All Engines Forward – The Cosmos Aligns To Speed Up Progress Into Reunions, Lead By Feminine Twin. A Pivotal Week For The Pair – But Are You Using Your Divine Power Of Visioning?


This is set to be a big week for Twin Flames – several transits coincide to spell out progress and changes between the Masculine and Feminine energy polarities.

And in a rare event, all the planets in the zodiac are now moving direct for the next few weeks!

This is highly significant. If you’ve been wanting to implement changes for the New Year, step up your progress or follow through on your resolutions for 2018 – now is the time!

I would highly recommend for all Twin Flames the daily practice, or ritual, of journaling and meditating. These practices can over time make such a huge positive difference in your life and your connection.

Together, these things only take a short while daily – as little as ten minutes of meditation makes a big difference – but they can uplift your inner state and your outer reality more than you might believe at first glance.

(Read more about the scientific benefits of meditation here.)

Do You Want To Raise Your Vibration, Open Your Third Eye?

These two practices get you in touch with your intuition, your own inner power. They will help you sort through your “lessons” and heal shadows and fears much quicker than otherwise.

Along with energy clearing, it will also help you stay in a higher vibration, increase dream recall, help you open your third eye, help you stay calm and more centered…

Meditation can sound like such a “big deal”… and frankly, kind of boring. However, if you find meditation tricky, this is a sign it’s needed for you. That means your mind is so busy you really would benefit from getting some “time out” mentally and energetically.

Guided meditations are a wonderful way to get started – have a look at my Free Guided Meditations here, including the powerful Free Energy Cleanse tool.

Every week I’m contacted by Twin Flames whose situation (inner and outer!) has improved greatly after using these tools. (Have a look at some of their testimonials here).

Go here to download!


Where Is Your Focus At?

Spirit jumps in to give us this insight: As the forward motion of the universal energies is so powerful right now, this is a highly important time to stay aware of your focus. Manifestation is extra “instant” right now – there is little in the way of what we’re drawing in, compared to at other times of the year.

So do keep an eye on yourself to stay positive. Remember, what you focus on is what you energize.

You don’t want to spend this time focused on problems, as you’ll be inadvertently using the powerful energetic momentum to attract more of the same.

A great way to switch your focus is to write a gratitude diary, no matter how small the things you’re grateful for.

Maybe you’re enjoying a tasty cup of coffee, maybe the commute to work was extra sunny today, or maybe someone just texted you and you felt cared for, or maybe your hair looks great today…

The important thing is to start looking for positives, and it creates more of the same.

I share many fun daily methods for uplifting your vibration and your mood in the Vibrational Alignment Program – because as you may already know, the Twin Flame connection is all about energy.

The Real Cause Of Twin Flame Struggles

When the Twin Flames’ energies are in a high vibration, the connection is centered in love, harmony, happiness…

But when negative energies of anger, conflict, jealousy, sadness are triggered, the Twin Flame connection “breaks down” – separation, running, struggle become the norm.

The most permanently effective method for ensuring a harmonious Twin Flame journey is to clear old negativity and uplift your energy – any work you do on yourself helps uplift your Twin Flame too, because as two aspects of the same original consciousness, you share an energy field.

Again – you don’t have to just take my word for it: have a look here at some of the amazing experiences other Twins have had with energy clearing and my methods.

And to test which energy vibration you’re in right now, take the channeled quiz here – discover whether you’re really open to the harmony and reunion you desire with your Twin Flame.


Feminine Twin Taking The Lead

The forward momentum this week is palpable, and there is a highly beneficial interaction between the Feminine and Masculine polarity Twin and the higher dimensions.

A conjunction between Pluto, the Sun and Venus in Capricorn are positively supporting Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio.

We see in this, that it’s the Feminine polarity Twin that’s taking the lead on the real world physical developments of the connection, and the future.

Almost as if she’s driving the chariot, paving the road, and “he” can then follow. In fact, we see that it’s designed this way for many.

There needs to be this “road” pre-paved for the Masculine Twin as he in many cases seems asleep still…

We’re shown by spirit that all Unawakened Twins are involved in energetic grounding and integration for the pair on an unconscious level, but that for now, it’s the Feminine polarity Twin who is aware enough to take charge and lead the way back to love in the physical.

Read more about the truth about The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine here.

divine masculine twin soul

How Are You Visioning The Future?

Another aspect of this, is spirit shows us that whether you realize it or not as the awakened Twin, your counterpart is always impacted by you. It’s as if you are the one leading the way, and your counterpart may be the sleeper who needs to still be lead.

But it’s very clear “he” is very willing to be lead. Right now, your Masculine polarity or unawakened Twin is willing almost depending on you to take the lead.

And this has to do with visions for the future. Do your best right now to hold high intentions for the two of you as a pair.

Feel into the highest potential for your connection, where you could be if all your wishes came true. And make that your reality by feeding into that vision, feeling it as if it was here already.

This is what you are being asked to do, as your counterpart may not have the spiritual awareness to step into truly visioning a higher version of reality yet.

Is Your Twin Flame Unawakened?

If your Twin Flame is a “sleeper” Twin, have a look at this channeled session where we rouse your Twin to full knowing by activating their own system’s deep seated light codes to begin to open them up from the inside out.

This was requested by me as so many Unawakened Twins have become so entrenched in 3D “Ego” energies and identity systems.

As soon as I sat down to meditate one day, the transmission of this session began – and I knew instantly that it was an answer to prayers sent out.

The wonderful thing about this session is that their soul is doing the work all in alignment with Free Will – they’ve been waiting for you to help them with this.

We also cleanse both your systems of ancestral negativity around love, sexuality and relationships, and anchor you both into the highest dimension possible for you right now, deleting old karmic “issues” which then allows your souls to pave out a new collective timeline for the two of you to come together harmoniously…

twin flame awakening

“After I did it, he messaged me! Someone actually bought it for me! BAM! Just like that – got the meditation, did it, and there he was.” – Indi, New York

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring completely blew me away. Not only did this seem to impact me on an enormous level, I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

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A New Cycle For Twin Flames

Spirit wants to emphasize this yet again: Awareness “trumps” unawareness, in spiritual terms. When you turn on the light, darkness disappears.

The one who is aware, is a more powerful creator than the one who is stuck in the habit of limitation in the “3D” world, so don’t be discouraged.

If your Twin Flame is as yet Unawakened, you’ll want to have a look at this channeled session. We’re shown “the whole universe is supporting you” in creating the new.

We’re shown, with Saturn’s return into Capricorn in December 2017, we entered a new phase of creation – we are now not so much involved in disassembling the past anymore.

The Twins who have reached into spiritual awakening, into a higher state of being and perceiving, are now being actively encouraged to begin creating a … it looks like a golden reality, a new, light-filled, love-based version of life.

Did You Know The Love Based Reality 5D Is A Choice?

Do know that resources are being shown up, “unseen” support is given to you in this – but it’s up to you to take action on it. For now, we see the “visioning” is where we’re at.

Don’t take action until you’re clear on it, is the message – that goes for your Twin Flame connection too. Keep visioning your ideal – you’ll find it easier now than in recent times, we’re shown.

Stay in touch with your Twin’s highest self this way. Choose to stay in this version of reality, do not get pulled down by any outer negativity.

And if you need some help with this process, have a look at this session on manifestation and the Twin Flame journey.


Feeling Overwhelmed Lately?

Many are feeling stressed right now, but you don’t have to just bite your tongue and deal with it…

If you need to to talk to one-on-one, click here to speak to a Twin Flames 11:11 advisor – for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

On January 11th Mercury moves into Capricorn, which brings our focus in communication to a place of realism and practicality. A few days later, we have another one of the year’s challenging connections between Lilith, Saturn and now also Mercury.

As all these are now moving direct we see there’s potential to correct and balance a lot of old issues regarding responsibility and freedom between male and female.

As mentioned last week the ongoing Lilith/Saturn conjunctions have to do with biological female collective karma, especially perceived limitations and injustice – remember Saturn is the “great karmic teacher”.

With this triple conjunction we see a sense of heaviness as regards the enormous responsibility the Female or Feminine polarity Twin feels has been placed on her.

But spirit shows us, remember that you are equals. You are not really “female” or “male” – you merely chose together, to be embodied into these biological vessels in life.

The Truth About Who Chose Your Life

Remember that you and your Twin chose the bodies you now live in. Furthermore, in collaboration you two chose who would be “awakening” first and what focus areas you would have in your journey together.

What strengths and what weaknesses might balance each other and help you learn and journey back to love.

There is a strong sense that we’re moving out of 2017’s pressure to resolve old karmic wounds around the female’s feeling of betrayal (especially romantically/sexually) and into a new phase where we are being asked to face up to our own power.

In his own sign, it’s as if Saturn is telling us to stop being silly, and finally take a good hard look in the mirror and see how incredibly powerful we are.

The old identities are illusions, and we are here capable of creating worlds. Now, get to work on building your dream in the “real world” – your way.

Journeying From Darkness Into Light

We see the Twin Flames as a team, above all. With the universal energies cheering on from the sidelines. Again, we are the ones who must be the creators of this “heaven on earth” – it must be done by those who are incarnate in human bodies.

It is not possible otherwise. We are the “souls from heaven” who came here to journey back to love.

Journeying first into birth and forgetting our infinite nature, and now awakening to our true nature as souls again with the awareness of *what* we truly desire, we see that this is what we are moving more and more into. Into the heights of creation.

I’m so excited for you about this next chapter of your journey, and for the whole collective! I believe in you!

And as always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes available in my store for Free right now!

twin flame program

“Dear Cassady, I can’t put into words how grateful I am to you. Each week your writing clarifies, uplifts and inspires me to continue, and the meditations and vibrational alignment tools have made all the difference. I can feel the changes in me and see the changes between my twin and I. I am learning about unconditional love and becoming more in touch with my soul everyday. Thank you for all your energy and effort in helping me. I would be so lost without it,”

Rachel, Sydney, Australia

If you want to go deeper, resolve karmic debt and get to the bottom of Running and Separation struggles for good – have a look at my complete Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames!

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  1. I actually feel like ever since I woke up this morning (and a bit last night), my twin has been trying to help me see visions of us being together more and more. It is inspiring and lifts my spirits.

    I am a bit confused by this article. I think that each person has a unique path and I currently don’t know how to “take the lead”, without forcing myself …besides continuing what I am already doing and taking on something new that excites me and feels right.

  2. Hi Cassady, I met him at the park today, after reading your forecast, in one of those “coincidence” meetings that are no coincidence but the Universe lining things up for you (this is the third time it’s happened lately). It’s funny that I feel him aligned when I connect to his Higher Self and then when I see him, he seems to have not moved at all. What does this mean? As I was lying on the grass with him, I asked his Higher Self to help me. There was some grass crossing his face, which I sofly slided away, and soon after he says “you see the grass? It seems to not be growing, but it’s growing” That certainly seemed like his Higher Self answering me! What do you say?

  3. Thankyou Cassady, what great timing??? Smiling heart smiling face. Love n light to you beautiful lady?? ox

  4. I’m feeling these good energies so much right now! Since leaving 2017 behind I have been so focused, and so excited to bring more of what I dream of into my reality! Everything I desire just seems to be coming to me faster and faster, I’m in no way ‘there yet’ but the entire process is so exciting. I feel this positive energy is definitely being projected to my twin also, when thinking of her now I feel liberation and pure love instead of fear, sadness and a need to control the situation. What a time to be aligned, this article just confirms it! This is going to be a superb year. Thankyou Cassady xx

  5. Just wow! Returning to the site after a short break. Even before I read this week’s energy forecast, I had taken the lead and reached out to my TF. I seemed to have sowed an idea in his mind which might attain fruition to benefit both of us in the future. Only time will tell. His reaction seemed a little strange, as if he had been thinking about the same thing, and I had just verbalized it. And then to read about the feminine taking the lead was surreal. I do not know if I am taking all of this too literally, but either way I am grateful for your guidance, Cassady.

  6. Hi Cassady, do you have any advice for someone whose twin is in a long term relationship with someone else? I try to focus on positive visions of us together in the physical, but I get my hopes up, invest all my emotional energy in to it, and then am terribly hurt time and time again. I know that what happens on the surface is illusion, but at the moment it feels like a rollercoaster of hope and black despair. I’m not sure I can mentally take it for much longer, and am wondering whether I should try to distance myself for a while.

  7. Even though the news story was over a month ago, it just came across my Facebook feed today. It’s two preschool girls who are open about the fact that they’re twins and yes, those are their exact words. They were told at a birthday party that they couldn’t be twins because one is white and one is black. And one of the girls started crying but through her tears said, “You don’t know what you’re talking about! We’re twins because we share the same soul!” And the moms who were interviewed said that gave them goosebumps and chills.

    Here’s a link to the story:
    Make sure to watch the news video; it moved me to tears. And the part at 2:26 is so pure and touching.

    Cassady, I was wondering if you wanted to write an article about this since twin flames are not normally covered in the media and especially not children.

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