Solstice Gateway Opens, And Love Goes Deep With Cancer Season, Which Can Shift Your Entire Twin Flame Situation For The Better! Just Remember To Be Kind To Yourself, As The Capricorn Full Moon Brings Demands To A Head…


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Major shifts and timeline re-shuffling happening on an individual and collective level – keep a cool head to make sure you get the most of this powerful Solstice gateway! 

But, Capricorn Full Moon brings demands to a head, and threatens to burst comfortable illusions in your life… Are you ready to go beyond “real” with yourself and your love connection?

Discover more below!

Gateway of Light

We have a whole week of powerful energies building up to the Solstice on June 20th.

If you feel pressured, strange, like you’re not quite sure where you stand with yourself, with your future or your Twin Flame connection – that’s completely OK.

It’s happening because you are responding to the influx of immensely high vibrational light codes reaching through.

They are opening you to HIGHER possibilities than you may have realized were *available* to you!

Blurry? It’s OK!

If this resonates, keep aiming high.

It’s OK if you feel a bit blurry on exactly what the next steps are, or how things will end up looking!

Just keep aiming your highest and stay in expansion (out of fear, shame, guilt and other heavy energies).

Solstice Re-Shuffle

It’s also possible that the gateway energies are stirring up old shadows and triggers, bringing negativity to the surface for you.

Why? So that you can release it, clear it and then be available to the higher shifts during the solstice gateway!

If you feel challenged lately, know that it’s an expression of old cycles, old timelines and old patterns and emotions that have outworn their use.

They are coming up so you can recognize them, choose to clear them, and thereby up-level massively!

This is an amazing opportunity to really shift into a higher timeline long term, including in your Twin Flame connection.

What If You “Release” And Negativity Comes Back?

Be aware that this is unfortunately not something we can just think our way to, by intending in the moment that we’re “releasing”.

Why? These types of patterns and cycles are rooted UN-consciously and emotionally. It’s not a conscious, mental choice.

(If we “intend” to release something, we’ll often realize the issue doesn’t go away, or it returns.

When this happens, it’s a clear sign you didn’t actually release it!

Meaning, it’s stored on a much deeper level.)

It’s really important to go in deep enough to clear the roots of the old content that’s being presented to you, because it won’t just go away on its own.

Weird Dreams?

Often, the deeper part of us uses dreams to show up these underlying factors, and the Solstice and Cancer Season is a key time where you will notice this.

Say you’re having weird dreams about your elementary school this week, and you realize it’s connected to a person who made you feel really shameful and unworthy.

And, you see now that *this* is what has caused a lingering deflection between you and your Twin Flame (among other things).

The thing is, that shame and unworthiness is stored so deep that your unconscious had to use a dream to tell you where it came from!

Therefore, you have to go into the *unconscious* to really dissolve and heal it for good.

3D Shifts

The great thing is, that can be quite easy and quick, once you access it correctly.

This is exactly the kind of work I’ve been helping Twin Flames with for close to 10 years!

I’d love to show you how and help you experience the immense relief and tangible “3D” shifts that come when you properly heal issues at the root!

Have a look here for a FREE session where you get to experience a “taster”, or have a look here for a deeper session that I’ve had some amazing feedback for in recent times. 



Opening To Light

The solstice offers a profound opportunity to release past negative cycles and up-level into a higher state of being.

For Twin Flames, it’s a key time to shift any delays in your connection and open to deeper love.

How? When you heal inner wounds, dissolve fear and past disappointments, your timelines shift higher! (Learn more here)

Embrace this gateway as a time to let go of old patterns, heal past wounds, and align with your highest potential.

Above all, go into your heart, and allow your mind to follow suit rather than the other way around!

Cancer Season – Love Deepens

Also this week and tying in with the Solstice, Venus and Mercury both enter Cancer.

With these love and harmony focused planets joining the solstice, the codes incoming are particularly about shifting the collective fields around communication and perceptions of unity.

When Venus and Mercury enter Cancer, it also brings a profound tenderness into your Twin Flame connection.

It encourages you to embrace the softer, more compassionate side of love, and will make it easier to speak or create or express yourself from the heart.

On some level, you are also “birthing a higher version of yourself” into the world in this period! Follow your inspiration.

Supernatural Twin Flame Contact

When both Venus and Mercury travel through Cancer, it’s highly likely that you will receive more “non-physical” contact from your Twin Flame.

You may experience telepathy, significant dreams about them, feel them with you even if you’re physically apart, feel their love in your heart, and more. 

This is because Cancer is the sign of the Moon and emotions, and our unconscious “boundaries” as Twin Flames become more blurry during this time.

Spirit mentions, that some Twin Flames will end up gravitating to the same place in this period, and thereby meeting by “accident” – really, it’s because they’re so in sync, deep down!

Divine “Truth Serum”

It’s more likely that you also notice yourself speaking things you may otherwise have kept under wraps…

Or that your counterpart who was reluctant to admit their feelings, suddenly blurts out how they feel.

This is the Sun, Mercury and Venus “teaming up” to give us all a dose of “truth serum” – aka speaking from the heart, even if we don’t fully plan to!

Full Moon in Capricorn

Cancer season is all about tenderness, love, creativity, the home, family and all things feminine, dreamy and comfortable.

It can be a lovely time of bonding, creativity and imagination, if you’re on good terms with those around you and your Twin Flame (and yourself!)

A downside is that people can get a bit touchy and emotional – hearing things differently than how you meant them, and being easily offended. Really, their triggers are extra close to the surface right now, so tread gently. 

In fact YOU may be the person who’s feeling extra sensitive and emotional, especially as the Full Moon in Capricorn brews – hitting on June 21st.

Far From “Home”

The cosy atmosphere of all this Cancer energy, is the opposite to what Capricorn brings. As the Moon’s own sign, a Full Moon in Capricorn is naturally in opposition to her home.

It’s a sign that you may be feeling torn in different directions right now – especially when it comes to emotions.

You may be longing for one thing, place or situation, and finding yourself needing to deal with something completely different.

Our sweet, innocent child self and our adult, responsible self are often vying for control during this time. Or, there is a major contrast in which role we are operating from.

“Father Time” Shows All The Problems

Known as the lord of karma, and “father time”, Saturn and Capricorn will show up problems, limits, negatives and karmic reasons why things are NOT working the way you want. 

Every Full Moon is a time of reaping, but also releasing.

Therefore, it’s highly likely you experience a purging of negativity and a TRIGGERING of deeper karma at this time – because that’s how Capricorn “helps” you.

Feeling Down? Here’s Why!

How might it look? You might suddenly feel really depressed about the future or your Twin Flame connection this week, or like you’re not good enough.

This is the Full Moon telling you to clear those emotions and the BELIEFS that caused them.

And, it might be that you actually are experiencing a deep-seated wound from a past life you shared.

And *that* is the deeper root of the issue! Pay attention now and clear it.

This Full Moon brings to light this material, urging you to cut away and clear what’s not benefiting you.

The Halfway Point

The Capricorn Full Moon also tends to coincide roughly with the halfway point of the year.

This can be a tough time, as we begin to check in with whether we’ve been moving toward the goals we set at the beginning of the year… and whether we’re likely to reach them.

We start to realize it’s time to wake up and take action, if we really want to reach those goals!

“Tough Love” From Saturn/Capricorn

Naturally, this can bring up a lot of worry, guilt and fear. But Capricorn and Saturn are all about “tough love”, so use this time to motivate yourself rather than despair.

You don’t have to know exactly HOW or the specific steps right now, but if you’re not on track to where you want to be by the end of the year…

Then resolve to get real with yourself, and take action from now on.

(If you want my direct help, click to see how)

Yes, the Capricorn Full Moon can be harsh and heavy. But it’s there to help you, in divine truth.

In some way you’re likely experiencing that avoiding responsibilities or indulging in self-delusion, will only hold you back from true growth and the ACTUAL, “real world” results you want.

Embrace the Cosmic Wisdom

This week can be massive for your Twin Flame situation, your own inner relationship with yourself and your entire trajectory for life.

Spirit shows us, sudden and unexpected encounters and “miracle breakthroughs” are likely for the Twin Flame pair. 

The key? You’ll be a lot more open and magnetic, if you’ve dealt with your own inner “stuff” first.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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