You Deserve More Than This. Powerful Full Super Moon Shows Up Needed Corrections. And, Twin Flame Love Goes Deeper – But To Where? Navigating The Shadows…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights include:

Full Moon “Supermoon” in Capricorn asks you to release the past once and for all, and to change how you see yourself…

Plus, Venus in Cancer brings tenderness and emotional depth in Twin Flame love. But touchiness is flaring up for both counterparts – and your perspectives may be off.

Are you open to seeing your true glory? 

Discover more below!

Questions Rising

At the start of this week, you could be faced with some worries about love as the energies intensify for the midweek Full Moon in Capricorn…

Maybe you feel you deserve better.

You’re right, the Universe “says”.

But the issue is, your inner wounds may be what is attracting complications or “not enough” back to you.

There might be aspects to your situation that you haven’t been aware of – in short, ALIGNMENT.

If you have been feeling taken advantage of, mislead, used or not loved… make sure you go within and resolve anywhere you were not holding YOURSELF highly enough on the INSIDE.

Unconscious Female Wounding

This is especially key for the Feminine Twin, as the Full Moon hits conjunct Pluto retrograde, and in opposition to Lilith conjunct the Sun.

This shows us that unconscious wounding and power issues relating to feeling unsupported as a female, are likely to come up for release at the Capricorn Full Moon.

This is a “supermoon”, which means it comes extra close to the earth in its orbit, and it makes its energy more potent than “regular” full moons.

Collective Recalibration

Because Capricorn represents archetypal male authorities, it could also play into larger themes at work in society.

A recalibration around Feminine/Female templating is happening collectively, as began last month with the New Moon.

This process may bring uncomfortable purging and flaring up of old conflict patterns while it happens, so keep an eye on yourself and work to release.

The Past Is “Speaking”

In short, challenges happening this week is not about the here and now.

It’s the residue of age-old karma and distortions between male and female/masculine and feminine in the 3D physical.

Twin Flames are here to rise above this and into harmony, so make sure you don’t get dragged down and into conflict.

It will unfortunately affect your connection negatively if you do.

Why? Conflict and perceptions of “you vs me” or “us vs them” is aligned with separateness and opposition, so it will work against your Twin Flame union and harmony. (For help, use the Free Twin Flame Energy Cleanse)

The Twin Flame Mirror

To profoundly shift higher this week and begin to RECEIVE the love and appreciation you really deserve, go deeper. We have a unique opportunity to “level-up” now.

Remember that Twin Flames always “mirror” each other, so if things are not going the way you were hoping they would – look within first.

Look at where you first experienced wounds around feeling unappreciated, unloved, deprioritized, not celebrated – likely in childhood. These are the roots of the issue.

When you can resolve things on the core level – at the root – it opens to a more harmonious dynamic in your relationship.

(For help with this process, go here)

“I experienced the power of these tools rather quick. It is allowing me to experience an inner peace I never thought I’d feel again. I wish I had found this a long time ago.Thank you!” – Danielle, New York, USA

Taking Charge

The good news this week is, you’re in the mood to straighten things out.

This will make things a lot easier, as Saturn’s influence can otherwise make this a heavy week for love.

You may feel as if your connection is distant or has cooled down to nothing.

Don’t let this become a self fulfilling prophecy – it’s happening due to Venus trine Saturn.

It means the perspective and atmosphere in love shifts from passion and the now moment, to the long term future.


It can feel heavy, but remember that this is – as everything – meant as a “cosmic gift”. What Saturn really is doing, is helping you refine and “future test” your connection.

And, “he” is helping you get your own INNER situation straight.

As the message from Saturn goes:
Wouldn’t you rather have TRUE love (or the highest version of your Twin Flame connection), than something that’s not worthy of you?

Therefore, he is also pushing to make sure YOU are loving yourself and holding healthy boundaries.

(And that you resolve any early life wounding that’s kept you attracting less than you deserve.)

Commitment In Love

This transit could indicate you feel lonely or disconnected from others this week. Use it as a pointer to check over your love life and look at what can be improved…

And make sure you show YOURSELF love.

Saturn is also eager to push for commitment, so if you’re on good terms already, “he” tends to open to deepening commitment and closeness!

Or if you’re not… Once you start to examine the situation, you may figure out there are steps you can take to help your counterpart be open to a closer bond.

Karma In Focus

Saturn is the ruler of time and karma, so other messages to this transit is that you and your Twin Flame are “always married” on the soul planes and have been together since the dawn of time.

Alternately, if there have been challenges it could be based in karmic patterns and past/early life wounding.

How? Perhaps your Twin has been afraid of intimacy, and now Saturn shows it up, so you can help them resolve it energetically. 

Or perhaps a past life karmic bond to an OUTSIDER has been holding one of you back from the union process.

If so, Saturn is helping you straighten it out now by showing it up, so your path opens for the future.

Full Moon “Supermoon” In Capricorn

On July 13th, we also have the “super” Full Moon in Capricorn, which adds to the Saturnian power and focus around this week.

It can tend to spotlight any holdbacks and problems in your Twin Flame situation.

Try to remember that whatever happens, this is meant to help you.

If you haven’t been focused in your manifesting and believing in love, this Full Moon will give you the kick you need to stop sitting back and simply accepting the way things are.

Saturn’s energy means you may be pushed to take action towards tangibly making your dream happen. 


Time For Change

Full Moons are often about endings. That doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed, but it might mean that you need to change your approach.

You’re also being pushed to start looking for your OWN value and loving YOURSELF, so you become a true MATCH with the love you desire.

Because as long as you’re chasing for your Twin as “the only answer”, you are unfortunately distorting the dynamic and pushing them further away.

You deserve better, and you ARE worthy just as you are.


Tests Of Patience

So give YOURSELF that appreciation and love, and Twin Flame magnetism is yours. Then, you ATTRACT your counterpart naturally. Delays fade.

Because otherwise, the Capricorn Full Moon can tend to test your patience and optimism.

The square between Venus and Neptune, also says there is a conflict between how you WISH your love life was and how the spiritual side of your connection is…

Versus your physical 3D life experiences.

Heavy Capricorn Supermoon

This can in general be a frustrating or heavy period, but do your best to not get dragged down. Shift your perspective.

Clear what comes up to purge, don’t let it fester.

Although the potential for love and unity is always there, you sometimes have to work on your alignment – so you CAN experience it in the physical.

This is something many Twin Flames get blocked by, because it deals with energy programming that is rooted in survival and the physical grids.

That means, deeper methods are needed. Have a look here.


Clouded, Rosy Perspectives

Venus/Neptune in a square the whole week also means there are challenges regarding your perspective on love and romance – especially regarding the past.

This transit can in general make things feel very confusing in love.

Yet again, a good approach is to go within and focus on self love, so you have your foundation right.

Because you CAN truly shift your alignment to attract unity, at any time.

The Past, The Past…

Remember to ground yourself, and remember you truly deserve your highest.

Because with this transit, it can be easy to end up grasping for whatever crumbs of love are offered, clinging to an outside savior, or sacrifice your truth in order to get what you think you need.

Giving away your power is a risk – but know that it will unfortunately deplete your Twin Flame connection.

Love yourself first and anchor into your authentic truth, and everything will flow more smoothly.

Busy Social Settings

Later into the week, Sun conjunct Mercury brings communication to the forefront.

It can add to the confusion from Venus square Neptune and bring added time pressure. Make a decision right now to TAKE the time to mull things over this week, if you need to.

Even if others are in a panic, you are allowed to take your time to make sure something is the right choice for YOU.

Twin Flame (Re)Connections?

This is set to be a hyper busy time full of communication and connections, so again it will be beneficial if you can be grounded and calm within.

Rooted in your own truth and soul frequency (your unique Twin Flame Soul Song), your Twin Flame connection will flow much more smoothly.

It will also enable this transit to bring you a re-opening or deepening of communication between you.

(Watch this brief video for more on the Twin Flame Soul Song)

Love “Talks”

When Mercury/Sun and Neptune connect in a trine this weekend, things are likely to open up or progress in your love life. Communication is likely to reconnect, above all.

What may have seemed uncertain at the beginning of the week with your Twin Flame, will begin to make more sense on an intuitive level this weekend.

It’s also likely to have Twin Flame telepathy, shared dreams and other “supernatural” communication between the counterparts.

Just make sure your energy is clear, as otherwise congestion can block you from perceiving and noticing this.

Your Needs

Lastly this week, Venus enters Cancer on the 17th, and brings a major shift in energy when it comes to how people deal with close relationships.

These last few weeks, Venus in Gemini has brought busy-ness, sociability and communication on a high – but now the mood goes deeper.

With Venus in Cancer, the focus shifts to our most intimate inner world, the unconscious and our emotional wants and needs – and whether or not they’re being met. 


Venus in Cancer brings vulnerability, and can powerfully help us open our hearts if we are able to work through fear.

This transit, which lasts for the coming month, brings an affectionate and sensitive, caring mood to relationships.

Venus in Cancer is loving, sentimental and has a heart of gold…

But it can also be touchy. Resentment can build up if your partner isn’t returning your affection and consideration. (The solution? Don’t go chasing: Shift your energy to CALL IT IN)

twin flame awakening

Crowning Yourself King/Queen

The “secret key” to this week and beyond, is to resolve things on the INNER plane.

Open up to a higher alignment by resolving blocks, and make sure you love and honor YOURSELF, so you are are in a state of inner harmony.

Then, your journey becomes one of ease and flow.

And because your counterpart won’t feel pressured by your need, and fear of NOT being loved, they will draw closer.

A Week For Self Care

This is set to be a week for going within despite a busy atmosphere seeming to pull you the other way.

Multiple retrogrades and the SuperMoon are pushing you to delve deep.

You are being challenged to get your INNER situation in harmony, so your OUTER connection and reality can show up what is truly worthy of you. 

After an intense last couple of weeks, you could likely use a break and self care.

Focus on you first of all, and everything flows with more ease from there. 

You deserve it.

And as the saying goes: “How you treat yourself, teaches others how to treat you”. Now is the time to fix this, if you haven’t been kind to yourself in the past. 

I’m holding space for you.

And as always, I’m sending you love and light <3

Cassady x

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