What Is Really Real – Love, Or Fear? What Future Are You Calling In, And Who Are You Being? Retrograde Planets Ask Tough Questions Of Twin Flames And Others In Spiritual Awakening…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Retrograde Season intensifies, putting pressure on for you to go within and find your own power and divinity. And, are you asking enough questions?

Preparing for a New Era in 2025 – what you must know now, for your highest to show up then.

Plus, the Unconscious calls: Expect major shifts in the depths of the Twin Soul connection these coming months!

Discover more below! 

A Topsy-Turvy Week

We are entering into a week that can feel strangely uneventful and intense all at the same time.

This is due to increased retrograde activity from the outer planets affecting the collective, and several factors stirring up unconscious memories.

If it feels like nothing much is happening now, look deeper!

Saturn Retrograde – Correcting Course

First of all we just had Saturn go Retrograde over the weekend. This is huge.

Saturn Retrograde tends to drag up old karma, show you what has outworn its use in your life and challenge you to face yourself so you can correct course if needed.

Going retrograde in Pisces, these coming months will be showing up major deeper limitations in terms of spirituality, divinity and unity consciousness (or lack thereof).

Did You Let Lies In?

In particular, you will be shown where you have allowed others’ and society’s issues and “lies” to block you.

So as a Twin Flame, where have you allowed the world’s or the larger Twin Flame/spiritual community to dictate to you whether or not you get to live the love you long for?

Where have you let THEM and their ideas steer the direction of your path – however subtly?

Now is the time to get to grips with it!

The Power Of…

To get started, you can experience a Free Twin Flame Energy session and the other Free resources here, as it will help you clear a LOT quickly.

(It truly is free – and you won’t get spammed. There are a few welcome emails, then you get notified once there’s a new forecast or article on the blog, Mondays and Fridays.)

And if you instinctively feel you need deeper work in your Twin Flame connection, have a look at this session where I take you through clearing all the major common lies and limiting beliefs that tend to trip up most Twin Flames >>here.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there is a lot of negativity out there around the connection, and unfortunately those beliefs can cause disruptions and issues in your connection on an unconscious level. Have a look here for more info and to take the session.

Saturn’s Benefits For Twin Flames

Both Mars and Venus are positively interacting with Saturn, meaning that this kind of cutting away what is not serving you, clearing negative soul contracts and limiting beliefs…

Will impact your Twin Flame connection in a much needed way. Don’t believe that your unity is out of reach, says spirit.

These beliefs are what are blocking you from even trying to move forward on a deeper level.

Clear the negativity and “fear mongering”, and doors will open, they say.

Rethinking Thinking!

Also this week we have Mercury, then Venus in opposition with Pluto Retrograde. It signals that you’re being asked to shift the way you’re thinking and talking about your situation.

Transformation is being asked of you, and if you pay attention you will notice that there are unconscious factors at work.

You may notice intense dreams, or survival based fears, among other things. It’s important not to let those deeper fears and worries steer your course, but you must also not repress them and try to ignore that they are there.

Because whether or not you like it, those deeper emotions, fears and worries are affecting your connection unless you get to grips with it.

Did This Set You Up For “Failure”?

With Cancer being the backdrop for this, it’s signalling that the belief systems and habits of mind/expression you grew up with are the issue.

Your SOUL is wanting for you to question this “autopilot” and begin to lift higher.

So, what is suggested for you is to above all question yourself and what you’re saying and thinking in this period.

Pay attention: Is it really true, on a spiritual level, what you’re thinking or saying? Including about yourself?

And, are you speaking and thinking into what you WANT your life, yourself and your Twin Flame connection to be like?

The Power Of Questioning

Remember that when you think and speak and focus on something, you are creating. So catch yourself if you’re being negative.

As a Twin Flame, you might notice that you’re saying thinking like “I can’t make this better, I can’t make them come back to me” …

Or saying to friends something like “Men always cheat and don’t have loyalty, women are always left with the responsibilities”…

Or you may notice your family having “stories” like “we are the kinds of people who struggle with money”.

What Your Soul Wants

All of these are points of view you should reconsider and evolve out of, “says” Pluto. Because who you are is an infinite being of consciousness.

You can go beyond, but only if you stop aligning with limitations like this.

Spirit suggests writing out any limiting beliefs you have noticed in recent times, from yourself, your friends, family, other Twin Flames and in social media/TV.

You’ll be surprised at how common this is!

And then, when you have them on paper, clear it all with energy tools like the FREE session here.

(If you want to go deeper, I’d recommend the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames here).

Neptune Retrograde – Divine Help

In good news, Neptune goes Retrograde in a supportive position to Mercury, which means your higher self and divine guidance will help you in this process.

It will be easier than usual to perceive the higher VERSION of thoughts/scenarios/your path and Twin Flame connection.

An easy thing to do would be to ask things like:

“What would the highest or higher version of this situation be?”
Or “What would the higher or highest version of my Twin Flame say or do right now?”

This can work miracles if you make a habit of it – because when you go there in your mind and energy, it opens to powerful new shifts in your 3D physical reality as well!

Neptune In Aries – A New Era In 2025

This Neptune Retrograde happens JUST before the planet enters Aries. (Which will happen in 2025)

Neptune is one of our most slow moving planets, and it takes about 165 years for him to move through the Zodiac. Therefore it’s a huge deal when he changes signs!

Next year, Neptune enters Aries, and the fact that he turns retrograde now just before this happens, means that there are still some unresolved factors we need to deal with from this last period.

Check Your Assumptions

We are shown, that it has to do with MOTIVATION behind action.

We will likely see a shift into spirituality being more focused on physical world action and results in coming years. And now, we are asked to get clear on the motivation behind those actions.

In short, with Pisces we often take action out of pity for others, and there is often – in shadow terms – a perspective of suffering, victimhood and self as bearing burdens. Martyrdom and escapism due to feeling that the world is bad, and that heaven is far away.

Spirit shows us that this will always create warped results, when we act in this energy and intention. It’s an outdated version of spirituality and life. 

So now, we are being guided to look again at what we truly believe about ourselves, the world and about divinity.

Moving Out Of Polarity And Opposition

Ultimately, we are meant to awaken to the knowing that we are ALL souls of light.

The higher truth is that we ARE the divine.

And this is an important key to the Twin Flame journey as well.

If you have looked at your connection from a perspective of polarity – a victim vs perpetrator, a person who cares vs one who is callous, a person who is awakened vs one who is in ego…

These will NOT serve you. And, when Neptune enters Aries, it will just blow more energy into these negative scenarios.

Looking For Unity

Now, you are asked to shift.  In short, stop looking for the differences (which only cements separation into your bond) and begin to look for the UNITY!

Spirit comments, this also goes for humanity as a whole.

We are being asked to stop pushing separation, to stop seeing others as different from us, and to start having true empathy for ourselves and others. To see the soul’s light in everyone.

(For more on Unity consciousness and for a session where I take you through clearing old separation templates so you can embody divine union, go here).

Mercury Enters Leo

On July 2nd-3rd, Mercury enters Leo, which shifts our focus in communication.

Leo energies support playfulness and creativity, so it’s a beneficial time for self expression.

Whether you express yourself through singing, speaking, painting or acting, this week might be a good time to revisit any old passions and creative activities. You will realize they also benefit your life in many other ways.

You ARE Enough! Who Told You You Weren’t?!

However, Pluto Retrograde is still in opposition. This signals that you’ll likely have a background feeling/memory of where you were pushed OUT of your bold happy self expression.

You may realize that through dreams and snippets of visions or memories from earlier life, you are being shown situations where you were shut down, told you weren’t enough, or somehow made to doubt yourself. 

This is key to get to grips with, because as spirit says, it’s not only affecting your joy and ease in life, it’s causing you to not be open to the true love you desire and deserve from your Twin Flame.

You always ARE worthy, but you may need to now untangle yourself from any places where you took on the belief that you were not.

(For help with this, have a look at the Inner Child Healing for Twin Flames – or learn more about the role of the inner child in the Twin Flame connection in this article). 

twin flame inner child

A Strange Week With Deeper Shifts

This is set to be a somewhat strange week with deeper energies brewing. The unconscious parts of you that were shut out or made to feel unworthy are calling for your attention, so you can open higher and align with love.

If you can only do one thing, make sure you question what you say, think and feel.

When you question and stay aware, this in itself begins to shift your world and your Twin Flame connection into a higher state. 

Your soul is trying to show you how powerful and capable you really are. And to open you up to really FEEL and allow divine love and union into your 3D physical life. Are you willing?

I believe in you!

And a always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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