Solstice Gateway Opens – Transformation On Multiple Levels. Dormant Codes Activated. Are You Ready For This Much Light In Your Life?


Welcome into a week full of change – several powerful transits to major planets in retrograde plus the season’s biggest cosmic gateway are in store!

You might already have sensed something shifting.

When the solstice nears, we have fluctuations of energy as old density seeks to be released and new light simultaneously floods into the earth plane.

These are transformative times.

Know About “Ascension Flu”?

For best results this week, do make sure you use the Free Resources For Twin Flames here, including a powerful Energy Cleanse Guided Meditation which will help you smoothly release any old density from your field and help you integrate the new light with the most ease.


Many people report headaches, flu like symptoms and resurgence of old “issues” and drama at around the solstice and other gateway times, as their system struggles to integrate the powerful new shifts.

When we take a conscious active hand in the proceedings, cleansing our system, things tend to go much more smoothly.

The Twin Flame Connection Isn’t Meant To Be Hard…?

Know that the resources in the Twin Flame Help Kit are completely no charge, you *don’t* have to give your credit card and you *won’t* get a lot of emails after signing up.

Aside from the welcome notes, you’ll only receive a notification when there’s a new article on the blog. This happens on Mondays and Fridays.

I was guided to share the Free Twin Flame Help Kit with the collective as so many Twins have struggles, repeated running/separation cycles based in energy blocks and karmic issues.

The tools in the Free Kit are specially designed to help you shift out of the deeper causes of struggle that so many Twins experience.

The Twin Flame journey isn’t meant to be hard! It’s the “purge” of density that causes the ruptures and problems – and you can make this process much smoother, “upleveling” into harmony.

Have a look at a brief video here for an explanation of how it works…

twin flame video


Ego In “Hiding”

Now onto this week’s cosmic energies. There is an immense amount of light available already and you might be noticing it as an increased excitement, euphoria, positivity about the future…

Or as challenging and like old issues are triggered. The Solstice gateway is now open and this means a simultaneous influx of light but also that old darkness is being purged.

We’re shown that this has to do above all with awakening. When light floods in, it becomes harder and harder to “hide” in ego.

Spirit shows us that more and more of our higher self presence is coming “online” especially for those who have “signed up” pre-birth to carry out key roles in the development of humanity.

Some of these people are unaware of their part to play, but have epiphanies, inspiration, ideas, innovations showing up…

Whereas others, such as most Twin Flames, become more and more aware of a higher truth. The calling of unconditional love and unity.

Are You Ready For 5D?

This can be a painful process, as we know, as society isn’t yet operating in that place. When we live in the “3D” world of separation polarity consciousness, it can feel lonely.

But we’re shown we are never alone. All around the world more and more “lightworkers” such as Twin Flames, are waking up to a bigger reality.

And the 5D reality – a “space in consciousness” – is where we will feel most at home and at peace. Many on the lightworker’s path are being pushed by their souls to rise their vibration enough to fully anchor into the 5D reality.

The “gateway” opens during the solstice, and it’s recommended to do your best to stay in a high frame of mind at this time so you can benefit from the potential available to you.

(To discover more about what 3D/5D really means for you, read this article)


Shielded From Drama…

As the solstice gateways open (they are set to be open for about 5 days around June 21st) we experience an increased soul driven pressure to purge old baggage … as your soul tries to ready you to be among those who are anchored fully into the crystalline grid of the 5th Dimension.

When your own personal energy rises sufficiently, you “show up” to the 5D grid and can be anchored in here, assisting you in levelling out on your journey so the tremendous ups and downs lessen and you become more stabilized in a place of harmony.

Anchored to this new grid, you’ll be shielded from the negativity and conflict of the 3D world that so often creates dissonance and clashes between Twin Flames.

Any work you do to elevate your vibration now, is set to pay off handsomely for the long run.

Have a look at the channeled Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening Session here where we go through clearing out any old ties to the separation paradigms and any grids that have outworn their use for you – and anchor you and your counterpart into the highest dimension available to you at this time.

twin flame awakening

In Danger Of Repeating Our Own Mistakes…

The Solstice happens with a challenge to Saturn retrograde and a supportive trine from Uranus.

What we see is that the past and karma is highly activated right now and old density is strongly pushed to leave the earth plane.

Another message is the “strict” indication from higher dimensions that in the midst of newness, innovation and a society bent on progress it will serve us to remember what has come before us.

A society which forgets its history is doomed to repeat its mistakes.

As Lilith moves into a conjunction with Saturn within the next few days later we’re given a deeper indication of what this regards. There’s an emphasis on collective issues as regards male/female balance.

The suppression of the wisdom of the Divine Feminine (read more here about what that deals with).

Spirit shows us, including the damaging act of men suppressing females, based in a fear of their own inner feminine nature…

Twin Flames As Healers Of Humanity

As you may have read before on this site, Twin Flame union is not just about a woman finding her ideal man and being whole together.

It’s about each person finding our inner wholeness, bridging our lower and higher nature consciousness, balancing our own inner masculine and feminine energies…

Because the truth is we all carry both. And this solstice is set to highlight these issues. Where females fear their own inner masculine nature and vice versa.

Spirit shows us – the gap caused by the human biological sexes’ fear of each other deep down.

The belief in polarity.

These transits also interact with the North Node, representing collective soul development.

And we’re shown, the Twin Flame pair as being instrumental in bridging the ancient gaps and sources of hurt and division in humanity.

Why It’s Not About DM vs DF

That’s why we are pushed to learn such challenging “lessons”… ultimately that the soul is whole and unified already and that the male/female paradigms on earth are only a small part of existence.

(Read more about the lessons the universe is seeking to “teach” Twin Flames in this article).

twin flame lessons

To come together as complete equals in unconditional love, thereby healing the massive divisions humanity has created based in biological separation.

It’s not the “DM” versus the “DF” – locked in conflict as I see so many Twins conversations and comments revolve around. That’s the old polarity and conflict speaking.

When Twins use those terms it’s a sign they’re operating on separation programming, which only causes more experiences of separation…

Holdbacks To The Future…

There is a need for a new balance in society and with the Twin Flames, and as Saturn is in “his” home sign Capricorn we see that this has to do with collective manifestation.

The future of humanity depends on a new balance in manifestation. The feminine polarity energy is needed in order to elevate society and consciousness on this planet.

(Did you know with Twin Flames it’s not always the male who is most energetically masculine and the female who’s the most feminine? Take the quiz here to discover which energy you most embody!)

There are some serious questions we as a society are being asked to consider before we move forward.

For Twin Flames, many are this week being pushed hard by their souls and influxes of light – Are you willing to remember why you’re here?

Can you accept your soul’s truth? Can you stay true to what you came here for – love?

Going Within – Divine Sanctuary

As Neptune turns retrograde right before the Solstice, on 18th June, we see that the energies are pushing us to go within and reevaluate spiritual assumptions we may have made.

Spirit highlights “awakened” Twins not being as conscious as they may think…

When we act as if we know everything, we block true insight. And when we fear what we might be told, we block our intuitive insights.

With several supportive trines involved, we see that this is an opportunity. It’s like a vacation for your mind and emotions.

You’re being not pushed but allowed, to go within and rest. To recharge your batteries.

We see, withdrawing into your inner sanctuary, where you’re free from the noise, the static of social media, the news cycle, other people’s opinions, your own thoughts running riot…

What If They’d Been Waiting The Whole Time?

You’re being encouraged in this coming period to retreat and nourish your heart and strengthen your own state.

And we’re shown that in this space, when you’ve found your way into your own inner bubble of peace…

Your Twin will be there waiting for you. As their immaculate, most loving self. Supporting you like charging a battery.

Nourish this inner bond and allow them to “feed you their love and strength” in this state and you will realize they were more present than you were aware of.

They’ve been waiting to support you from the “inside out” but you may have been too busy to click into the space where you allow for it to happen.

This week, there are a number of challenging transits happening on the outside but we see that this inner sanctuary is always there for you.

To tap into this inner strength, use the Free Guided Meditation to connect with your twin’s soul here.

Secret Gifts – Are You Open?

This isn’t set to be an easy time for Twin Flames but it’s a part of the ascension process both for us and the planet as a whole.

Key is to allow what’s outworn its use to be released, and to open up to the light.

Know that you’re capable, you came here for this. On a deeper level you knew exactly what to expect, and this is merely a part of the journey. Try to enjoy it for what it’s worth!

If there’s not so much bliss right now, maybe there are “secret gifts” in old cycles and elements being phased out, and maybe this is a turning point – in a few years you’ll look back and know exactly why it had to be like this…

Stepping Away From Pain

There is always a deeper wisdom at work. For many Twins, old blocks and negative patterning is being pushed to the fore so you can release them.

Make sure you don’t take them at face value as a part of the “now”.

Know that if something feels bad, heavy, oppressive, wrong… You’re allowed to step out of that pattern and into something lighter, something that serves you better.

Don’t stay attached to old pain, clear it out so you can open up to a new and brighter chapter. To do so, have a look here. Feel inside what you’re most drawn to.

This is your soul speaking to you.

As always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

I’m honored to be on this beautiful path alongside you <3

Cassady x

“I’ve been following Cassady for almost a year now and I have to say the information she provides is simply life altering! She gives both the knowledge and tools to not only bring higher awareness, but also help shift your vibration. I have been blessed to be guided to this information during some very challenging transitions. Her insight has really helped me move through deep soul work that my partner and I have been moving through towards. Thank you Cassady!”

Jeanine, California, USA

twin flame program


Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes right now!

Or if you want to go deeper, resolve karmic debt and get to the bottom of Running and Separation struggles for good – have a look at my complete Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames!


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  1. Thank you Cassady, this really helped. My Twin and I are in each others lives for 3 years now and we have a friendship even though he is married to someone else. He just named his First Child After me… And my name is pretty uncommon these days here where I am and it touches me so much on such a deep Level that I can’t Even make sense of it all ?
    Have a great week x

  2. Last night I had the most ‘enlightening’ revelation ever as I came face to face with a dark energy around marriage that seems to have been pushing its way to the surface for my entire life. It began with a sense of terror, which was no surprise considering I got out of my first and only 6-month marriage with my life.

    But then, I sensed it extend to a place beyond my own experience…a place that was not just about me. Nor did it seem like simply my energy from the horrid conditioning around the subject of marriage in my own life.

    It was expansive, like a collective energy that was beyond personal…it came as a theme of public humiliation in the lifelong terrorization of women in general. It presented itself and then it dissipated and I was able to see my past as a path that somehow led up this energetic purge.

    Now I feel as thought I have my life back….my own life….with my own loving Source energy.

  3. Hi Cassady,
    I could really use some help. Because I am feeling blocked from my own intuition and panicky right now, my guides suggested I reach out to you. I am really struggling under the heaviness of the summer solstice gateway right now. I feel like it has hit me like a truck. I almost feel paralyzed like I am so desperately afraid of losing my twin out of no where! I am so afraid I am going to be forced to settle for a life without him. I have been in ascension for what seems like awhile now. I keep hearing that I am “afraid of my own shadow.” Any ideas what this means for me and my twin? Thank you as always for your incredible love and support. Sending you love and light.

  4. Hello Cassady, after reading this weeks forecast, the headaches I’ve experienced lately have resonated with me. I’ve been following you for a few months now. I need advice because I feel stuck in a relationship that I am no longer a part of emotionally and I’m having trouble with the person involved in this relationship from disconnecting completely. I worry this will set back my connection and the physical meeting that I’ve been waiting for with my twinflame for a long time. I’ve been using the energy clearing tool helps a lot to get rid of the tension and negativity I carry during the day. I thank you so much for such a wonderful tool. The tools I’ve used so far have been of great help in releasing the old baggage. I feel, I have more to clear out. What else can I do to elevate and connect with my twinflame for a smoother and more fulfilling outcome? Is it possible to have to do several releases of energy related to fear of love and relationship in every meditation I do?

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