposite of what you might think – to look beyond their ego and go to their soul FIRST.

(Find out more about how to deal with a Runner Twin or Unawakened Counterpart in this period, to call in unity rather than ego getting between you).

Challenges Of Control

With Jupiter/Mars in Aries, people do NOT like being told what to do.

They may feel you are trying to control them, or hold them back. So be mindful to meet your counterpart in a space of positive attention, not criticism

It’s not wise to focus on their flaws or faults, or act to control them because this can cause triggering – especially now.

These energies can also unfortunately lead to give the Masculine Twin (or Aries sign natives) “desire to wander” romantically, if not handled well. (For help, go here).

Flattery will get you far with this placement, but in general this passionate period of expansion for the Masculine needs to be handled carefully.

Self Perceptions?

Ego is an issue. If you challenge their self perception, it can cause deflection even more than usual.

For best results, see the soul and the eternal light in others. Handle ego like the mask and self-protection it really is.

This approach in itself will get you far and avoid you getting dragged into combat. And keep an eye on your OWN Ego as well, to avoid disruptions…

Focus Ahead

With Mars being so amplified, remember not every battle is worth it.

But when used wisely this extra amped up vitality and enthusiasm CAN help you make major progress toward your goals and to improve your situation.

The key is to focus on what you WANT, HARMONY and the FUTURE, not fears, opposition, regrets and the past…


Venus “Returns Home”

With Venus just having returned home to Taurus, this blown up passion can find deep roots IF we reach inner balance.

When Venus is “home”, love is in focus – including SELF love.

Focusing on this boosts your energy and helps you feel loveable and positive about yourself… bringing you into alignment with receiving this from your Twin Flame also.

We’re yet again reminded of the crucial role of self love and self acceptance on the Twin Flame journey. Inner harmony as well as harmony with the other self.

Being in a state of self love is magnetic to attracting and maintaining harmony with your Twin. (Learn more here)

Sudden Changes And Shakeups In Love

This week, Venus travels ever closer to a major influence, which can be either disruptive or benevolent – depending on your situation, state of being and approach.

Uranus is the planet ruler of change, electricity and technology. His effect tends to bring sudden and unexpected changes.

When Venus joins him in her own home sign, it spells out major changes in love and relationships.

*It could mean you suddenly have a change of heart…

*It could be a new person (or animal/spiritual being) shows up in your life, who changes “everything”…

*It could be you find out or hear something that completely changes the picture between you and your counterpart…

*It could be you feel incredibly restless about love…

*It could be you simply decide to spend more time doing fun things…

*It could be you feel like changing your appearance…

Breaking Apart The Outworn

 In short, Venus conjunct Uranus means, sudden changes in love and for the Feminine Twin.

It’s not negative in itself – but it can be challenging as it’s about shaking up you and your connection. Instability is common.

Because Uranus’ role is to break apart what has outlived its purpose. Therefore, he tends to bring “tests”.

To push you to show up as your highest self.

(For Twin Flames, Uranus can also bring sudden downloads of spiritual information, in particular regarding starseed backgrounds or higher knowledge.)


For best results, keep an open mind this week and next.

What Venus conjunct Uranus and Mars conjunct Jupiter absolutely spell out, is the fact that patience is in SHORT supply.

It seems like the Feminine Twin, in particular, is NOT interested in being patient or waiting anymore…

This means you may feel tempted to make rash decisions or create change that might not be truly guided. Know yourself, and focus on your bigger goals.

Don’t let momentary irritation rule your whole path and connection.

What’s BEHIND It?

Look at your BELIEFS, says spirit.

If you feel tempted to cut off your counterpart now, and date someone else for the long run… Look at the BELIEF underlying it.

It’s the fact that you do not believe things can work out between you.

Of if you feel you have to stop trying to make a particular heart-led goal happen… Again, the belief underlying that choice… is the idea that your goal is out of REACH.

Which is NOT true, spiritually.

The Wiser Choice

So instead of cutting off your desires or settling for less, break through the IDEAS and BELIEFS that say it cannot happen.

Apply the laws of the universe and you CAN have your desires.

When you break open your PERSPECTIVE, you really CAN have those things you have longed for.

That’s the spiritual truth.

Guidance To The “Rescue”

In good news, guidance will be noticeably trying to help you with this now, as Mercury trines Neptune. Divine solutions and insights are incoming.

It’s an ideal time for receiving and communicating with higher guidance.

Go within, as this period is set to bring valuable insights and inspiration.

Love Identities

With Pallas also conjunct Uranus later in the week, it may be that your own higher self is the source of wisdom working most to reach you!

And we see that the shakeups caused by Uranus deal with self perception in love.

It shows us that you are being rattled out of any outdated identities as a love partner or female, in particular.

And you are being awakened to your Highest Self.

Be willing to release any old identities and self perceptions that do not serve you anymore, because it will raise and harmonize the dynamic in your Twin Flame connection.

Shadow Karmic Feminine?

Midweek we have a challenge with Lilith asteroid ruler of the shadow karmic feminine, conjunct Ceres, ruler of manifestation and the harvest.

This shows us that any challenges or LACK of your desire being there, is rooted in shadow feminine persons, beliefs or influences from the past.

And, that it’s important to not listen to these influences now.

The Downward Twin Flame Spiral…

How might that look?

Well, as an example: You met your Twin 2 years ago and fell madly in love, but after a challenge you started reading info online from Twins who had been heartbroken and were angry and in a state of conflict and blame…

This info said that all Twins experience struggle and negativity… And it got in your head.

And over time, this became more and more your experience too.


Who Does NOT Want You Together?

Or, you met your Twin and YOU are happy together but there are negative influences in your life seeking to get between you on some level.

Maybe a best friend is jealous because you’re no longer as close with THEM… Or maybe a group of school buddies are suspicious of your Twin Flame connection because they have been through bad divorces…

You see the picture. The way it transpires in YOUR life could be different. But the cosmic message is the same:

You CAN experience amazing blissful love. Focus on that. Aim for that. Because those “shadow voices” and influenceswill unfortunately pull you off track.

Are Twin Flames “Meant” To Suffer?

The Twin Flame journey is NOT meant to be a struggle.

The purpose of the Ascension process is to clear out all blocks to love, and get Twins together so that we can do what we came here for:

To live in Unconditional Love and be a source of light on the planet.

It’s an ego misconception that the suffering of Twin Flames is somehow “divinely decreed” or “romantic”. You’re not meant to be in pain.

Anchoring In True Love

Spiritually, you are here to be together, so you can anchor unconditional love into society – and enjoying your connection every day. And I want to help you get to that point.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the approach that helped my Twin and I reach Union in just 18 months despite so much heavy baggage, have a look at The Vibrational Alignment Program here.

twin flame story

(You can also read testimonials from other Twins who have used the program here.)

“I am doing your program and people around me began to tell me that I am full of light and I feel really better with it!” – Nicoletta C, Rome, Italy

“I started with your free toolkit and immediately felt results so much that I had to get the full program and wow! I’ve been doing it consistently and I feel lighter and my Twin and I are so much closer. And since my vibration has become higher and higher, I’m attracting in wonderful opportunities and amazing abundance as well. I’m so grateful for your work, Cassady!” 

– Jessica N.  California, USA

Healing For The Masculine

Late this week, we have an added depth to the Masculine’s journey, as Mars and Chiron join together. This indicates a period of deep (unconscious) healing for the Masculine.

Old ego wounds may be triggered during this time.

So again, if you’re the Feminine Twin, approach your counterpart with these factors in mind.

Mars conjunct Chiron also indicates that action is healing, but it can feel heavy. If you have been feeling low or stuck, taking action can transform your situation.

You may be surprised at how quickly this works.

The spiritual truth is, the mere intention and energetic CHOICE to take action, begins to change the momentum of your WHOLE dynamic and journey in a positive direction.

A Week Of “Preparation”

This is set to be a week of powerful processes working to purify and uplift you.

We are in a “multiple new beginning”, and it’s important that you hold high intentions for the future. You are truly powerful, and a higher chapter is wanting to show up.

Open your heart and your mind, and reach for the highest.

You are so capable!

I’ll see you next week for another forecast x

Cassady <3

Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union on my own journey – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames

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