Pluto’s Divine Test: Who Are You Showing Up As, In Your Connection? Prepare To Release “Smallness” And Open To Your Deeper Power. 11:11 – Your New Ascension Timeline Is Waiting!

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Have you been feeling a bit “off” lately, or has your Twin Flame connection seemed blocked? It’s the un-conscious material being stirred up by Pluto retrograde.

As Venus enters Leo, we get a chance to shift any inner spaces where we have not valued, honoured and loved ourselves the way we deserve. This is the key to your love life becoming harmonious and your future aligning with a higher state.

Sound complicated? It’s inside you already – all you need to do is release the blocks in the way. 

Discover more below! 

A Pressured Period

We are still in a pressured period, with Pluto Retrograde opposing Mercury, Venus and soon the Sun.

This means that we are quite forcefully being pushed to look at what has been happening under the surface in our lives, and in our inner world.

Pluto is working to unearth a higher version of you and your Twin Flame connection… By getting you to remove the internal rubble and lies that have blocked you from fully dwelling in your power and your light.

(And your capacity to have Divine Union in your life here and NOW!)

“Help” From The God Of The Underworld

Pluto is “helping” you by bringing to your attention all the fears, worries, strange and dark ideas and beliefs you may be holding…

Anything which has blocked your true soul power, your joy and love as a Twin Flame and an individual…

And, any unspoken interests of power or control in your relationships, toxic dynamics at work and more.

When Pluto affects us, what has been hidden comes to light.

What Was Hidden…

Now, all the things from the past that we have preferred not to look at, are being brought to the surface.

Pluto is all about unearthing whatever has kept you from your authentic soul truth and path (which for Twin Flames is unconditional love and ultimately unity – if we take the right steps).

The key with this impact is to not fight it. Pluto’s effect tends to get stronger the more we try to avoid it. If we block awareness, it will come up some other way until we face it.

Usually, it’s the inner shadows in us and others.

It can also include toxins in your physical being.

Tracking Toxic Things/People/Patterns

So ask yourself, what toxins have you had going on in the background that you haven’t dealt with?

It could be negative habits like zoning out scrolling on social media instead of taking action on your path – due to a deeper fear of disappointment.

It could be you’re surrounded by negative people, or in a job situation that’s slowly suffocating you. And although guidance has shown that it’s time to shift, you have stayed put.

It could be you’ve been shown that you need to heal yourself of old wounds and blocks to uplift your Twin Flame dynamic and life…

But you’ve been avoiding taking action, and have been waiting to be rescued instead (which unfortunately keeps you stuck – needing rescue keeps attracting needing rescue).

It’s Time

In short, it’s time to face the toxins, admit what’s there… And begin to release and clear.

This process is not to punish you.

It’s a divinely guided cosmic process that you yourself agreed to before life, because you knew that society was full of limiting beliefs, toxins and fears, and you wanted to be reminded to clear it.

So that you could reach into your highest!

Strange Dreams?

You may be perceiving this effect as a subtle “taint” of feeling like the past is repeating itself… Or dreaming about the past or fear scenarios…

Or you may have this feeling that someone you’re dealing with is not being honest or kind, but you don’t have surface evidence – yet you’re feeling uneasy around them.

This is all Pluto “helping” you to release what doesn’t serve you.

Divine Breakthroughs

However, I know it can be unpleasant. Pluto is a very intense energy.

Therefore, I was guided to create a session that’s all about embracing your power and working with Pluto to make your dream happen even if it seems “impossible” from where you’re at right now.

(So many divine feminine people are taught that we are not allowed to have power. It *severely* blocks the Twin Flame journey because it keeps us in that “needing to be rescued” energy.)

Have a look at some more info on this session “Divine Breakthrough” here.

Positive Surprises Coming

Some good news is that the trine between Venus and Uranus promises surprises and exciting developments in love, finances, and creativity – it will help you more easily shift out of the old shadow patterns and lower cycles, and lift higher.

We also have Mercury and Jupiter’s connection sparking enthusiasm and mental stimulation, and the Sun and Saturn forming a stable alliance, plus Venus and Neptune interacting positively.

These are beneficial, but Pluto’s presence will push us all.

Positive Surprises Coming

As Jupiter connects with the North Node, we also see the that what is going on right now is supportive for your soul path.

You will likely notice progress now, despite things feeling pressured or like you’re being forced to show up in a bigger way than you feel comfortable with.

This is an interesting period of balancing duality. On one hand we have the light and “sun” of Leo’s powerful outwardly directed energy.

But on the other, we have Pluto representing the deep and unconscious darkness that may be looking to sabotage it.

Is Unconscious Darkness To Blame?

Mercury just entered Leo this past weekend, and this weekend Venus planet of love joins him. (Both are still opposed by Pluto).

So: How do you know if there is unconscious darkness working against your desires?

Here is a brief exercise:

Think of what you want, say to be happy with your Twin Flame. Focus on it, and notice all the things that come up for you in response.

The jolt of “NO! You can’t do that!”

Or the heavy That’s never going to happen…” and so on.

Your Flower Bed Needs Weeding…

This is what Pluto wants to help us with right now.

Spirit shows us the following analogy: If you were going to sow and grow beautiful roses in your flower bed but it was currently full of weeds…

The roses would be blocked from nutrients and growth by the weeds. They may even wilt and die. But if you removed the weeds first, your roses would grow healthy with ease, and bloom beautifully.

This is how our creation works, and why Pluto is so “eager” to push the weeds to the surface so you can recognize them.

The Universe really wants to empower you, to rise into your highest potential and joy!

When Fear Is Running The Show

So what “weeds” are you being asked to remove?

Journal on this, and don’t edit yourself.

It is likely unconscious, or if it’s a physical world situation, you’re holding on to it due to unconscious reasons such as fear.

Allow yourself to write it out unfiltered, and then notice what’s there. Then, go in and clear it all with energy tools so it fully gets dissolved at the root and doesn’t return again down the line.

(I’ll help you with this here).

Bold Beautiful Love

Venus in Leo is a potentially beautiful energy of bold, passionate, expressive romantic love.

If you can refine your inner state and uplift, this can be a period of much passion and a re-ignition of love between you and your Twin, says spirit.

We are also entering the Sirian gateway, which lasts between July 7th and mid August – the time when we align with the star Sirius, which has been celebrated since ancient times.

07/07-08/08 Gateways

This is a period where our intentions carry extra weight, and we can access more of our divine potential and shift timelines with more ease.

Therefore, clearing those toxins and fears is the ticket to huge quantum shifts in your connection.

How? Fear keeps us from accessing our true power. It keeps us rooted in the lower realities of conflict, separation and drama.

Your Key To Lifting Higher

You may benefit from forgiving your Twin or someone else now, even if you don’t fully feel like it.

Remember that when we forgive, we release negativity so something better can show up. Harmony brings you further, faster, than holding onto negativity – however justified you may be in feeling unfairly treated.

When the I” gets in the way of the we” for Twin Flames, it is a deep block.

In all my work with Twin Flames, I’ve found that “dismantling” and upgrading” the Ego tends to work best.

We don’t want to repress and sweep things under the carpet just to have them recur later on again, as many Twins experience the hard way in the form of Running/Separation cycles. (To learn more about this, have a look at session 3 and 4 here)

Calling Your Highest Self

This may not be the easiest week, but if you surf the cosmic current wisely, you can make much progress.

Pluto can push you, but he can also help awaken your inner power, inspire deep creative expression and bonding if you are aligned.

If challenges show up from within or without, don’t RE-act from habit or unconscious patterns.

Do your best to tune into:

“What will help me move closer to my ideal?”
“How do I show up as my highest self in this situation?”

I believe in you!

We have an exciting Lion’s gate coming up next month, and the work you do now will help you powerfully up-level when that time comes!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

welcome to twin flames 11:11

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