Cosmic Gateway Opens: Your Twin Flame “Heaven On Earth” Is Right Now If You Want It! Letting Go Of The Anchors Of History. Are You Ready To Open Your Wings And Fly?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights include:

Solstice gateway invites you to “uplevel” into light and unity, and Cancer Season starts a month of focus on emotions and belonging…

Plus, Venus enters the sign of the Twins and connects with Pluto – love goes deep and passion surges in the connection.

The doors are open… Will you walk through?

Discover more below!

Solstice Gateway Open

We enter into this week with the Solstice Gateway wide open and at its peak. It is an exceptionally powerful flow of incoming light, crystalline higher energies.

This means you may be feeling invigorated, inspired or be having transcendent spiritual experiences with your Twin Flame on the soul planes…

or you may be experiencing “miracles” in your physical connection.

But if you’re not relatively clear energetically and are still carrying “baggage” from the past or toxins absorbed from others, it can feel tough.

Karma Resolving?

The Solstice can feel challenging for many for this reason.

The solution is to work WITH the cosmic influx of light, by clearing what wants to purge, so you can receive the higher potential.

(Use the Free Twin Flame Energy Cleanse here to do so).

In good news, Twin Flames who are clear and high vibrational enough, will be lifted even higher and supported to physically reunite – or go deeper into their togetherness.

Who does this mean? Twin Flames who have worked through their karma consciously…

Those who have entered a state of love and openness, forgiveness and unity consciousness whether physically together or not…

Going Within

In short, this is a time when massive shifts and strengthening unity can happen – miracles – but only if we are energetically “ready”.

So ask yourself this:

Is there still fear? Of not ending up together, or of missing out, of not being “good enough”, for example?

Is there still anger, resentment, feelings of hostility toward other people – for example a third party involvement or “karmic outsider”? 

Knowing The Self

If so, resolve these things now, because they are unfortunately signs that you still have work to do. That’s why your desire hasn’t fully shown up (yet).

You will shift and open to your unity much faster, especially regarding the 3D physical, if you can work through these issues now and step into a higher state.

The truth is, miracles can happen every day once YOU are aligned and in a high vibration. 

Unity and “heaven on earth” is your choice through energy, alignment and intention every single day. Not something that has to be delivered by an outside transit or circumstance.

twin flame union

Choices, Choices, Choices

Above all the solstice is a time when the gates open to higher states, and yes, “heaven on earth” may seem closer now than at other times due to the influx of light…

But it is all about approach and choice and alignment. Be conscious about your focus this week. Remember that fear and opposition cannot bring love.

Choose to focus on unity. Choose to open to love.

This is the path that takes you there, to make your personal “heaven on earth” your reality – physically and beyond, every single day.

The Power Of Love

You may choose to use this affirmation:

“I now choose to release any past anger, resentment, conflict, harm or alignment that brought me out of resonance with unity. I let it all go now, and I choose to start over. 

I am inviting in my highest. I invite in love. I am love. Now and always.
And so it is.”

For more, use the Free Twin Flame Energy Cleanse, where I take you through specially aligned affirmations to shift your energy vibration into a higher state of love to bring unity in your connection.

Ease Of Mind

It will be easier than usual to release negativity from the past and aim higher, due to Mercury sextile Jupiter.

When Mercury is in his home sign, he is extra powerful, and joining with Jupiter in Aries, he helps you be bold, brave and aim for the sky!

This positive flow will help you reach into your desires and focus on what you want *more* of. This is immensely helpful, as your mindset and focus during the solstice brings faster effects than usual.

Manifestation Flow

In other words, stay focused on your ideal so it can flow to you with ease and speed. Don’t let fear, worry or heaviness drag you out of alignment.

This means boundaries – including mental/emotional boundaries – are also important this week. 

If you’re aligned and open, it’s a time when you can experience major breakthroughs and forward motion suddenly speeding up.

For help with your manifestation process, and to avoid the mistakes most Twins make in this, go here. (Hint – when you want something REALLY badly, it can actually become a block to receiving that very desire).


Emotions On High

The Sun enters Cancer on June 21st and Venus connects with Pluto this whole week, so emotions are strongly in focus.

It’s worth taking some time to yourself. Love in particular goes deep and becomes tender and intense when Pluto is involved, and the emotions of Cancer run high.

It can be amazing, if you’re on good terms with your Twin Flame…

But if there has been conflict we see you’re both likely feeling hurt and wounded. It’s been making you hold back from contact, as you feel vulnerable and worried about further pain.

The solution? Go to your Twin on the Soul level and get the “inside info” on how to help them open up and/or resolve any past conflict between you.

This will open your connection again.

Communication Is Key

In good news, it’s an ideal time to deal with any underlying emotional CAUSES of rupture between you.

You can much more easily resolve the deeper roots of separation, running or even ghosting now if you go in on the emotional level and deal with their soul.

Healing is supported, if you can be gentle and open. Solutions show up intuitively, especially regarding love.

Twin Flame Mirror Exercise

Spirit’s suggestion is try to put yourself in your counterpart’s shoes – how would YOU be feeling?

How would YOU want to be approached or treated in this? What would make YOU open up, if you were in their stead?

This “mirror exercise” can be very helpful for you. Use it often in your meditation practice for harmonizing results. (You can use it in the free session here to connect with them)

Desire For Comfort

With the Sun moving into Cancer on the 21st, people tend to be more focused emotions, the home, safety and comfort.

This is a more inward-focused vibe than we’ve had the last month.

The downside is that people tend to be extra touchy during Sun in Cancer, and it can even make your Twin (or you) hostile or difficult to communicate with.

Gentleness is therefore important – with yourself too.

Love Goes Deep

It also means your perspective may be a little off this month, when it comes to rejection.

You may feel that your counterpart is pushing you away, when really they’re just feeling overwhelmed with their job or the state of the world.

The answer? Don’t assume the worst.

Work to love yourself and be OK and happy with YOU no matter what! This will make you able to stay in a state of positivity even if challenges show up.

Don’t give your power to other people to decide whether you’re happy or not. Be in love with YOU as well.


Venus trine Pluto always brings a deepening of love, “love reborn”, even obsession and sexual passion… It can bring soul transformative love, kundalini activations and Twin Flame soul merges…

(Read more about Twin Flame sex in this article)

The tricky thing is that the Cancer energies can put a negative spin on this. Due to people feeling touchy and self protective, it can bring an all-or-nothing attitude…

If you’re not in charge of yourself, it can make even the most trivial of arguments seem like outright war…


In short, defensiveness can block you from the benefits “wanting” to reach you right now. Venus trine Pluto “wants” to bring you soul deep passion and love…

Stay aware of yourself and balance your emotions, so you don’t allow yourself to block it.

It may be easier said than done in the moment, though, so make sure you release old opposition and problems you’ve had in the past…

(I help you with that here, and teach you how to master kundalini energy, harness the power of Twin Flame chakra climaxes, soul merges, using remote romance to call in Twin Flame union, and more – class 2, 6 and 7)


Passion Rising

Fundamentally, this transit is about passion; the trick is to direct the passion in the right direction.

When Venus moves into Gemini midweek, the theme shifts to the sign of the Twins itself.

It brings up themes of duality and can activate the unconscious connection between the Twins.

It can mean you dream as if you are IN THEIR dream, or you pick up on scents that they are smelling in their life, or remember things from THEIR life, not your own…

A blurring of boundaries on the deeper level, can happen.

Unconscious Blurring

This is another aspect of unity that is not much discussed in Twin Flame circles… And in order to really notice it you have to go within and pay attention, calm your MIND.

Because otherwise it will likely go unnoticed.

In brief, spirit says, you will notice that the LESS you focus on analytical facts/logic/mental static and information now, the more your unity will SHOW ITSELF to you from the inside out.

You have to be open, of course, the more congestion is in your system the more blocked this is. Imagine a pipeline full of rubble. Water can’t flow through so easily.

And it may just come in trickles when it does. When you remove the rubble and blocks, it flows. The Twin Flame connection is the same. Have a look here for more. 

Venus In The Sign Of The Twins

One challenge with this Gemini energy, is inconsistency. You may change your mind, just when you were about to have a breakthrough.

Make sure you don’t give up on what really matters to you, just because you saw or heard or were told something… Or because of a temporary challenge…

Stay focused, and the rewards are immense.

Using this time wisely, you can balance and harmonize your Twin Flame connection to bring unity and love… But you have to stay in charge of your mind and perspective.

The Supreme Choice

This week is all about ALLOWING yourself and your connection to “up-level” – because the universe is trying to support you there.

How? It’s guiding you to release the old reality and modes of belief and perception, perhaps even pushing a purge… So you can be a match to your desired unity.

This week we’re being shown, that heaven can be here and now. If you choose it, and align.

 And your energy and inner state is what gets you the “ticket”. And your CHOICE to dwell in unity and love is supreme.

Once you make that choice, no one can hold you back or get in the way.

So the question is:
-Are you willing to go there?

-Do you CHOOSE love with every fiber of your being?
-Even if the physical does not reflect it right now?

This is your key!

I believe in you x

Cassady <3

Want more? I would love to help you experience the harmony and love Twins are really here to experience… Helping you to step off the “roller-coaster” for good.

For a step-by-step roadmap to Twin Flame Union, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames

twin flame program

Alternatively, download my Free Twin Flame Help Kit which contains two resources from the full program!


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