The Journey Deepens: Twin Flame Secrets, Shared Dreams And The “Unknown Self Within The Self”… Are You Aware Of What’s Going On With Your Counterpart? 

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights include:

Twin Flame love goes deep, as Mercury enters Cancer – shared dreams, secret emotions, and the unconscious connection gets “louder”…

Plus, this weekend brings positive surprises. Are you ready?

Discover more below!

Thinking Things Through

The universe is asking you to think things through properly before you make a move this week…

Leading into Wednesday, you may feel like not making a move at all, but you’ll be surprised by the spark lit toward the weekend.

One main theme for the week: Allow yourself to take things slowly and pay attention to the deeper aspects of the journey.

Do your best to see beyond frustration, as the mood is shifting to help you.

Your Inner World

In recent times and lasting into this week and beyond, moving forward has been slow or challenged.

The reason is that Jupiter semi-squares the North Node, which indicates we’ve being finding it hard to move forward.

Above all, this transit is pushing us – still – to go within and reconnect with our inner truth.

Not to try to rush into action on the outside – but to anchor into our soul frequency, so we are a natural match with our desire instead of “pushing”


Twin Flame Frustration

And, so that the actions we take are SOUL aligned, and we’re not reaching for something that isn’t truthful to us and our life purpose.

For Twin Flames, this means many have found the physical lack of progress frustrating.

It means you’re being asked to find love within yourSELF… so you’re a match with harmony and unity in your connection.

In short: If you want to open your path now, the answer is to go within.

Time To Think Ahead

Mars enters Taurus on July 5th, and the energy shifts from wanting to charge in and make things happen “yesterday”…

And becomes more about taking things a step at a time and focusing on what will work best in the long term.

It also means the Masculine Twin calms down somewhat. Comfort, being reliable and dependable is becoming more of a focus.

However, stubbornness is something to watch out for.

If you want to get someone on your side – like getting your Twin to open up or come closer – make sure you don’t push against their standpoint now, as it will just make them dig their heels in deeper.

More aligned methods are needed:

Deepening Love

Over the coming month, the journey gets more grounded – especially regarding the Masculine Twin Flame.

Mercury also enters Cancer on the 5th. This shows a desire to go deeper in terms of communication, home and in your intimate relationships.

Cancer is the sign of intuition, feeling and the instinctive processes, so for Twin Flames the coming few weeks bring us into the murkier waters of emotion when it comes to communication.

The question will not be what people (your Twin Flame) are saying – but what they are NOT saying or not CONSCIOUSLY thinking. Instead, the focus is on the unconscious – deeper than words.

Dreams are likely to be especially vivid and full of symbolism that reveals your Twin’s situation and emotions.


The River Of Un-Knowing

This can bring wonderful bonding between the Twins on the dream plane – but it can also trigger unconscious fears to rise when you least expect it.

Because the unconscious is where memories, survival fears, unconscious blocks, past trauma, repressed anger and secrets are kept.

Your unconscious (and your counterpart’s) can create big problems for Twin Flames… Especially because this content is usually HIDDEN.

But when Mercury journeys through Cancer, we get a unique opportunity to shine light, understand what’s gone on “behind the scenes” and release fears and blocks. 

Are You Self-Sabotaging?

So why is this such an important thing to be aware of for Twin Flames?

Well, even though you might be thinking consciously that you want to come together with your Twin, and you’re praying for it, putting it on your vision board, visualizing it…

On the unconscious level, you might fear that your Twin will run, or believe that the Twin Flame journey is destined for pain or that if you open their heart to love you’ll be hurt, and you may have been wounded in past relationships and/or in childhood…

And these UN-conscious fears will cause you to “secretly” hold back, on a deeper level.

Because of course, nobody wants to experience pain!

“Secret” Twin Flame Blocks

So the tricky thing is, as long as we on a deeper level expect pain in our Twin Flame connection and in life, we hold back.

Because we’re resisting the EXPECTATION of pain – even if that’s not what truly lies ahead.

In short, it becomes like trying to drive left and right at the same time. We end up not getting anywhere. We stay stuck, or take “one step forward, two steps back”.

This is why a lot of Twins experience unity and love NOT showing up… it’s because on some level they’re deflecting it out of fear.

(There are solutions, though – have a look below for that)

The coming weeks you will be SHOWN more what’s been going on deep down in the unconscious for both you and your Twin… And that can be a game-changer if you then RESOLVE the issues and fear!

Divinely Decreed Twin Flame Separation?

If you want to go deeper into healing unconscious fears and blocks that cause “deflection” between Twins, I take you through this in my step by step program.

twin flame story

“I started with the free mediations when my Twin had stopped talking to me. Within 15 days, the communication with my twin opened up. Then I did the vibrational alignment program and in less than two months, I experienced our chakras merge. Even my Twin experienced big shifts physically.” – Shalini B

“Cassady’s teachings and techniques have lifted me from utter soul sickness to greater peace and increasing forgiveness, self love and love for my partner. I am finally feeling more calm, clear and confident.” – Kate, California, USA

“Cassady’s work helps me uplift better than anything I’ve tried in the past 6 years of clearing/trying to heal! I’ve tried violet flame mantras, psychic energy clearings, etc.” – Erin B, Indiana, USA

Deeper Messages

You’ll notice this coming month that these kind of “messages from the depths” tend to show up.

A key here is: the unconscious is not just filled with RANDOM info!

Our unconscious fears and resistance are affected by the *information* we’ve taken on in life.

If you have read many times and believe on some deeper level that the world is full of suffering or Twin Flames always have a hard time…

This will affect how your energy responds to your counterpart, how you feel about yourself, your future, your chance at happiness and unity, and more.

So Spirit shows us these are core blocks in the way of Twin Flames coming together.

What If It Was You All Along?

In fact, they show us: You might have been frustrated at how things have been going on the outside, when the real truth is that YOU may have been unconsciously sabotaging the process…

Can you see, that if you believe relationships are doomed to fail and that it will end in hurt… Your deeper self would be “doing you a favor” by keeping you away from that?

So your unconscious “helps” you by finding ways to block the whole thing!

Sensitivity On High

Because this is how the unconscious works. Always trying to protect you from hurt!

It can mean this deeper “self” tries to block love, Twin Flame Union and other things that might be unknown, seem risky or resemble situations where you’ve been hurt in the past.

And it’s why it’s essential on this journey to explore our deeper beliefs and childhood wounding so we can heal, and open up beyond any past hurts…

So we are an energetic match to love in the here and now.


Discovering The Hidden Truth

We’re shown you might have been “wrong” about why the situation has been as it has. It may have had more to do with your own fear than you think. 

Ask your soul to show these belief blocks up for you in the gentlest way possible so you can clear them and move on.

Get a pen and paper, connect to your higher self (I teach you this for Free here in the cleanse meditation) and begin to write, whatever comes to mind.

Allow Yourself To Answer These Things:

The reason I’m afraid of coming together with my Twin Flame, is…

The secret worry I have about love, is…

The biggest insecurity and fear I have about myself, is…

Now you know some of your core Twin Flame blocks.

And that means you can begin to resolve, clear and untangle them energetically – recalibrating your system to be able to move on in more light, love and harmony.

Attracting unity instead of repeated cycles of drama, trauma or disappointment.

Staying Safe?

We do get some help, as Mars and Mercury form a sextile when they move into their new signs.

This makes it much easier to take action on your findings, and shift out of holdbacks…

It also helps you compromise in your relationships. It also helps balance the tendency for self protection and “prickly” attitudes brought by Taurus and Cancer energies.

Never Assume

Later in the week, Mercury moves into a square with Jupiter. This can bring some challenges – above all unpleasant disconnects in communication and information.

You could have assumed that your Twin was on the same page as you, and now you realize you had jumped to conclusions…

Or you could have overestimated something, and now have to correct course. 

It could simply be that your optimism is knocked. This can blow over quickly, regardless of what form it takes – but keep an eye on your perspective.

Errors In Judgment?

Be aware that optimism CAN make you sloppy, and ignoring a detail could lead to a serious error in judgement.

The key is, don’t assume things, stay focused and do your due diligence. And only make promises you’re willing – and able – to keep.

Similarly, it might be wise to take any promises from others with a pinch of salt before you completely commit yourself in that direction.

Squares to Jupiter always tell us something is negatively expanded or inflated. 

Hearing gossip or drama? It’s highly unlikely to be accurate.

Pleasant Surprises?

As the Sun sextiles Uranus toward the weekend and into next week, it brings the possibility for surprise encounters or the opportunity to do something new and different with your Twin Flame.

Whatever it is, it probably makes life more exciting – at the least, more interesting. It will also support you in shifting your perspective on yourself, and this will be easier and more fun than usual. 

This benevolent Uranus transit tends to feel like a breath of fresh air, like someone has opened a window and suddenly you can think more clearly.

(Which helps, in the middle of Cancer season’s deep and watery atmosphere.)

Shifting Perspectives

Uranus’ message is, it’s OK to not take things so seriously right now. Don’t allow your perspective to drag you down.

You’re allowed to change. You’re allowed to explore different sides of who you are.

You’re allowed to venture beyond who you thought you were and what you thought was possible for you – however feels most inspired for you right now.

Opening To Flow

On balance, this is an ideal time to seek and embrace new opportunities, as long as you have resolved fears in the way.

If you handle any issues at the beginning of the week… If you shed light on any deeper shadows so they can heal for good…

You’ll be able to enjoy and tap into positive opportunities and excitement this weekend – including in your Twin Flame connection.

(Pay attention to your dreams as you’ll notice revelations about your counterpart too.)

“Both Selves” On Board

To reach your desires, the key is to work on bringing your unconscious on board.

With peace in your heart, and your “deeper self” working on the same dream as YOU, things will open up surprisingly quickly once the momentum gets going.

Above all, remember not to be so hard on yourself.

Shed the chains of the past, and this will end as a week where you feel the sun truly shining – inside and out.

As always, I’m sending you love and light <3

Cassady x


For more help, use my my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union on my own journey:
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twin flame program

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