Opening Up To The “Divine Future” Of Your Twin Flame Connection By Squaring Up To Figures From The Past… Who “Taught” You Disappointment?

This is set to be a week with some deeper challenges going on in the background throughout. It’s as if the “divine” is working behind the scenes to take the veil from your eyes…

To show you how incredible and wonderful your path and your Twin Flame connection really could be… If you would just open up to it – body, mind and soul.

And to help you to that, it’s pushing you to take a hard look at the past. Because there are stumbling blocks you haven’t realized were there.

Above all, it’s about where and by whom you were taught that “disappointment” was inevitable in life…

Twin Flame Healing And Help

But before we get started on the forecast, I have a message:

No, I’m Not Trying To “Trick” You!

Many readers of this blog haven’t yet taken advantage of the Free materials I offer – and some of you email me to ask “Is it really free?”

Yes, let me assure you that this Free Help Kit for Twin Flames is indeed Free. It’s not a trick. You don’t have to give your credit card details or anything like that. It really is given at completely no cost.

It’s a resource I was guided to share with the Twin Flame collective, as so many have struggles based in energy blocks and congestion absorbed from outsiders.

Another thing to know – when you sign up, there’s no spam. Aside from the initial welcome emails, you’ll *only be contacted when there is a new article up on the blog* – which happens Mondays and Fridays.


So now that you’re clear on what’s involved, here is the link to the Free Energy Cleanse Tool and Guided Meditations For Twin Flames!

The resources in the Free Kit are specifically designed to uplift your system and harmonize your Twin Flame connection over time. To really notice the positive results, use it daily for at two weeks. Plus, have a look at the feedback from other Twins who have used the resources.

Uplifted By Nature

We’re moving into summer in the northern hemisphere this week – nature is blooming into full and we are experiencing the return of sunshine into our lives.

Notice how the collective atmosphere is shaped by weather conditions and the seasons changing.

When warmth and sunshine returns after winter, there’s a sense of energetic and emotional warmth returning to the western countries. People feel more at home in the world, loved by nature and the universe.

Use times like this to surf the high vibration collective waves of emotion and allow for increased well being, feelings of love and happiness.

This aligns you with ease and positivity in love and all areas of life.

To learn more about uplifting your Twin Flame journey into a state of appreciation, harmony and mutual openness every day, have a look at my step by step Vibrational Alignment Program for Twins.

Twin Flame Telepathy Active

The Sun and Mercury meet in Gemini this week, creating a feeling of mental excitement.

It can get a bit much, so do make sure you keep an eye on your thoughts this week, it can feel tricky to make decisions and stay in your truth with these Gemini energies tending to duality.

The benefit is you’re open to seeing others’ perspectives this week so it’s a harmonious transit for the Twin pair.

Even if you’ve had differences in the past, you’re more likely to perceive this as a “life experience” or “a lesson” than to be emotionally wounded.

Use the momentum available to you right now to uplift your connection, and to clear the air around any lingering issues between you and others.

Communication is positively aspected right now if you can keep your emotions out of any disagreements.

Have a look here at an article about Twin Flame telepathy – which is also highlighted right now

twin flame telepathy

Open Communication Between The Twins

Both the Sun and Mercury are in a positive trine to Mars early this week. We see the Masculine Twin feeling happy and well adjusted.

There’s a sense of inner freedom. They feel good inside, and this makes them approachable.

They’re less likely to withdraw if you reach out, and they’re more likely to be level-headed and reasonable. So if you’ve been waiting to get in touch, this is a good time. As always use your intuition.

If your Twin Flame is a “runner” or “unawakened” you will both benefit from this session spirit channeled to me.

It will help open up your connection on multiple levels – and goes into opening their system to unconditional love, removing ego fears that often cause struggle between the Twins.

twin flame awakening

Have a look here for more.

Challenges In Love – The Past Comes Knocking

Midweek we have a challenge in love: Venus opposition Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn indicate past disappointments flaring up as regards your love life and how you see the future.

It’s likely that you’re in some way re-experiencing a past disappointment, emotionally. Or being reminded of it.

A “phantom” version. And highlighted is disappointments in love and with your Twin Flame in the physical.

Have you gotten your hopes up and been let down time again? This stuff is flaring up – emotionally.

Spirit shows us, those experiences have created a “scar” in your heart… Making you feel unsafe to fully open up to love.

So to “help you” Pluto’s involvement seeks to unearth the old disappointments so you can fully release and clear them – opening up again to your heart’s full capacity to love.

Divine Inspiration For A Bright Future


With a simultaneous trine from Neptune, the Moon and Jupiter – higher dimensions are “saying”: Don’t give up! Things really can be different.

(Read more here in: “Crucial Words Of Inspiration For The Twin Flame Journey”)

Tidy up issues of from the past – clear the energy and expectation of disappointment to open up to what you desire in the future!

The fact is these disappointments are serving to light up a pattern in your system – somewhere along the line you “learned” that disappointment was possible or likely.

And you clicked into this possibility, unwittingly attracting that very thing. A “self fulfilling prophecy”.

Who *Really* Let You Down?

So their question for you is this: “Where did the pattern of being let down REALLY come from?”

The answer is usually childhood. So who was it that “taught” you that disappointment might await you?

If you’re the female Twin Flame, who “taught” you that men could and would let you down? If you’re the male Twin Flame, who “taught” you that women would disappoint you?

Or if you’re of the same sex, see how this relates to your situation… In essence, who “taught” you that real life would contain disappointments? That people would let you down?

When you pinpoint the core origin of the pattern and neutralize the frequency, you stop attracting disappointment on “autopilot” – it opens up your Twin Flame connection and your timelines.

Shifting the way your whole system functions – because this is a “systemic block” for so many people.

If you need some help to fully clear this, have a look at the following session where I take you through it.


What Unhealed Wounds Are Triggering Ego?

On Friday the Moon passes Chiron in Aries – the “wounded healer”. Likely at this time are feelings of being upset without fully knowing why.

A sense of being opposed by others.

Really, it’s to do with ego wounds flaring up … with the purpose of helping you heal so you can be free to embrace your divine gift of love.

To share and receive and give love to your heart’s true full capacity. Keep in mind that this transit might be triggering your counterpart also.

The Shadow Feminine Poses Challenges

We do also have some challenges this week, as several Lilith conjunctions with Saturn (9th June) and Pluto (10th June) cause disruptions.

(To refresh your memory regarding Lilith – the shadow feminine – and what these transits mean for Twin Flames, have a look at this energy reading from earlier this year)

With Lilith triggering Saturn, we’re dealing with old wounds regarding reponsibility between the sexes … burdens placed on the Feminine while the Masculine was “allowed to be free”, are among common wounds highlighted.

For more, read “Twin Flame Conflict: Why Do I Have To Do All The Work?”

twin flame conflict

Is It Even Your “Issue”?

As always, during these periods the Twin Flames tend to function unwittingly as “actors” playing out the ancient human dramas of conflict between man and woman.

Know that if you’re triggered this week, it might not even be “your stuff” you’re dealing with – on both sides of your connection.

Spirit highlights, your counterpart may be the one acting out collective energies in a negative sense.

If this is happening, they recommend the Complete Harmony Healing session for Twin Flames to cleanse out the old negative material and uplift your connection and your timelines into a higher state.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Click here for more and to download.

Your Secret Self Emerging

As regards Pluto, we’re dealing with unconscious suppressed emotions the feminine/female has pushed down out of “not having a choice” – where she had no choice but submit.

Where she was not allowed to be in her power. Or where others used power against her. Sexuality figures strongly here, as Pluto is the ruler of sexuality, secrets, death/rebirth and the unconscious.

A lot of what was deemed “unacceptable” by others and therefore suppressed, is emerging now…

So if you’re the female/feminine Twin – where might you have repressed your own anger, your “animal nature”, your own sexual desires?

Where might you have kept a part of yourself secret?

This transit is asking you to deal with it now.

When we try to ignore something, it “sticks” in our system energetically and emotionally and can cause disruptions both for our health and our Twin Flame connection.

Read more here in the Free Chakra Reading For Twin Flames


Do You Feel Wanted And Welcome?

Another thing spirit is showing up for us at this time, is the ancient human pattern of boy children being “wanted” and hoped for, while girl children are seen as less desirable.

Many females carry a subtle underlying wound of being met with this disappointment or negative reaction from parents/family members during the initial moment of life… And this is a karmic pattern that has existed in the feminine collective since the dawn of human experience.

In practical terms, this energy can translate into an underlying “core pattern” of feeling unwelcome in life, as if people, our Twin Flame or the universe don’t want us here, don’t love us or welcome us… Feeling opposed and unsupported.

And it’s a core block that keeps “rebuffing” the divine love of the Twin Flame connection, manifesting as separation, your counterpart running, things not working out.

Of course the truth is we are all souls of light, and most have reincarnated as both female and male at different times – but this human block is something Twin Flames are here to assist in healing.

To eradicate the blocks that keep people from love, and reintroduce the infinite and undiscriminating nature of unconditional love. (Have a look here for my step by step program for Twin Flames)

Why Twin Flames Are Here Right Now

If you’re having questions or are facing issues in your journey right now, remember that it likely has to do with this:

As a high vibrational soul, a Twin Flame – a divine emissary to earth – you and your counterpart agreed to “go under” and to work to rise up into a state of immaculate unconditional love while alive as human beings.

This is why so many Twins’ journeys are challenging, because we are breaking the boundaries of what our bodies are programmed for in the human lineages.

We are in the process of building a bridge back to the divine. To reach up into a state of divine unconditional love, from our place in the human world – opening up this path for everyone to access. 

Not just for our own sake, but to assist the whole collective and to contribute to the elevation of consciousness on the planet. You are a pioneer of love, a crucial and important player in this world’s development.

Don’t ever think you don’t matter. You would be baffled to discover how much you have contributed already, how much has changed because of you.

(Read more in “What Are Twin Flames And Why Are We Really Here?”)


This week is set to be a challenge if we allow old emotions and patterns to “convince” us…

But if you can use the strong current in the element of air to hold you up… You can undo earlier years’ damage in order to uplift into a brighter future.

Remember you’re powerful! And emotions aren’t always as “true” as they seem. Behind any congestion and stress, your Twin Flame’s higher self is always on hand. (Click here to discover how to invite them in)

If in doubt, write out what you’re feeling. This helps you gain some perspective. It gets the feelings onto paper instead of “boiling over” inside.

And as always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“My Twin Flame is a Runner and something amazing happened today… I’ve done the clearing two days in a row so far, and guess who called me this morning after doing the meditation and energy cleanse? Yup, you guessed it… he called on his own without prompting from me! I am so darn happy, it’s a miracle!”

– Kristine D, Mass, USA

Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes right now!

twin flame program

Or if you want to go deeper, resolve Running and Separation struggles for good – have a look at my complete Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames!

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