Feeling Strange? It’s Mercury Retrograde/Sun, Seeking To Blur Your Habitual Perspective To Lift You Higher! Plus, Mars/Venus Invite You To A New Beginning In Love…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Mercury Retrograde conjunct Sun creates confusion and blurs perspectives to awaken a higher sense of self and open your eyes to opportunity you’ve missed…

Plus, Mars finally goes direct – while trine Venus – signalling shifts in the Twin Flame love connection. Starting over.

Are you open to a new beginning?

Discover more below!

Rethinking Everything

We’re headed into another intense week, but the general atmosphere is lightening.

The overarching theme this week is rethinking your situation, your future and your own perspective on who you are and what you’re capable of…

And the truth about your Twin Flame and THEIR identity and capability.

It’s all about opening to a higher state for the long run – but while this process happens, things can feel a bit unstable and confusing.

(For help use the Free energy healing session here, as change happens much smoother when we release old baggage, congestion and non serving attachments.)

Mercury Retrograde – Woozy? Ungrounded?

The first and most noticeable element of this is Mercury Retrograde, who has been “crossing backwards” over the Sun in Capricorn this whole last weekend and continuing into this week.

Have you been feeling weird? A bit confused or “blurry” or like you’re ungrounded and not quite focused or present in your own space? This is why.

Ultimately, this transit is pushing us to release old assumptions about ourselves, our lives and what’s POSSIBLE for us in life (and relationships).

Less Resistance

This “fogginess” is serving us to not hold on so tight to the old perceptions and habits of self/perspective on the world and other people – including our Twin Flame.

Spirit’s point of view is that it’s a good time to set new intentions and establish what you desire for the future, as you have less heavy resistance right now.

They suggest this manifestation and Twin Flame heart activation session as a guided exercise…
In the Higher Heart Session we plant seeds of your desires to come to fruition, and also cleanse the bond between you and your counterpart of any blocks, resistance, conflict and more.

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“Guided Confusion”?

If you feel unsure and destabilized right now, work to be “OK” with it. Don’t beat yourself up that you’re maybe a bit less switched on or have less clarity than usual.

It’s OK if you’re not feeling in control or it seems you can’t perceive the path ahead quite clearly.

Ultimately, when you allow yourself to flow with this woozy state stirred up by Mercury, you’ll shift beyond any limitations or restrictions you may have had previously.

This means you’ll float up, including in love, relationships and your Twin Flame connection.

Venus Trine Mars R – Love And Harmony

This is especially pertinent as Mars finally goes direct this week… but only after he connects with Venus in a positive trine.

Mars Retrograde trine Venus is a highly beneficial transit, all about love and positive connectedness and support between the feminine and masculine counterparts…

And between emotion and action.

Strange Twin Flame Dreams?

Happening with Mars being Retrograde at first, it deals with a recalibration around the past. Forgiveness, and opening to a new beginning, is encouraged.

Spirit shows us, if you are having strange dreams about your Twin, it’s because their system is still purging, recalibrating and shifting with the retrograde.

It can especially deal with THEIR issues around self love, or anywhere they have shut out acceptance, support and kindness from others and with themselves.

Unconscious Revelations

Make sure you realize this is about their system shifting, and not necessarily something bad if that’s what you perceive.

If you pay attention, you’ll also realize you are dreaming about past situations dealing with separation programming, or conflict based experiences with your Twin…

As your own system seeks to resolve and release negativity once and for all to open you up to a higher state of harmony.

For help, use this.

Logic, Higher Knowing

With Mars and Venus both being in air signs – Gemini and Aquarius respectively – your mind and higher perspective are your biggest allies in this.

You may notice finding it easier to transcend emotion and see things more logically.

It will be easier to detach from hurt, and that is a gift that will serve you in moving forward into love and unity.

So, allow your logic to lift you out of any past wounding now. (How? Have a look here)

Encouraging Forgiveness

This transit encourages forgiveness between the counterparts.

In particular, seeing beyond the ego surface. Seeing the best – the SOUL – in your counterpart and recognizing that negativity isn’t who they ARE

They may just have absorbed it in their human upbringing. (More on how this works here).

When you recognize and shift how you see them, they in turn respond by “becoming” more of their highest self in the 3D physical…

Opening to harmony and unity in the here and now.

Mars Direct January 11th/12th

Mars goes direct January 11th/12th (depending on your time zone).

With Mars being retrograde since the end of October, once he turns direct it can feel as if a weight has been lifted.

Making decisions and acting on them will become much easier, and your energy levels and motivation will improve.

New Beginnings in Love

Due to Mars Direct happening in a trine with Venus, it also signals a new beginning in love if you’re willing.

Mars will still be moving through his “Shadow zone” until late March – the path he just went retrograde over.

This means we’re not quite finished with the themes of this last 3 month period…

But it will shift to bring more positive developments and forward momentum.

Old Paths, Seen With “New Eyes”

Spirit shows us, it may feel like you’re walking down a path you’ve walked before…

But you recognize you felt almost unconscious about it before, operating on automatic… And now you are awake and seeing it differently.

You are seeing the lessons learned, and understanding why things had to happen the way they did. And in doing so, you open to a higher “version” of the path.

twin flame union

Guidance Incoming!

Sun sextile Neptune will contribute to helping you shift higher this week, by opening the flow to notice guidance and tapping into your higher self aspect.

You’ll find it easier to flow higher, with inspiration and intuition being more noticeable than usual.

With Mercury still retrograde, it means this will likely bring a higher perspective on past experiences as well.

Things may still feel confusing, but you will feel more supported and loved even if your situation ahead doesn’t seem clear.

Don’t Give Up On Them!

Venus moving into a square with Uranus at the end of the week, means you are being discouraged from making major changes and breaking connections in love.

If you have been feeling like you should give up on your counterpart, this is a major “no”. Don’t make rash decisions about love right now.

Especially if it deals with breaking a love connection or giving up on something you care about. Keep going.

Instabilities In Love

Love can feel unstable under this transit, and there can be hassles and momentary challenges that seem distracting or plans seem to not work out…

But Venus square Uranus isn’t looking to ruin your love life – it’s challenging you to wake up to what’s truly IMPORTANT.

It’s pushing you to center into your heart and to what you REALLY will feel satisfied with, in your deepest soul self – and over time.

And it’s doing this by rattling what is NOT guided or truly fulfilling.

Disruptions, Surprises In Love

With any unpleasant surprises, challenges or disruptions this week, ask yourself how they figure into that perspective.

You may notice that these “hiccups” are NOT there as problems… But as signposts looking to guide you away from non serving choices, and to your true love and bliss fulfilled…

There’s a general sense of uncertainty this week, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Opening You Beyond

The cosmic energies are working to make sure you don’t stay stuck – by opening you beyond your previous boundaries.

It may feel strange while it happens, but if you keep your higher perspective, stay in awareness and willingness to release negativity, you will benefit immensely this week.

It’s all about love, and guiding you “home” to your bliss fulfilled. As always, it’s all about how you approach it and which steps and choices you make along the way.

As always, I’m sending you so much love and light <3

And if you would like my help in making 2023 your best Twin Flame year ever – have a look below!

Cassady x 


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