“These Challenges Are Needed, To Get You Where You Want To Go” Says Venus Retrograde. Push For Twin Flames To Go Deeper, Confronting The Shadows Of The Past. Are You Ready?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Venus and Chiron Retrogrades make themselves powerfully noticed, pushing for healing in love and for the Twin Flame pair.

But Lilith, the karmic shadow Feminine signals outsider disturbances…

Plus, Pluto in opposition to Sun challenges you to deal with deeper historical darkness, and embrace your own power.

Venus Retrograde

We enter into our first full week of Venus Retrograde, who just started 6 weeks of “backward motion”.

In addition, Chiron the wounded healer also went retrograde, signalling that the two are bringing a combined focus on healing in love and relationships.

Venus Retrograde tends to bring a focus on the past and a general cosmic push to get clarity on the deeper factors at work in your love life.

For example, have you had repeated experiences with feeling abandoned in relationships?

Now, Venus and Chiron will be pushing you to find the root causes, which likely involve childhood experiences – perhaps ones you cannot remember fully, and will now be shown in symbolic form or through dreams.

Focus In Fire Element

With Venus in Retrograde through Leo, and Chiron through Aries, we have a strong focus on healing in the fire element.

This means this period especially deals with with deeper wounds and patterns that have put limits on your freedom to be your most enthusiastic, open, passionate self – especially in romance!

Although it can feel unpleasant, the key is to take action on healing.

Because this is really a divinely guided period of PREPARATION for reaching into your highest in love. Ultimately as a Twin Flame, to reunite in harmony and love in the 3D physical.

(For more on this, go here)

Preparation For Unity In Love!

But first, Venus “says”, you have to get to the bottom of the things that have kept things from harmony, unity and unconditional, blissful love.

That is always content from your human lives, as Twin Flames share divine harmony and love as souls!

Conflict, opposition, running and other negativity do not not EXIST on the soul planes, so it is never a TRUE part of your TF connection.

The key is to clear those human world patterns and wounds from negative experiences, so you can open to divine soul love also in the physical!

Oppositions, Pushing You

With the Sun in opposition to Pluto this week, and Venus Retrograde trine the north node, it is again echoed that current challenges are NOT meant as irritation or to give you burdens to deal with.

We are shown, what is happening is needed for your soul evolution and path – in particular as a Twin Flame.

The healing you’re asked to do now is essential. You can’t gloss over this, is the message.

To open to the highest iteration of this time, be willing to go deep with yourself and the Twin Flame connection, instead of running from fear and inner shadows.

Challenges Within, Or?

If you flow with the energies, go within, open up to awareness, heal old wounds and spend time on self care and focusing on your true passions… It will be a fruitful time of growth and deep soul satisfaction!

And it can be a very enjoyable time to focus on your own creative pursuits, reworking or revisiting old passions… Having deep conversations with your counterpart to understand each other better and heal…

But if you try to RUSH this time, ignoring your intuition and wounds… The cosmic flow and your soul will oppose you, and it can get unpleasant.

Underlying Emotions Brought Up

This week can get intense, because as you may notice, a lot of un-conscious content is being triggered and brought to the surface.

You may simply notice feeling a bit on edge, or like you’re repeating old ways of doing things or old emotional cycles.

Pay attention, and shift as best as you can (clearing the underlying energy is the fastest method I’ve discovered in nearly 9 years of working with Twins).

Above all, look at what the REAL MEANING is of what’s happening in your life.

Does it remind you of something from the past? Have you felt like this before?

Those are key indications that some inner wound or old pattern needs resolving at the ROOT, so it stops repeating!

What Really Manifests Unity!

With Pluto and the Sun in opposition, it shows that the Universe is pushing you to get clarity on the un-conscious emotions, beliefs, expectations and thoughts brewing under the surface.

Because this is 98% of your manifestation and attraction!

Remember in this universe of energy in motion, we don’t get what we “SAY” we want, we get what we are VIBRATING at!

So get clarity, weed out what is weighing you down – fear, anger, worry, old resentment, and other lower vibrations…

And you will automatically rise into a higher state of attraction in your Twin Flame connection!

(Watch a brief explainer video here on how it works – and if you haven’t already done so, take my FREE assessment to see what you’re currently vibrating at in your Twin Flame connection.

Are you aligned with unity? Or struggle and blocks? Find out now).

Toxic Feminine “Outsiders”

With Lilith the karmic shadow feminine conjunct Venus Retrograde and Mercury this week, we see that unfortunately, there are toxic feminine/female influences at work in your connection or life.

It could be that an “outsider presence” is making things difficult in your Twin Flame connection, or that you have friends who SEEM happy for you on the surface, yet are secretly jealous and holding negative intentions for you…

Or it could be that you have in the past (as Venus is Retrograde) come into a lot of negative information or ideas around love, Twin Flames, relationships and life, from women or feminine dominant people with a toxic outlook.

Negative Projections

This happens when people have been hurt themselves in the past, and begin to project this onto you and others.

For example, Twin Flames who spend time online telling other Twins how terrible the connection is, or women who were hurt and now don’t believe men can ever be trusted.

If you have been around this kind of content in the past or have had these types of beliefs yourself, make sure you clear it.

Because it will unfortunately project into your Twin Flame connection and cause issues (“as within so without”).

It’s About The Past!

Above all, the planets show – if you are experiencing difficulties right now, it’s not about the present. It’s the Past!

Karma is strongly in focus, due to Venus Retrograde, Mercury and Mars opposed by Saturn Retrograde and Pluto in opposition with the Sun.

What does this mean?

As an example, if you’re finding it hard to end separation with your Twin, the cosmic message is to look under the surface! To deal with soul contracts, past life marriage bonds or attachments to exes, and so on…

Because these are the underlying reasons why the connection is not opening to unity.

(For help, go here for more on the Oneness Code Activation, where I take you through all of this).

“I have been doing this every week since you made it and now the karmic relationship my twin was in is over and I know this is because of this session… I can’t thank you enough Cassady…lots of love…x” – Diane (via Disqus)

“I began to use the oneness activation code every day. I began Saturday because I had felt so heavy for many weeks. Immediately I felt better. Then I ran into my TF by “accident”. He called and texted and came over later that day. I continued to listen and meditate with this practice and still he is reaching out at a much higher level which is ironic considering it had been months the last time we spoke. Thank you so much!” – Julie (via Disqus)

Click here to see more feedback and all the details on the session

“Divine Gifts”

Remember that the Universe is not doing this to punish us. It is meant as a divine gift.

We pray and ask for help, and then the Universe goes: “I would love to help, here are the things to resolve in order to get those things you’re praying for – so you are aligned!”

But often, we don’t. We stick our heads in the sand and hope the challenges will go away or that things will resolve on their own…! (I’m sure we have all been there…!)

But if you want real positive change, and quickly, then dealing with those inner factors will deliver the shifts you want.

3D Ego Advice?

I have so many Twin Flames come to me struggling and asking for solutions based on the current 3D ego level experience.

But the truth is, you cannot change things fully from the “outside in”.

If you change the ENERGY the outside will resolve.

For example, if you want to resolve your Twin Flame running, you have to deal with the ROOT cause.

Anyone who gives you advice based on that, is unfortunately not helping, spirit says. They’re cementing the 3D reflection of the issue – by holding space that it’s REAL!

Not Really Your Problem!

Because as two beings “born from love” as souls, ANY problem between the Twin Flames is not “really true”!

It’s an outer reflection of an inner distorted energy you or they have taken on- which may not even have been yours to begin with.

It may have been a karmic ancestral pattern, a collective gender model wound, etc.

The Analogy

Spirit gives an example, if you got the flu and then you found it hard to perform at work… It wouldn’t be helpful to treat you like you were inadequate by nature.

The solution would be to help you heal, so you COULD perform at your true ability and skill.

When we only take “symptoms” into consideration, we never fully shift the root issue.

For Twin Flames, this is what most people do with running/chasing. They try to address the symptom only, instead of resolving the CAUSE of the outer negative experience or “symptom”.

(For more on Twin Flame Running, go here)

Venus’ Gift – And Test

Therefore, to help us reach into our highest, Venus Retrograde is now pushing us to deal with the true causes of anything that hasn’t been working… So we can HAVE true love. Here and now.

 You may feel disappointed that things aren’t as easy or fast as you would wish… But your soul actually WANTS to go deep!

Because if things were the way your Ego mind wants, you would not learn and grow in your connection.

However, you don’t have to struggle trying to figure it all out on your own.

I have spent years researching the Twin Flame connection and working with healing and reuniting Twin Souls, so you are welcome to join in my group coaching to begin accelerating your journey to unity.


A Week For Inner Progress

This period CAN yield major progress if you work with the cosmic flow.

But it may require some effort, and it can get confusing if you deal with things on the surface level.

So for the next 6 weeks, be aware that any outer experiences with your Twin deal with the past, and the inner situation with both of you.

Venus retrograde IS guiding us to our unity, but we are asked to be an active part in this.

If you could use some help with this, we start the next round of the 12 month soul alchemy group work shortly (have a look at some feedback from other Twins below). 

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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