Karmic Challenges Grow To A Head – The Universe “Says” Enough! Radical New Beginning In Masculine/Feminine Dynamic, To Break Open The Collective To Unity…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights include:

Lilith joins the Sun, heating up issues of mistreatment and conflict between Masculine/Feminine counterparts. The Universe “says” it’s time to resolve this once and for all.

Plus, Neptune Retrograde, karma at work: Have you taken your eye off your dreams?

Time to re-focus.

Discover more below!

A Week For Mastery

This is set to be a week with some learning curves – but if you master what crops up, your path will be uplifted for the long run.

Keep on top of your mindset and stay in self awareness, and you’ll do great even when challenges crop up.

The first theme we see, is you’re being asked to have determination and focus – as Mars sextiles Saturn Retrograde throughout the week.

The End Of Karmic Cycles? You Decide

This means, staying the course is key. Patience may be required.

And, you will notice recurring themes around issues where you went “wrong” in the past, or karmic cycles that are still active.

This is to give you a chance to heal, release and “up-level” to open your path higher.

(For more on karma and the Twin Flame connection, have a look at this article)

History Repeating…

So pay attention. Where have themes like your current situation happened in the past – especially if things feel stuck?

Now is your chance to resolve the pattern for good!

Karma is key when Saturn gets involved, and this work goes deep into the unconscious and past lives.

For help, go here. I would recommend this session as a foundation for all Twins, as we clear out the most common karmic blocks that keep Twins stuck.


(Read more Twin Flame testimonials here)

Determination, Focus, Intention…

Saturn also “says” it’s wise to think things through before making major moves, and taking things one step at a time. Now is not a time to rush.

It could take some effort but if you focus on what’s really important, it will pay off.

Don’t give up, is the message, especially for Twin Flames. (Saturn is famous for lessons of patience.)

If you focus on improving your mindset and energy alignment, you will notice the momentum shifting in your favor.

Because in short, the planets are “waiting” for you to take charge of YOURSELF.

Once you demonstrate commitment and responsibility, Saturn helps you forward. Support begins to rally around you and the path opens.

Neptune Retrograde, Powerful New Moon

On the 28th Neptune turns retrograde for the next 6 months, asking us to go within and reconnect with our OWN divinity. To acknowledge that we ARE the divine…

For Twin Flames, this is pushing us to recognize that love and unity is not “out there” somewhere, or just in the perpetual FUTURE.

It is within reach here and now in every moment, INSIDE of us.

(Sound weird? Read more here to learn why)

June 28th-29th we also have Lilith, the Sun and Moon joined in Cancer for the New Moon.

This is an intense time, a once-a-year new beginning and pivotal moment.

“Double Moon Power”

The Moon is Cancer’s own ruler, so a New Moon here is a powerful yearly new beginning.

Because Cancer and the Moon rule family, the womb and female fertility, themes of home, family and emotion are heightened for this lunar shift.

Lilith’s involvement means that “darkness” regarding to the identity of females/family/duty/ancestral toxins are in focus.


Outsiders “Sabotaging” The Twin Connection

It could mean something like family members trying to pressure you to let go of your Twin to settle down with someone else – to fulfill THEIR idea of a female having to have children…

Or you may feel burdened by responsibility to the family and *their* wellbeing, in a way that weighs your heart and vibration down – holding love always in the distance…

(Preparing the research for this forecast weeks ago, it was uncanny to see that something so “astrologically pinpointed” as the overturning of Roe Vs Wade in the United States happened this weekend.)

Karmic Unconsciousness

You yourself will recognize how these themes are at work in your life…

In essence the planets are this week showing up deeply unconscious blocks relating to femininity and IDEAS of the female.

And it could come in the form of your OWN inner “darkness” rising – through blame, anger, wanting to give up, feeling disheartened… Or circumstances pushing you.

The good news is, this purge is coming up so we can shift higher.

Make sure you deal with these things now in your own system. Otherwise they will keep playing out as “real” in your connection, creating drama and struggle. 

“I have been doing (the Oneness Activation) every week since you made it and now the karmic relationship my twin was in is over and I know it is because of this …I can’t thank you enough Cassady…lots of love…” – Diane

Overshadowing Free Will?

If you are the male or Masculine Twin, this may look different from your vantage point.

You may see that what has kept your Twin away, is family influence…

Or that the real reason your counterpart pulled away was because she was made to feel unworthy in her upbringing…

 In short, shadows around femininity – especially from family.

Again, it’s high time to resolve all of this now.

Restart For The Collective

This New Moon in Cancer is particularly heightened for the feminine.

And despite the ruptures happening in society right now…

Spirit is clear that this New Moon signals an important restart and reset.

Old stuck energy is being purged from the collective fields in terms of beliefs/patterns around femininity/the female.

This is happening so that the divine higher feminine expressions can begin to flow naturally once more and bring balance to society and the future.

The Story Of “Sin”

We’re shown that in human history, perceptions and grids around the female and feminine have been distorted, exploited, abused or misperceived.

Most particularly, we’re reminded of the story of Adam and Eve, and how woman was seen to cause the “fall” into sin…

Leading females unfortunately to be seen as “bad” or “unclean” or “lesser” throughout history – having to repent for their existence.

Being painted as a villain or a problem, or not being allowed their sovereignty. This has still been carried as a heavy karmic debt by both genders and in the fields.

This is being reset now in the planetary consciousness grids.


Starting Over

While this happens, it’s crucial that we CHOOSE the higher states of love, unity, balance and compassion – especially for Twin Flames. 

Because a restart means, the old energies and states will be less entrenched, but it is still possible for people to act on the shadows of the past.

 A new chapter IS unfolding, though.

Anchoring In Unity

Twin Flames are asked to lead the way and opt out of the historical opposition templates between male/female, masculine/feminine and to anchor in UNITY.

On the spiritual level, the whole human collective – yes, even the souls of people who act the opposite – agree that this historic phase of distortion around the feminine is over.

We are moving into a higher state, on the whole.

Keep an eye on yourself and release this karma, so you shift out of the historic conflict patterns for good. This will open to harmony and unity returning to your connection.

The Power Of (Self) Love

On an individual level, the Cancer New Moon also encourages you to value your own inner “feminine self” and show yourself care and love.

No matter if you’re male OR female (or identify beyond gender)!

Holding yourself as worthy and deserving of love and being cherished, is key.

And remember that the inner love and wholeness you bring to yourself, is what makes you magnetic to love with your Twin too.


Turning A Blind Eye?

One risk we see this week, is that you’ll just close your eyes and hope unpleasant things or problems go away by themselves.

 Or that your situation is magically fixed without your input.

The Sun square Jupiter shows us, you likely feel resistant to taking responsibility or to face up to any issues you need to resolve.

It also indicates that enthusiasm and positivity may NOT be grounded in facts, and that you’re being asked to check in.

Wishful Thinking Vs Guided Action

Ask yourself if you are being truthful with YOURSELF above all.

Your intuition will always let you know. Sometimes hard work IS guided, to fix a problem for the LONG run.

Sometimes having that “difficult” conversation is what is needed.

Don’t run away into the clouds, if you are needed here and now.

Fantasy Vs Manifesting – What’s The Difference?

With Venus sextile Jupiter as well, the situation you’re avoiding dealing with, likely relates to love. This can be a positive transit if you’re open to flow.

A key to this is to remember: there IS INDEED a fine line between daydreaming and manifesting.

One will get you nowhere, and the other brings your desires into your physical life.

Manifesting Twin Flame Union

If you’re not sure if you’re really manifesting reunion or love or just fantasizing, that’s very normal.

Unfortunately, most Twins spend years on visioning, affirmations and wishes, without ever tangibly receiving their desire.

So I was guided to create a session where you learn spirit’s own aligned method for manifesting your desires tangibly – and I share with you the biggest block to avoid in the process…

(Hint: wanting something REALLY badly, can actually push it away from you – and there is a way to work around this).

Pride? Ego? Keep An Eye On Yourself

Another thing to watch out for, is Ego and pride getting in the way of your true desires. As Mars in Aries squares Pluto, tension builds up throughout the week.

A clash of Egos is likely, and can put a damper on your Twin Flame connection.

It’s easy to react without thinking.

Boundaries and power are key. You may feel that someone is mistreating you or not respecting you (likely your Twin).

You may feel that they are pushing YOU to do “all the work”, or that THEY should come to YOU… Beware pride now (yes, you can still hold healthy boundaries).

Channel That Passion!

Do your best to stay calm – or if you can’t, find a healthy outlet.

Mars/Pluto transits can be powerful for exercise, passionate love making (***IF*** you’re on good terms already), making progress on projects you’ve been wanting to work on, or even building or creating something physically…

But doing something as a TEAM will be tricky.

Going it alone may be easiest right now, or go to your Twin’s soul self.

The Truth About Power

Keep in mind that power is a trickster.

How? If you get angry that someone else disrespects you, it can only happen if YOU give them importance! 

If you don’t CARE what they think, if you are at peace… They don’t have that power.

If you are at peace with YOURSELF and life, no one can hold power over you.

That’s the “secret key” so many people miss.

Staying Out Of Conflict

Pluto/Mars transit coinciding with the Lilith impact, means that it’s highly likely male/female conflict or power issues show up this week… or have been rearing their heads in your connection already.

As a Twin Flame, you are meant to have learned the lesson now:
Male/female and masculine/feminine does NOT matter as much as Twins tend to think.

Why? Because Twin Flames are one original consciousness!

If you were born in their stead, as their gender, in their family you would in essence be them, and vice versa.

So don’t let negativity hook you in. Go higher! And if your Twin has been pulled into patterns in their life that has made THEM treat you badly based on that, there IS help.

Have a look here.

Guidance Incoming

Lastly this week, Mercury connects with Neptune and Saturn – both Retrograde.

This tells us you can receive powerful guidance on the next steps to take, to get to unity and your dreams come true.

And, Saturn brings you the willpower and practicality to bring it all into the physical in practical terms.

The challenge is, this could bring back guidance you have ignored in the past.

It could ask you to face up to karma and yourSELF, as these planets are both retrograde.

In short, spirit shows us, you’re being pushed to embrace your OWN inner mastery and divinity.

A Challenging Week To Learn From

So, I’m not going to lie or gloss this over.

This week could get pretty “crunchy”. Challenges will likely crop up.

But if you can keep an eye on your perspective and stay anchored in love – and take a breather if things get too intense – you’ll do well.

If you can master YOURSELF, you will have learned and grown so much by the time next week starts. And this means your path opens on a higher level than before.

You really are so loveable! You really are infinitely worthy!

Don’t let anyone drag you out of that.

Cherish and work on your self improvement from a place of love in this period, and the universe will support you all the way.

As always, I’m sending you love and light <3

Cassady x


If you could use some direct help to anchor in love and manifest your Twin Flame Union, I would love to help!

To find out more about how to shift your Twin connection into harmony, have a look at my step by step roadmap to reunion – the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

Or, apply here to be a part of the next round of my high level Twin Flame coaching!


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