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Feel like the Universe is Blocking Your Journey? The Secret Role of the Father Figure in the Twin Relationship, plus Rethinking Spirituality, Divinity and Love as Neptune goes Retrograde and Venus Overtakes the Sun for the first time this year…

For the first time this year, the “heart” is now “outrunning” the head – Venus has overtaken the Sun in the sign of the Twins, and for Twin Flames and Lightworkers this is a strong signal.

We are being asked to go within and trust our heart – against the current of the strong mental, cerebrally focused energies that are around right now.

From this point onwards in 2016 Venus will be moving like the horse to the Chariot of the Sun – the heart and feelings are in charge.

Like a scout into new territory, you are being asked to listen to the wisdom your heart is sending you. Your intuitive insights.

Why Things Feel So Slow Right Now

This might sound wonderful and romantic, but it’s not set to be easy right now with Gemini energies strongly dominating the collective current. Have you noticed your mind working overtime even more than usual lately?

The constant thinking/talking/pondering/exploring of Gemini/Mercury energies is clashing with Mars retrograde in Scorpio. We’re not only dealing with the mental side of the upgrade of the Divine Masculine but also helping the collective get clear on forward movement and true motivation…

Often we move forward without really knowing why, or where it will lead – or we stagnate through constant overthinking and analysis without taking action.

Mars Retrograde and Gemini energies are combining into a frustrating feeling of having a mental whirlwind going on, but not being able to get anything actually done.

Progress feels infuriatingly slow, or it happens erratically and not according to plan…

We’re being deliberately stalled by the universe, pushed to get out of our old human habits of mental overload and constant action, and instead being forced to go within.

To the heart. It appears we’ve not been doing this willingly, so now we’re receiving a push.

Dividing Immortality Between The Twins

This period is all about finding balance – well suited for the Twin symbol of Gemini, named after Castor and Pollux, the Twins from ancient Greco-Roman mythology.

In the story of the Twins, both shared the same mother but one was the son of a mortal man, the other of a god.

When the mortal twin Castor died, his brother Pollux was so distraught that he begged his father Zeus to grant the other immortality so they could always be together. In the end the Twins’ wish was only partially granted.

Castor, the mortal son was given the gift of sharing immortality with his divine brother Pollux.

The two would alternate between living among the gods of mount Olympus, and in Hades the land of the dead below.

Twin Flames, Past Lives, Alternate Incarnations

For Twin Flames, who have throughout time shared incarnations where one would stay behind and guide their living Divine Mirror Complement from the higher realms, the sign of Gemini resonates as a symbol of the truth of the connection.

Most Twins have “shared” their time on earth this way at one point or another. One leading and assisting in spirit, while the other was incarnate in a human body.

We also have this unique connection with our Twin’s higher self at all times – and they can be an invaluable help on the journey. For more on how to do that, have a look at the article: A Message From Your Twin Flame’s Higher Self.

The Twin Flame connection is pointed in the direction of being equals. To reach balance. To be in harmony no matter how uneven the situation has been before. That’s where the connection of love lies. In the point of precise harmony.


Like the nexus of the scales – when the energies are aligned, the connection flows and the hearts are open. That’s when the connection is at its most open and positive: mentally, emotionally, energetically, telepathically, sexually…

When the Twins are out of alignment, the connection distorts and “breaks up” – literally and metaphorically.

We are facing these themes now on the Twin Flame journey – seeking harmony and balance between head and heart, action and inaction, masculine and feminine, the higher and “lower” realms.

Spirit recently channeled a Clearing for the Twin Flame Pair through me to assist with this: it includes cleansing the pair’s system of triggers and negativity, as well as shielding the Twin couple from outside negative energies and interference, plus uniting and uplifting the pair’s timelines and energies into the highest vibration possible. To read more about this, go here.

Neptune Retrograde – Crown Chakra Upgrades

Echoing the balancing act we’re being asked to embody, Neptune goes retrograde for the first time this year on June 13th – calling for a reevaluation of our beliefs, spirituality, approach to intuition, the unconscious realm of emotion, memory and old hurts.

Neptune is set to be moving “backwards” all the way until November 19th.

Every Neptune retrograde period coincides with purges and upgrades to the Crown Chakra and filtering out from the collective fields all the static and illusory beliefs that have been keeping us blocked from the higher realms and our own higher faculties.

If your ability to connect to spirit and your Twin’s soul seems to take a setback in this period, if the info you receive seems garbled or your inner visions turn warped and weird – that’s what’s going on…?

As always, clearing your energy consciously and shielding yourself from others’ energies helps tremendously check out my free Twin Flame Help Kit (put together from a selection of my full program) if you’re new to energy clearing – if you do this you won’t be experiencing the “static” so much, and you’ll move through any upgrades much quicker and smoother.

Rethinking Beliefs About The Universe and Higher Realms

This particular retrograde signals a clearing of the Crown Chakra and related collective issues: Our connections with the divine, themes of feeling abandoned by higher realms, reevaluating our perceptions of the divine (clearing the old Western views of a punitive God and Universe).

Clearing this old programming is necessary in order for us to begin to “see/hear/know clearly” in spiritual terms.

If we think God or the Universe is angry and punishing and testing us, this is what we’ll be manifesting by default – and we will only allow and filter in guidance to that effect.

The only one who ever really tests you, is you – through the karma/energy patterns/wounds you hold in your energy field (and these can be cleared so profoundly – have a look at some other Twin’s amazing experiences with energy clearing Here.

We’re again reminded of the role of the father figure in establishing our human relationship with the Universe/Source/God. Those whose father is present, loving and supportive in childhood, tend to grow up with a feeling that the Universe supports them and has their best interests at heart.

Those who grow up with absent or emotionally distant or even punitive fathers and authority figures, on the other hand, understandably tend to develop feelings of the universe as being removed or critical, or that it keeps sending negative lessons to learn or that they are unlucky … or even that the universe is completely barren of love or consciousness.

These issues are set to be pushed to the forefront over coming months in order to free us from limitation and negativity – enabling us to open up on a whole new level.

Our Eternal Inner Connection To The Divine

Another theme right now is to embrace our own divinity, not to always be seeking insight and the higher realms “upward” and through mystical rituals, but to seek the divine connection within. To access our own higher faculties. To realize we are all “divine” – the soul immaculate, of light…

Spirit wants us to know that “divine” simply means pure. And we are all pure as souls. There is no spiritual hierarchy. Any such has been devised by humans. If these are beliefs you’ve been given, consider where they originate from…

Earlier on in my journey, I was meditating one evening and asked for source to please help me solve a situation that had been bothering me. I sought out into space with my energy, to the light of all things, only to be pointed immediately into the core of the light which lead right back to myself – my solar plexus, the gateway to the light.

The message was – “You are source. You have the answer. Everyone is source.”

I can’t say it was an instant shift for me, but to be firmly shown this opened my eyes…

We are way more powerful than we tend to give ourselves credit for. When we embrace our power, shift out of limitation and clear societal and ancestral programming, we can really “save ourselves”.

The Third Party In The Twin Relationship

I’m shown by spirit that our beliefs about the Universe and our own divinity (or lack thereof) has huge significance for Twin Flames, as this is a big part of the Twin relationship:

Many Twins feel that the Universe or other people or outside forces are keeping them apart, or that it’s up to the “higher realms” to decide whether they come together or not.


If you can open up to the idea of a loving Universe, or that the higher realms are helping you – even better, that you yourself decide and that you have the power to make it happen no matter what – this will help you manifest more support, more help, more joy, more love…


When we believe we’re all alone or that it’s not up to us – we’re shut our energy field down to receiving help. Many Twins end up in the pattern of always waiting – for the right astrological movement, for the perfect moment, for their Twin to miraculously change, for the higher realms to step in…

Unfortunately waiting can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Some Twins wait decades with very little changing… If you’ve been waiting for a long time, try something different. When you shift into a new action, you’ll get new results.

Feel and sense what you’re most drawn to right now, and give it a go. You will be shifting your situation, and when energy begins to move, new things can happen…

The Two Polarities of the Twins

As mentioned, Venus is now “outrunning” the Sun – your heart is eager to push on, and might sometimes get ahead of your mind. Keep your “ear to the ground” about what your heart is telling you.

I’m shown that we’re all in a period of learning the “lesson” of choices. The two sides of Gemini’s energy current displaying this perfectly.

Spirit’s insight for us now is that every moment presents us with a choice. Every thought is a choice. Every focus is a choice.

Everything we think, feel, speak and do is leading us in a certain direction. Aligning us with a particular eventual outcome. We’re now being asked to become more aware of these choices …

Are you moving in the direction of your desires, or are you moving away from them? Think like if you were driving a car – you follow the roads that lead to your desired destination, avoiding turnoffs that would move you further away.

This is how we create. Your earlier thoughts/feelings/patterns/energies/actions have all been a part of creating this now moment and what you’re experiencing right now.

The more conscious we become of this power, the more we can use it to our advantage. Becoming conscious. Aware. Taking responsibility.

We’re reminded that if this sounds like an overwhelming task, don’t feel bad because it’s actually simpler than it sounds. It’s only when we try to figure it all out with our minds that it’s difficult.

The key is to begin to listen to the heart, which is the center of the electromagnetic output of the human body. The heart is always monitoring what energy you come into contact with, and sending you signals.

Stepping Out Of The Wheel Of Karma

The easiest and best way to think/speak/focus/act in a positive direction, is to sense the feeling of what we interact with:

Does something feel good, light, exciting, positive? Does it feel heavy, congested, low, bad? This is your compass.

We’re shown that this system is infallible and will always tell you when something is positive and to your good, or when it’s negative and will lead to pain or frustration.

What gets in the way of your inner immaculate Guidance System working is overthinking, entrenched beliefs that block out the insights, emotional repression, fear energies, congestion…

The first step is to be aware of the choice available, true freedom to think, believe, feel and act – not just automatically, but consciously.

The second step is to become aware of the signals we’re constantly receiving that are pre-creating our choices, making us automatically react instead of being aware of which consequences await at the end of particular choices. These sources of influence include genetic patterns, others’ priorities and desires for us, ego negativity, fears… All of these will try to make the choices *for you*.

The third step is to become so energetically clear that you get clear signals and can be using your energy compass to perfection, as a habit. So you’re only hearing and feeling your true intuition, not static. Then, it becomes effortless.

“Every day the world will drag you by the hand yelling, ‘This is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!’ And each day it’s up to you to yank your hand back and say, ‘No. This is what’s important.’

—     Iain Thomas


Trusting Your Inner Wisdom – You Already Know

If this sounds complicated, don’t worry – you now already know the first step, that you have the choice. The rest will unfold bit by bit…

Remember that every moment presents us with a choice – the Twin Flame connection presents us with choices, life is full of choices… You are always making choices, which lead you either toward your desires or away from them.
This is the wisdom of Gemini.

Now, with Venus leading the way through this territory of choices and Neptune turning back on itself, the clear message from the cosmic current is: Let the mind and thinking go.

When you came here, you already had a plan. Inside you, there’s a “soul blueprint” for how you can come together.
It’s unique to you.

So tune in to your heart and your energy. They’re your compass for this part of the journey.

And if you feel you need some help with tuning in and feeling/hearing your intuition and your heart’s wisdom, my absolute advice would be to begin meditating and clearing your energy – as little as 5 minutes a day will make a difference to begin with – to remove stress, frazzled thoughts and others’ influence…

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Want more? For an easy, smooth way to clear blocks, heal your energy and harmonize your journey to Union with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

Alternatively you can try my Free Starter Help Kit, which contains excerpts from the full program!
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  1. It’s really incredible how in line with my life your posts have been since I found your site some months ago. The synchronicities give me goosebumps. I’ve been having a tough time with my journey for about 6 months now (your vibrational alignment program and energy clearings have honestly saved my sanity this last month-wish I’d downloaded them sooner!). And when I’m feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, or on the verge of giving up, you post a forecast or an article that gives me hope, a fresh perspective, and a light on the next step I need to take. Thank you, Cassady. Staying positive during this Ascension process is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done (especially with my twin acting the way he is), and I’m so incredibly grateful for your messages and guidance.

    1. Wow, that’s great Sophia that you’ve been finding it to be helpful – spirit does communicate to me what Twins might need to hear from week to week, as it relates to what many are experiencing.

      Your guides want you to know they are there for you, they’re showing me they’re literally standing around you protectively trying to uplift you when you’re feeling sad or overwhelmed. If you begin journalling a little every day you’ll notice you become more and more open to their direct messages – they’d like to inspire you and be company for you on your journey if you’d let them… At your pace, they’re saying.

      Journalling a little will also help you get out any heavy emotions, and make sense of what’s going on for you – it helps make Ascension less intense.

      Sending you love and light <3 xx


  2. Diane, thank you so much for sharing this – I’m so glad you and your clients are experiencing the positive results <3 xx Sending you love and light!

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