Releasing The Shackles Of “Not Good Enough” – Aquarius Full Moon and Lion’s Gate Energies Push For Radical Authenticity, Divine Feminine Energy Rising… Are You Ready?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Venus continues Retrograde, and Powerful Aquarius Full Moon asks you to stop trying to be “good enough” and reveal your glorious self beyond “historical evidence”.

Plus, oppositions guide you into your own soul power – is it showing up for you via challenges? Here’s how to handle it!

Discover more below…

Crystalline Twin Flame Mirror Healing

Before we get started, I’m really excited to share a brand new energy journey for the Twin Flame collective with you today!

After working on the advanced Twin Flame coaching and group activations for the last 2 years, it’s been a while since spirit has asked me to channel a new healing session for the whole Twin Flame collective… 

But with Venus Retrograde, I was shown that it is time!

Because there are some key missing pieces for so many Twin Flames still… And often, what Twins think is the issue in their connection, is actually the opposite of what’s really going on. (Learn more about what that means here) 

Opening To Shifts For Lion’s Gate

By going through this crystalline healing now, it will open up your connection to higher shifts for next week’s Lion’s Gate.

When you clear what is being brought up by Venus Retrograde, and go directly to your Twin’s soul to balance and heal (like we do in this session) – it will open you up much faster!

To learn more, and access the brand new Twin Flame Crystalline Mirror Healing session now, go here x




To learn more and experience the brand new Twin Flame healing session now, click here

Opening To Love 

So now onto the week at hand. We’re in week two of Venus Retrograde, which is continuing until September 2nd.

Over the coming month, Venus Retrograde will push you to go within, and confront the places where you cut yourself off from love. 

You may be noticing childhood themes recurring, old dynamics, dreaming about the past, or having an intensification of old issues…

Whatever shows up, it’s trying to help you open to love – for yourSELF and in the Twin Flame connection…

By pushing you to recognize where you have been deflecting, trying to unconsciously protect yourself from hurt.
(This is why addressing and healing the mirror, is so powerful for Twin Flames)

Your True Worth?

In short, spirit says, where the past has made you feel unsafe to love and be loved in the now moment…

(As your authentic, “flawed”, amazing, imperfectly perfect, vulnerable and raw self!)

It really is key to get to grips where you don’t feel open. Anywhere you feel like you’re not “good enough” on SOME level, or like you have to prove your worth.

As otherwise it will keep being mirrored back in the form of other people and your experiences with them. Especially your Twin Flame.

Triggered Karmic Cycles

All retrogrades tend to bring up a triggering of karmic cycles and lower soul contracts.

They cause a purge of what has outworn its use, which can be unpleasant if you’re not sure how to handle it.

Really, it’s meant as a divine gift to help us clear out blocks and lower states, so we can open to our highest…

But for most people it’s a struggle – especially when so many Retrogrades are happening at once.

(For more, have a look at my brand new article “The Twin Flame Guide To Venus Retrograde” here)

goddess venus retrograde

Like Attracts Like

The divine wisdom is, that unless we want to keep repeating the past over and over, we have to clear the deeper causes.

To change the outside world and experiences, change the inside alignment. 

When the inside shifts, the outside shifts.
Inner love, aligns with “outer” love.

“Like attracts like”.

For Twin Flames, the Mirror is a MAJOR key – and it’s being strongly activated right now.

(This is why I was guided to share the new Crystalline Mirror Healing Session now for Venus Retrograde)

Twin Flames “Reversed”?

It’s meant as a divine gift to guide us to unity, but so many Twins go about things “in reverse”.

Trying to “fix” the outside symptom, rather than the inner CAUSE of the issue.

This is why in over 9 years of working with the Twin Flame connection, and spending years of searching and exploring modalities and approaches on my own journey, energy healing is the ONLY permanent and quick shift I have seen.

If you feel like, “Yeah, sure…! This sounds way too good to be true” – I totally get it…

That’s why I offer a Free Energy Healing session for Twin Flames so you can EXPERIENCE the power and the tangible results yourself.  Try it here now.

Twin Flame Energy Session

And, to see the kind of incredible breakthroughs possible – even from “just” a Free session – have a look here.

Venus Retrograde Cleansing Period

And, if you’re wanting deeper shifts or have been struggling on your journey, I strongly recommend taking action now.

By clearing any energy blocks, healing old wounds and fully dealing with old cycles and where they CAME from.

Venus retrograde is meant to be a cleansing period, to PREPARE you for more love and ultimately union. So, don’t let it slip by running away from deeper issues.

Things tend to shift when we act, not when we hope they’ll go away on their own…

The Importance Of Self Love, Self Care

I’m not here to force you into anything.

But if you are tired of waiting – don’t let fear stop you from the love that wants to reach you once you’re open.

(For those of you who have experienced the feeling of cleansed chakras and an open heart, you know what I mean.

If you’ve let stress and overwhelm build, now is a great time to get back into your own inner self care and open up again. x)

Tension, Oppositions

Another major transit this week is the multiple oppositions going on. We have Saturn Retrograde opposition Venus Retrograde and Mercury.

And, the Sun opposing Pluto Retrograde.

This shows a LOT of tension going on. Between the past and responsibility/baggage and desires for a happy future.

You likely feel opposed in some way – in particular by male authority figures, society or circumstances.

Major Challenges

Whether it’s showing up in physical world circumstances or just an inner feeling of tension and feeling blocked…

You’re likely experiencing some major challenges of some kind.

Whether it’s to do with your Twin Flame connection, your creative self expression, finances or family, or feeling misunderstood or not respected by others…

These transits are actually “trying” to trigger you so you get to the ROOT of the issue. 

Someone Blocking You?

As Mars trines Jupiter, we see that action is helpful. Taking action and embracing your own power will help you move forward.

Pluto Retrograde square the North Node and South Node shows that you may be feeling like some outer force is blocking your progress…

Especially your true soul joys and your happy path with your Twin Flame.

But the truth is that YOU are the power that directs your life, says Pluto.

By focusing on worry, fear, conflict and other negativity, you may have entrenched what you did NOT want – without realizing it. But you always have the ability to shift higher! (For help with this, go here)

Aquarius Full Moon – Individuality

Tuesday we have a powerful Full Moon in Aquarius, and the themes it brings up are noticeable throughout the week.

Aquarius is all about individuality, the unorthodox and higher states.

Ruled by Uranus, this sign is the domain of friendships, groups, electricity, inspiration and starseeds. 

With any Aquarius Full Moon we tend to have a triggering of old experiences of feeling rejected, excluded or not accepted.

Old repressed or unresolved feelings from when we were made to feel “not good enough”.

Divine Feminine Rising

With a square to Jupiter, it shows that it particularly deals with where you were shown or told that you had to fit into a “standard” to be loved or accepted.

And where you have been living this out, whether or not you realize it.

Where you were told to conform, and that who you “really” were wasn’t acceptable.

(It’s especially key for the Feminine, around ideas of beauty and people pleasing, to her own detriment)

Lion’s Gate Opening

Moving into the Lion’s gate and strong Sirian energies next week, the cosmic themes are all about opening wider into the soul self.

And that means, releasing limits and illusions.

The constructed self/ego is being strongly challenged – intensifying into next week.

“Not Good Enough?”

What we’re really dealing with is still the purge and cleanse of anywhere you put limits on yourself, repressed your truth or took in the belief that you weren’t “good enough”.

And, anywhere you gave up your power to an outside source to define whether you were “good enough” or not.

The truth of course is, you ARE ALWAYS inherently worthy! 

Opening To The Soul

This week, the planets are asking you to release the shackles of the idea that you were unworthy in some way.
So you can shine as your unique self, in your authentic truth as a soul!

For Twin Flames, this is essential to activating the magnetism of the Twin Flame Soul Song!

(Many Twins struggle because they aren’t on the soul frequency with the true bond – so now is a key time to focus on re-aligning)

If you could use some help with your connection, explore the new Twin Flame Crystalline Mirror session.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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