Ready To Embrace Your Own Majesty? Major Shifts In “Destiny” Working To Align You With Your Soul’s Truth And Twin Flame Love. But Have You Been Playing Small?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Retrograde season, why the universe is “challenging” Twin Flames lately. Are you embracing your true power? Breaking free.

Plus, major shifts in “love destiny” happening. Have you been torturing yourself with this one thing? It’s time to stop…

Discover more below.

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Major Breakthroughs Coming

We have another intense week ahead, yet with major breakthroughs likely.

It’s all about how you handle yourself and your perspective – because major changes are brewing. 

For the last few weeks, the North Node representing soul path and “destiny” for this lifetime has been nearing Uranus, planet of change.

It means there are significant shifts happening in overall life path or trajectory. Both individually and collectively.

We are being “divinely redirected” from within, to align with our SOUL.

Have You Been Playing Too Small?

Uranus tends to bring sudden, electric shocks, surprises, bolts of inspiration and insight – so it’s likely that you have been brewing on major changes you’re wanting to make in your own life.

To have more of YOUR authentic truth and passions in your life, and to live your true unapologetic soul based happiness.

If you have been stuck in a situation you have felt stifled or repressed in, this transit can tend to bring disruption as you finally feel like you have “had enough” and take action to break free.

With Leo energies and Pluto in opposition, be aware you could face DRAMA around this.

If so, look into your childhood so you can resolve the roots of any recurring experiences around feeling unheard, unloved and unsupported…

Your Uniqueness Is Needed!

Uranus is the ruler of freedom, the unorthodox, groups and starseeds, so it’s likely that you feel like it’s finally time to stop hiding your uniqueness, or playing by the rules.

You may make – or resolve to make – major changes to how you live life, or how you interact with others, how you dress or present yourself to the world. 

Spirit’s advice is, use this transit to hone in on and release where you may have settled for less in the past… or have allowed others to make you feel small or talk down to you for being different.

(I help you with this here)

Are You Ready For Your Greatest Self?

Spirit says, the days of settling for less or hiding your truth, are OVER!

We are being strongly asked to shed any masks and fears around showing our true, perfectly imperfect self to the world and to our Twin Flame.

They point to Pluto R also triggering us strongly these last few weeks and into next month – prodding us to wake up to our true power and be AUTHENTIC with ourselves and others.

Pluto “says” – we are never inauthentic because we’re “fake”.

People sell themselves short because they were shown it wasn’t OK to be their true self. Maybe they were shamed, or guilted, or pushed with fear – it became a survival strategy.

(However, for Twins it deflects unity and causes so much pain, so now is the time to release it)

Stop Caring?

You may feel like you’re being asked to not CARE so much what other people think anymore. Or you’re already leaning in that direction.

You’re being guided to return to your OWN essence and uniqueness.

To move past anywhere you were guilted into fitting a norm, to make other people more comfortable. Or to “EARN” love. 

As mentioned, there are likely wounds underlying this.

If you have been shamed for being different, or have been criticized or judged – I strongly recommend looking into healing and resolving this now so you can move forward into more of your light and your greatness.

Which opens you to more of your capacity to hold and receive unity and Twin Flame love. (For help, use the Inner Child Healing for Twin Flames.)

Heightened Twin Flame Themes

Because the North Node conjunct Uranus happens in Taurus, sign of love, partnerships and the heart, it is especially heightened for Twin Flames.

And, Mars is nearing this conjunction also, which symbolizes major changes upcoming for the Masculine Twin (more on that next week). 

Happening in Venus’ own domain, Uranus/North Node are here trying to shake us up to stop sacrificing love.

To stop playing out other people’s agendas in our relationships. To stop living the WORLD’S old relationship fears and entrenched dramas…

And to radically allow ourselves to accept ourselves for who we are, and open up to love no matter what!

Have You Heard This?

The words that come up, are “Let your freak flag fly”.

That’s the energy that’s coming through…

And it’s quite emotional because SO many of you have been hiding your truth or have been made to feel WRONG in some way.

And whether or not you know it, it has been dimming your light, your manifestation powers and above all your ability to call in love and be in unity with your Twin Flame. 

Unity Embodied

Remember you ARE in your essence “made for them” and they for you. You share a deep down soul frequency.

So if you are coerced or guilted into trying to be like someone else, that will only complicate things and cause deflections.

This is a time for letting go of all of your old stories, says spirit.

(Go deeper into this sacred Soul work with me here)

Who Told You That?!?

To release who you were told you were by other people who hadn’t expanded into THEIR power or light or greatness.

To release what you were told about love by people who had never EXPERIENCED or HELD true love in their hearts.

Can you see how silly it is, they say, that so many Twins are told about love and the relationship dynamic by people who are not in a state of LOVE?

To HAVE love, you have to be OPEN to love. You ARE love.

Stop listening to people who are in ego or fear, trying to tell you they are better than you or know better FOR you. It will only tangle you up.

Collective Breaking Point

There is a breaking point in the collective development of the planet happening now.

A point where we in some way release more of the old entrenched belief systems around love, partnerships, property, beauty and harmony.

We are going deeper, is the message. Out of concepts and rigidity and rules and regulations, and into the realms of the heart.

We are being guided away from trying to control the outside world, and into our own heart centre, which is a space of immense, powerful manifestation if we can be open and aligned.

The Power Of Love

So many people miss out on the joy they could have in life, spirit says, because they are out there in the world trying to force things to happen, rather than going within and opening to the state of love…

Which can revolutionize everything. 

If you feel a bit unsettled in this period, try not to worry about it. It’s coming up so you can release it and move out of lower cycles once and for all.

It’s highly likely that old energetic and emotional baggage is surfacing in your system, as the transits work to help you open to a HIGHER state and to be open to unity in the 3D physical.

The Importance Of Awareness

Don’t let it sit in your space, if you notice for example, inexplicable fear about the future or that you suddenly feel heavy or sad – clear it!

(You can start by using the Free Energy Cleanse here).

Get the baggage and the toxins out of your system, so you can fully call in and RECEIVE love and unity.

Because you are being shown what has been blocking it on the deeper levels of your being. 

Drama, Mama?

The big challenge this week is that with Pluto Retrograde in opposition to Mercury and the Sun, now both in Leo, drama is highly likely.

Leo energies tend to inflate people’s sense of self importance and you may end up feeling stifled by other people’s emotional reactions.

What’s really happening is that Pluto is challenging us all to step into our own power, and some people are afraid.

Therefore they deflect with drama. It’s a self protection mechanism so they don’t have to look at their deeper FEAR or actually have to take responsibility.

Twin Flame Problems?

If your Twin Flame is acting out, for example, or seems to be out of reach, go within and help them resolve the fear and release ego masks from the soul level.

You really can do this as Twin Flames, as you share an energy field and their soul will willingly work with you in this. So the two of you can enjoy more harmony and love in your connection – and reunite!

Have a look here, where I take you through it step by step.

The Higher Dimensional Anchoring And Awakening is one of the sessions I get the most immediate *stunned* responses to, as it can powerfully break through running, activate an unawakened Twin Flame and more.

twin flame awakening

Just have a look at some of these testimonials:


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“Thank you Cassady! It was AMAZING and HUGE. Back home, on track in 9! And we spoke finally again!” – Daisy (via instagram)

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Leo New Moon, Jupiter Retrograde

July 28th we have several major impacts, as Jupiter goes Retrograde and we have a New Moon in Leo the same day.

Jupiter is also square Uranus/North Node, as he turns. 

Aside from a new beginning, there’s an energy of the past involved due to Jupiter’s connection. 

It signals that we are being encouraged to not place so much value on outer circumstances and in particular material goods or physical world “things” (can also be things like fixating on “marriage” or “living together”).

Paradoxes, Paradoxes…

Allow yourself to consider, that some of the happiest people on earth have very little.

Some of the most advanced sages are not shouting from the rooftops to get credit or for people to believe or follow them.

Some of the most blissfully loving couples and Twin Flames in Union are never heard from.

Because they are perfectly content to enjoy their experience!

Reconsidering Perspectives

I’m not saying you should give away all your belongings and go live in the woods (unless you have longed for this and know it’s what you want!)…

But be willing to reconsider how much importance you have placed on the outside.

Giving away your ability to be happy, to outer things or other people. Letting things rob you of your majesty, when you truly are a Queen (King) all along!

(Or a non gendered term you resonate with, as powerful and worthy).

We are being encouraged with this New Moon, to go beyond.

The Art Of Allowing

To shift into releasing the chase, and instead ALLOWING the energies of love, bliss and unity in every moment… as that is what will align our physical lives with it.

Instead of fixating on an outer event or thing as having to deliver it (which means we give away our power to the outside). A.k.a. “destination preoccupation”.

Leo is the home of the heart, courage, passion and romance – so with this New Moon, can you allow yourself to start over in these areas?

Your Infinite Greatness

Can you let yourself off the hook for the past, whatever may have happened, so you can move into your next chapter?

And above all, can you allow your heart to be heard like it is meant to?

To release all fear and worry and conflict and the drama that comes from the human karma… 

And be in a state of oneness?

This week, the message is, we already are in “heaven on earth”.

What matters, is that you shift your perspective to be willing to see it, and open to feel and experience it.

As always, I’m sending you so much love and light <3

Cassady x

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