Electricity in the Air as Uranus goes Retrograde – Reevaluation of Limitations, and Upgrading the Physical Body to Help Twin Union. Plus, Your Prayers May Already Have Been Answered – You Just Missed the “Download”…


In the midst of summer, vacations and family time we are set to encounter a disruption set to bring challenges but ultimately help us on the forward journey.

Uranus represents “electric energy” sometimes in the form of inspiration, groundbreaking ideas and revolutions, but also breakdowns and short-circuiting…

As Uranus goes retrograde on July 29th – stationing and beginning to turn a few days before – we’re given the signal to start reevaluating old limitations, values and assumptions. We’re ultimately being pushed to realize that all limitation is illusion. To stop putting blocks on our higher faculties.

Uranus will be moving back on “himself” until December 29th, setting us up for a period of reevaluation and breaking through old limitations.

Twin Flame Illusions

For Twin Flames this is huge news, because facing illusion head on can be one of the most challenging yet amazing aspects of this connection. As souls we are always connected, always sharing love – but our human patterns and perceptions lead us to believe in separation, conflict, opposition.

Illusions around the nature of the Twin Flame connection are set to be coming forth to be resolved in this coming period – whatever is keeping you from embracing your limitless soul self and living from that “5D place” of love, connectedness, mastery of creation, will be coming up for resolution.

For Twins especially this means the illusion of separation and the illusion of powerlessness over circumstances. As with all “baggage” this will tend to cause trouble on its way into the open to be released, but energy management can make this process much gentler and faster.

If you’ve been struggling on your journey or are experiencing problems with your Twin, please have a look at the Free Energy Clearing Downloads I offer to Twin Flames – the help kit contains a selection from my full channeled Vibrational Alignment Program. To read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with energy clearing, have a look here at their testimonials.

Connecting to Our Divine Nature

With Uranus and Neptune in simultaneous retrogrades we’re moving through a collective purge: Human culture has through millennia punished and castigated those who were open to the higher realms and utilized their abilities to connect with their higher faculties (and souls, such as the Twin Flames with each other) – this is set to be dealt with now.

Old pain and restriction associated with these themes of punishment for accessing our divine gifts is set to be stirred up.

With Uranus’ moving through Aries, this especially deals with the patriarchal repression of each individual’s access to their higher self/source identity/spiritual power. The control of institutions over our right to connect directly to source/god/our divine nature.

Thinning The Veil Of Perception

A message from spirit in this regard is that the “veil of perception” is not simply an individual thing. It’s not just that we ourselves have genetic energies and programming that keep us feeling separate from the “unseen” and the Twin Souls from being openly connected on all levels. The collective energy fields on earth are heavily entrenched with energies of separation, disconnectedness and abandonment from the higher realms.

For Twin Flames this contributes to the wound of separation, the deep feeling nearly all Twins have of being apart from one another and afraid of losing each other.

The Twin Flames pairs signed up to take on these fears of abandonment, to alchemize fear into love through our innate knowing that we are divinely connected at all times, no matter what.

Twin Flames are in this helping the collective let go of one of humanity’s deepest fears. Many Twins struggle with these abandonment fears, however. Clearing these deep fears at the root – with karmic tools – and lifting out of old ancestral programming makes a huge positive difference in this regard.

Short-Circuiting Electricity

As the Moon joins Uranus on July 26th we get an amplification of the Uranian energies – especially in terms of emotion. Keep a cool head now and try to channel any strong emotions into creativity and personal expression.

Uranus classically relates to accidents, electrical breakdowns and short-circuiting – the physical manifestations of the immense power of this energy current.

It reminds us of the ongoing process of what’s happening with Twins and Lightworkers in recent years.

From our origins we are high vibrational soul beings – but on earth we live in bodies of dense matter, which are mainly the results of generations of low-vibrational living (survival, fear, scarcity).

As we raise our vibration, the body is impacted and uplifted gradually. During Ascension we often experience periodic “short-circuiting” as influxes of light often force the body to run energies it’s completely unfamiliar with.

Many Lightworkers and Twins struggle with dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, digestive sensitivity and other physical expressions of the body struggling to integrate the new and unfamiliar at first.

Happily this evens out as you go along, and energy clearing can help tremendously with smoothing out the ride – including swiftly eradicating the heaviness that “battles” with the new light as it comes in. Gradually, the physical body becomes more and more adept at handling new high frequencies, and our chakra centers are “upgraded” to assist as we lift our vibration.

Eventually, the aim is for our bodies to become expert “bridges between heaven and earth” – capable of staying in the high frequencies of love, joy, peace, gratitude at all times.

Integrating Spirituality and Ascension Into Daily Life

As the Sun in Leo trines Saturn (R) this week, we’re set to experience a grounding influence helping us integrate spiritual insights and “inspiration” (literally being “in spirit”) into our daily “real lives” – but Saturn’s influence can also tend to heaviness and melancholy.

Spirit immediately jumps in to show that a remedy for any heaviness is to go out into nature, to be among trees, animals, flowers, to move your body…To exercise as you see fit, to drink plenty of water and to cleanse out any congested, stagnant energies metaphysically.

Your Prayers May Already Have Been Answered…

Uranus deals with higher insight and inspiration, tapping into the universal consciousness and harnessing its power and bringing ideas down onto the earth plane…

For the collective, Uranus deals with new technology, innovation. The message we’re getting from spirit is that ideas are being funneled into the earth plane each and every day with answers to people’s prayers.

Every time someone prays, an answer or reaction is sent from the Universe.

Many Twins’ prayers have already been answered, is the message – but it is up to us to take action on the answers. So what might you have missed? What solutions have you not acted on?

Answers, insights and solutions will keep being delivered until you fully recognize and receive them, but there might already be answers right in front of you…. There are solutions to every prayer if we just open up to listen, and take action on the ideas being served.

An example of the power of prayer (asking for help) to invite in solutions, we’re pointed to the discovery of antibiotics as a way to cure diseases that people had been praying for help with, and the arrival on earth of more and more Lightworkers as an answer to prayers to end war and bring peace to the planet – especially after WW2 and the Korean and Vietnam wars in the mid 20th century.

With every prayer we are heard. Our questions are always received.

Now it’s up to us to listen as the answers are brought forth, is the message… If you’ve had ideas, insights, guided concepts and plans presented to you, know that these are solutions to many people’s prayers – very likely your own too.

Could You Be “Hogging” The World’s Next Big Innovation?

The message from spirit is that there are already many solutions out there that have been received by individuals in areas ranging from innovative products to books, music, films, healing methods and new approaches to medicine and health.

Ideas and insights arriving through dreams, meditation, sudden inspiration… These are amazing insights that can help many. But often the recipients of these ideas are unsure and hold back from taking action.

A theme for this Uranus retrograde is to reevaluate in this area – take a second look at the solutions that may already have been presented to you. You might actually have been praying for help with something you’ve already been given a solution to.

Look inside yourself – to your soul, your higher faculties, your knowledge and experience – to find the answers to your own prayers. Often, we know the answers to our own “problems” but are too blind to ourselves to face it.

Uranus retrograde will help us with the focus to find the perfect solutions, by going within and reevaluating our prior approach. When we keep looking outside, we might miss what was right under our noses to begin with.

Take a little bit of quiet time daily – you don’t even have to call it “meditation” – and you’ll open up to a world of insights and inner peace over time.

The Vibrational Alignment Program with energy clearing methods was channeled to me as a “solution” to the struggles many Twins have been going through (and mine, to begin with). You can begin working with selected tools from the full program at no cost by downloading my Free Help Kit for Twin Flames.

Refining The Soul Connection Between Twin Flames

For Twin Flames, Uranus turning back in his tracks also signals a process of refining and upgrading the body’s ability to integrate the higher communication faculties – opening up more and more to communal connection between the twin pair, telepathy, soul journeying and so on.

Many Twins are blocked by old fear energies – often stemming from ancestry – and are therefore unable as yet to clearly receive messages and to stay in touch this way. These fears and blocks are set to be brought to the surface as Uranus’ energies stir us to go within.

By the time “he” moves direct in winter, we’re set to have faced the inner issues and fears that kept us blocked and have the chance to clear them for good.

Releasing Childhood Fears Of Ghosts/Monsters

We’re alerted to the fact that many children are afraid of ghosts and “monsters” and as always with fear energies they’re not usually released as we grow up, we simply pile logic, new beliefs and patterns on top of them.

This was a block on my own journey in communicating with the higher realms and my Twin Soul. Deep down, there were still remnants of horror films, nightmares and ghost stories that had a part of me locked in fear and unable to fully open up.

Inner child healing can be very profound for this (and to remotely deal with the causes of running). By releasing childhood blocks we can open up the third eye and crown chakras fully – to step into the higher faculties.

As he turns retrograde, Uranus stirs Mars and Venus powerfully, showing up as an electric current triggering many latent light codes in “Sleeper Twins” (those Unawakened to their Soul Nature still).

There’s a sense of the divine masculine finally getting to action after a long period of inner soul work (often unconscious) through this spring’s Mars Retrograde.

Expect more action, more commitment, more progress in terms of coming together now. A sense of extra fuel for the journey.

We’re set to feel stronger than in a while, but with the retrograde this strength is turned to introspection. A good thing, set to help you on your onward path – embracing your own inner power for the remainder of the journey.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light! <3

Cassady x

Want more? For a complete step-by-step roadmap through Ascension and into Twin Flame Union, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. You can also read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with the program here.

Alternatively you can try our Free Starter Kit which contains a selection from the Full Program!

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  1. Beautiful! The theme “Be Strong” “Empower yourself” “Embrace your power and strength” seems to be running high for me for the past few months. I see combinations of 444 or 44 a lot and even more than the normal 1111! Which from numerology I’ve read as you must be strong. And taking back your power. And recently I’ve been reading a book called “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” and in one of the opening paragraphs it says “Imagine that it is only your belief that is holding you back. Try instead to imagine that you are pure energy.. that 99.999% of you is pure divine creative energy and only 0.001% is actual physical manifestation. Imagine that YOU have the power over that 99.999% to manifest all that you dream into the 0.001% and maybe all this time the only thing holding you back was the belief you weren’t powerful enough.” “Don’t wait for science to tell you something is possible. Think outside the box and stay outside the box!”

    I feel the strong theme Step into your power more and more! This is your journey, your twin flame ideal relationship, your ideal life, your ideal health, your idea wealth. If you have 99.999% of the power to live and experience everything you dream already. Then nothing can stop you from fulfilling and experiencing that dream in the 0.001% physical!!! Be strong all 🙂 Nothing in this “universe” or “dimension” or “3D life” that we started out in is a guarantee. But who says you have to stay perceiving in any dimension/universe/frequency that isn’t reflecting and experiencing your ideal relationship/life/health/wealth?? Rise up! XOXO all!

    1. 444 or 44 also means building stage, keep building, and your manifestions will soon pay off. I see 444 or 44 a lot too.

      1. Thank you for this! Perfect timing.. again. 🙂 Like a little reminder to.. keep it up you creative sexy powerful beings! BAM! lol 🙂

  2. This resonates so much for me. I feel as though I had a huge download/upgrade in September on a soul level and I have spent all of these months trying to bring those downloads to my conscious awareness in order to “live it out” here in the physical world. I no longer see any of this as a struggle, it feels more like a puzzle or a mystery to be solved and therefore it is fun for me. Anytime I get “stuck” I simply ask/pray that I be made aware of anything I need to know to move forward. Works like a charm and I don’t feel as though I’ve struggled since April. I’m excited to move forward and can’t wait to see a physical manifestation of the culmination of the inner work that’s been done. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world! <3 xxhugsxx

    1. Wow, it could have been me who wrote this. I also have no more struggle since April, something huge has shifted. Removing blocks comes much more easier and shifts in perception are almost on daily basis, it feels very exciting. I also finally feel that there is a shift in him too, probably the runner/chaser dinamic is over, and we are in some blissful stagnation without rush and urgency. At least on my part, cannot say for him since we are not in contact. But I feel us that we are already one, like in harmony and not opposed, strange sensation since few days.

  3. It’s so funny for past couple weeks, I’ve been feeling and even telling friends that Im sitting on some invention that wants to come through and I can’t grasp it yet. It’s kinda driving me bonkers because it’s so close and it would answer my prayer of finances as I separate from husband. So I love reading this, I’ll do my best to sit and receive, would be wonderful to come through and I’ve also gotten it’s right in front of me!! As of yesterday I can feel a very big connection to the higher realms expanding and again, it’s so close just a matter of sitting with it more and help connect to it! Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Dear Cassady:
    Once again, your weekly post is right in line with what is happening around me and probably many other TFs out there. Sometimes it is difficult to stay focused and believe that the Ascension process will be over at some point and Union and bliss will happen. I live with my TF after being separated for 6 months. Many of the old “negative” patterns are starting to come back. Although we are in the same space, there is a separation going on and not feeling in sync. It’s almost worse than being physically separated. I am going to actively use the energy clearing tools to try to bring things back to normal. There are definite improvements, but some of the stuff comes from a very deep place and it almost feels like my body is rumbling and shaking when these issues come up. It’s kind of amazing that you can feel that energy so deep, like it is embedded in your DNA. I want it out!! Some of it seems like it is ideas and beliefs that don’t even belong to me. I see my TF respond in the same way and it creates a real crazy-making episode. I am very grateful to have found your site. It is the only one that makes sense and offers real solutions. Thank you, thank you!!

  5. OMG Cassady I have to say a HUGE thank you! I’ve been doing the Harmony Healing meditation, and suddenly after 5 years, my twin posted a cryptic message on social media with a song called Magical Girl which I know was for me!!! The lyrics completely described how he feels about me and how my being transforms his mundane days into magical ones!
    When I did your meditation the first time, I felt a huge shift – I felt more light and joyful and it awoke an overwhelming desire for my twin which I haven’t felt for a long time. Thank you so so much Cassady for this incredible gift! I wish I could give you a great big hug! I love you so so much! xxx

  6. Love this thank you for this. This really doesn’t have anything to do with the post. Am I the only one who has dreams about their twin flame, and a lot of the dreams come true????!!!!!

  7. Hi Cassady,
    Your articles are always spot and and inspires me.
    Do you take private intuitive sessions? Where can I reach you for that?

  8. Cassady,

    Just purchased the Twin Flame Harmony Healing and all I can say is WOW. I’ve been doing it every night on my break at work and I definitely feel the shifts in my energy, and I hope my TF feels it too. Thank you!!

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