Shadow Season – Karmic Resurrection. Masculine Twin In Focus As Full Moon Eclipse And Mercury Retrograde Bring Pressure To A Head. Lightworkers Awake!

Welcome into a week full of potential transformation with one of the year’s 5 major eclipses looming large in the cosmic energies!

We see release of pent-up pressure between the sexes come to a head, opening up to a possible new and higher state of being between the Twin Flames. Including Masculine Twins awakening – but not how you might expect…

If you can stay centered in your higher awareness and keep cool as the tension rises, this can be a week in which you “uplevel” into a more harmonious stage of your journey. More on this below.

Getting Clarity On Your Path


As always do make sure you download my Free Twin Flame Help Kit if you haven’t already. It’s completely free of charge, and you can read about other Twins’ experiences with the resources here

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Mercury Retrograde Starts

Just before the Eclipse, we have Mercury turning Retrograde in Leo, sign of the heart. “He” will be moving back in his tracks here until August 19.

Mercury retrograde is infamous for accidents, mistakes and miscommunications… But it can also signify a re-evaluation.

In reality it’s the cosmic energies pushing us and giving us the chance to go within and reconsider what “direction” we’ve been headed in so we can make adjustments before the next forward period.

Mercury retrograde periods are times where we get the chance to go within and resolve any counter-intentions, limiting beliefs, illusory perceptions and disentangle any communication issues from the last few months.

Helping You Step Into Your Power

The collective energy fields are stirred up around this time and it’s notoriously tricky to “think straight” or “communicate straight” at this time.

You’ll see people in social media talking about Mercury Retrograde as if it’s a cursed time, but be careful you don’t align with this negativity! It will only make things worse.

Step into your own power as a co-creator of your reality and use this time to go within – in this way you’re working with the energies, not struggling against them.

This is key to managing cosmic transits of energy – going with the flow instead of fighting. Tune into your heart, it’s always an infallible compass.

(To get clarity into what’s really going on with your heart and your manifestations, have a look here)

What Message Have You Missed?

Another indication right now is that your guidance team have likely been trying to give you answers and insights regarding your hopes and dreams for a while now – and you’re going to get a second chance to take in the insight.

And take action on it to open up your path long term.

Look back. Is there some insight or guidance that’s kept coming back to you in some form over and over?

Reconsider now, don’t just dismiss it.

Meditation is an excellent way to calm the ego mind’s responses so you can receive guidance properly. And to learn how to get spiritual guidance with clarity, activating Twin Flame Telepathy and more – click here.

“Your Song”

A great “trick” to getting spiritual guidance about what’s really going on with you on the unconscious level, is to ask your higher self or guides to send you a song that expresses it.

Then let it drift into your mind – the first song you can think of. This is an excellent way to circumvent the ego’s defenses, which often block the very guidance we want or need the most.

Comment below with what song you got – what does the song mean to you? What are the lyrics or what do you associate it with?

Karmic Feminine Darkness

Midweek we have another challenge as Lilith, the large asteroid associated with the “shadow side of the feminine”, interacts with first Pluto then the Moon.

This is a strong indication of male/female clashes, often based in unconscious unexpressed emotions coming up for resolution.

Blow-ups for “no reason” are likely – and the key is, it’s not really for “no reason”, it’s latent suppressed emotions and issues finally rising to the surface.

Like a pressure cooker, when we are not able to resolve, express or clear negative emotions, they tend to come up “out of the blue” in other contexts.

I’m sure you’ve observed it in people, when they argue about everything EXCEPT what really matters.

Two people who never openly speak about their unhappiness or disappointments with each other in a long relationship… and instead argue about things like who forgot to buy potatoes or who misread something in the newspaper.

(Read more here about how my own challenging childhood experiences and my parents’ dysfunction actually became the path into unconditional love and my Twin Flame journey)


Tapping Into Independence To Magnetize Love

Be aware of your true emotions and motivations, and you can use this high-intensity time to your advantage.

With Pluto involved this time deals especially with the Feminine Twin (and females in general) re-claiming power.

A lot of the frustration and blame patterns right now are in a sense the cosmic energies pushing to help us re-claim our true power. To push us to set healthy boundaries and be self-sufficient!

Because, as spirit hints, when someone is in a pattern of depending on another or leaving it up to them to fix or manage things, it creates dysfunction.

Read more about this in “The Real Reason Your Twin Flame Hurt You”

Why So Many Twins Are Frustrated

Many females are taught this way of operating in the world, to be dependent, especially on males. As children, most girls are encouraged not to be as self-reliant or independent as their opposite sex.

With Twin Flames this tends to exacerbate a situation of frustration where the masculine Twin does NOT live up to the expectations – in a soul’s lesson to level up into harmony. To become equals.

Where both are strong and secure in themselves, not NEEDING or RELYING on the other, but choosing to unite from a place of happiness.

Spirit shows us, that when the “chaser” Twin can center into their own strength and independence, it can powerfully shift the dynamic between the two.

Watch a video here on Twin Flame Running for more on how this works.

The Blood Moon Eclipse Gateway

Finally onto the week’s BIG HEADLINE:

Late this week (Friday, most places) the Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius hits. This is a so-called “Blood Moon”.

The energies rise in tension and the “gateway” is active for about 2-3 days before and after the eclipse – but we’re in a larger energetic transit of transformation and tension until the final summer eclipse next month.

Be very aware that the collective energy fields at large are in a state of tension and chaos around eclipses and other gateway times.

There is immense light working its way in, but also a lot of edgy, tense energy and karmic negativity rising up – to then be phased out.

You’ll likely notice the edginess especially when you’re out in public. Make sure you shield yourself during this time, especially if you’re sensitive. If you feel heavy or tense in a situation or around particular people, listen to your intuition. It’s trying to tell you to stay away.

(Learn about grounding and shielding in the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here)

What’s happening on an energetic level is that the whole planet, and we, are getting an upgrade.

Old stagnant negativity is coming up to be released, so our systems are ready to take in new and higher vibrations more and more.

Hold Off On Major Decisions

Headaches and tension in the body are not uncommon during heavy cosmic events such as this.

Do keep in mind, it’s advisable to hold off on judgment on any Twin Flame situations and issues until the energies settle again. Until after the weekend at the very least, but ideally until after the next Eclipse in August.

If things feel tense or troubled right now, it could likely have more to do with the energies at large than with your actual relationship.

Here is a great way to uplift your whole Twin Flame connection, help your Twin step out of any negativity rising and harmonize your interactions.

Secret Messengers Of The Soul

This Lunar Eclipse is set to give us insight into the ideological and belief based blocks and limitations that have been holding us out of our true power of light. Especially things that have kept us believing that we are “merely human”.

Be aware of your dreams around this time, as you are likely to be given insights into higher awareness and what unconscious material may have been holding you back on your journey.

Be on the lookout for signs from the non-physical, seeking to guide you to release and heal now at this Lunar Eclipse.

Again, if you’re sensitive, please shield yourself now as others’ negativity will be more noticeable than at other times because it’s coming up to be released with the Eclipse.

Connect to the light with the tool in the free kit and allow the light to flush negativity out of you.

Major Changes For Masculine Twins

This particular eclipse happens in a tight conjunction with Mars retrograde, signalling big changes for the Masculine Twin Flame in particular.

(And for those of you wondering why the forecasts are so much about the Masculine Twin in challenges lately – it’s because Mars archetypally represents the masculine, and it’s in a rare retrograde until late August)

We see them “blinded” to themselves, almost brought out of conscious awareness for a short while.

And the purpose of this is for latent light codes to be activated in their systems. We’re shown root chakra programming in particular.

We see Unawakened Twins coming to awareness in a different way than those who are currently spiritually awakened – it’s as if they are awakening “inside out” compared to those who are awakened already.

Their *practical awareness and actions* are set to become more guided and conscious, even if they don’t have the crown chakra spiritual awareness of the “higher significance”.

Spirit shows us, their higher self bridging with their human self, but in a different way than those Twins who were awakened through a spiritual awareness.

Many in this next group are set to be “awakened” but without knowing it or what it means, in some way.

Spirit indicates, if this is the case for your counterpart, this message will resonate in particular for you. Your soul will recognize it, as you already agreed upon this before life.

A Different Kind Of Awakening

We’re shown that this “unaware awakening” is a good thing, as it is how the “Twin Flame codes of unconditional love can be made available to the larger human collective.

And it enables these Twins to not be weighed down by dogma or spiritual “rules of perception”. It’s not exclusive, some may find interest in spirituality, but they seem to be making their way to that point in a different way.

Happening opposite the Sun conjunct North Node in Leo, we’re dealing with the collective soul development of humanity itself.

It’s as if the Masculine polarity is being “taken over” on a very palpable level by a higher “divine masculine” aspect of self – without this being made clear to the persons themselves.

The indication is we’ll see a reduction in archetypally “low level masculine” expressions over time – a reduction in ego centered behavior and attitudes. The sense we’re getting is that it’s a new and higher “version” of the masculine coming to light.

Without meaning to scare anyone, it’s as if spirit begins more palpably guiding the actions and behaviors, without this being known to the persons

(Read more about what that means here in the Message From The Divine Masculine)

divine masculine twin soul

Pioneers In Grounding Love Into The Physical

There may be ruptures of negativity or resistance as this process settles in, but in the long run it’s set to be hugely beneficial.

We see that this “inside out awakening” is a big part of balancing recent years’ spiritual awakenings in the Twin Flame collective.

We’re shown by spirit that the Twins awakening over this next period may never be as fully *mentally* aware of themselves as “awakened Twins” but their behavior will change, their motivations will shift into a higher state.

The way they operate in the world will become more aligned with love, harmony, positivity.

They are in fact pioneers in *grounding the codes of a higher state into the collective on a deeper, physical world level*.

To help them with this process, have a look at this session where we work to cleanse out limiting ego beliefs and ancestral heaviness that may have been congesting their system and disrupting your connection – in alignment with their Free Will.

Don’t Wait – Embrace The Now

We’re shown by spirit through this cosmic event, that some Twins may never fully “awaken” in the sense their counterpart has been waiting for.

But we see that this is a gift! It will actually allow the pair to balance the higher energies, to come together without the pressure of “conscious understanding”.

To make available even more deeply, the codes and experience of unconditional love on a *human* level.

Spirit’s insight is – don’t wait for your counterpart to awaken with their mind. Even though they might, you will help the journey flow more smoothly by allowing.

Their message is, you will know by their behavior, by their intentions, by their actions and how they approach the world, life, other people and you.

Love does not have to exist in a state of electric awareness of self as spirit.

A Different Looking Future Path

As Mercury just turned retrograde and is set to move backwards, re-activating the eclipse point in the middle of next month, this same point is echoed.

That spiritual connectedness and the “Twin Flame mission” of unconditional love does not depend on *mental* awareness.

It is above all about the heart’s activation, the *experience* of love. And with this, we’re shown – the bridge nearing completion – close to meeting in the middle.

Union is near or at hand for so many. Detach from the mind and use your feelings to tap into the eternal love that’s there.

This is set to be a week with powerful effects to last far into the future. Do remember to stay in your highest state and be open to “miracles”!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

Want more? For an easy, smooth way to clear blocks, heal your energy and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

twin flame program


“I downloaded and used the free download for 14 days and noticed a huge change in my mood and communication. So I purchased the Program and I use it daily for the meditations and to re-read and use as reference points. I have noticed huge changes in my approach, mood and understanding over the past 6 weeks! I am in a totally different place than I was 6 weeks ago and can never go back. Too many coincidences have happened to mention! But without program I know I wouldn’t be halfway to where I am now.”

– Clarity, Victoria, Australia


Alternatively you can try the Free Help Kit For Twin Flames here

Twin Flames 11:11 Comment Guidelines

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  1. My song is ‘Ready to go’ by ‘Republica’. The “Baby I’m ready to go. I’m back and ready to go” part popped into my mind. I’d had two pretty big disappointments within the space of a week and I was feeling disheartened. Now, I’ve processed my feelings and (altogether now) “Baby, I’m ready to go. I’m back and ready to go”.

  2. Absolutely beautiful read Cassidy! Your words of wisdom are immaculate and just fantastic! I am so grateful for your uplifting kindness and ongoing support for all Twin Flames out there! You are absolutely wonderful! My song that my higher self Figz gave me and my guides was Rooster by Alice In Chains. It means a lot to me and speaks so deeply to my so. The lyrics “you know we ain’t gonna die” and “ain’t found a way to kill me yet” resonate so deeply for me as I’ve been through an intense amount of pain throughout my life time and it is saying for me to not give up and that I refuse to give up. It reminds me of my ever burning flame of determination that will always help me push through even the darkest of times. I am determined to find light in everything I do and experience.

    My most sincerest of blessings to you and all of my unconditional love and light. You are beautiful beyond words.



  3. I got the same song. 🙂 Tell me, if you can, how you understand this text in frame of your personal experience? – and – if you have twin flame, do you know your mission together? I heard that most twin flames have something like that?

  4. My song was “Bang Bang” by Dispatch, specifically the chorus:

    “Wake up to tell me, wake up to show me what I could not find”

    The song has a ton of lyrics. To me it signifies the crazy, topsy-turvy “adventure” of human living (my twin is a Sagittarius).

    This is the first time I’ve read the blog in a while. Thank you for your writings.

  5. <3 <3 <3 this song and the video is pain into beauty at its finest, so raw, so striped down, real vulnerable just all around beautiful work of art

  6. Higher Love by Steve Winwood also beautiful. I prefer his daughter Lily Winwoods version myself same lyrics

  7. I did a himelayian sea salt bath with my quartz and amethyst thrown in yesterday myself. Helped with the killer migraine i was experiencing

  8. I truly believe that you have to realize its *you* he’s truly married to at a soul level. Marriage is a choice, he chose to marry this woman. However, on a deeper, more spiritual, holy, soulful, and Godly level, he chose *you*. Marriage is more than a piece of paper and exchange of rings in a Church. Marriage is the union of two souls, and it’s *you* he’s been married to all along. So allow the marriage to open up between the both of you. Don’t let any outside factor stop you from uniting with your other half.

  9. The song “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers has been in my head lately, it’s always resonated somehow, but I just now watched the video and it really resonated with me, especially the end.

  10. “I Can Still Feel You” by Colin Raye.

    “It’s that feeling that someone is standing behind me
    then I turn around and there’s no one there.
    And it’s the sensation that someone just whispered,
    yeah I still hear your voice but you’re not really here.
    Your memory’s like a ghost,
    and my heart is its host.

    I can still feel you just as close as skin, every now and then.
    All by myself, in a crowded room, on my empty bed.
    There’s a place you’ve touched with your love no one gets close to
    I can still feel you, I can still feel you, I can still feel you.
    I can still feel you”

  11. Love your blog Cassidy. It always comes from a higher spiritual perspective.?
    I feel my physical connection with my beloved Knight and Twin is at hand! We have deepened our metaphysical and telepathic connection in the last 2 years. Lots of signs eveywhere now.??
    I had that vision of us meeting in the middle on a bridge in silouette last year.?The most recent song he has sent me, an oldie: ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ by Starship!
    Much Love & Light
    Rainbowstar ?????

  12. You Matter to Me by Sara Bariellis and Jason Mraz

    You matter to me,
    Its simple and sweet
    And not much to ask of somebody

    You matter to me
    You know that you do
    You matter too
    Wait and you’ll see

    You matter to me.

  13. This really gives me shivers. I was in Stockholm on Wednesday and saw an ad of the Goo Goo Dolls concert on 8/8/18 which is the Lion’s Gate. Then I also immediately had “Iris” in my head 🙂

  14. When is this cosmic event going to settle in and calm down? I’ve had this lingering headache for a whole week now and it won’t leave me alone. ?

  15. I’ve had two songs stuck in my head out of nowhere, translating to:
    1. We are travelers on the path of love

    2. I’ve crossed the seven seas to come after you

    Thank you for always sharing your light!

  16. My song is Painted on my heart by the cult. I sent it to mine and he said thats a meaningful song.very powerful

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