Do You Really Know Them (And Yourself) As Well As You Think? Pluto Gives You Twin Flame X-Ray Vision, If You Dare… But Have You Been Running From The Truth?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights include:

Touchy? Confused? Cancer energies create lingering murky emotions – but in the darkness, a deeper side of the connection emerges. 

Ready to open the secret “inner door” where you and your Twin Flame are together and in love all the time?

Discover more below!

Secret Connections

This is a week where we delve deep into the dark of the unconscious… But it can bring profound illumination and love if you approach your connection in the right way.

The key is to know yourself, anchor into your light and to not let fear fool you. Sound simple? 

Well, at the beginning of the week it can be a challenge – but you’ll learn as you go and the pressure will soon lift.

Try to remember throughout this week, that in the dark and in the realm of dreams and inner worlds, gifts are waiting to be found…

Twin Flame X-Ray

With Mercury in Cancer, the Twin Flame connection is open and highly active on the un-conscious level. This means that telepathy, shared dreams and experiences of “remote romance” will run high…

But you’ll need to approach it slightly differently than usual. Because it’s not about mental intent, it’s all about how relaxed and open you are on the deeper innermost levels. 

It’s as if you are tapped into an X-ray seeing their true emotions, and you pick up on each other’s deepest desires and fears.


Deeper Bond Activating

What this means is, the more at peace and grounded in self love you are, the more you’ll benefit from this period.

If you pay attention, you can completely open the connection on a deeper level – but you have to beware fear and conflict that might get in the way…

The potential benefits this week are immense, but deflections are possible due to pride, worry and past hurt, so it’s important to handle it right.

Get help with this process here. 


(More testimonials here)

Words Can Cut

One thing to watch out for this week is communication.

People – including your Twin Flame – are more sensitive than usual, and with Mercury opposing Pluto you’ll be all too good at finding their weak spot and pointing it out.

Honesty can cause damage, if you’re not careful.

You could feel that you’re involved in a power struggle with your counterpart, but focusing on power and proving you’re right can actually cut into your connection and cause long term damage.

The Twin Flame Mirror

In general, it shows us that the issue you’re having with power stems from the past – childhood in particular.

Your Twin Flame is actually mirroring it to you unconsciously as their soul seeks to help you heal… So don’t make them suffer for this.

They’re the messenger, NOT the core cause of the issue.

Go to your inner child and heal at the core, and this recurring theme of power struggles can go away for good. Then, your connection will open to harmony.


Under Pressure

Distorted perspectives is a key possibility – you could easily be focusing on a minor issue and blowing it up out of proportion. Is that your right?

Sure, but be aware that it could CAUSE problems rather than resolve them.

If you feel under pressure, it would be a good idea to step back and re-gather your thoughts. However, don’t give up your boundaries completely. Holding your truth highly is important.

In general this week will bring power struggles in various ways, in order to get you to embrace your OWN power. It can be tricky to navigate but remember as always “as within, so without”.

Healing Twin Flame Hurt

Trust is also an issue right now, and if there have been ruptures in your connection along the line it will likely be brought to the surface again now.

Even though it might be unpleasant, the universe is pushing you to resolve the hurt now so you can move on.

Because as long as the wounds are unhealed, they’ll tend to keep you locked in the same recurring cycles…

Did You Forget To Forgive?

What’s the solution? Clear the energy and stuck emotion around the wounds, so you are able to release and forgive the situation.

Only then can something better show up, emotionally and energetically.

It’s not necessarily easy, but forgiveness is the key to allowing love and harmony to come back and for unity to happen.

For a smooth and painless way to deal with this, go here where I take you through it step by step.

Facing Your Darkness

Added to the intensity, the Sun also joins in with the opposition to Pluto. You may feel opposed, triggered and mistreated this week – in small or big ways.

It can involve feeling that the universe or your Twin Flame doesn’t support you…

In general what’s happening is trying to get you to embrace your OWN power and anchor into your own divinity.

Because the spiritual truth is life does not happen “to” us.

Everything is responding to our vibration, mindset and emotions, whether or not we realize it.

Don’t “Buy Into It”

When we embrace that fact and begin to take action on shifting our INNER state, to invite in what we WANT rather than feeding into fear – life and our Twin Flame connection responds differently and more positively.

So if you feel challenged this week, don’t “buy into it”! Don’t allow the outside to dictate to you.

Shift your input. Begin to manifest your true desires because it is really possible. (Just look at these Twins’ experiences) 

This is what the universe is waiting for from you. (For help, go here)


Another potential this week is being confronted with your own “inner darkness” – fears, insecurities, jealousy, spite and other not so nice sides…

It’s also likely you’re torturing yourself with impossibly high standards, and feeling not good enough. Unfortunately this causes a deflection between Twin Flames.

You might need to remind yourself to be kinder – especially to yourself. Change is hard for everyone, and it’s a challenge to accept yourself exactly as you are.

However, that’s what will help you grow and experience true love with your Twin Flame.

“The Sign Of Kings”

On July 19th, Mercury moves into Leo.

It gives you a boost of confidence and directs you to focus on your goal.

And it tends to make it easier to summon the willpower to CLAIM and act to receive your desires, rather than getting frustrated on the sidelines…

Leo energies are powerful, heart focused and brave… But potential issues deal with ego and drama.

So keep an eye on yourself. As the saying goes, remember that not every battle is worth the fight. When channeled wisely, Leo energies can infuse your Twin Flame connection with passion and romance.

Time To Shine!

This theme continues and expands as the Sun also moves into Leo on July 22nd, starting Leo season. It’s time to shine.

Social interactions, creativity, burning romance and passion projects are in focus these coming four weeks.

 You want to be the centre of attention, show how great you really are and bask in everyone else’s adoration.

The problem is that everyone is likely to feel like that and there’s only so much adoration to go around. Again, Ego and arrogance can become a problem.

(Learn more about how to deal with this here)

Life’s A Party?

The Sun in Leo can make us feel as if life is one big party. If you and your Twin Flame are not physically together, it’s worth addressing any issues that may crop up due to this.

At its peak, Leo season brings focus to our hearts and our soul purpose.

So when you go within and activate your chakras and your soul connection, you can powerfully bring your counterpart closer in this period.

More on that here.

Stay Open Minded

Mercury trine Jupiter can bring positive surprises and “luck” toward the end of the week.

Flowing with what shows up, and keeping an open mind is key. You could receive positive news, surprise opportunities or other happy surprises.

Or you realise that reaching your long-term goals will be a lot easier than you’d thought – in general a touch of “luck” is with you.


A Week To Reconnect

On the whole, this week offers a powerful opportunity to reconnect or go deeper in the Twin Flame connection.

Spirit shows us the following image to illustrate the situation:

A tunnel between you on the deepest level of your beings – and if you clear the rubble, remove fear blocks and other holdbacks from your deeper emotions, this opens.

As you do, you ignite a powerful new beginning between you.

Are you brave enough to release your protection and open to love? When you do, the door opens. Light shines from within, reconnecting you. 

(If you could use some help with this process, have a look here)

As always, I’m sending you love and light <3

Cassady x

Did you know that most Twin Flames’ struggles are rooted in negative karma and energy blocks?

twin flame video

To find out more about how to shift your Twin connection into harmony, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here, and read about other Twins’ experiences with these methods.


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