Cancer Season And Powerful Supermoon Bring Emotions To A Head… Halfway Point Of The Year, And What Lies Ahead. Plus, Venus Still Chasing After Mars – Will She Succeed?


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Powerful Full SuperMoon in Capricorn brings pressure around action, responsibility and karma. Plus, Communication Shifts Needed – Throat Chakra, Twin Flame Separation/Ghosting And Blocks In Focus.

And, Venus still in pursuit of Mars – not catching up… Where are things going in your Twin Flame bond? 

Discover more below! 


The Mayan Map To Twin Flame Love

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Twin Flame Telepathy

So now onto the energies at hand:

We’re headed into another intense week. With Cancer season in full bloom, we’re in a watery, dreamy period that can easily feel heavy and confusing.

The unconscious is strongly active, and our emotions are more volatile than usual.

For Twin Flames, it means the “INNER bond” is more noticeable than usual, so pay attention to your dreams, visions, songs you hear in your mind and other common signs of Twin Flame telepathy.

Capricorn Full Moon

Monday starts with the powerful Capricorn Full Moon, which deals with the opposition between our inner emotional world and our outer responsibilities.

Themes that are rising up, are: Childhood vs taking “responsibility” as an adult for our own lives – the inner child’s resistance to practical effort.

Wishing to be rescued, versus taking action on showing up for ourselves.

Disappointment and wallowing in emotion – versus recognizing that our actions or LACK of action, is what has led us to where we are at now.

Brutally Honest?

Capricorn and its ruler Saturn are not easy or gentle to deal with, but they are brutally honest. And sometimes that’s exactly what we NEED.

Sometimes the reason things haven’t worked out (yet) is that WE haven’t taken the right actions.

We haven’t cleared the blocks we were shown, or we have focused on all the negatives and not shifted our perspective.

Summer Wake-Up Call

The summer Capricorn Full Moon tends to be a wake-up call.

It comes around the halfpoint of the year, when we begin to realize that the excitement of “new year” may NOT in itself automatically bring us anything better this year than the last.

And that it’s time to get to ACTION rather than sit back, hoping, wishing and waiting for someone or something else to magically show up what we desire.

The Halfway Point…!

Yes, can you believe we are now halfway through the year? Less than 6 months until 2024! It’s pretty crazy.

It’s a heightened time of the year that often gets emotional, as we are brought face to face with our results so far…

Whether that’s been amazing, or whether you feel a sinking sense of disappointment in your stomach that you’re not where you wanted to be…

Followed by dread that this year might not be “THE” year when everything changes…

But the good news is you still have a lot of time to shift and adjust course for the last 6 months of 2023!

Now is the time to get to action if you want to make it count.

Why So Many Twins Get Lost

To be honest, it’s not uncommon for Twins to be going in circles, struggling and not feeling like things happen the way they had hoped.

It’s often hard to try to “figure it all” out on our own! So if things haven’t been flowing for you, you’re not alone. It happens to many.

What I will say, after hearing from and working with Twin Flames from all over the world for 8 years now as a coach and healer, is that it really makes a difference when you have a structured format and consistent guidance.

If you’d like to join my small group coaching and energy work, and have more direct help for the final part of 2023, you can apply to join now (limited spaces available).

We go deep into quantum shifts and alchemy, to embrace radical wholeness, manifest 3D reunion and so much more.

Inner State, Alignment And Mindset

What I see time and time again, is that the Twin Flames who prioritize themselves and work on their inner state, alignment and mindset, reap the biggest rewards on this journey.

If you’re ready to show up for yourself – I would love to guide you and help you get there these next 12 months!

Go here to apply, and I’ll answer back shortly if you have been accepted.

twin flame coaching


(Full info on what’s involved here)

Saturn/Capricorn’s Message

The Capricorn Full Moon’s message, is that our lives and Twin Flame connection are ALWAYS a reflection of what WE have put into it – energetically, emotionally, mentally and in terms of tangible action or lack of action.

If you think about it, this point of view actually SAVES us from so much suffering. 

Because if we can be that clear-cut and strong, like the Capricorn energies, we can avoid the pain of hoping for something that will never come to pass.

We take action until we are CERTAIN we will get our desired result.

We don’t hope. We MAKE it happen.

This tends to be the opposite to Cancer’s emotional, romantic atmosphere, but there is a balancing needed now. We cannot pretend our way to results, is Capricorn’s message.

Throat Chakra In Focus – Twin Flame Ghosting?

We also have Mercury square Chiron, and Mercury sextile Uranus this week.

It means that communication is recalibrating. We need to heal the way we think and speak because it is not serving us – it is actually causing problems for many Twin Flames and others. 

When we speak and focus on negativity and problems, we are actually entrenching them and making it harder to shift!

The throat chakra is ruled by Mercury, and is the seat of creation.

So be aware, that when you speak and think, you create! If you’re focusing on all the negatives, you are actually unfortunately strengthening them…

Twin Flames and Chakras

Uranus in sextile shows, it’s time to apply a different approach. For Twin Flames, negativity in the throat chakra can actually trigger ghosting, and keep separation stuck.

So if you’ve been having delays and have felt that there was distance between you, especially in the 3D physical, clear your throat chakra with the correct tools and watch how quickly things change and open up! 

Have a look here for more on the throat chakra and how this works – and how to resolve it, to open your connection.

Feminine “Chasing” The Masculine – BUT…

Lastly and also highly significant this week, is that Venus is still “pursuing” Mars in Leo.

Symbolizing the Feminine and Masculine, Venus and Mars last met in February 2022, but this summer they will not fully connect. Venus will pursue Mars for the coming few weeks, but go retrograde BEFORE she has a chance to “catch up” with him. 

With Venus retrograde interrupting a “possible union”, it signals that the feminine needs to go within and get her OWN inner and past situation straightened out…

Before she is fully open and available to love and Twin Flame union.

Self love, and dealing with past relationships, including childhood wounding and attachment template recalibration, will be key.

Twin Flame Frustrations

It is highly likely that over the coming weeks, Twin Flames will feel closer or have experiences of brief connection or hints of reunion, but these will not fully materialize or break up again. Or you may perceive progress, only to feel you’ve hit on setbacks.

This is not a cruel lesson from the Universe, but a necessary part of the journey into alignment – to show you any deeper aspects of your own inner world you need to look at and heal.

For the best chances, resolve your own inner world and be in alignment NOW, so you are a match with lasting harmony. 

It will make a major difference once Venus’ retrograde starts – which lasts into September.

Listening To The Cosmic Flow

It’s set to be a week with much happening on the emotional level, but if you flow WITH the cosmic wisdom you will make progress and open to harmony both within yourself and your Twin Flame connection.

A major key is to not try to avoid responsibility, but look for the wisdom of what the universe and your outer situation is showing you.

If you take action now, the final part of 2023 can bring immensely positive breakthroughs – even if you’ve struggled in the past.

If you would like my help in this, have a look here.

And for those of you whose application is accepted, *I can’t wait to start working together on the quantum plane to make miracles happen!*

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x


Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union on my own journeyhave a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

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