Mars Holdbacks Are Finally Resolved – We can Move Forward, Heart First. But: Are You Unconsciously Blocking Union With Your Twin?


This week’s forecast is going to be a bit different than usual. As I began writing this I could – as always – sense the Twin Flame collective’s expectant energies and the intense desire to read about the coming developments for positive changes to take place.

Which I completely understand – we all want to know that the future is set to be bright, that good things are coming, that we’ll be experiencing happiness and that our dreams are set to come true.

Every week when I write these forecasts, I can feel the desire for information and for positive news – especially the kind of information that says:

“All Twin Flame Runners Set To Return Now”

“Twin Flame Union Happening As Decreed From Above”

“Blocks Dissolving Overnight”

“Divine Feminine And Masculine Uniting In Joy and Love Now”


Your Power Over Outside Circumstances

We all want to know that everything is going to be OK. It’s one of the deepest human instincts – to seek to know the future, to be told that we really will live happily ever after. I completely understand.

However, sometimes I feel like I’m cheating you through writing these weekly energy updates – because although I am truthfully describing the energies at hand, it could affect your Free Will Choices.

Reading forecasts can unfortunately encourage us to not step into our true power, and instead lock our energy to outer definitions of what’s happening, including messages from spirit. No matter how well intended.

I’m not saying there’s something wrong with the forecasts – I’m a clear channel – but I really feel like you deserve to know that ultimately it doesn’t matter. Neither does anyone else’s channeled articles or predictions or forecasts about the Twin Flame collective’s futures and lessons…

Empowerment is what truly matters.

You are an infinite soul of light, and you have the power to control energy. In other words: No matter what is going on in life or in the cosmic energy currents, you yourself can counteract it, manage it, create your desires anyway. You just have to take action.

Like with a ship, you can go with the current or you can sail your chosen course. Or use a combination to get to your chosen destination.

The last thing I would want is to steer you onto a course where you align with something disempowering. It could create you to unwittingly align with blocking your own joy and love.

After mentioning my concerns to spirit, I was immediately encouraged to write to you completely openly. To instead of providing the information you might hunger for, to honestly speak the deeper truth.

You see, astrological themes, energies and influxes of light from the higher realms are for sure impactful and can influence our experience, and they can even push for developments from the outside – both positive and negative. BUT…

The deeper truth is that you are a powerful being of light, and you can make things work for you no matter what any outside energies are doing!

Really, you have it in your power to create your dream, and it’s not dependent on the planets or the higher realms or anything else… Just you. And it might not be an overnight easy thing to manifest your dream, but it’s possible.

And if I steered you away from that knowing, if I lead you to believe that the decisions had already been made for you – I would feel terrible.

So I needed to let you know. Just in case you’d got pulled in, as so many of us do, to this feeling that events were completely out of your hands.

Your Twin Flame Reunion Is Waiting…

The deeper truth is that if we were dependent on and locked to the astrological movements, or decrees from above, we would never get anything done. There would be no point in us being here.

Your Twin Flame joy, happiness, reunion and all the rest of it isn’t dependent on any outside things. You can make it happen anyway, because you are an infinite being of light who can mould and shape and manage your energy and intention to make it happen.


So this week I want you to know that for example even though Mars is moving direct and you might sense a lightening of progress, that it’s easier to move forward now – you could have dealt with it anyway!

And although there are gateways and influxes of light coming in this September onwards to assist Twin Flames – you can get to that point yourself, now!

And although there are strong energies set to assist us to anchor Twin Union more and more into the physical earthly reality in 2017 and it’s a theme for the year – you can get to that point yourself, now!

In metaphorical terms, you can either stand around waiting for the bus, or you can decide to use your own feet and walk. You as an infinite being can make anything happen! That’s the truth.

How To Make Things Work For You No Matter What

The key is to become conscious of your energy, manifestation and how your past is impacting your present and future.

You can eradicate the things that have kept you disempowered, in cycles of running and chasing or disappointment, and you can move out of limiting beliefs and past hurts. It’s all about energy.

Energy really is the crux of the Twin Flame connection: When your energies are aligned, you exist in harmony together.

When your energies are imbalanced, there are flare-ups of conflict, negativity and problems. This is why energy management is the deepest and most effective way to shift your Twin Flame connection into harmony, love and joy.

Because I know this from first hand experience and from hundreds of clients I created The Free Twin Flame Help Kit – you can download a powerful energy cleanse tool here to get going if you haven’t already.

This has truly transformed so many Twin Flames’ lives already (you can read about them here, including lots of new unsolicited testimonials), and energy clearing is something other healers also have shared to help thousands of people open up to more abundance, more happiness, health and so on…

Reuniting With Your Twin Flame

The most important thing to achieving your desires/to reunite with your Twin Flame/to be happy, is to shift your mindset from outer-centered, to inner-centered. To become your own authority. It’s been the toughest lesson on my journey so far.

You see, if we’re focused on the outer things, our situation might change for the better for a while when the “weather is good”, but then the next pattern/trigger/planetary push/challenging event comes along again and tears down our progress…

When you are your own power, on the other hand, we stand firm in the knowing that nothing and no one can stop us. And that’s the energetic and spiritual truth of it.
When we live from that point, we become able to manifest what mirrors that inner wholeness – Twin Flame harmony and joy on a deeper level.

When we live waiting for a situation to be resolved from the outside, whether it’s up to the universe or angels or our Twin Flame changing or the astrological themes lining up or other people finally seeing sense and “waking up”… we give away all our power.

And the energetic match to that, is more situations where we feel disempowered – more running/chasing/separation cycles, more confusion, more turmoil…

No One And Nothing Can Stop You Once You Make This One Tiny Shift

I felt that you deserved to know this. And deep down, you already know. Your soul has been trying to tell you this for some time.

By all means, I understand the desire to read forecasts and to want to know the future, but I’d highly recommend doing that from a place of … interest and curiosity, not from a place of things being set in stone and some outer force determining events or experiences for you.

The intention and choice to be in your own power will have deep repercussions in your life. When you take back your power of definition, you really can make things happen the way you want. You set your goal, clear what’s in the way of it, and keep going until you finally get there.

The saddest thing I see is Twin Flames who are so distraught, so upset because they’re afraid it will never happen – the happiness, the union, the joy – because they’re putting all of the power in the hands of outside things… I receive comments and emails to that effect every single day.

And I know that what many are waiting for is for someone to say “It’ll be OK, I can see that everything will come together for you the way you desire. You really will be happy in the end.”

The truth is, no one can give you your happiness but no one can take it away either. Making that mental and emotional shift has the power to truly transform things for you.

Remember you are the power of your life. No one can stop you, block you or ruin things for you. Not even your own Twin Flame.

The person who takes charge of their energy and chooses consciously to make things happen, “overrides” the one who’s unconsciously operating on patterns. Intention and awareness “wins” every time.


Why This Is So Important To Me

Thank you for reading this far, I deeply appreciate you being open to this.

Especially as I wish someone could have said this to me a few years ago, back when I was hovering over forecasts every day, reading tons of articles and going to psychics looking for answers and reassurance … and feeling that familiar sinking stone in my stomach whenever I was told something negative.

I could have saved myself so much time, hurt and struggle. So now, I want to do that for you. I experienced enough hurt, I don’t want you to go through the same. Step into your power now, you’ll thank yourself later.

A simple way to get started right now is to download my powerful Free Help Kit if you haven’t already.

Now You’ve Been Prepared…

In a brief energy update now you’re aware that you can make things work for you regardless  – Mars moves direct on June 29th, signalling a lessening of the intense purification and upgrade of the Masculine from recent months (moving through the shadow field a few more weeks).

Aries natives and those with an emphasis on the masculine energy polarity can breathe a sigh of relief as things are set to pick up speed again. It’s felt like progress has been slow at best these last few months, but it was for a “good cause”, to purge old stagnant negativity that impaired the positive manifestation of the masculine energies.

We’re being congratulated on the positive work and inner soul searching done throughout the Mars retrograde. The New Moon in Cancer on July 4th signals a restart in the realm of emotion. The past is being left behind, and a new phase begins.

A Grand Trine in water on June 27th-29th involves the “male and female” (Venus in Cancer and Mars in Scorpio) and the “higher realms” (Neptune in Pisces) – symbolically showing us that the “higher realms are helping Twin Flames connect and come together, in the high vibrations.

Speaking To The Emotions To Override Ego Blocks

There’s a sense of the “divine” stepping in but this transit is set to feel extremely “watery”, however, so keep an eye on yourself on June 27th – it can get a bit heavy. It’s as if the higher realms are “speaking” directly to our emotions so the ego mind can’t interfere and block the insights and encouragement.

Keep in mind that we’re still in a period of being asked to attune to our intuition and these energies can assist in this. The heart is still “leading”. The “male and female” are meeting in the realms of emotion. We are being asked to go within to do this.

Remember to ground yourself in order to ensure you experience the upside of this very emotional time rather than being bogged down in heaviness.

Again, there may be “cosmic weather” – but you can choose how to handle it! Nothing can stop you. So, do you stay at home feeling bad about the storms and the rain – just waiting for the sun to shine again – or do you grab your rain gear and get out and make things happen anyway?

I believe in you! There is so much love for you!

 As always I’m sending you blessings for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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  1. Oh Cassady, thank you. This is my most favorite thing that you have ever written. 🙂 It is indeed the mark of a good teacher who will not enable students to give their power away to anything, even the teacher, because it is not what is best for anyone.

    I’ve been wrestling with this very issue (i.e. the state of being disempowered and giving my power away) in recent days, experiencing old feelings and emotional memories surface from the past wherein I gave my power away; but I’m ready for those days to be over. This article feels a lot more like support than instruction (and therefore really empowering, indeed), and I just really appreciate it.

    “Love never fails” has been repeating like a mantra in my head today, and I think it speaks to this: when I set my intention and make a choice from my heart, that is rooted in love, it cannot fail, no matter what the outside circumstances look like. I really want to integrate this knowing down to my deepest level. Anxiety has been a problem for me historically, and I suspect that this is exactly why–because underneath anxiety is the fear of being powerless. But that is never true! I’m so glad that we are all in the process of remembering and expressing who we really are. <3

  2. Cassady… oh my goodness! This article is absolutely amazing and goes along with my recent realizations about this journey. We really do have the power! I am always grateful to have come across your blog. It really has been so helpful for me. Sending you so much light and love! xoxo

  3. Cassady. You are truly amazing and your heart shines with the most beautiful light! Months back I decided as you suggested to stop reading other peoples stories despite their best intentions. I was getting weighed down by all those stories of twins not reuniting, the struggle, the separation, the awareness that twins don’t unite on earth. I deleted everything I had saved and just kept reading your blog, clearing energy everyday and changing mind set. I have changed and feel in control. I am really trying to align with love, positive outocomes and self initiative. If I had to listen to my twin or everyone else I would have given up long ago and being desperate. Moving out of fear is the biggest shift I am experiencing. am in charge of my own desires, destiny, spiritual growth. I feel this magic around me, nature talks to me and above all I feel the love of my twin and decided to be in charge for him too. I really cannot thank you enough. This experience is truly a blessing and gave me an opening to the truly special souls we all are. I am not saying everything is easy and perfect. But I focus on the beauty I see inside and around me. Love back to you x

  4. I’ve been saying this for a quite a time now that I need stop looking at Twin Flame forecast for awhile, and innerstand my own journey.

  5. Thanks you Cassady for a powerful and empowering article. I totally agree with you as I have learnt that through my own experience and seeing that when I take action (informed by intuition) things always move ahead. I am now back in contact with my twin and things are progressing slowly but steadily.

  6. One of the best posts. I finally connected some dots that were waiting to be connected for so long. Thank you! Peace!

  7. I just want say THANK YOU!! I am so glad you shared in this way!! It was brilliantly inspirational! Much love to you??

  8. Thank you for answering my question! I woke up this morning feeling so low after another amazing day yesterday. The fluctuations are intense. I know it is up to me to shift that and yet it still feels overwhelming sometimes. The disappointment in how quickly it can drop can really get me if I am not careful. It can raise up that quickly as well I have to remind myself. My question was “what if a Twin never really gets it and decides to just have a life with a soul mate or never unite?” Even though I know mine does not feel that way in his higher awareness (and that really NONE of us can be happy making that choice, the path will always come back to us), it really hit me this morning as if it was a possibility. Thank you for helping me shake that off. The thought that one side can pull the other up no matter what is heartening. It is 11:11 as I type this. <3

  9. thanks for this article. I am meeting my twin physically…tomorrow. after 25 years of roller coaster ride. we have finally confronted and meeting face to face. I completely resonate and relate to what you have written. all excited for tomorrow.

  10. Hi Cassady. This really resonates with me.
    Yes I believe that we have the ability at any stage to ‘do the work’ and bring it ourselves. I truly believe that myself doing the energy clearing and visualization tools have helped my twin and I begin talking again. 8 weeks ago she told me she never wanted to see or talk or be near me again and yet out of the blue she contacted me and we’ve begun chatting. However I’ve found it hard over the past couple of weeks as she’s retreated again. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to push things along but it’s been hard when you know that it will happen but then you see her back away and tell me that I’m reading things wrong.
    I’m wondering though if it’s me not being able to complete the meditations properly anymore. I find myself drifting off and not concentrating.
    And every now and again I find myself thinking the negative thoughts.
    Despite this the synchronicities still happen every day.
    Cassady do have any advice as to what I can do to help?

  11. Thank you somuch for this, I have been looking for reassurance outside of me and get that empty feeling whenever I hear something negative, it fills me with fear. I appreciate you telling us that only we have control over our outcomes and the answer is within us. Your blog is such a great help. You are a beautiful soul, thank you!

  12. I really appreciate reading this. Thank you Cassady for your honesty and bravery. I have been actually trying lately to take the forecasts with a grain of salt, due to reasons that you said and each of our situations being so so unique.

    One thing that was eye opening in this article was that we can choose to OVERRIDE our blocks and patterns. For the last few months I have been struggling to sort out really important things like finding safe, affordable, supportive housing (I have mental health issues and a myriad of reasons why). I have been noticing in the last month or so that I am encountering the same negative patterns in areas of my life that are making me struggle — and that this had to do with energy. I have been trying to get to the bottom about how to energetically help myself in an affordable and safe way but also feeling like I am the puppet of old energies and karma and that really hurt me; I felt so let down by the universe and am trying to build a foundation for myself and move FROM there. I know now that I have to do work on my root chakra but also don’t like this idea that “if u have energy blocks then u will keep encountering the same issues no matter what” — that makes me feel powerless and not everyone (like myself) is in a position to prioritize seeing a healer for energy clearing when there is a risk of homeless and/or mental health crisis.

    Anyway I will keep finding ways to work on my root chakra but it is encouraging that even that can be over rode. I’m not sure how to get there exactly but it’s not nice to feel like I am stuck and that’s it.

    Anyway, thank you and please feel free to clarify. Do we need to be in a high vibration to over ride the bad stuff…because that’s not easy for me these days (read above: severe mental health issues).

    Have a nice day and thank you !!

  13. I have to say that this is the most empowering article to list, let us all come together now in harmony and perfect TF Union.
    Blessings to all. X

  14. I believe I have met my Twin Flame, but he is running cause I won’t be legally divorced til October 2016. I am legally separated from my husband and we do live apart. I respect his decision cause in GODs eyes it is wrong to desire or date a married woman. I did the Alignment Vibration and meditation, after is when i met my twin flame..I knew it was him the moment I look into his eyes. he even said he felt like I have been apart of him his whole life, he couldn’t explain it. That it was a miracle and is this really happening. as he has pulled away and said we can only be friends. It sadden me he will get away cause he wants to date other women. I don’t know how to let him go, now that we have found each other. I will be patient cause of my divorce is pending but he knew this when we met. I believe he has past hurt that is hindering him. Or is it that I am still married the real reasons for the blocks we are enduring?

  15. That awkward moment when the notice before the forcast actually has to do with it xD stepping into maculine ( power?) Haha 😀 funny i had a dream today about using an opal to clear away bullies, but relizing the opal only were like training wheels, if i gave full faith in it and not myself, the bullies would pummel me. I relized this is the dream and focused on my own power. I then realized i could karate kick them all! What i can do this?? Of course i can i believe in me! I let me flow, then i noticed after the opal caught my eye while in my hand, as if to show it was helping me now, like training wheels on a bike. Soon enough at the end of the battle i felt i didnt need the opal much anymore! It was such a powerful dream and i felt amazed how your notice reminded me of it. I came out of both that dream and this reminding article enlightened. Outside things like crystals essential oils, mantras, and astrological occurences work the same way!

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