Mercury and Mars Retrograde – Communication Issues With Masculine. Getting You To Go Within. Ignite Their Inner Light And Watch Them Become Their Greatest Potential…

This week is set to be transformative as regards the Masculine Twin Flame. There is a deeper wisdom of reaching your counterpart by accessing their higher self and not being stymied by human Ego.

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Tapping Into Your Deeper Power

Friday’s eclipse was heavy for most, and we’re still in process until the closing of the gateway August 11th – do make sure you keep your energy clear and light, focus on your positive intentions.

The collective fields are stirred up and there’s edginess around that can drag you down if you don’t protect yourself. Use the free energy cleanse audio in the Free Twin Flame Help Kit above.

This week is set to be challenging but it’s because so much is in transformation right now.

But if you feel under pressure, keep in mind that retrograde Mercury and Mars will soon turn direct and allow you to undo or redo whatever needs undoing or redoing.

The biggie to watch out for this week is the punch Mars Retrograde gives Uranus. Still moving backwards, Mars is very prickly at the moment, and their getting together in a square means there are rebels with, without and simply considering a cause.

What you’re dealing with here is explosive energy around your deeper power – your own issues with power complexes from your upbringing are likely to be highlighted. Same for your Twin.

It’s likely you’ll feel like pushing boundaries this week, and it can be a healthy thing, to test our limits sometimes.

We all know some rules are meant to be broken – it just takes someone to lead the way. On the negative side, everyone is trying to lead in their way, all at the same time.

And sometimes it can get dangerous or you might later regret what you’ve been doing or saying. Listen to your intuition right now, it won’t steer you wrong. In the midst of chaos, your intuition is your best guide.

Twin Flame Sizzle

However, the tension could prove invigorating in some ways. There’s a very potent sexual bent to this energy, and mark the words – it’s not about love so much as sexuality and passion. But that might be fun!

(To learn more about what really makes Twin Flame Sex so out of this world, have a look at this article)

This is a very dynamic energy, and there’s a strong temptation to do something – anything – rather than sit back to see how things pan out. And there’s a special sort of attraction with the new and different.

Perhaps pursuing a new person, or a new way for an old relationship, is guided right now. It can help you shift into a higher state, expand your horizons and ignite your fire again.

Transformation often brings challenges, to shake us up out of our old state of being.

Just remember that Mars is still moving backwards and it will turn round in a few weeks, making this combination for a second time. It’s likely you’ll feel differently then, so don’t make long term commitments or huge decisions on the spur of the moment right now.

You’ll be able to regroup and change things back without too much effort later. Or find an entirely new direction – the choice is yours.

What’s for certain is that you don’t need to be stuck in a rut unless a rut is exactly where you want to be. Use the tension of this time to chart a new course.

Check in and see if you’re happy with where things are headed, and if you’re not – plot a new path. Mull it over. Sometimes frustration can breed progress.

Masculine Twin Undergoing “Upgrades”

This Mars/Mercury combination makes people hard to please – and that’s no bad thing. Sensitivity is in short supply, but Mars retrograde is better at considering the consequences than Mars usually is.

And to add to the confusion, Mercury has been retrograde for a few days by the start of this week, so you may think you’ve got a handle on it. Stay aware of your intuition and your deeper heart-felt desires in this period, for best results.

Another theme to this time is that the Masculine polarity Twin is undergoing “upgrades” energetically in terms of will, action, ego and sexuality.

The downside to this is that old negative patterns are likely to flare up as they’re triggered in an attempt to get him to release them…

(For help in getting your twin flame to release ego based negativity, in alignment with his Full Free Will, have a look here).

With a square to Saturn from Mars R we see that the person the Masculine Twin is rebelling against or having resistance against, is not his counterpart. It’s authority in general, in particular older males.

In feeling stymied from childhood from being in his freedom, there’s a chance your Masculine Twin has a complex with power where he acts out due to feeling pressured to conform.

Spirit shows us, that being forgiving and showing that you are not trying to control your counterpart, will paradoxically bring them closer to you.

In being open and nonjudgmental, you will show yourself to his 3D ego as a friend rather than an opponent and this can change the very foundations of your connection.

(To read more about how to deal with a “difficult” Twin Flame situation, have a look at this message from the higher self consciousness of the Masculine)


Ego Rears Its Head – The “Small Self”

Another indication to this time is Ego flaring up. A bit of self-pride is all well and good in its place, but you probably didn’t realize people could have egos THAT big (of course, ours is a nice, normal sized ego – we think).

Retrograde Mercury prods us into looking back and re-appraising, redoing, renewing – and repeating. It’s the last one that might cause issues.

With Pluto taking a firm hold of Mercury via a quincunx, any ideas that pop into your head refuse to be dislodged. On the one hand, you (and everyone around you) seems to get to the point faster and more easily than usual.

On the other hand, even if you admit that your point isn’t a good one to get to, you can’t help returning to it again and again. It’s very tiring. It isn’t just you.

The air smells of dogmatism, and the only way some people want to give up old and outmoded ideas, is to replace them with other equally old and outmoded ideas.

Trying to move forward in any meaningful way is often like swimming through treacle. The purpose is to help us recognize our patterns for what they are so we can break through them.

Taking One Step At A Time

So it’s a relief to everyone when Saturn takes a firm hold on the situation. Moving into a trine with Uranus, it firmly throws a dose of being sensible and establishing boundaries at everything that’s going on, and reins in people’s worst excesses.

It IS possible to be practical, and it IS possible to face your responsibilities in a considered way. The dust needs to settle before you’ll be able to make any effective long term plans, but you can take the first steps in the right direction.

The trick is to take things one tiny step at a time. What’s really good about this combination is that it encourages us to look at the bigger picture, to see the group as a whole.

Yes, you’re an individual – just like everyone else – but you don’t live in a vacuum. If you can find a long-term goal you have in common with the people who matter in your life, you’ll find it much easier to achieve what you want.

Manifestation is highlighted right now. Challenges are likely – you’re likely to be shown the blocks that have been holding you back.

Recognize the gift in this, that you can clear them and open up your path to your desires more fully.

For a deep transformative session on manifestation and upgrading the heart chakra for both Twin Flames, click here. 


Logic + Intuition = Higher Knowing

It’s all about being able to combine logic with intuition for the best results. And as Jupiter snuggles up closely to Neptune in a comfortable trine, your supply of intuition is ever-increasing. Twin Flame telepathy and soul connections are heightened too.

There’s no way anyone would call this week relaxing, but being able to see similarities where before there were distinctions and calling on your heightened empathy will stop uncomfortable and unsettling situations from becoming major worries.

In fact, even minor worries can be dealt with using a light touch once you realize that sympathy and support are there for the asking.

By the end of the week you may be feeling a little frazzled, but not necessarily in a bad way.


Time To Relax

Still, you might benefit from slowing down and taking a bit of time out to relax and recharge your batteries.

In fact it might be the best way to spend this retrograde heavy eclipse gateway time – to go within, disconnect from the world for a while, and allow the “storm” to pass.

You may puzzle over how slowing down is possible at first, but you’ll find yourself carried up if you set that intention and open up to it.

The trick is to listen to your intuition. Does something work for you? Does it feel light, right or good? If it does, that’s what you should do.


Seeking The Depths Of The Twin Connection

This week is set to be showing up themes around duality – in terms of the counterparts but also in the personality of each Twin. Will versus beliefs, ego versus soul… There is much tension going on in this process of transformation.

Remember that if your Twin isn’t “playing ball” in “real life” you are not limited to interacting with that part of them.

Spirit shows us, the current cosmic triggers are designed to get you to go within and seek your Twin’s eternal self there.

There are great gifts in this. Again, download the Guided Meditation to Connect With Your Twin Flame’s Soul for free here.


As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x



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– Marion B, Germany


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  1. Are twin flames the exact same age? or can they be different ages? if different ages how can they be a twin?

    1. Per definition the Twins are the same “age” as souls.

      But in human incarnation they can be different ages, and this is very common. Some Twins choose to reincarnate with a significant age difference, to help humanity embrace love across traditional boundaries. An example could be a younger male Twin with an older female Twin.

      Sending you love and light <3 x

  2. Kristen I’m so glad you have a positive attitude and are embracing self love/union!

    It sounds like your Twin has an issue with commitment – did he see someone betrayed or experience parents divorcing as a child? Even, a parent or adult telling him repeatedly that men were “supposed” to not be tied down?

    Spirit is highlighting these issues as pushing him in that direction. He was “programmed” with these beliefs and behaviors. But in this version of life he’s not happy because he longs to open his heart to you in human life.

    They suggest trying the Twin Flame Inner Child Healing to help him release the negative belief so he can open up to love.

    Even if you choose not to, they show me his higher self is always present and respectful around you. They want to make this very clear. He respects your boundaries and values you tremendously for choosing to cherish and honor yourself – he feels it’s a rare and special thing.

    Sending you love and light <3 x Cassady

  3. The concept of duality is playing out in my dreams this week it seems. Last night I dreamed about being in some kind of cockpit, with my TF on my right side flying the plane. It was nice! It felt like a co-pilot situation in the dream and we were both in the air, with an open view in front of us which seems like beautiful, endless possibilities!

  4. My twin definitely has problems with authority especially with older males. He was stymied during his childhood and since we have known each other so long I see how all this affects him today as an adult. This is the area he needs work on but he is extremely resistant to healing any of it. He prefers to push the issues back down and ignore them.

    Thanks Cassady

  5. I’ve recently made the connection that my boyfriend and I are twin flames. We are the complete opposite but we are the exact same. Where he is weak, I am strong- where he is strong, I am weak. We are the literal definition of yin and yang, it’s terrifying but amazing. We have had a lot of issues due to the ego and our childhood traumas growing up. I recently discovered our purpose, or what i believe to be our purpose… but we tend to live in a fantasy about our relationship, our mutual vision of our love never seems to come to life. My ego is trying to tell me love never works out and it’s making me doubt our twin flame connection as well, telling me this is my fake twin and leave immediately. How do I dismiss those ego thoughts and connect with who I need to become for the both of us? Why does our love feel so strong but I can’t even believe it myself? Love and light. X

  6. For some reason I am finding it harder to connect with my twin’s higher self then before, and no he is not really playing ball in real life either there is some kind of interference I sense. I tried clicking the link for the reading is it gone now ?

  7. Thank you, Cassady.

    I truly feel that this period of regression will bring about great progression for TFs. Mercury R began on my birthday, and my guides filled my akashic records’ room with so many flowers, it was beautiful. I was given the gift of being able to see my soul’s truth, and discovered an ability I’ve carried over for lifetimes, and am to use in this lifetime to help.

    Like Kirsten, I have been focusing on union with myself, and have been healing so much. However, the energy of the one I once believed to be my other half in the physical, before I knew I was part of the Twin Flame collective, has come back into my field; could this be due to the gateway, too? Having to trail backwards to clear my connection with him? He’s been with me for lifetimes, but this one seems to be a bit difficult to release at the moment.


  8. It was a relief to read this post and realize I’m not the only one feeling these energies.
    It’s been a wildly productive week, from a spiritual perspective. Old issues have come up. I’ve struggled with boundaries for many years and I’m proud to say I’ve set some necessary boundaries this week.
    I appreciate the fact that these posts describe exactly what I’m feeling.

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