Double Impact Full Moon/Solstice Gateway Opens To Uplift More Twin Flames and Lightworkers Into The New Crystalline Grids – But to “Get In” You Might Have To Leave Behind More Than You’d Bargained For…


A pivotal week in store for Lightworkers and Twin Flames, as the Summer Solstice coincides with a powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius – the first time in decades for a Full Moon to coincide with the Solstice.

Energetically we’re experiencing a challenging opposition between the unconscious/emotions and the intellect/self/love. You might have noticed old issues flaring up these last few days, people being more on edge than usual.

As these are two incredibly intensive gateways opening up directly opposite one another, we’re set to be experiencing a simultaneous purge/influx of light. Negativity will be pushed up and positivity brought in at the same time – this can be demanding for the system and is set to take a while to settle in.

Unconscious emotional material that’s been anchoring us into the lower vibrations, creating blocks to unconditional love, is set to be funnelled out of the collective fields in order to open us up and lift us up into the higher vibrations.

To help with this releasing of negativity and help your system integrate the new light codes coming in with more ease – I would highly recommend using energy clearing and management. I’ve created the Vibrational Alignment Program especially for Twin Flames, and you can get a “sample” with a powerful energy cleanse tool in the Free Help Kit.

Vortex Of Purification – Strong Oppositions

The Solstice/Full Moon energies on June 20th (the gateway is active approximately 5 days around this date) create a huge simultaneous gateway which forms an incredibly powerful vortex of purification – if you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster of emotions up and down right now, don’t worry, you’re most likely reacting to these strong incoming/outgoing energies.

Again, energy management will help you considerably with this.

The energies are pushing to a head “against each other” incredibly powerfully right now. This is an event which has the air of being a coming of age ritual for Twins and lightworkers alike – leaving the past and limitation behind in order to move into a new “golden age”.

Themes are emotions versus intellect, the past versus the future, the old versus the new, fear versus progress.

This is a time of choices – Will you continue on in your old habits of thinking/acting/feeling, or will you move into new territory? Will you finally choose to let go of old beliefs and perceptions that may have been blocking you, or will you choose to stay with what’s familiar?

I’m shown this as a time when we receive energy influxes pushing us toward what we’ve been asking and praying for. But as with all change, it’s easy to dream and wish, but once the wish begins to tangibly show up many of us feel fear. Fear of change is a very common pattern, deeply embedded in the human psyche for survival reasons.

In this new energy shift on the planet, we can use metaphysical energy clearing tools to painlessly move out of blocks and patterns for good. To read more about this, go here.

Are You Really Ready For Your Twin Flame ideal?

The question we’re being asked right now is:

Are you really, really, really ready for your ideal Twin Flame relationship to actually tangibly show up for you? Are you open to it? Would you be willing to leave all of the past behind to get there?

A time of heightened impact for Twin Flames – we are getting “tough love” right now, being pushed from both sides to make choices.

We’re being nudged powerfully to move into new and higher territory instead of staying stuck in the old and familiar – it might be uncomfortable while it lasts.

Most of us like to think that we’re open and conscious and ready for positivity and our dreams coming true, but the unconscious houses memories of old hurts and fears that make us hold back and shut down when push comes to shove…

Anchoring Into 5D To Help Twin Flames Reunite

Make sure you’re aware of your “issues” so you don’t react based on karmic patterns, ancestral programming and past hurts.

Know that it’s fully possible to move into a more joyous and loving future, but it requires you to let go of what’s come before.

The Summer Solstice gateway also opens up for more Twin Flames to be anchored into the new earth grid of higher vibrations – 5D. I’m shown “5D” as a new crystalline energy grid currently coexisting with the old “3D” dense matter reality on earth.

The old “reality” is sometimes referred to as the “Matrix”, the collective energy grid composed of all of history’s human thoughts/feelings/energies/beliefs – these human low vibrational energies have become so entrenched that the “matrix” is heavy, limited and congested. Imagine if someone lived for 100 years and never took the trash out… It’s a little bit like that.

This old 3D reality is gridded around energies of polarity/conflict/heaviness/survival, because it’s what humanity have focused on for so long. The more thoughts/feelings/focus was centered on that old negativity, the deeper it got entrenched in the collective fields and in earth itself.

If you’re an empath, you’ll likely feel this particularly in certain places – compare the old dense energy of Europe with the relatively fresh energy of somewhere only recently inhabited, like the West Coast of the United States, for example…

The new 5D reality is completely new and untouched by negativity. It coexists energetically with the old collective 3D reality. 5D is a new “reality” based around high vibration energies of love, peace, joy.

It’s not a new physical place, as some have described it, but an energetic parallel “reality” that we can shift into and access once our energy rises high enough in vibration.

It’s been shown to me that the 5D crystalline grid has been created as a “parallel mirror reality” to the 3D earth also as an effort to shield Lightworkers and Twin Flames from energetic pollution as they reach a certain level of energetic purity.

This is so that they may function fully as what they came to earth for – portals for high vibration energies and templates to come into the earth plane and assist the planet’s Ascension.

The reason only Twins and Lightworkers with relatively pure energy fields are anchored in, is to keep the 5D grid free from negativity.

You’re The One In Charge Of Your Journey

We “pop up” in the range of 5D when we’re ready. It’s not a decision anyone in the higher realms makes, who to include or not include – it’s simply so neutral that whomever is in a vibration high enough to “reach up” is anchored in.

So in this sense, you’re the one in charge of when you’ll be anchored into 5D. No one else.

To use a physical analogy, imagine an open building with 5 storeys. You are standing outside and you are tall enough to reach the 3rd storey, maybe a little more. The 5th storey is there, but until you get “tall enough”, you won’t be able to access it.

That’s how 5D works – when we reach a high enough vibration, we “pop up” into it and it becomes our reality. Be aware that higher realms are not choosing or cherry picking who gets to be grounded into the 5D reality and the positive energies there. There’s no naughty list or golden star system.

It’s all about your vibration. When your personal frequency gets high enough, you’ll be in 5D by default – and when you reach those vibrations you receive help to anchor into that reality more and more.

Energy clearing and management is the most powerful method I’ve discovered for raising vibrations, as we carry not just our personal “baggage” but also ancestral energies and karma that can weigh us down.

Stepping Out Of  Drama

You can ask for help to anchor into 5D but be aware that the answer will most likely be to show up blocks and negativity that’s been holding you down, and providing you with more light.

This is what’s happening to the Twin Flame collective right now. A step forward for everyone, but make sure you’re willing.

Anchoring into 5D is hugely helpful for Lightworkers and Twin Flames because it removes us from the collective 3D grids of negative static, heaviness, survival patterns and conflict. For Twin Flames it helps to “uplevel” the journey to reunion, to move out of conflict and “problem patterns”.

What most often happens is that for the initial periods we fluctuate in and out of the 5D high vibration grids. It’s not an overnight thing that will “magic” your life into happily ever after, but if you’re one of those who are anchored into the 5th dimension, you’ll notice that you will level out on a higher plane as time goes on. It will still vary from day to day but you’ll be less connected with the old reality.

You’ll no longer be pulled down as much by the collective dramas of humanity in the same way, and this serves your Twin Flame journey endlessly. But know that you’re responsible for your own energy, it won’t be done “for you”.

What’s happening right now with this simultaneous gateway opening is that many Lightworkers and Twins are receiving a huge push to clear out a lot of heaviness and take on a lot of new light in one fell swoop, for the highest good.

I’m shown that the gateways are open and active for approximately 5 days around the 20th, and that the energies reach their peak on this date. Energy management and clearing tools will help you make the most of this time, and not be impacted so strongly by the negative purge of the collective.

Letting Go Of Our Stories

As mentioned, the opposition between the Full Moon and the Summer Solstice are signalling that you are being pulled between the old and the new, between your habitual perceptions of your “flawed” human self and your true infinite spirit self.

The “bedrock” of who you are and what energy you hold is being shaken so you can move up and on in a more positive way. In order to truly step into your desired life and relationship, the message is that you will have to let go of who you used to think yourself to be.

Let go of what you used to think about your Twin relationship. In order to move to what’s to your highest good, you have to let go of what you used to be anchored to (especially in a negative sense: blame, conflict, resentment, worry and all the rest of it).

It might sound simple to let go of the past, but think about this – Where do you come from? What are your likes and dislikes? Why have you been having problems with your Twin? Why is your connection the way it is?

Everywhere you’ve already got your story ready – that’s exactly the problem… Those stories are exactly what need to go.

Making A New Choice

Our stories about ourselves keep us tethered to the past. Who did what when and why we are the way we are… In the future, it won’t matter. But in order to get to that ideal, we have to let go of what came before.

When we clear and uplift our energy, we’re free to be new. We’re not running on automatic, we can choose consciously and positively – often for the first time ever. This is why I’ve been asked to share the tools and methods I used to Accelerate my Ascension and get to Union. Many other Twin Flames have had amazing experiences with these same energy clearing tools too – you can read some of their experiences here.

As long as we keep telling the same “story”, we stay in the same energy and the same reality. In order to make our dreams come true, we have to change our old habits. If you keep doing/thinking/feeling the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results.

Awareness is essential right now. This is a changing point in the lives of so many. Know what you truly desire, and clear and let go of anything that goes against it.

Again, I would highly recommend clearing and claiming back your energy, your story, your life path. Both for your own happiness and for your Twin Flame connection’s sake. You can try it at no cost with the Help Kit here.

Incoming Assistance – Up vs Down

Later in the week as the energies settle in more, we have Jupiter conjunct the True Node in Virgo – emphasizing the message of high vibrations assisting the evolution of humanity. Lightworkers and Twin Flames being here as representatives of the higher realms.

We’re set to be receiving more and more help from the nonphysical planes as Ascension for us and the planet continues to intensify – the message we’re getting is, embrace your power. You are co-creating your ideal, not waiting for it to be delivered to you.

We’re being reminded that we came here not to be passive and waiting for things to be done for us, but as team players co-creating with the higher realms. We’re shown that the habitual human perception of them “up there” and us “down here” is only serving to hold us back. We’re gradually being shown our own true power.

Feminine Blocks, Sleeper Twins Being Awakened

Especially those with a strong emphasis on the feminine polarity are being asked to step up for themselves and take action. We’re reminded that females are often programmed to be passive, and this can be a big block on the Twin Flame path…

Careful you’re not always waiting: Waiting for the higher realms to step in, waiting for your Twin Flame to finally see sense, waiting for times to change, waiting for the right astrological movement, waiting for the perfect moment, waiting for the sign/oracle card/phone call/dream that tells you everything will be OK…

The truth is, you don’t need anyone else’s approval or go-ahead. You are infinitely capable. We all have the power to make things happen – otherwise we wouldn’t be here! – and we’re being encouraged to step into action and enjoy that power more and more.

Lastly, we’re shown that many sleeper Twins are being roused to increased awareness in this period – especially as a result of the powerful vortex of the Solstice/Full Moon. The shadows of ego and fear patterns are being stirred to clear away so that their inner light can shine once more.

So that they can remember who they really are, and to open up to Twin Flame Reunion…

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Want more? For an easy, smooth way to clear blocks, heal your energy and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

Alternatively you can try our Free Twin Flame Help Kit, which includes a deep meditation to strengthen your soul connection with your Twin and a powerful energy track to cleanse and uplift you.

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful post. I look at the moon tonight and feel one with everything. Your message comes at the perfect time as usual. You are right about fear patterns and right about taking charge of our own power. My twin is not talking to me again at the moment, but for the first time in months I am not in desperation. I feel him so much, I feel this love and I feel his love. I keep seeing 111 and 1111 everywhere, signs and messages everywhere. Yes, it’s hard to let go of the past. But grounding in the now is what makes you see clearer. Thank you for always giving us hope, light and power. Sending you love xx

  2. I am constantly seeing the number 444 or 44 everywhere. And often in sequence – 1:44 2:44 3:44 and so on. It is beyond the odd viewing and occurs about 5 times per day. I also dreamed of 3 huge full moons above earth on the night before the solstice. And have been feeling so unwell for a month and tingling on the head. Feeling so weird! Can feel the planetary pull…but wish it didn’t feel so uncomfortable.

  3. If it’s God’s will, my twin will Awaken! 17 months of waiting, will this be the time? I send my love everyday, whether she does or not, I feel unconditional love, and send her joy, happiness, I was given the beautiful gift of love for her,,,,its amazing to love someone even when they are not a part of your physical life, be happy my twin, love you! To all twins, ,,wish you nothing but happiness and peace

  4. Confused about something! All articles say leave ur twin alone, they have to awaken, and be ready, if you contact them, they will continue to run, ,,,,but end of article says don’t wait, take action! , are we not suppose to have faith and patience in God’s Divine Will and Timing?

  5. Thank you Rain!!! God Bless you and your journey…I have nothing but faith, ,,lack patience, but I know she is the “one”

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