Electricity That Goes Nowhere? Frustration Demands Your Highest Self To Show Up This Week! Plus, The Planets Show That The Masculine Twin Is Actually More Evolved Than You Assumed… In Fact, Maybe YOU Have Been The One Causing Issues?


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Squares to Saturn bring tension and potential power struggles. Make sure you look for the best in your counterpart – instead of holding space for the worst!

Plus, Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini brings a super heightened current of busy-ness and communication, but it can get confusing and “go nowhere fast” if you don’t navigate wisely.

And, Venus square Neptune brings challenges to love and creativity – beware illusions…

How will this week’s energies will affect *your* Twin Flame situation?
Keep reading to find out! 

Slowing Down – Frustrated?

We’re headed into a week that can feel frustrating, but there is much to benefit from if you “play your cards right” – especially regarding the Masculine Twin, another key male person or a big project in your life.

We just had Mars move into Taurus over the weekend, which signals a HUGE shift in the collective energy, the Masculine Twin and how we take action.

From being in “his” own sign Aries, Mars is now moving into earth and being pushed to GROUND in and anchor action and progress into the 3D physical.

Stabilizing Love

It’s a great shift for the Twin Flame connection if you have had issues with your counterpart being irritable or snappy in recent times, or if there have been sexual issues.

Now, the energy and dynamic between you stabilizes more. You’ll feel a calmer state. Less agitation. 

However, Mars in Taurus is ULTRA stubborn and very resistant to changing their mind and actions.

Therefore, you may find this period frustrating when it comes to moving forward or getting your counterpart to see things your way.

If your Twin is a runner/ghosting/you’re in separation, it’s key to use smart solutions rather than push them – especially now!

If you push, they will only dig their heels in and become more resistant.

(Have a look at this session for help with this, from their own soul!)
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Sexuality Shifting

Sexuality grows deeper and more earthy when Mars travels through Taurus. Action also becomes more deliberate, measured and focused on the long term, rather than rash.

If you feel tested and impatient over coming weeks, adapt your approach and go with the flow of Mars in Taurus. Slow down a bit, enjoy the process rather than rushing for results.

Know that this period is about anchoring in your desires into the physical.

Feel Like Nothing Is Changing?

This means, it may look like nothing much is changing on the surface, but as long as you keep going with your positive effort and inner work, it WILL begin to bear fruits.

The key is to be in touch with your intuition and guidance on what steps are actually going to benefit you, and how to approach your connection wisely.

(For help with this, go here where I teach you effective methods for activating and purifying your intuition and receiving accurate answers, support and help from your guidance and your Twin’s higher self.)

Power Struggles: Mars Squares Pluto

It’s not just Mars in Taurus itself that can cause some frustration and make it feel like things are really stuck.

Mars also squares Pluto in Aquarius, bringing a potent mix of tension and transformative energy.

Mars, seeking steady progress, clashes with Pluto’s deep, transformative urges, creating a push-pull dynamic that can feel like having one foot on the gas and the other on the brake.

Embracing Change

You might notice power struggles or internal conflicts surfacing. This can feel overwhelming, but it’s also an invitation for deep healing.

Use this energy to let go of old patterns and power struggles that no longer serve you or your Twin Flame connection. Release any old ideas of yourself as not capable, and old survival related fears. 

Embrace the cosmic process working to push you, even if it feels uncomfortable.

Pluto’s Challenge

Pluto is challenging us to go deep with ourselves and really get clear on WHY we are trying to achieve something.

Ultimately, to help us align with our authentic soul purpose and the divine love in the Twin Flame connection.

An example? Say you want to marry your Twin Flame and that’s your goal.

“Why?” Asks Pluto. “Are society’s ideals or other people’s expectations involved? Or are you reaching for it due to true unconditional love?”

Discerning Love

The first will bring “issues”. The second will open up the situation.

Ultimately, Pluto is pushing to get you to release what does not serve you.

If you go deep and anchor into the deeper divine reasons WHY you desire what you do, everything will flow smoother.

Communication Issues

Also this week, Mercury in Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces, adding to the atmosphere of frustration and feeling like things are not moving smoothly.

Mercury, planet of communication, is eager for quick exchanges and clarity, but Saturn urges caution and practicality.

This can mean you experience issues with expressing yourself or making decisions, as mental clarity may feel bogged down by self-doubt.

You could also feel like your amazing ideas and positive desire to reach out to someone, is blocked.

It’s Not Really Rejection

This can especially make you feel personally rejected, as the Sun and Mercury are conjunct.

It means you may not be seeing yourself clearly, or you might be feeling like there’s a LOT going on but you’re not sure how to handle it or move forward.

When all this happens from Gemini to Pisces, it’s a recipe for confusion and uncertainty.

Staying Calm

With Mars in Taurus now, taking your time and going within to make sure you are calm and aligned with light and high vibrations BEFORE taking action or important communication, is strongly advised.

(Use the free session here, to be calm, light and aligned in less than 15 minutes)

Saturn always deals with karma and time, so it can also indicate that there are karmic blocks around communication at work, in particular feeling rejected when reaching out about something important to you.

Is It Karma?

Karma goes deep, so for best results, use energy methods that will deliver permanent shifts.

Be aware that Saturn does not let us “sweep things under the carpet”. 

If we do this, the issue will just come back later in a different version – stronger! – so you take action to confront the deeper roots at that point, if you didn’t already.

Radically Embracing YOURSELF!

Spirit’s advice for this time is, work to love yourself so much that it’s OK if others don’t agree or accept your point of view. This is the path, they are saying. Including and perhaps especially for Twin Flames.

If you have had ghosting from your counterpart, now is the time to dig deep and clear any throat chakra blocks or past life karma that’s at the root of it.

And, to focus inward on yourself to fully make sure YOU are not the person rejecting yourself deep down!

Love Confusion

Active throughout the week, Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces, bringing potential confusion and challenges in your love life.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enjoys keeping things light and playful, but Neptune’s dreamy, unclear influence can create misunderstandings or unrealistic expectations.

It also signals that you may be misperceiving things or projecting something inaccurate onto your counterpart.

Seeing Clearly?

It could be that you have been playing a different role in the connection than you realize.

It’s worth asking yourself where YOU may have caused negativity in the connection, based on fear, limiting beliefs and past wounding. 

Be honest, and journal on this without editing yourself.

You don’t have to understand everything exactly right now, says spirit. But get it out of your system!

Be honest, and forgive yourself and your counterpart. This will open the path forward.

Staying Conscious

It’s set to be a week full of buzzy energy that can feel frustrating, like hitting the gas and brakes at the same time.

But don’t let the surface fool you – there are important cosmic lessons and gifts to be unlocked!

Don’t let the fizz of Gemini’s busy-ness carry you away, but stay conscious and grounded to fuel this power into what serves you and your connection long term.

Allowing The Highest

Above all, resist the temptation to project opposition and limitation onto your counterpart.

They will rise to the occasion if you “let them”, instead of pushing negative ideas onto them.

When used consciously, this week’s energies will be both enjoyable, beneficial and powerful in uplifting your long term path and connection.

Will you master YOURSELF, above all, to make sure you get the most of this?

I believe in you!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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