Karma Comes Calling, And It Won’t Be Pleasant With Cancer Season’s Desire For A Cosy Bubble Away From Reality… The Answer? Take Back Your Power, Master Your Emotions And Fix What Needs Fixing. Your TF Connection Will Thank You!

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Venus and Mercury in Cancer heighten intuitive, tender communication, but also bring touchiness.

Plus, the halfway point of the year pushes you to take more of an active role in your journey: Saturn retrograde brings up karmic lessons, demanding self-mastery and emotional control. Will you rise to the occasion?

The benefits for your Twin Flame journey are immense!

Discover more below! 

The Halfway Point!

We’re headed into a week that may feel slow, and yet as if there is a LOT happening beneath the surface!

First of all, we’re almost at the halfway point of the year. This is always an intense time.

If you’ve been “lying” to yourself, and waiting for things to fix themselves as if by magic this year without your effort… the bubble will begin to burst.

Likely, you’ll feel strongly this week, that things won’t move forward unless YOU take an active role in making it happen!

So, there’s only one thing to do: show up for yourself, and get to grips with it!

Tender Communication

With Venus and Mercury both in Cancer, communication becomes intuitive, tender, and caring. It’s all about what’s NOT being said directly, but what is being sensed and emotionally expressed.

These transits are beautiful for a loving, vulnerable and dreamy connection if you’re open and in a good space together – but it can also bring touchiness.

Are you feeling more sensitive than usual? Stay aware of your emotional reactions.

Faulty Perceptions?

You might find yourself lashing out if you feel rejected or challenged, but remember, it could be your own perception that’s off.

If you feel triggered, ask yourself:

“Is this situation really deserving of my intense reaction? Or are my feelings about it really rooted in the past?”

(If you realize the past is the culprit, it’s time to resolve it once and for all. Have a look here for help – proven methods to get you lasting, positive results)

People Acting “Extra Crazy”?

If it’s your Twin or someone else acting a bit “extra crazy” – let’s be honest, that’s quite likely – take a deep breath and make sure you keep YOURSELF calm and clear energetically.
This will help you draw out more harmonious results with them.

“Don’t react,” is spirit’s advice. This can be a pleasant time IF you can control yourself.

“Remember that no one can take your power or peace unless you LET them,” are their words.

Heightened Dreams and Telepathy

In the Twin Flame connection, we are set to experience deep and loving dreams about each other, along with heightened telepathy – and shared feelings.

The unconscious connection is “loud” now, but this can also mean picking up on fear.

Clear any fears so that only love comes through between you and your Twin Flame.
This helps them on their side too, even if they’re unawakened.

Karma Intensifies: Saturn Retrograde

On June 29th, Saturn turns retrograde, bringing an intensification of karmic lessons and a focus on dealing with the past.

This is a time to face any unresolved issues head-on.

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a loop, experiencing the same situations repeatedly?

This is often how Twin Flames experience running and separation – on again, off again. These repeating cycles, are clear indicators of karma at work.

Resolving Twin Flame Karma For Good

Instead of trying to “figure out” the connection based on standard ideas and “rules”, deal with karma.

That’s the only permanent solution I’ve seen in my 9+ years of working as an energy healer and Twin Flame coach.

When we use karma clearing, we tear up the toxic weeds of conflict and separation by the root! (Anything else will mean it “grows right back”).

Go here for my core method for Twin Flames, which includes powerful karma clearing work.

Clearing Outsider Attachments

Saturn also warns us to take responsibility for our situation, get control of our emotions and stop blaming others. Blame keeps us rooted in victimhood and perpetuating the same situation over and over.

Saturn retrograde will bring up old attachments to exes and “outsiders” that are now asked to be cleared. Remember that Twin Flame Union cannot happen when there are outsider attachments.

Use this time to resolve these issues and free yourself and your Twin Flame from past entanglements and outsider attachments.

The good news is, both this and karma can be resolved and healed, which can completely transform your situation. Have a look here for solutions.

Saturn’s Lessons

Saturn retrograde is a tough teacher, pushing you to take responsibility for your situation, master your emotions, and stop blaming others.

Saturn reminds us that our responsibility, above all, is to ourselves and our heart’s joy.

This energy brings us face to face with what we don’t want, so we can move forward to our highest potential – ultimately, to Divine Union, otherwise known as the Hieros Gamos or Alchemical Marriage.

(More on the Hieros Gamos: Divine Union here)

Master Yourself: The Key to Progress

This period is about mastering yourself and doing the inner work necessary for growth.

What limiting beliefs about yourself do you still hold? These beliefs might be blocking you from truly opening up with your Twin Flame.

Saturn’s retrograde period is a powerful time to clear these blocks. Are you willing to face these karmic lessons and move forward?

Allowing The Unconscious To Express

Start by journalling on your fears, worries and sources of shame and unworthiness.

Don’t edit yourself – let it all pour out onto the page. You’ll feel a bit better just from this.

But THEN, go clear it all with energy tools, and you will shift all these recurring patterns and negativity for GOOD!

Once you’re done, you will realize how much more open and harmonious your connection is.

How? As two souls who were originally one, you and your Twin are always on the same core frequency, deep down. This means that any healing YOU do, will always positively affect them as well!

Delays That Go ON And ON

So, how do you recognize karma? A key is that it often manifests as repeating cycles and unresolved issues.

When you feel like “no matter what you do” a situation isn’t shifting…  As if delays go ON and ON and you’re always waiting…

Or some pattern, cycle or type of experience seems to recur, almost as if you’re being punished or you feel cursed – it’s karma at work.

 Now is the time to address these issues.

Clearing karma will powerfully open up your journey to love and harmony!

Discover how to clear and update karma for both you and your Twin Soul to resolve these issues for good and move forward into increased harmony and love.

Chakra Upgrades: Preparing for Light

As we go through these powerful energetic shifts with Saturn Retrograde, we also experience a purge/upgrade in our chakra systems.

Saturn rules the lower chakras, which deal with physical world manifestation, finances and safety.

So, have you noticed difficulties in your physical life, sexuality, finances, safety or personal power?

These challenges are signs that your lower chakras, especially the root, is recalibrating now. (Find out more about the chakra system here, and how to heal any issues). 

Embrace the Cosmic Wisdom

This week challenges you to dive deep into your emotions, clear unconscious blocks, and balance your responsibilities with self-care.

If you can embrace your Twin’s unconditional support and love on the soul planes or in person, you will both flow with this period, and it will deepen your love and closeness, making healing easy. 

By embracing tenderness, nurturing your inner magic, and addressing the demands brought by Saturn retrograde, you can transform your Twin Flame journey for the better.

Don’t forget though, this period demands that you take an active role in making things happen.

Are you ready to take control of your destiny?

I believe in you!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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