Love is reevaluated and old relationships can “come back from the dead” with Venus moving backwards into Leo – a week for review and reconsideration, with five important planets in retrograde motion.

Every once in a while the planets in the Zodiac station and begin to move “backwards” in retrograde motion for a period – traditionally seen as times for reflection, review and reconsideration. It’s unusual for more than a few planets to be in retrograde motion simultaneously, so this is a milestone couple of weeks where we see six of the most important planets moving backwards.

Right now we have extremely high retrograde activity with Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and the North Node are ALL moving “backwards” through the zodiac.

How Will You be Pushed to Change?

Within the next few weeks, things will be brought to a head so you can eventually move forward with more clarity and purpose.

Saturn deals with responsibility, Pluto with power and regeneration, Neptune with spirituality and the unconscious, Uranus with groups and new technology, Venus with love, partnerships and creativity, the North Node with soul growth and development.

Retrograde activity is traditionally linked with karmic energies, so: Where are you due a second look into these areas? Where is the past distorting your view of the present? How are you imbalanced? How are you holding yourself back? 

Reevaluation of Relationships

For Twin Flames perhaps the most notable of these is Venus’ retrograde motion (July 25th-September 6th) – she made a short foray into Virgo this weekend but turned right around and back into Leo. In other words there is more work to be done in the sign of the Lion.

Venus is not a planet that often goes retrograde, and when she does, it signals that a period of karmic rebalancing within relationships is due. Beliefs and patterns need to be reevaluated and past situations to be resolved once and for all.

(Active Karma Clearing is a powerful help on this journey – in the Vibrational Alignment Program I take you through how to access your Akashic Records of the past, getting out of old patterns of separation and conflict – leaving all the heavy baggage behind. I also take you through how to cut attachments to past lovers and anything else that might be holding you back from coming together with your Twin in harmony)

The Return of Past Love

Venus moving backwards in Leo also symbolizes old loves returning – it can be a relationship you thought was lost (your Twin Flame, most likely, as Leo is the sign of exultation and “kings and queens”) or old feelings that become heightened yet again. Sometimes it’s the old love themselves returning, but often we encounter a person or situation who reminds us of them.

All serves the purpose of reflection and being given the opportunity to see things from a different perspective so we can be freed from any past hurts and limitations and move on into unconditional love. As Leo is the king of the fire signs, we can certainly say that old fires could be burning brightly once again.

As the Sun also moves into Leo these energies will be enhanced – again creativity and artistic expression are an excellent tool for transmuting negativity and confusion and moving into joy.

Slowing Down to use this Time Wisely

As this week is so retrograde intensive, make sure you don’t put too much pressure on yourself right now. This is a great time for a holiday, because with retrogrades there can tend to be hiccups and delays – both we and the world in general are pushed energetically to slow down and review rather than keep moving in the same old track.

A good idea can be to write down your goals for the coming year and see what habits and beliefs might be holding you back, then allow your intuition to show you ways to move past these things.

When the planets start moving forward again, you’ll get the chance to move on from a new and healthier perspective thanks to this time taken to reevaluate and gain greater clarity.

Moving Beyond Old Stories

The purpose of this intensive retrograde period is to push us to release any limitations and negativity we’re still clinging to. When we don’t let go and move on, the universe takes an active hand in shaking us loose.

Any past situations that are keeping you blocked, anything standing in the way of your progress and full functioning and reaching your potential as a human being, is being brought up so you can take a new look at it from your current perspective and get a chance to move on.

As always it is up to you whether to release or keep clinging to the past. Energy clearing tools are an enormous help in these situations as it enables us to clear swiftly and completely without our ego “hanging on” to any old victim stories (and old glories) that can taint our perception and hold us back.

There is no Future, There is no Past

Remember that manifestation is always something that must happen from the present moment. Truthfully, the present moment is all we ever have. Really, there is no future or past. There is just now, then another now. Anything else is a mental construct.

So make sure that if you want to create the life you love and a loving, happy Twin Flame relationship, that you use the present time wisely. Staying stuck in the past or worrying about the future are a classic recipe for frustration.

Who are you Living for?

Being fully present in the here and now is the quickest, easiest way to find peace and fulfillment. At the end of life, you will thank yourself for living each day as fully as possible and to focus on finding joy and staying out of negativity.

Often spirit reminds me to be a bit selfish. After all, Who are you living for – you or someone else? If you feel depleted and low, how can you even contribute to anyone else? As the airplane analogy goes: “Fasten your own oxygen mask first, then help the person next to you.”

This retrograde period could be exactly what we need to recharge, to “fasten our oxygen masks”, gain new clarity and purpose.

Until next time, sending you love and light on your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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